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The Amorous Mystique

Can it be, into this world we are dropped from heavenly streams that have never stopped? With sweet hope gifted to our souls delight, oceans of love and its fiery desires; ladies so fair, we thank our keen eyesight and leap into romance hottest fires. Can it be, wonderment is our reward given for living in a world so hard? With love's soulmate waiting a heart to touch, deepest seas of hot sexual pleasures; daring to embrace and love very much this bountiful store, of life's great treasures. Can it be, that in life's short duration we go beyond mere infatuation? With deeper dreams that bless spirits in need, grant romantic nights of sweetest relief; birth greatest pleasures of harvested seeds fruited in soul's spiritual beliefs. Your questions asked with pulsing energy of lovers’ wonderland of synergy.. Gifts do flow from fountain to foundations of souls inspiring minds to understand; seductive passion’s yearning flirtations of red embers roused to lusty flames fanned. In awe you long to know love’s mysteries, untangling threads in tender reveries.. Of all the gold offered in sun’s rich rays Sol would be poor in the worth of our love; for never could there be more wealth of praise than for ambrosial taste from gods above. During this life as our lustrous hearts’ beat we can transcend mundane with love’s white heat.. Our physical plane of mortal being is heightened with intimate unity; body and soul in tantra foreseeing weaving love’s strands into eternity. Robert J. Lindley and Susan Ashley (a collaboration) July 31, 2018 ______________________________ *For the purpose of this collaboration, tantra represents the weaving of strands into a unified whole and liberation of energy and expansion of consciousness*

Copyright © Susan Ashley | Year Posted 2018

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Providence On Behalf Of Love

I that have seen such beauty fallen beneath its gleam rejected my life’s duty to wade thus in its stream Saturating me with love bathed in moon’s reflection naught more for me to dream of drown me your affection With our true hearts united stare into love’s abyss night dreams felt unrequited are thus found with first kiss Passion’s torch does scorch the sun red molten flow in veins as we two become as one unbridled, fallen reins Sacrosanct are our love nights life’s sweet joys soar with you without your touch, nothing’s right next tryst now overdue Stoke my love and lustful sate lure me your siren song wooing whirlwind perfect fate where pulse and pleasures throng We shall meet under moonlight join true hearts in one fire kiss in love’s sweet depths all night meld into deep desire We’ll sail ‘cross life’s open seas explore each others’ shores casting caution to the breeze re-writing romance lores Love’s paradise we’ll not miss destiny sends us there living life with blushing bliss heaven for us to share Rapture’s mine, your eyes starshine your light does kiss my soul intervention our’s Divine in ecstasy extol Robert Lindley and Susan Ashley (a collaboration) _______________June 8, 2018______________ *Providence* - a manifestation of divine care or direction - My Poet’s Note: When my talented friend Robert, found and presented to me his lovely poem fragment, from long ago (the first stanza), and asked if I would be interested in writing a collaborative poem with him, I said ‘Yes’! In the moment of reading his tender words, I was inspired.. and honored and humbled, by his generous and kindhearted offer to finish this poem with him through our creative cooperation. It was my great pleasure and a tremendous poetic experience for me to create and write with Robert, a fine poet of such high caliber who just so happens to be my esteemed friend as well. Robert, you made my first collaboration a pure joy and our friendship and partnership in poetry is cherished. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Robert’s Poet’s Note: How our collaboration on this poem came to be. I had this short poem fragment from many decades ago. I saw some merit in it being completed. At first I sat down to write and finished the poem myself. Then I remembered the insight, the quality and beauty of Susan's previous collaboration with me - our sonnet duet and that sealed the deal. I decided to ask her if she would finish that old poem fragment as a collaboration with me. To my great and fortunate delight she agreed to do so. A true blessing it is for me to compose with such a kindhearted and talented poet as my dear friend most assuredly is... As it is always a pleasure to write and discuss poetry with my talented friend..

Copyright © Susan Ashley | Year Posted 2018

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The Age Of Summer Love

Our summer love began in Gemini with sultry eves of wooing escapades, and as the moon did swoon as it drew nigh my lust you stirred with strumming serenades. Romance as rich as black queen tulip skies adorned with precious gems of bijou light, before they’d lose their lustre to sunrise you’d shower me with diamonds of the night. Impassioned kisses filled my sails with love, a rhumba full of rapture neath the stars with rhythmic teasing, undulations of unbridled flame of Venus and my Mars. The time of Libra brings a cool to days ~ still, autumn love sets aging leaves ablaze. Susan Ashley May 15, 2018 ______________________________ ~ First Place ~ Contest: Summer Love Sonnet (English) Poetry Contest Sponsor: John Hamilton *(Black)Queen of Night Tulip: a velvety deep maroon-black tulip*

Copyright © Susan Ashley | Year Posted 2018

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A Pure Kind Of Love A Collaboration With John Flemming

These fair limbs that hold him in sweet embrace
Against the soft, heaving bosom of her breast;
The unblemished cheek pressed to his face,
Her hands hold the hand that lovingly caressed.

Clasping him safe, no more battles to fight,
Falling deeper she slowly comes to grips
With the simple fact this feels so right;
Nuzzling closer: hot passions on her wet lips.

A fashioning of perfect curvature...
Doubt even stars burn with this equal fire?
His lips take hers; and it occurs to her
They share what few do - a true love's desire!

Their pure union much more than just mere lust:-
True love endures when dust returns to dust.

Copyright © Brenda Chiri | Year Posted 2018

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Summer Rain

I wade into the surf and stand alone

Enfolding in my arms, the dust of You

I hear the raving wind lament and moan

As if the summer storm is mourning, too

I breathe your wispy ashes as they're thrown

And whisper your name softly while I do

I lost you once, and now I've lost again

As all my tears are lost ... in summer rain.

** Submitted October 12, 2017, for the "Rhyme Battle: IX" Poetry Contest, Juli-Michelle, Sponsor. **

** FIRST PLACE in the "Late September Standard" Poetry Contest, Brian Strand, Sponsor. **

Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2017

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Love will come to you

Love will come to you

Are you feeling lost and all alone?
searching for love, searching for love
Is your heart still looking for it's home?
searching for love, searching for love

Don't you know that love will come to you
Don't you know there's something you can do

Don't you want to share your life with someone?
Love will be waiting, love will be waiting
Do you feel the burning and the hunger?
Love is there waiting, love is there waiting

Don't you know that love will come to you?
Don't you know there's something you can do!

Look at the reflection in the mirror...
take a good look at the person you see
Let the real you shine out ever clearer...
Help yourself to be, the best you can be!

A promise of true love brings satisfaction
Yes, love will find you, yes it will find you
Feelings deep inside, more than attraction
Yes, it will find you, yes love will find you

Don't you know that love will come to you?
Don't you know there's something you can do!

Look at the reflection in the mirror...
take a good look at the person you see
Let the real you shine out ever clearer...
Help yourself to be, the best you can be!

Happiness that will last, your whole lifetime!
Yes, love has found you, yes love has found you
A lasting love that will forever shine!
Yes, love has found you, yes, love has found you

Don't you know that love will come to you?
Don't you know there's something you can do!

Look at the reflection in the mirror...
take a good look at the person you see
Let the real you shine out ever clearer...
Help yourself to be, the best you can be!

chorus repeat and fade

John Derek Hamilton
April 04,2017

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2017

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Breath To Breath

They say, to mend an injured heart, move on,
          And thus, I've done so, time-and-time-again,
               But tho' your smile, from me, is decades gone,
     My dreams still find you haunting me, as then.

I've always held your heart, pristine and rare,
          Flat-pressed between life's pages like a rose,
               And as the timeworn leaves may fade and tear,
     That weather on love's blossom never shows.

I've tried so to forget you through the years,
          Still, in my sleep you find my heart exposed,
               And tho' I cleanse those memories with tears,
     Your phantoms keep returning, unopposed -

You took my breath quite often in the past ...
               And I've no doubt you'll take ... my very last.

~ 1st Place ~  in the "Contest 475 Any Form Or None" Poetry Contest, Brian Strand, Judge & Sponsor.

~ 1st Place ~  in the "Not Just Any Old Rose" Poetry Contest, Mark Massey, Judge & Sponsor.

Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2018

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Soulmate Love

To Timothy Lee, The Best of Me
Finding love is our unsure heart’s goal as edged on by our confident souls. Some journey through life with love as their primary dream, only to give up after giving all to failures’ torturous theme. They may watch their constant dream unfold, but cannot befriend the lonely, dark hole that mocks the intentions of their soul. For many, ‘tis when heart hopes completely dim that fate itself delivers the right her or him. When true love is meant to be, it shall appear and reward every lonely, unfulfilled tear.
When true love wraps you in its infinite folds, there is nowhere else you will need or wish to go.
When you truly love someone, you hold their dreams inside your prayers and lay stepping stones to assist them there. Grateful for the long awaited task, you let love toss every mask you ever faked for romance’s sake. Each past pretense may now relax, disappear and never come back, for true love loves your truth and would never wish to see you subdued. Real love wraps around the you that your life really grew. Love grants the finest gift, a present of loving arms embracing all of you, not despite, but, because their heart knows all of you. Freely and without hesitation, you give your body, heart, spirit, secrets and possessions, confident none will ever be used as emotional weapons. No matter any day’s design, love soothes all away when at night you lay entwined. True love is two who mutually fulfill emotional needs, heeds fears to see them eased and nurses hurts that may otherwise bleed. Even in silence, love’s communication and awareness are at its finest. When alone, at home, such love is happily content for together time never ceases being time joyously spent. When one is weak, one stays strong, for two in love alter leaning and being leaned on. Each the other seeks to please for your love’s smile gives back pleasurable degrees. When in love, such smiles become your heart’s feed. After time spent apart, love seeks and finds its prize in the other’s loving eyes.
When love is of truth’s seed, two breaths become a single heartbeat, pulsing as one, dual, soul-deep need.
... CayCay Jennings October 10, 2016

Copyright © CayCay Jennings | Year Posted 2016

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My Wish For You

I wish for you long lives together
With more sunshine days than stormy weather,
To always share your laughs and tears
Support each other through your fears.
And when things get rough, as they sometimes will
Take each others hand and climb that hill.
When life is good and you're on cloud nine,
Rejoice and be thankful that all is fine.
I pray your life together will be blessed
Always try to do your best,
Hug, love be faithful and strong,
May your journey together be full of song.
To one another always be true,
These are the things that I wish for you.

2nd June 2017

I wrote and read this in Church yesterday for the marriage of my daughter Lucy and son in lawTom. Such a magical day was had by all. Blessings to them.

Copyright © Elizabeth Kinch | Year Posted 2017

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My Parting Gifts

                 My Parting Gifts…

Goodbye my son, my only king.
You are my love, your name I sing. 
My wish was more to be with you,
to be with you, and see you through.
This is my fate to leave you now,
my dread was this, to tell you how.
I’m going away, place unknown. 
The way I lived was not my own.
I am going, to ease my pain.
Letting you go, is my complain.
I am with you, with morning dawn.
Kissing with breeze until it’s gone.
My parting gifts to you my son,
to live your life, the way is fun.
Surrender to, the thing you love,
what measures love, grows above.
To get knowledge to find out why;
what is this life to you and I?
Me and you both, we are oneness.
There is no fear, to feel darkness.
I am going without goodbye,
Remember me the way I fly. 

2/16/16 Haloo

For: AJ

Copyright © Pashang Salehi | Year Posted 2016

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Love Is Actually Commitment

Love is actually commitment,  you see,
not fluttering heart or tingle down your spine.
It’s adorned with true responsibility.
There’s no denying, its origin divine.

Truly seeks to care for one beyond just me.
The well- being of others, it will enshrine.
It nurtures, protects and acts as a buffer.
and if need be, it is willing to suffer.


Submitted for Love Is Actually Contest sponsored by John Anderson

Copyright © Carol Connell | Year Posted 2017

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When souls spark

come here my dear sky is so clear lets stay right here keep our hearts near i'll hold your hand so strong we'll stand i'll hold you tight guard like a knight gone is the rain so has the pain look at those eyes there's no more cries moon wipes your tears clouds take your fears look how stars charm keep you from harm my love lets dance soul's in a trance found love at last my heart beats fast soul feels a spark lights up the dark as our lips kiss feels like pure bliss when the morn comes sun plays his drums hear the birds sing what joy they bring at peace we lay such a grand day my mind feels tame found my twin flame Silent One Simple Musing 19 January 2018
An experiment poem with four words on each line, all which are one syllable.

Copyright © Silent One | Year Posted 2018

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Cantas en mi Corazon - Sing in my Heart - A Collaboration With Michael P Clarke

Cantas en mi Corazon 
Una Colaboración por Pandita Sánchez y Michael P Clarke

Spanish Version - Free Verse

Ven en mis brazos, tu templo tan cerca de mí,
Estoy perdido en tus ojos, la gloria del amor ahora veo.
Escucho la canción de tu corazón mientras estamos en el abrazo del amor,
Cuando en tu abrazo, sé que comparto la gracia de un ángel.
Ahora mi amado, yo saboreo tu glorioso amor,
Tus labios se encuentran con los míos mientras estamos en el Cielo.
Baila conmigo mi amor, de las estrellas de Dios no nos separaremos,
La canción del amor es la canción que canta en mi corazón.

Mi querido, en tus brazos amorosos estoy libre 
para florecer como la rosa preciosa que yo estaba destinada a ser. 
Un mago del amor, sabes cómo encender mi corazón, 
el sabor de tus labios me revuelve con un deseo primitivo. 
Amor de mi vida, eres mi única gran pasión, 
anhelo tus abrazos porque eres mi adicción divina. 
Contigo bailaré entre las estrellas y nunca nos separaremos, 
la canción de nuestro amor es la canción que canta en mi corazón. 

Sing In My Heart
A Collaboration by Pandita Sanchez &  Michael P Clarke

English Version - Rhyme

Come into my arms, your temple so close to me,
I am lost in your eyes, love's glory I now see.
I hear your heart's song as we stand in love's embrace,
when in your embrace,I know I share an angel's grace.
Now my beloved, I do taste your glorious love,
your lips meet mine, as we stand in Heaven above.
Dance with me my love, from God's stars we shall not part,
the song of love is the song I sing in my heart.

My darling, in your loving arms I am free,
to flourish as the precious rose I was meant to be.
A magician of love, you set my heart on fire,
the taste of your lips stirs me with primeval desire. 
Love of my life, you are my one great passion,
I crave your embrace for you are my divine addiction. 
With you I will dance among the stars and we will never part, 
the song of our love is the song that sings in my heart.


Note: Mike wrote the 1st stanzas in both versions, while I wrote the 2nd stanzas in both versions.

Thank you my friend, Mike for inviting me to collaborate with you on this special piece and for inspiring me with your wonderful spirit and words!

Copyright © Pandita Sanchez | Year Posted 2017

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My Love

My Beloved, 
My fervent Solemn passion
My LOVE bound to you
My Darling, I am entirely thine
As kindling in pure Formidable flame
My Beloved, My precious love
My better self,
If the moment of Immortality 
Unveil to exist between us
I shalt whisper your Beloved name 
As phantom of delight 
Riveting as melodious
As mating birds

My Beloved, 
My fervent Solemn passion,
Your elegance and beauty 
As begotten rapturous vibrant
ebullient portrait of LOVE
As blissful birth of precious 
glittering mother of pearl
Invigorating to purify
my tumultuous untamed heart
My Immortal Angel,
My Dearest LOVE
My Joyful Darling
My eyes, worships Your Eyes 
In pure adoration
My eyes can NO longer 
hide my addiction

My Immortal Beloved
The LOVE of sublimity,
Should I not let my eyes 
become lit, before YOUR eyes
As my heart’s pupil of febrile eyes
Dives in your endless ocean
of LOVE to be drowned in ecstasy

My Beloved, 
My fervent Solemn passion 
My hunger has become a fain of fasting
My Darling,
Your Lips, a provocative budding beauty
which Loves to flaunts itself
shalt be my eternal
Adoring site of pilgrimage,
As my tender lips, as nourishing
As endless waves of ocean
can not resist rushing to wet
to rescue YOUR thirst of ecstasy

My Beloved, 
My fervent Solemn passion,
Faithfullest heart,
My Love bound to you, As we stem
As rose garden of Elysium 
As sweet scent of LOVE
Emanating from the blossoms
As our tender hands entangled 
with Majestic Red Robe Of LOVE
As Our eyes wed
For moment of eternal serenity
to cast our Hearts net in endless
ocean of sublime ecstasy
to capture our own image of ONENESS

My Immortal Beloved 
Sanctuary of Love, My Darling,
I am entirely Thine,
I clasp the hand of Love
As I clasp my body
As fortitude of Love
Against YOUR body,
The Citadel of Heaven,
As my lips penetrates the silence 
to whisper tenderly in Thy Beloved ears; 
As My hearts infinite tender majesty 
Shalt illuminate the Devine promise of bliss
As it echoes in eternity,
As my heart decorate the tent of LOVE

My Beloved, My fervent
My Solemn passion,
My Darling, My precious one, 
My soul exclaimed in delight jubilation 
My Beloved LOVE
As I am fain to see THEE
in the Bethel of LOVE,
For Eternity
Forever Thine 
Forever Ours                          

Copyright © Dr. Tony Beizaee | Year Posted 2018

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Love Can

Love can hurt, and Love can heal Love can pierce, and Love can seal Love can cool, and Love can burn Love can calm, and Love can churn Love can soothe, and Love can sting Love can take, and Love can bring Love can go, and Love can stay Love can keep, and Love can pay Love can free, and Love can bind Love can lose, and Love can find Love can kill, and Love can raise Love can numb, and Love can craze Love is that, and Love is this It's a wound and it's a kiss Love is all it's meant to be Love is good when you're with me Love is splendid when it's true Love is at its best in you! Eileen Manassian

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2017

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Simple Man, Just Striving To Have A Simple Soul

Simple Man, Just Striving To Have A Simple Soul

There was no great air of mystery about him
tho' kind, too much of his life had been sad and grim.
Truth, he would rather take a beating than tell lies
seeing others in hurt brought tears to his blue eyes.

In his gentle life he sought love and common sense
about his past he spoke with no storied pretense.
Upon waking and giving thanks for each new dawn
he sat on his porch, admiring green of his lawn.

Simple man just striving to have a simple soul
live life in peace, love his family was his goal.
Tho' life once led him down a very darkened path
he wore no hatred and displayed no burning wrath. 

I felt his great strength, his kindness bore into me
I sprang from strong, blessed roots, his genetic tree.
Now he has journeyed on to his blessed reward
I have faced this world alone, its been very hard.

On blessed nights he appears to me in my dreams
oft telling me to walk besides cool mountain streams.
Then when things get too hot, step in cool aching feet
Find wisdom to not just foolishness dare repeat.

Have you guessed, this true friend, was my beloved dad
loved me with all his heart even when he was mad.
This my humble tribute, inked in poetic words
he taught life, love, beauty of dawn's sweet singing birds.

R.J. Lindley,
May 26th, 1973
Rhyme, (Tribute To A Great Man, My Father)

Written back when I was a young nineteen year old, remembering my father, his death four years prior and wondering would the deep heartache ever stop.

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2018

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Just Another Valentine

Countless hearts and roses fall for sake of heeding Cupid's call ...
          And yet I fail for phrasing, new, imparting fresh, my "I love you"
                    (For poets, past, have said it all) ...

Perchance I'll find the words inside your hazel gaze, quite starry-eyed
          The limpid peepers, fair and fierce, that pity, not, the heart they pierce
                    (Or pulses hurried, closed or wide) ...

Could be, the words hide in your grin, and dance, demurely, with your chin
          Coaxed to shine, as sound is swirled, (much like your smile), to warm the world
                    (Dusted, soft - a touch of sin) ...

Perhaps the terms lie in your shape - the curves, sublime, to finely drape
          That, placed in motion, thus defy all other graces brought to eye
                    (And leaving countless jaws agape) ...

Maybe the phrase lies in your hair - soft, tawny strands of tresses, fair
          Or on your skin, so silken - chaste, the unseen places, meant to taste
                    (Adorned in only moonlight, rare) ...

Or maybe, found in ALL of these, the words to bring me to my knees
          In reverence of the reasons, true, that consecrate the wonder, YOU
                    (And set my sifting heart at ease) ...

But, I think I'm far more apt to find the words to phrase this Valentine
          In things that senses can't impart, the YOU abiding in your heart ...
                    Caring, thoughtful, sure, and kind ...

A sense-of-humor and artful mind - dark and light and grey, combined
          The body, heart and soul refined of all that I have e'er consigned ...
                    Yes, now my words ... are Valentined.

* SEVENTH PLACE in the "Valentine's Day" Poetry Contest, Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer, Sponsor. *

* EIGHTH PLACE in the "A Romantic Valentine" Poetry Contest, Emile Pinet, Sponsor. *

* FIRST PLACE in the "Love Poem - Rhyme Only" Poetry Contest, Laura Loo, Sponsor. *

Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2018

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When In Love's Immense Depths, You Are Truly Cherished

Mystical web spun memories of our sweet nights, love began under stars and brightest of moonlights. Hold onto that image, its joyous dreaming dreams; fiery echoes, night trysts and pleasurable screams! Love's greatest truth rests in thy bosom and kind heart, destined to meet that night and our souls never part! Fate fulfilled as we were thrilled, luscious love’s first blush, time together, had forever, no need to rush. Aroused desires stirred passions’ afire to burn like pulsing embers in joined flames of wanton yearn, till what was left, spent afterglow like cooling coal our hot bed then our sanctuary soul to soul. From passion's soul to soul, came steaming heart to heart, delicious love made each night glowing as fine art. Waking wrapped in love-joined joy, within Cupid's shot, giving you my all and all I have ever got. Days spent in loving arms that held our love so true, knowing your soft heart lives in me and all I do. From that day, when angels’ wings whispered you away, tears I cry are sweet relief when my mind does stray. Bleeding heart still blooms for you vibrant on the vine, though seeking tendrils ache without you to entwine. Oh the wish to taste your kiss, nectar ‘pon my lips, your thrilling touch still lingers since your life’s eclipse. Yet Fate had its saddest call, that none can deny, ours was to live its love-feast and not reason why. Now so alone, precious memories to sustain, moments of mirth that alleviate the great pain, feed my desires for your tender nightly embrace, know, no power ever known, can our love erase. Upon dawn's breaking, wake knowing you were once here, another memory lessens days flow of tears. Future promise of being joined in nightly bliss and in that moment having all I now so miss; your heart the flower, I the honey seeking bee, our love entwined in paradise under love's tree. Come take me to your Heaven's home of pearly light, my sombre soul now needs you like the stars need night. I look to skies bittersweet shades of twilight blue and daydream of your denim eyes of darkest hue. For a time imagining I’m held in your gaze your magic’s purest charms still don’t fail to amaze. Please find my kiss I’ve blown to you upon the breeze, I send to you my love with prayers while on my knees. Praying to be with you rather sooner than late, memories move to close the circle of our fate. Gather my soul, lift me to you like a feather, with spun gossamer of sacred ties that tether. Robert Lindley and Susan Ashley (a collaboration) _______________June 13, 2018_______________ My poet’s note: Thank you my friend, for sharing your friendship and the joy of this write with me! Again, you lead the way with your splendid talent and abundant inspiration you so freely give. Your generous gifts light up my imagination and your beautiful lead stanza set the stage for a creative and poetic experience that made our collaboration most satisfying. Sharing concepts and creating our work together feels quite natural to me. I truly appreciate your deep and tender artistry, Robert, and also your patience for the delays caused by my busy-ness in these hectic days... Robert’s poet’s note: My dear friend, again I have been honored and blessed to have the gift of composing this tale of love and its magnificent blessings with you! My short poem fragment(first stanza)based upon a relationship I had over four decades ago, has been beautifully completed in our collaboration, because of your wonderful verses, inspiration, and immense talent. Even beyond our friendship, you have further honored me with your great kindness and your truly generous gift of writing with me... For all of that my dear friend, I am so deeply indebted...

Copyright © Susan Ashley | Year Posted 2018

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A Forever Kind of Love

If I could,
I would love you each day for the rest of my life as if there were no more tomorrows.

If I could,
I would show you the shear rhythmic splendor of a true heart that yearns for only you.

If I could,
I would wrap you securely in my rugged loving arms and whisper baby your heart is safe with me, never again will it be broken or shattered by callous thoughtless fools who never knew your true worth.

If I could,
I would unleash a raging storm of passion in loving waves caressing every part of your luscious body ebbing just long enough to fulfill your every desire until you fall weak from the rapture of my love.

If I could
I would make you my queen of love dropping to my knees to devour your succulent flower until your back arches, your eyes roll back, and your screams of unbridled ecstasy rape the night’s quiet.

If I could,
I would make a foolish boyish attempt to be your greatest hero by being your anything and everything.

If I could,
make your heart love me like mine loves you for only a single day I would treasure each second.

If I could,
make you mine I will have captured the scarred unicorn and turned my greatest fantasy into a reality.

If I could,
I would change everything that separates our two restless hearts just so an us could be a possibility.

If you let me,
I would love what’s left of you even after more men have left you scarred and broken on the floor. I would then spend the rest of my days trying to love your shattered tear soaked heart back together.

If you let me,
I would knowing your life was coming to an end lift you up in my loving arms and say not yet baby one chapter has not yet been written and it may never be unless the last dance is mine and only mine.

If you let me,
I would show you the one love you have never known, a forever kind of love.

Copyright © Kim Morrison | Year Posted 2016

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Love Speech

Please tell me about the existence of time
Is it meant for you or what I want as mine
Would you savor every minute meant for you
Will you compromise our life built for two

Come close, feel this heart beating for you
The only movement inside I compare to eternity
With every savoring minute, I make room for more
My love is proof of existence of time

A collaboration with SKAT A:

Copyright © ... Gigno | Year Posted 2016

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Never Goodbye

Love is your feeling in my heart;
   love is my spirit in your soul,
and even when we're far apart, 
   we are together as a whole.

Our love is felt within so deep; 
   we see each other seemingly
with inner magic, that can sweep 
   beyond what eyes can really see.

So as we part for now my dear, 
   goodbyes for us will not be said.
You'll feel me in your heart so near; 
   I'll hold you close inside my head.

You'll live within my soul all day; 
   within your soul each night I'll lie.
Just close our eyes, and here we stay,
   and never have to say goodbye.

Sandra M. Haight

~2nd Place~
Contest: Goodbye
Sponsor: Nayda Ivette Negron
Judged: 09/28/2016

~2nd Place~
Contest: Quote Me Rumi ~ Never Goodbye
Sponsor: Silent One
Judged" 12/03/2015

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2015

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And I Do Love You So

And I Do Love You So
Like redemptive rain, you came into my life washing away an arid desert of lonely pain. With heart and arms wide open, you nurtured me with unconditional love, creating an oasis of joy so sublime.
Your constant love, passion, and devotion set my spirit free from the dark shadows and gray clouds that use to haunt me. Your enthralling essence, like a raging fire continues to arouse and ignite my senses, completely absorbing me…and I’m crazy about you!
Because of you, Beloved One, my world is colored with beauty and sunshine, and every season smiles like eternal spring time. Like a Bird of Paradise, I blossom and bloom, dancing on golden sunbeams, and floating to the moon on one hundred rainbow balloons…
For you love me and I do love you so!
04-19-2016 Contest: Love Poem (04-05-2018) Sponsor: Heidi Sands Placement: 3rd Contest: Your Best Free Verse Love Poem (02-08-2017) Sponsor: John Hamilton Placement: 4th Contest: Gren's Evergreen (Golden Oldies) #1 (04-21-2016) Sponsor: Teppo Gren Placement: 2nd

Copyright © Pandita Sanchez | Year Posted 2016

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If I Could

If I could,
...I'd stroll with you in a lovely Autumn wood
and gather every golden leaf to save them in a book
on each one we'd write our dreams and all our special thoughts
to read throughout our lifetime of the joys that we've partook.

If I could,
...I'd climb the highest mountain I can find
and reach into the heavens, to take down every star
I'd put them in a velvet box and keep them by my side
to light your darkest midnight in your search for who you are.

If I could,
...I'd find a stream, a gentle babbling brook,
and squirrel away each precious stone, each memory we've made,
each pebble strewn across your life to keep you warm and safe,
and gentle thoughts of you and I, will make you unafraid.

If I could,
...I'd ride a wave from Auckland to Peru
and capture every pearl I can, with love I will imbrue,
I'd weave them with a thread of gold and keep them in a bag
and write upon a golden tag, "This wisdom's just for you."

If I could,
...when time draws nigh and life is near its end,
and when your final tear drop begins to fill your eye
I'll lie myself beside you and hold you in my arms,
with tender touch, my soft warm lips will kiss your tear drop dry.


If I could,
...lying there with bag and box and book
hand and hand in whispered hush, I promise that I'll try 
to speak of simple pleasures, and moments that we've shared
of dreams of us together as eternity goes by.


Copyright © James Inman | Year Posted 2016

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His Rose, Her Death


All she had wanted was a red, red rose,
That would quell the love of that handsome man, 
Alas! The rose tree was in winter's throes,
Unable to birth a rose of her plan;

So she said she will sing the whole night long,
With her heart against the thorn of that tree,
"Love is greater than life", rang out her song,
As her life blood fashioned his love ruby;

Yet, when her heart burst out in pain thereof,
When the crimson petals slowly opened,
He was not there to see her die for love,
Nor did he feel that love with blood deepened;

"Trust me baby, this is love," her last breath,
He never found out his rose was her death.


Copyright © Jo Daniel | Year Posted 2017

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Sweet Jesus

On the day our eyes open to the prism of the sun Winter solitude would be gone. The avalanche of differences melts into nothingness. Through the same breath,through the same soul We would live again as one,no matter who we are No matter what the colour of our skin,straight or gay Innocent or once guilty,rich or poor Lawyers,doctors,prisoners or peasants. No matter what our politcal believes,nor our different religions. A catholic,a muslim,a buddhist,a hindu or a jew. On that day we would all wear identical dresses We would all be the significant other,because He has died and He has died for all.Jesus died for Peter,John and Judah For lazarus, and Maria Magdalene.Jesus died for me He has died for you,for him,for her,and even for them. He shed his last drop of blood and painful cry for each and every name engraved upon his father's hand-palm. He was born to die,but its not death that we celebrate We celebrate His life,because we believe in life We celebrate His forgivness,because we experienced the beauty of forgivness,the serenity,the return of blissful joy. And we embrace the ever present love Because it is the gift of love that He bestowed on us. Jesus was born to die,but He was born to rise Upon death He Has risen,through His death we survived. Because of Him in the darkness,along the labyrinth of our night There will always be the little flicker of a candle filling our hearts with hope and warming light.

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop | Year Posted 2017