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Best Recovery From Poems

Below are the all-time best Recovery From poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of recovery from poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member In A Sad Blindness, One May Yet Find Hope
In A Sad Blindness, One May Yet Find Hope
           (The Solemn Prayer)

Raining splashing, fierce winds...

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Categories: recovery from, art, deep, encouraging, inspirational,

Her Masterpiece Is Her Story
Her paintbrush is a razor,
Her canvas, her wrists,
"I deserve the pain."
She shrugs and insists.

One day the brush will push down,
And it will cut so deep,

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Categories: recovery from, abuse, addiction, anger, body,

Premium Member The editing of me
My words were rewritten until they became yours
As grammar and syntax perfected your thoughts
Pages lined with highlighters polished me to extinction 

I wanted to resist...

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Categories: conflict, recovery from,

Why must I Cry
   I come to the garden along, while the dew is still fresh
on the meadows. Early in the morning do the bird's sing

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Categories: devotion, inspirational, recovery from...,

Dear Ex
Dear Ex,

I know you and I had our differences.
We were always finding new ways to say I loathe you.

It was my blameworthiness that allowed the...

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Categories: life, recovery from...rain, rain,


Her reveries slant the compass of time: 1970s. Minefields now roar through blurred visions. She retreats into dots of space to live in the moment,...

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Categories: memory, recovery from, uplifting,

Premium Member Curse the Hour
I’ll not be the mask of your madness
I’ll not be the whip of your demands
I’ll not be the drug of your habit
I’ll not be the...

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Categories: betrayal, recovery from, drug,

Premium Member Egg Shells
No more walking on egg shells
or stroking one mans pride

My wounded heart is open now
and at last so are my eyes

No more empty conversations
pro claiming...

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Categories: recovery from...

Premium Member My Pen Collection
As the waves forever kiss the shore
One shot leaves you wanting more
My heart and soul, strong and true
With all the love they hold for you

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Categories: recovery from, devotion, faith, hope, life,

Premium Member A Bag of Popcorn
They ask me why I’m so happy
Asking me, if I just won a prize
I replied, well I reckon I did
Today is a wonderful surprise

When you...

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Categories: recovery from, food, happiness, introspection, life,

From a Hospital Bed

Even if I’m dizzy with an aching head, 
I must not disturb the others in the beds
In this hospital ward where...

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Categories: recovery from, childhood, depression, family, children,

Premium Member I got your message
65 minutes reduced to 120 seconds

Bright lit room
White glossy tone with flowery curtains
Upon window's darkened vision

Your radiance emanated in celebratory gesture
As my eyes fell in...

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Categories: recovery from, girlfriend-boyfriend, lost love, love,

Premium Member To All Of You
There are times we are left to cope
With situations that drain our hope

Leaving us full of despair
At how some people just don't care

About the evil...

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Categories: recovery from, angst, death, dedication, faith,

Premium Member In A Darkened Attic Room
In A Darkened Attic Room

In attic room, one window tightly shut,
Dwells broken heart hidden from future pain.
Bare as a savage brute's empty hut-
Condemned to no...

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Categories: recovery from, art, dark, depression, evil,

Refolding the Paper Crane
I tried folding a paper crane again the other day
  and  it didn't turn out right

tracing back my folds,
I knew I missed somewhere


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Categories: dedication, life, recovery from...,

Premium Member Betrayed
Once significant and alluring, your luster faded.
Perhaps it was the treachery in hollow eyes jaded.

Was there ever a light
in a soul dark as night?

Promises of...

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Categories: jealousy, recovery from,

I see that acacia tree 
and I get vacuumed back to the past.

When we both had 
a different type of light in our eyes,
with the...

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Categories: recovery from..., me, heart,


Today’s wind shifts too fast like a muddle
of invisible lint…perhaps dust,as the air 
resists this heart's unanswered questions
howling about this litany of a crushed promise:...

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Categories: betrayal, heart, recovery from,

Premium Member The Fix
He fills his syringe with poisoned words
pulling the letters one by one from his rusted spoon
They rise up through the needle in perfect order
"Disgusting" ...

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Categories: recovery from, courage, poets, psychological, recovery

The Storm
A cold wind blows,
turning hardened walls to sand.
Breaking down the barriers
exposing the emotions that were held inside.

The pain builds,
from hurts buried deep within.
Storm clouds roll...

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Categories: recovery from, depression, friendship, life, loss,

Revive the Breakage
High upon the highest heights
I see the most tremulous sight
A small girl, fair and tranquil
Smiling strangely, sitting still
Beneath a sobbing willow tree
She recites a verse...

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Categories: recovery from, allegory, death, devotion, forgiveness,

A Mother's Love
A Mother’s Love…

How precious is the love
 of a mother’s heart!
Even as a child…  It’s there from the start.

A mother’s love knows
 no boundary...

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Categories: recovery from, childhood, dedication, devotion, faith,

Belligerent and irritated by almost any little thing
Insaneness all around me; craziness is what I bring
Psychosis is not the problem; the problem lies within
Overzealous personality;...

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Categories: recovery from..., sad,

pseudo artistry
Blood that screams mixes with tears of fears,
Over your hypocrisy and useless years.
Fresh cuts don't matter - your attentions yet wane.
It's just too easy to...

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Categories: recovery from, childhood, devotion, forgiveness, friendship,

Premium Member The Jigsaw Puzzle
Have you ever been insane?
Lost inside your own pain

Just trying hard to figure out
What this life is really about?

There are voices up in my mind

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Categories: introspection, life, recovery from...