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Best Rainforest Poems

Below are the all-time best Rainforest poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of rainforest poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Wood Stages
I Death Wood

My skeleton, the trembling tree,
hit by the axes of ambulances
due to the decay of disease.
My muscles languish as wilted leaves.
My organs are rotting...

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Categories: green, moon, nature, rainforest,

Premium Member Emerald Forests
Emerald Forests

Emerald forest hiding from man's curse
if found, its never better , always worse.
Wretched destroyers we are in this abode
in our arrogance we are firmly...

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Categories: rainforest, art, creation, green, meaningful,

Premium Member Global Warming
As I wake up to the dawn of another day
I wrestle with myself and ask why bother
Just another day, without any warmth
There is a chill...

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Categories: butterfly, flower, rainforest, wind,

Premium Member Springing Sea of Green
I love it when Spring finally comes
The buds showing their little sprouts
Yes indeed from this seasons of four
I'm awake many sleeping plants shout

I love it...

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Categories: beautiful, green, places, rainforest,

The Fairy Tale

Long ago, far away
As the elderly birch trees say
There lived a beautiful girl, in the castle of misty dreams,

Her eyes were abyssal,covered by...

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Categories: rainforest, beauty, feelings, imagery, princess,

Serene Spirit

A woodland finds calmness through her presence,

gently brushing the red garlands

with flights of hundred moths.

In Praise Of a Kimo for nette onclaud
Carly Lalion---16 Feb 2015

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Categories: peace, rainforest,

Premium Member jungle
            a paradise of plumage, 
swoops through the tall tangled trees,
spreading seeds in the...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nature, rainforest,

from three miles away
the unmistakable sounds
of howlers chorus  ~

a slithering snake. ~
crushing prey without mercy
green anaconda  ~

small eyed black caiman
twenty foot alligator ...

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Categories: animal, insect, nature, rainforest,

blades cut a swathe through foliage:
beauty has its price....

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Categories: rainforest, beauty, earth, environment, humor,

A warm jungle
Through the warm jungle you can hear every cry.
Crackling gunfire trickles in the echoes; 
Why this place fell and crumbled, no one knows why.
There they...

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Categories: rainforest, conflict, death, hurt, political,

Premium Member Castaways

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Categories: beautiful, butterfly, paradise, rainforest,


This beautiful blue planet that we call earth
No one really can confirm its origin or birth
Some declare it was shaped by...

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Categories: rainforest, destiny, earth, environment, future,

The Black Panther Leopard

Silent, hidden lurking
In the quiet, empty spaces
Floating, ancient Insect;
Turning droplet hazy. . .
Moving, breathing knowing
Another feline faces---
Hunger, further paw marks
Corners there to brace me.
Climb up...

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Categories: rainforest, animal, beauty, cat, desire,

river implodes - 
misty rain
suckles seedlings...

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Categories: environment, rainforest, water,

Choices in the Jungle

     Set me adrift
     Turn me right around,
     That's where I'm going.

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Categories: rainforest, allusion, beauty, cat, change,

Nature is the place I go to clear my head,
Jays are blue, cardinals red.

The hum of bugs,
The crawl of slugs,
The dirt below and trees above.


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© Mike A.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: introspection, nature, rainforest, remember,

Calm patter of rain
Birds chirping with happiness
Apes swinging on vines...

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Categories: rainforest,

Earth Cry

Above cotton clouds and blue skies
Self-absorbed looking through a window
An image began to form; strange I thought
For before my very eyes, there she was

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Categories: earth, rainforest,

Unknown beauty
Tired waters push their way through rocks;
Rocks hugged by rotting ivy's green,
Green surrounds the wild forest's stream,
Stream flows calm, through places unknown...

Written by Sneha.RV
For Nette's...

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Categories: rainforest, beautiful, beauty, nature, old,

Rainy Days
The monsoonal matriarch cradles her pregnant belly 
Delirious with life giving blood from the womb of all nature’s gifts
As she lays distended, expectant and grey

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Categories: rain, rainforest, storm,

Premium Member Bats out of hell

Sonar clicks midnight crooner
Sound waves invisible medley 
Resonate throughout 
The mischievous ears 
Black silent strikes
food fare delights 
Mother Earths night 
songs can't escape 
Incendiary terror...

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Categories: flying, insect, nature, rainforest,

The Sleepy Woods

The brook glideth shadowy and green,
White shimmering gown of soft petals;
Upon the cold bosom lay,
The lilies of the wooded valley.

No path doth go, no feet...

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Categories: lonely, mystery, rainforest,

the Rain
  The Rain tried to find its way into the very depth of the souls, sneering at the gloomy faces of people who were...

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Categories: rainforest, art, i love you,

The Magical Land
The Magical Land

I dream of mystical lands
High in the ancient trees
Hidden deep in the rainforests
A land where grasses grow uncut
Where birds of only the brightest...

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Categories: fairy, magic, rainforest,

Rainy Days
The monsoonal matriarch cradles her pregnant belly 
Delirious with life giving blood from the womb of all nature’s gifts
As she lays distended, expectant and grey

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Categories: rain, rainforest,