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You Can Hug Anyone You Want To

(This poem was inspired by my friend's grandma who said, and I quote, "You can hug anyone you want to." I dedicate it to all the sweetie poets who give "hugs.")

You can hug anyone you want to.
It's something everyone can do.

(There are many reactions from one act.
Proceed with caution so you don't get smacked.)

You can hug any way you like.
Keep it loose, or grab 'em tight.

Hug with a manly guttural noise,
or hug like a lady with grace and poise.

Sometimes just one hand will do.
Hug the way that best suits you.

Hug to ward off tears and sorrow.
Hug like you're going to die tomorrow.

Hug sister Suzy. Hug uncle Al.
Hug anyone to make a new pal.

Hug 'em big. Hug 'em small.
Hug 'em one. Hug 'em all.

Hug 'em in a group or two by two,
so the pleasure's not all about you.

Hug with a spin. Even make it an art.
Just make sure you hug with your heart.

It's as simple as a shoulder shrug.
Everybody could use a hug.

You can hug anyone you want to.
Watch your back, cuz I might hug you.

Copyright © Juliet Ligon | Year Posted 2013

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Yard Sale Cowboy On CD

From here to wherever, I'll follow a yard sale sign,
it's a past time endeavor, for my collective state of mind,
I may buy some furniture, or a trinket for a dime,
yard saling is a pleasure, yes, a personal hobby of mine,

Yea, I'm a yard sale cowboy, on the trail of search and find,
and it gives me great joy, to see a yard sale sign,
from here to wherever, cloudy days or sunshine,
I'm searching for that treasure, ain't no telling what I'll find,

I may find brand new things, boots, shoes, or clothes the right size,
silver and gold chains or rings, or an antique will catch my eyes,
I could find my brother a nice bass lure, or a spool of fishing line,
or maybe a nice piece of furniture, or something for a friend of mine,

Yea, I'm a yard sale cowboy, on the trail of search and find,
and it gives me great joy, to see a yard sale sign,
It's a past time endeavor, for my collective state of mind,
Yard saling is a pleasure, ain't no telling what I"ll find,

Yea, I'm a yard sale cowboy, I just spotted a yard sale sign,
searching is a pleasuree, ain't no telling what I'll find,
I may find an old bass lure, or a spool of fishing line,
now one thing is for sure, I just found my cat a ball of twine,
and look here, I found my ol' dog a bone to grind,

Yea, I'm a yard sale cowboy, on the trail of search and find,
I may find an old bass lure, or a spool of fishing line,
from here to wherever, cloudy days or sunshsine,
I'm a yard sale cowboy, on the trail of search and find,
Yea, I'm a yard sale cowboy, ain't no telling what I'll find,

Hey Bud, how much for that there what-cha-ma-call-it?
Naw Naw, Naw, that there thing-a-ma-jig, there next to that do-ma-flitchie,
Yea, Yea, that thinga-ma-jig right there.....ya say three
I'll take ya go.....and how much for that do-daddy over there?
Yea, yea, right next to those 2 onion skin tires...Uh Huh..yea..well I'll be..
Well yea..I'll take it's something I just can't live without...ha ha ha..

Copyright © Lawrence Ingle | Year Posted 2009

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HOPE "Hope",a little birdie you, Vanishes mostly in the blue Stop hide and seek with me, One day i" ll catch hold of thee. Make you my best pal, Live life in high morale. Always arrives with glee, For grief of all to flee. Happiness is your patent expression, Always ready with a good suggestion. That doom,despair is temporary, Faith should be your contemporary. No giving up in difficulty, Work on one's feasibility. Every man has his life story, Hardwork ,service brings glory. Only difference is story varies, Scale of odds in their prairies Life's pathway is wavy, Strength makes it all easy Great men have fallen, Umpteenth times life boat sunken. Edison,Lincoln and more, Perseverance led them ashore To none ,you leave a scar, To all you show a star Indifferent to colors of men, Equal treatment you have for them Breath after breath is life, Till last moment one should strive When energy gives in, "Get up", you come in "No giving up is your outcry, COME ON,you have to try" A fraction of your presence, Refuels my uplifting essence. Life is full of adventure, Make it a good venture Positive will is what makes it, Courage,kindness completes it. P.S-Its my favourite poem.This poem was Homefeatured recently. Contest: Hope. Sponsor:Nayda Ivette Negron. 30/04/2016

Copyright © Rizwana Bhurani | Year Posted 2015

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Jealousy in Unexpected Places

I’m really not a jealous person. I am happy for those who are fortunate in life.  If I see a lady who has a beautiful family that loves her, I am happy for her.   When a guy pull up in a fully restored ’57 Chevy convertible, complete w/ vanity license plates reading “AHH YEAH”, I’m happy for him. I have met two people in my life who have won large lottery jackpots, and I was very happy for them. Even when I see a drop-dead gorgeous exotic looking young woman wearing Chanel and four and a half inch Jimmy Choos, I am delighted for her.  Seriously, I’m just not an envious person by nature.

Yesterday, my tire blew out. While I was waiting for my husband, I went into a local pub.  A nice girl, Jenna, started a conversation with me. She was missing all four of her front teeth!   We somehow started talking about dieting, and she told me that it is impossible for her to gain weight. She mentioned she weighed 102 lbs. and that she would love to gain at least 5 pounds but just couldn’t. She complained about how her metabolism was just “too high.” I’m sitting there with that old country song playing in my head...“A metabolism too high…What’s that mean? It’s like too much money, no such thing.” 

Ironically, it happened to be karaoke evening.   Once the festivities started, I clinged to the hope that my DVR was working and recording American Idol so I could watch it when I got home. “Big Matt” was up first singing George Straits. He was actually good. We all clapped. Next, it was Jenna.

I watched Jenna sing. In a world where if most of us had the misfortune to lose even one of our teeth, we would not leave the house unless it was to be fitted with our Davinci Veneers, this gal was poised and confident. She sang beautifully.

I found myself actually envious of this young woman. Not, however, for the reason you think. I found myself envious of her confidence.  Despite her appearance, she sang with passion, poise and enthusiasm. Even missing all four of those front teeth, she could get up in front of that crowd and dazzle us all with her nice voice and pleasant demeanor.

As my husband came to my rescue, I left smiling. 
I left smiling knowing that there are people like Jenna in this world. 
I left smiling knowing that I do give people the benefit of the doubt. 
I left smiling knowing that I do always look for the best others. 
I left smiling knowing it is possible for me to be jealous of a young woman who is missing her front teeth.

Copyright © Natalie The Rogue Rhymer | Year Posted 2011

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The Beach

It’s nice to get away
for a few hours or a day
As soft breezes stir night air
And salty mist clings to your hair
Stirring memories of Adolescence at play.

It’s nice to have the chance 
to hear the song, to do the dance
And though we far exceed our prime
We light our path with love, stopping time
stopping space, and fuel the flame of our romance.

It’s nice in morning rain
to find that spot on  memory lane
To look at who, what, where we are from.
While waves and breeze and the noonday sun
Sooth and calm, tan, bleach and burn away our pain.

It’s nice to turn away
From the things old and gray;
And we miss those times at the shore.
But truth is, we like our life now lots  more
And we won’t trade tomorrow for all of yesterday

Feb 21 2010      Charles Henderson

Copyright © Charles Henderson | Year Posted 2010

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Don’t breath in front of the ash for reminiscence
I afraid his dusty come inside your eyes 
And hurt your nice eyes 
Don’t puff your cigarette while you smoke
In case not the ash come to your face 
Don’t smell flower that’s someone smell it before
That flower is nice if never people smelled 
Don’t look at the sun it’s too bright
I don’t want to see tear go down from your eyes
Stare at the moon, its shine look like your eyes
Baby never tries to fly, if you flies never go down
Baby never tries to cry, if you cry look at the sky 
If you want to fly I will give you wings 
If you want to cry I will give u eyes 
You wanted life, you got my heart  
You wanted life, you got my love 
You wanted me, you got my soul

Copyright © zhino qadr | Year Posted 2009

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It’s about time you came around.
I have waited long with my pants dropped down.
Did you say, “CHICKEN!" Mmm, I love chicken.
My favorite comes in white meat.
My fingers I'm still licking.
I read your slam it had no defeat.
My little Poet Destroyer friend, you called me.
I am not the one with the Kidster name.

You play this gambling game so well.
Like a convict, you will be the first to bail.
Giving you pleasure, making your slam sound so innocent.
You make the Kidster name band from hell.
Hitting you with a slam, that makes your tear drop like hail.
Stick to nice poetry, your slamming just got stale.
In the middle of your so call slam. 
I felt you tried so hard you broke a nail.

In the meantime, this is what I expect.
The freedom so you can speak nice to me.
Like Kid Rock, the real red neck.
You also cannot slam what you cannot see.
Do not destroy what can't be destroyed.
I am always one-step, on top of this deck.
Kidster you’re hot just got watered down to mild.
You have a short hand when it comes to a slam style.
Flip me over and yell, "This Jokers Wild!"
Kidster I lightly slam the cards you dealt me.

This Destroyer is going to slam you back.
Like a trip with tricks and treats.
A slam so hard you will not be able to stand on your feet
Come back when you are ready to get up off your knees
For you I'm rolling up my sleeves, I will not stop until you retreat.
What about my mama?
I thought we were on the same team.
You slam just like my grandma.
Wait! I take that back, she always slams my grandpa mean.
Hey Kidster do me a favor, put your head on a DONKEY.
Show every one there is two sides to you.

By the way, Kidster just with your name I can have fun.
I do hope they let you read this in day care.
I hope you were not expecting a nursery rhyme.
You know better we grownups do not play fair.
Hey, Kidster after this you may need to change your diaper!

              This has all been fun and games.
              Billy the Kidster if you are up for tag 2.
              I will come back as JESSE JAMES.
              Making you a fool..
By; PD

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2010

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Of nice
Of growing 
Of grass and knowing
Of trees and green things
Of TRESSES that flow.
Of knowledge that's both of wisdom and growth

That some existances are known of wisdom are meant for the mind and 
Other KNOWING was meant for a different kind.  There is a knowing we 
Do not understand.

Being of feeling 
Being of KINGS when 
Being is knowing
Being is being is being
Being have more than meaning
Being is thinking

Real thinking is linked in to those who have light of life is right.
Being is beginning LOOK THERE beginning has begun. Of clear CONSCIOUSNESS.
Open books have knowledge. Open the mind obtain wisdom.

Copyright © VAL BROOKLYN Rogers BLK PANTHER | Year Posted 2015

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Community Builders .

Our community builders make all this worthwhile .
The poetry , prose and each new writing style
Encouraging compliments ; offering praise 
Will guide writers home , thro' life's lonely maze .
We've got Sharon and Sandra , they know what to do .
And Kristin is now ,the queen of Haiku .
Marycile writes the quaint old refrain
Like Karen O'Leary , D-nyce and Elaine .
Vince has the wise words that need to be said .
Joe's still the man , according to Fred .
Mother Cat purrs and that's no surprise
Like the words from 2 Michaels and Heidi Buys .
We hope that John Heck will return , as planned
With his power of expression , just like Brian Strand .
Catie and Carol are great , and they know
That Fred is the man , according to Joe .
Each reply is special , like each thought you penned,
The time time that you took , with the kind word you send .
Yes ! it's nice to be nice , and when someone takes time
To aknowledge the efforts , you made with each rhyme ,
Or the quaint observation , you captured with style .
Our community builders will make it worthwile .

PS .  Encouragement helps create inspiration..... Continue to be INSPIRED .......

Copyright © Sean Kelly | Year Posted 2008

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lifes meaning

Life has a meaning that nobody knows, like the past and the present everything comes and goes. your life is a mark that can't be erased your problems get worse and they need to be faced. you think things over as you lie in your bed your whole life flashes in your head. where did the madness ever start why won't the pain go away in my heart you ask and you ask when will it be gone, will the hurting inside ever pass on. no one knows the answers except one God, so just live your life to the fullest and try to have fun. because then you may find a love that eventually falls apart and again there's a aching deep in your heart. once again there's that meaning that nobody knows like the past and the present everything comes and goes.

Copyright © tiffany franklin | Year Posted 2014

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Before a child comes to the world ,it ought to cry
That sound makes the bearer happy
Isn't it an irony?
what is the child trying to say?
Man needs to cry to call for joy

Before the child walks,he crawls
When he tries walking, he falls
He continues until mama calls
He falls in pain
Yet  stands to walk again
What message is the child trying to convey?
Man ought to fall before standing high

His feet finally touch the land
He gets long legs to run
He turns into that great man
Things start moving high
He gets feathers to fly 
He moves over they sky
He completes his life span
He then says bye
Making people cry

He came making people happy
He goes making the same people gloomy

Copyright © CHRISDAD KOJO ARTHUR | Year Posted 2014

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true acts of kindness
quiet, innocent, sincere 
infinite wisdom

© Eugene Harvey

Copyright © Eugene Harvey | Year Posted 2016

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Panacea - My Three Lovely Ladies

in the corner 
a nice spot
to gaze 
waiting in anticipation 
to see each poetic face 

As each poet arrived 
a group came toward me
three brilliant glowing spirits

Bliss, Love and felicity 

We gazed and marveled 
as gracious words we exchanged
a delightful slice of euphony
as tranquility rang

We sat for what seemed a lifetime
in stories of each poets dream
then before I knew each soul had flown away

O how I miss the bliss
of each loving memory
and each precious sunbeam
freely given by felicity

If just one word could describe that dulcet eve. 
the word "Serendipity" would surely have to be

For such a lovely eternal garden I had the pleasure to see
while simply looking for a nice story, an evanescent dream.....
Contest ~ "A Table Of Four"

Rick Parise
Carolyn Devonshire
Andrea Dietrich
Linda-Marie "Sweetheart" Barianna

Copyright © Rick Parise | Year Posted 2011

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A gun so nice to hold
Firm grip from one so bold

Shiny bullets fingers do enfold
To only the brave guns are sold

Not only to the brave are coffins sold
Silk lined some are, but still rot and mould 

Not only bought for the unfortunate ill, we’re told
Not a perk for those growing infirm or old

Lives wiped out gone feelings left cold
Guns to the brave are always sold

Coffins the innocents do enfold
Firm to the grip, handles cold

A gun so nice to hold
A body not, I am told.

©~GG~ 16/01/2013

Contest Entry:

Copyright © Mandy Tams The Golden Girl | Year Posted 2013

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Family Dinner

Hey babe, how ya doin, how ya been? It's me, c'mon invite me in!
Say, nice place, where's the kitchen, what drawer are the knives in?!
Nice couch, does it fold out? Nice dog, what's his name? Does he fetch?
Play dead?
Burnt one, ate one, used the other as a table to operate on while the meat dripped from her ribs.
Hey babe, it's your parents, let's invite them in!
Look boy! She pissed the carpet! 
Good evening sir, Who am I? Why I'm Mike, your daughters inside, knees pulled to her chin!
Can I offer you a plate? It's hospitality with a side of your child's jelly-
Afterwards we'll have the desert thats long been cooking inside your wife's belly.

Copyright © Jonathan Michael Conlon | Year Posted 2013

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A is for Ability, to do something nice and tangible
B  is for Beauty,of the mind and soul which is sensible,

C is for Clever;seriousness  makes you brilliant
D is for Dogged;determination makes you radiant,

E is for Excellent,work harder to become clean,
F is for Famous,to be known you need to be seen,

G is for Great,a leader needs to have a sound mind,
H is for Honest,strive to be sincere which is hard to find,

I is for Interest;I love eating pineapple than wild grape,
J is for Junk;This should be avoided to keep in shape,

K is for Keen;it is good to have strong desire for success,
L is for Life,good healthy living-this you must access,

M is for Money;for this many kill and are ready to be hit,
N is for Naughty; Choose a good path and refuse to depart from it,

O is for Obedient ;Listen to the advice of elders to move forward
P is for Progress ;It is wonderful when one is going onward,

Q is for Quest; seek knowledge and truth for they are uplifting,
R is for Rest ;relaxing after a hard day is very uplifting,

S is for sorrow,when it comes,do not succumb or be swallowed,
T is for Time;it runs fast and needs to be followed,

U is for Unique ;garment of success is a nice attire to be worn,
V is for Value; you are important and of real quality like no one,

W is for Weakness,you need not be wary but very strong
X is for X-men,the world has been waiting for super-human for so long

Y is for Yummy; True greatness is delicious when consumed,
Z is for Zenith;to get to the peak,seriousness must be groomed,

No matter how tough the situation is,try to endure,
The road to greatness is a rough one for sure .

CONTEST:"Z IS FOR ZARIA:An ABC Couplet" Sponsored by Cyndi Macmillan

Copyright © olusegun Arowolo | Year Posted 2013

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My Dad My Hero

Some people wait and write a eulogy
but if you're dead you can't hear or read,
so I want to tell you just what you mean to me,
you've always selflessly taken the time to give me what I need.

When the family has been
engulfed with trouble and tears at the seam,
it becomes like a hurricane,
and you're always the go between.

You always battle away in the eye of the storm,
and maybe we take it for granted thinking of it as the norm.

I don't know where I'd be without you you're a problem solver,
but I've noticed after the chaos you get shown the cold shoulder.

Now I notice you and mum are getting older,
little things I notice like you're slower to answer.
When I turn to you for advice now it's not like in a past situation,
I think for myself now but trust you for a second opinion.

I hate how you've done nothing wrong yet you get punished by your daughter.
Whether she is a victim or not is a different matter.
Keeping kids from their grandparents is a real heartbreaker.
In my view her behaviour is the behavior of a traitor.
One thing that's definitely more than true,
is that if she's a victim, then she's not a victim because of you.

That's what I say,
it seems she'll only realise when it's your death day.
There is no valid reason for keeping her kids away,
what makes it more stupid is that she is a student of psychology.

Your son has reasons not caused by you, but they built up over 10 years
whereas your daughter did it as soon as she came back and started living here.
It's weird and queer.

I feel sorry for you dad 
that it has become this sad.

And I know I'm no angel and I can be hostile,
when I'm calm I'm sad because all you want is for us to smile.

You're a role model with an admiral style
you're the example of a father there is no denial.

Dad I know I say Eminem and Churchill helped me get through what I've been through,
and I know you've heard me talk of them as being phenomenal,
but to be honest dad they don't rank as one and two,
they're two and three and the light year difference is unmeasurable
they're galaxies from you.

Dad you are my hero, so for everything you've done I thank you.
You've done so much I don't think it's possible to repay you.
Love is priceless and loyalty is too.
So I will do whatever you want me to do.

My Dad, My Hero, I Love You!

23. November. 2017

Copyright © Nick Trim | Year Posted 2017

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God Sent--Amazing Angel

How can this be...
I not understand
I am waiting for the big bomb shell
to explode... or something

I mean... I am waiting for the floor
to slip out from under me...
I am sure tis man
cannot be all true...

he cannot be... true and honest
he cannot be.. so sweeet and kind
I am sure... there is something
I am positive I am just so blind...
because of his generosity
his kindness is more then
I have ever seen...
I not understand..
tis man tis never really mean

For tis man is a Man of Christ
for tis man has morals.. values
Honest and True...
For tis man.. is ever so kind..
I am sure... something.. I shall find..

Tis man is edifying... 
never doubts what I say..
this man is different 
in many... many ways...

I not understand
Why tis man is ever so nice to me
For tis he not know me...
I truly not know him...
but tis be..
He has bent over backwards
he understands and listens
gives great wisdom he so kind... 
but tis I am sure...
tis something...
I must be blind...

I mean.. Why???
Why tis this man ever so nice to me?
for tis No man ever has been
No man unless 
they have a hidden motive
but tis man I see none... 

Tis man... is so Amazing
tis man is sweeet as can be
tis man... is a True Treasure
tis man... tis hard to believe
tis man has Integrity.. 
he is Tender-hearted too
he tis ever so Caring.. 

Tis man.. God has placed into my life
Why??? I wonder...
for tis hard for me to believe
hard for me to trust.. 
to truly know...

But Now perhaps I see...
Tis man.. God has sent tis be
Amazing Angel...

Copyright © Star Light | Year Posted 2012

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Miracles Do Happen

She looked in dismay at her mail today,
her bills are mounting, how will she pay?

Soon a mother to be, and unable to work,
thoughts of regret, for trusting that jerk.

Caught up in a moment, she let herself go,
her Prince Charming is here no more.

Only eighteen, and all alone in a small little place,
her mother told her, you are a disgrace.

Phone turned off, and soon the power,
frightened to death, I despise that coward.

All he wanted was a one night stand,
all she wanted was a loving man.

Now a baby to nurture, and care,
all she can do, is worry, and stare.

Maybe a couple that has a nice home,
will take my baby, and give her a good home.

A very nice lady at the office down the street,
notified the girl, I found just who you need.

A couple had tried for 10 long years,
but all they got was bills, and tears.

They want to meet you, if you are sincere,
they want you both, these people are so dear.

Rich in material things, they have so much,
but the warmness of a family, is out of their touch.

So pack your things, and I'll take you home,
this is the miracle, you prayed for, so long.

Copyright © Christy Hardy | Year Posted 2007

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As I Look At The Sky

(Hourglass poem) 

I look at the sky and see clouds 
Blush and cover sun as they flood 
And light grows small as they go by 
I watch them as they cross the sky 

I see clouds change into weird shapes 
Sometimes the sky is a blue grape 
But there are times when it turns gray 
And that's when the sun fades away 

Looking at the sky is quite nice 
I'd love to watch it more than twice 
As they glow in the night so bright 
And count stars in the sky at night 

And count stars in the sky at night 
As they glow in the night so bright 
I'd love to watch it more than twice 
Looking at the sky is quite nice 

And that's when the sun fades away 
But there are times when it turns gray 
Sometimes the sky is a blue grape 
I see clouds change into weird shapes 

I watch them as they cross the sky 
And light grows small as they go by 
Blush and cover sun as they flood 
I look at the sky and see clouds! 


Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 

August 25,2009 

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2009

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How many have ever heard the song "Somewhere in Time?"
       It's a song with only music and with no words or rhyme.
 "Fantasie Impromtu" is another one written by Chopin?  
       Also a song of rare beauty without words thrown in.
These two songs along with "Moonlight Sonata" were played by my son.
       He's an acomplished pianist who can play most any run.
He played these songs at my funeral last week.
       Don't be shocked all you people keep on sitting in your seat.
You Poetry Soup poets who are sitting there reading this write.
       Yes you!  Don't turn around and look behind you or look to the right!
Do you feel that erie feeling in your tummy right now?
       Well! It's because of me! I'm hovering over you somehow!
No don't look!  You won't see me. 
       My spirit is floating above your right shoulder freely.
I'm watching you read your poems.  Did you get some good comments today?
       Yes I saw where you wrote that beautiful verse, and that nice display!
You deserve that nice comment.  How about your soupmail?  Are there very many?
       Did someone tell you a secret?  Remember!  I won't tell and I know a plenty!
I've been watching you on Poetry Soup for hours writing your poems that rhyme.
       You're writing about love and mysteries, about cat tails, building spaceships and rhyme 
You're writing of happy new year, time warps, romantic longings and betrayals and how do 
        you do it,
       One of you says your poems are like children to you, one writes of beautiful women 
        with wit
And one of you even wrote of hanging berries!  And all of these wonderful poems I've read.
        I have hovered over many of you and you never even knew I was dead,  
Such wonderful talented writers we have on Poetry Soup. 
       Everyone writes his own style that belongs to this group.
So take heed when you sit down to write a new rhyme.
       And know that someone's watching you write all this time.
And when you feel that erie feeling in your tummy right now.
       Well!  It's because of me!  I'm hovering over you somehow!

Copyright © Marty Owens | Year Posted 2010

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A Poetry Convention

To anyone and all
I am awestruck
as I attend
this some-what altered afternoon
altered in a way by
poetic humans
tiny tables among giants on words
sharing all unselfish things as
pen and tea harmonize in their hands.

These peaceful poets including I at this convention
all paired by four
tease time and essence before noon is dawn.

In all sincerity;
how nice it is to be a man at this table
among women
whose beauty write themselves.

To my left of me my Mikki,
melting ice-cream on hot dessert
brings light to the table with
The Lull
and like a Christmas present
All eyes were opened to a new awakening

And all could see The Breeze Amongst A Willow
a painting Emma drew with her words
the words that wind the wind to blow
poetry upon paper and pen.
Its nice to see Emma in front of me
frowning freestyles and smiling sonnets
causing our table to laugh its wood off!

to the right of Emma,
meditates the Measure of Happiness with two words:
Oh what beautiful art thou displays
poetic godmother; professor of poetry.

These visitors of poets I do adore.
In thus they asked for me to speak of me...
and I recited Visitors nervous with nerves
for with each line I scared myself.
Next time I'll think I'll speak of Sleeping Kisses. 

at the table:
Johnny Sumler
Emma Mantle
Andrea Dietrich

Table of Four

Copyright © Johnny Sumler | Year Posted 2011

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For Amy

They say she was six
Seductive beyond her years
Hidden behind her childs eyes
A sea of silent tears

What a pretty little girl
They all used to say
Look as she walks
Her hips seem to sway

Someday she’ll be a model
Or a big runway star
With a look like that
She’s sure to go far

Walk like this, baby
And talk like that
Bow to the man honey
He puts the money in the hat

It wasn’t long
Before all knew her name
The pretty little girl
Playing a grown-ups’ game

No time for dolls
Her mother always said
With the price they pay
We can keep us all fed

Now you know, baby
You can’t go out and play
You have to sit for photos
With the nice men today

It’s ok sweet one
Show a little leg
It’ll make the nice men
Stand up and beg

Her soul had been sold
By the time she was ten
The life of a child
She’d never have again

She’s all grown up now
Feeling alone and abused
The marks on her arms
Tell of the things she’s used

Just one more fix
And the pain will go away
She’ll be alright now
Amy died today….

Copyright © Kathy Williams | Year Posted 2005

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Confused Heart

I don't know why you insist on loving me
Because you won't receive it back fully
I'm not so used to the subject
A part of my heart is saying, "I don't love you!"

You can't sleep at night because you're worried 
About me...
But let me say that I'm very important
You wont leave me alone, you're in my way
And I cannot have that
Its fine that we're friends but we...
Cannot go any further than that

But you'll have a nice life
You'll find someone to be in your life
Because I am nothing but trouble...

However you insist that love is stonger
But tell me why people get hurt everyday
It is because of this so-called-thing love
That's hurting everyone, me, and you

Just because I choose not to love you
In that way...
Doesn't mean that I don't...
Think of you every now and then

You'll have a nice life
You'll find someone to be in your life
Becase I am nothing but trouble...

I don't know why you insist on loving me
Because you won't receive it back fully
I'm not so used to the subject
A part of my heart is saying, "I don't love you!"
I don't know why you insist on loving me
Because you wont receieve it back fully
I'm not so used to the subject
So just drop it please
However you insist that love is stronger
It maybe in a fantasy world
However we live in reality
And a part of my heart is saying, "I don't love you!"

Copyright © Samuel Obazee jr. | Year Posted 2005

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Most Profane Act

Love is but a word
To describe such an emotion
in a four-letter word
is the most profane act any human can commit.
Love is Love.
it cannot be defined by four measly letters.
Love is more than art,
more than literature,
you cannot fully describe it.
It is a unique experience,
yet anyone who has every been madly in-love
knows exactly how it feels
Yet, they too know that "love" is not an accurate analysis of that emotion
Love is beauty,
Love is peace,
Love is happiness,
Love is Joy,
Love is all around us, really, if we choose to see it.
Love is more than a four-letter word.
And I wish, there was a way, to accurately describe,
the intense, beautiful emotions, 
of being madly in-love.

But I find myself,
committing the most profane act
a human could do,
In me hoping to convey to you,
what I think of you.

I love you.

For the love of my life, Dj.

Copyright © Jose Velasco III | Year Posted 2017