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Florida Keys Please

No litter, no rules, no society scent,
just peninsula pure soul content, ideally lent.
Awed and wowed with arms stretched wide,
I stand on Key’s narrow road on narrow land,
surrounded by two sea gems and their sand. 

This dream road sea-drowns, down south’s horizon
and thrills my innocence without even trying.

Western growth is dense and a fence in Gulf’s yard.
Her wave’s sirens are blue-salt diamonds
and I am mesmerized by their titan climbing.

East unfolds turquoise enchantments unmarred –
The playful, poetic Atlantic off guard,
bewitching and hypnotic in regard.

Dazzled, I sit in the sea, shoulders deep.
Powder soft ocean floor thrones me nicely.
I could sit the day in this sea so sultry.
Flirty, allusive, emerald joys leap
as languid, luscious wet meets sun’s glee,
sending my senses high where memories keep.

These expressive ocean blues and greens
are of patterns and ways, I have never seen.
Sensual and graceful, each sea touch is delight –
as soothing in feel as pleasure in my sight.
Before me spreads endless bounty of ocean glean.
Under Florida-kissed skies, I sit wet and serene.

Kai Michael Neumann's In The Moment of Time

Copyright © CayCay Jennings | Year Posted 2016

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Maria Down Under

There’s endless miles of golden sandy beaches Sparkling aqua waters as far as the eye can see Gods and Goddesses frolic au naturel down under Here’s where Heaven shines her light down on me If you foolishly swim between the danger red line zones See a shark coming ‘HELP ME’! - You wildly scream Well worth the SAVE in those bronzed muscly arms Spunky Aussie life guards straight out of your dream Women glow and men become fit- lean and taut Any wonder that all thoughts get thrown asunder Rippling muscles flex- bronzed bodies like gods I come from the ‘green and gold land down under’ Spoiled for choice - Raw possibilities endless No need to lust silently pining after one Pick yourself up look around broken sparrow This must surely be Gods place in the sun Nothing comes close to the beer down under Accompanied by a vegemite sandwich or two Looking for something more gourmet and exotic? There’s crocodile and kangaroo to name but a few A land where every man resides like a King And women are fawned over - treated like Queens We don’t let sneezes and hay fever spoil things If you have the sniffles - Hey! there’s Claratyne This land where millionaires are made in a day If you push the limits to achieve lofty goals So don’t keep waiting to come on down under Where our worth is what defines our roles * ‘Living in a land Down Under Where women glow and men plunder Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder, You better run you better take cover’
Oops!! that verse sounds like it may be lines from the song 'Land Down Under' by 'Men at Work'. Might be seen as plagiarism. Sorry!! Couldn’t help myself!! Instrumental of ‘Men at Work’ - by Joh Ph Published on Jul 31, 2016 You Tube * Quoted reference and citation of original lyrics of above verse from 'Land Down Under' belongs to 'Men At Work' first released October 1981 - Songwriters: Colin James Hay / Ronald Graham Strykert.

Copyright © Maria Williams | Year Posted 2017

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Vacation Time


Copyright © Nayda Ivette Negron | Year Posted 2015

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Summer Camp Souvenirs

When I got home from camp today,
My parents almost died.
They asked me how I got this way,
And here's what I replied:

"This little cast from heel to hip
Is nothing much at all.
Some broken shingles made me slip
From off the dining hall.

"The poison ivy's not so bad.
It missed my back and chest.
Of course, I guess I oughta add
Mosquitoes got the rest.

"I tried to eat some hick'ry nuts
And cracked a tooth or two.
And all these bruises, scabs, and cuts?
I haven't got a clue.

"I got the lump that's on my head
From diving in the lake.
I should have watched for rocks, instead
Of grabbing for the snake.

"That leaves this bandage on my chin
And these three finger sprains,
Along with lots of sunburned skin
And sniffles from the rains.

"And oh, I got a muscle cramp
And very nearly drowned.
It's some terrific summer camp,
The coolest one around."

Copyright © Richard Thomas | Year Posted 2018

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A Venetian Honeymoon

A gondola floats o’er romantic tides
as you and I caress Venetian skies
laced deftly in exalted stars applied 
by brushes dipped in hues of lover’s eyes.      

A kiss beneath Rialto Bridge in spring
feels like our first so many years ago.
On every breeze, O Sole Mio sings
a serenade in city lights aglow.

This hope of love rekindled miles from home,
could be our chance to dream and reminisce.
Enlightened by a full moon’s wink, we’d roam
down Grand Canal in gleaming nights of bliss.      

Our renaissance, a second honeymoon -
to Venice, we could not escape too soon.  

Written 3/3/17 for Where I Want to Go Contest

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2017

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Time in Hawaii

A month in Hawaii, ah, what a luxury to share
Revel in the warming sun and walk a sandy beach
Fresh warm breeze and coconut in the salty air
Every day is marvelous, comfort never out of reach
Hiking through lush green forest with fruit hung all around
Or on the mountain top you see way out upon the sea
The fish an artist’s pallet with colors they abound
To spend a month in Hawaii, ah, that’s the treat for me


Copyright © John Squires | Year Posted 2015

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Kiss me Quiet

It's near midnight, whilst we moonlight walk Palm tree lined fairway, Crickets singing Hands clenched in loving vacationed talk Hearts in wanting pound, Batangas is bringing We, she and I, now amidst our intending lock Serenity is the scene blessed by lunar watch So late, but joyous we, soon our lips are speaking Clouds now hover as we witness natures rain Our apartment is distant, we welcome given Through broken lunar light, stroking her mane My hands in taken then, sensuously they're driven Kiss me quiet is whispered, hearts now in reign Walking, slowly walking, absorbing to us this night Hearts in touching pound, Batangas has brought .

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2015

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the sizzling rainforest ''dripping''

it was sizzling hot    scorching   blazing   sweltering -
    oh the unbearable heat   (from the relentless sun above)
the sweat was rolling off me in sheets
                        (I was drenched in perspiration)

I was being pummeled by the sun     I was clammy
     (sticky and damp)
there was no cloud cover     only a canopy
to provide shade
               (my clothes were wet with moisture)    
                         hair fell straight and damp
I kept brushing wisps from my face
                   it was steaming hot -

there had been no rainfall         there was a drought
I was parched          I was dreaming of cool water
       of diving in and swimming and swimming
(into the coolness)

     I wanted to escape    to have an icy lemonade
        to immerse myself in coolness
but the sun      did not understand   (it was unforgiving)    
   this is what I had wanted                a vacation in the jungle
                   so here I was waiting
for the tour of the rainforest      (to commence)

it did not help that I was having an affair
     with a man  ardent   lustful  erotic    (and steaming hot)
he was the picture of coolness   in his khaki shorts
(I was thinking of later)          

finally we left the canopy  (as the temperature soared)
and began the jungle trek        the first thing     I noticed
        was the humidity      it felt like steam was rising up
(under this new canopy of the rainforest)
     there was a haze   
               a mist    (it felt so sultry)    

and the birds    oh the birds calling   so loud  deafening
in the lush fauna    so green and wet       (dripping)

we hiked high above the forest floor
on a suspended hanging bridge     (that swayed)
        somewhere    I heard a waterfall
it bubbled deep below     oh I wished we could go there
(but no)

                it was wonderful really     with beautiful scenes
the conservation of animals amazing       and plants wondrous

but I could not live in this 
      humidity       yet    M U S E      liked it very much
she got very inspired       the words kept coming and coming
       her head filled with the scenery     and sounds
she was on fire          non stop words

the rainforest is full of treasures    inspiration to behold
                                 (it really was a great adventure)
in this steamy magical jungle       and of course 
           the sizzling guy was very nice
(and   )when we kissed later     it was like fire        blazing

July 23, 2015

Free Verse

For the contest, How Hot Was It!!! Sponsor, John Lawless

First Place

Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2015

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Vacation Disaster

We arrived at the airport quite late
My passport was months out of date
My husband was snappy
The baby filled its nappy
I just stood there and got quite irate

The pilot had been on the pop
On the runway he couldn't stop
He just missed a tree
Stopped off for a pee
Now his career is facing the chop

Our hotel was two star not four
Cockroaches crawled on the floor
We got a terrible fright 
In the middle of the night
A tornado blew off our door

Written for Vacation Humor Contest Sponsored By Carolyn Devonshire

Copyright © JADAZZLE UNITED | Year Posted 2014

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A Southern Vacation with my Sister Jenny

I’ve been to every corner of this good old U.S.A.
From New York to Miami; from Seattle to L.A.

I’ve visited state parks from the east coast to the west
And many famous cities (San Francisco is the best).

But somehow in my travels, a few states I have missed.
So I have sat down tonight and made myself a list.

Cities I’ve not been to yet with sights I want to see
Lie in Arkansas and in the state of Tennessee.

In Arkansas my sister lives inside her lovely home,
And that state has some parts where I would like to roam.

Some day I must travel there, and see for my first time
Where Jenny lives (I must prepare myself for humid clime).

I’ve never been to Little Rock; I googled it to see
Attractions I could visit like the Clinton Library.

River Market District looks more interesting though.
Also there’s a city zoo, a place I’d like to go.

But Memphis, east of Little Rock, is calling more to me.
With Jenny, I would travel two more hours leisurely.

We’d laugh and talk our whole trip through
Like as kids we always used to do.

What I most look forward to is certain to be grand:
Elvis Presley’s mansion; I’ll be going to Graceland!

Since Presley died, I’ve heard about this landmark for his fans.
I’ve longed to go, but hubbie always had his other plans.

This vacation I must have. I’ve talked to Jenny and
It’s good to know I’d have with me my sister and good friend.

And maybe next we’d head down to the Gulf of Mexico.
That New Orleans is sure a spot I wish that I could go!

written Feb. 17, 2016 for the Take a Vacation contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2016

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Natural Instinct

         Three Sonnets tell a story, in sequence.
[From the narrative poem, "Don't Go to Wyoming Alone"]

         I. Natural Instinct  (Chivalric Sonnet)

He saves a wad of cash and designates
the stash to finance trek in far-off land
in hunting boots and custom gun he built 
for me with love and hope for trophy grand.

"Is this a trip I've dreamed about?" I ask.
"Can I enjoy the hunt, savor the kill?"
I contemplate the danger in that land -
will heat, dry thirst and bugs defeat my will?

Might this be atmosphere I cannot stand?
Excitement builds as I heft gun with ease
and find the answer soon on target range
as my bull's eye displays my expertise.

Though I have no inborn instinct to kill,
my reason tells me not to waste this skill.

               II. Lost Vacation  

Our trip is planned, we'll soon be on our way,
he's called and found the perfect spot to stay.
The husband leads you out to hunt the wild
as room is cleaned, clothes pressed, wife cooks gourmet.

Alas, things change, his current bent is new.
While Mom and I go west without a clue
he flies the skies to satisfy desire
from Air Force days where first the hunger grew.

But circumstance forced him to stay aground,
our funds were tight and kept him budget bound.
Since children now are wed and off the corn
he's free to choose to play or bum around.

When we return from trek out west by train,
he's spent vacation cash to buy a plane.

              III. New Dimension (Couplet Sonnet)

What fun we've had in years of golden age
as we, in freedom's row, our thirsts assuage.

We climb above the ground in utter glee
and view the earth below from Cherokee.

We join a pilot's group and meet new friends.
We travel now as time and space portends.

Each time we fly we bring two more because
two empty seats invite our friend's' applause.

But soon we build a smaller home down south.
I close my ears as words come out his mouth,

"The plane's for sale, I need a tractor now
to plow off snow and grade the road."  It's how

our trip to Africa, in quickened time,
became a tractor.  Surely, that's a crime.

Copyright © Cona Adams | Year Posted 2014

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Monet's Garden

The gate to Monet’s Japanese garden’s open,
beckoning, and green as Giverny’s winter wheat,
but there’s no time to glimpse the pond’s lilies within.
Monet’s Rose Cottage-locked to all but the wrens-
though curved trellises invite, and a path entreats;
the gate to Monet’s Japanese garden is open,
but the tour bus’s door closes, we can’t go inside.
Deep within submerged, asleep, in their frosted retreat
but there’s no time to glimpse the pond’s lilies within.
Black skies sully the palette, a torrent begins
all hope lost in the thunder’s accompanying beat.
The gateway to Monet’s Japanese garden is open;
with a glance, we leave; we can say that we’ve been?
A dream sought, not found, Normandy’s gem incomplete.
but there’s no time to glimpse the pond’s lilies within.
Accustomed to beauty, the plump driver’s chagrined;
yet, he’s kept to schedule; we’ve stayed in our seats.
The gate to Monet’s Japanese garden is open,
but there’s no time to glimpse the pond’s lilies within.

First Published in Allegro Poetry Magazine Fall 2015

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2016

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1996 Visit To Turkey

In Nineteen ninety-six, our son and wife, Majors
In US Army, moved to Izmir, their new base.
As usual, whatever place they were assigned, 
We flew to visit them as well as dear grandkids.
So off we went to spend two weeks in Turkey, this
Outstanding country we had never been before.

So much to see at Ephesus—Metropolis 
Of Antique Age; The Stadium, the Harbor Bath,
Basilica, the Marble Road, Heracles Gate—
All ruins now. Were sad to see these wondrous works
Of art and architecture now in disarray
And strewn about on fields on which they proudly stood.

Of varied striking sites in Pergamon, we saw
The City Walls, the Aqueducts, Acropolis,
The Temple Dionysus, that of Trajan too.
So many ages, periods had ruled this place,
Artistic wonders, structures turned to ruins—works
Of Persian, Greek, Roman and more, in pieces lay.

Besides the many ancient ruins visited,
We were amazed that many locals spoke our tongue.
They did their best to make us feel so much at ease,
Were gracious in combined Mid-Eastern/Euro style
Of hospitality and types of food they ate
And served, like cheese, tomatoes, olives of all kinds.

Izmir, a city mixed with culture old and new,
Like modern shops and open markets, outdoor stands
With fish and meats on ice, yet weighed on modern scales.
And women with fine bread on plates held up on heads,
Who walked the streets in morning, dressed in peasant garb;
Yet working business women wore more modern dress.

We ventured to the famous city, Istanbul,
Surprised to see the many high-rise buildings there,
And streets so overcrowded with their vehicles;
Large offices and business centers everywhere—
Ladies with fashion boots, purses and western dress;
Big contrast with those living back in country hills.

Such history surrounds this ancient, distant land;
So many varied cultures ruled their sacred world.
Museums filled with artifacts from centuries,
Safeguarded and in view to honor and behold.
This trip shall always hold such special, vivid thoughts
For us to cherish and remember for all time.

Of course, this one-time trip was many years ago;
We're happy we had ventured then instead of now,
For times have changed; such unrest grows within our world.

Sandra M. Haight

~1st Place~
Contest: Memorable Vacations
Sponsor: Shadow Hamilton
Judged: May 8, 2015

Iambic Hexameter

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2015

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Getaway Vacation

"Baby, this view is fantastic, 
Who knew what you could buy with plastic! 
With these credit cards, unlimited funds, 
Any regrets, heck no, baby I got none. 
Riding on an interest rate of twenty percent, 
Who cares, this is money well spent!" 
Says the thief who stole my purse from the rest stop location, 
One of the many tales of my no good, horrible road trip vacation. 
Riding down I-seventy five, heading to Mackinaw Island for a getaway, 
Me and my best boy beside me, taking an adventure, oh what a day. 
Construction just north of Detroit, that scary van is stopped to our right. 
Keeping my legs crossed, I might wet myself, will that be alright. 
He gives me a smile with a crooked left tooth and a wave with two fingers 
Push the gas pedal quick, the filthy dirty looks he is giving on me lingers. 

Put the pedal to the metal and off we go, not slowing down for no one 
Riding high in my seventy-three coupe de vile, the fun has just begun 
Didn't see that State Trooper hiding behind that sign, just past Auburn Hills 
Tried to out gun him with my 405, but he caught us just past the old mills 
"Son you are in a heap of a mess, speeding like Ricky Bobby in Talladega 
Two choices, let me have a spin with your gal or I'll haveta read you your 
After twenty minutes, we sped off not even looking in the rear view mirror 
Our vacation destination of Mackinaw Island was getting closer and clearer. 
It was smooth sailing, so we thought, as the night was getting dark. 
Find a hotel bed soon baby, we all are angst we missed our mark. 
The sign said two miles to Holiday Inn, But it’s already been nine. 
Comin’ up on us now is a big yellow Dead End road sign. 
Down this dirt road we skimming across freshly grated dirt. 
Could stop fast enough, deer crossing, don’t worry none got hurt. 

Baby this ride is exciting 
That’s what I’m supposed to be sayin’ 
But with my crosses on my neck, 
All these issues, dang I’m just prayin’ 
Ridin’ seventy five, with the wind in our hair. 
I don’t care how we do it, baby just get us there. 

Finally arrived in Mackinaw City, getting ready to board Shepler's Ferry
The line was long, the lake waves were high, we were saying Hail Mary's
The winds picked up, the skies drew dark. a storm had come without warning
The ferry turned around, couldn't go there now, not until the next morning.

We stayed in a run down, worn out cabin on the edge of the great lakes 
Wondering why these vacations always turn out to bring mistakes. 
But then I look in your eyes and you look deeply into my mine. 
And i know no matter where we go or what we do, everything turns out just 

Vacation Humor Contest

Copyright © CT Duet | Year Posted 2014

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A night in Venice

A night in Venice (in sotto voce)

Moonlight shimmers over the Adriatic sea
Stars dancing on the waves in perfect symmetry
We talk of ancient adventure and gallantry

Masquerading dancers begin to fill the street
Smiling as they parade by, shuffling their feet
Unconsciously, we both are swaying to the beat

Inside the trattoria*, the music man plays  
Vivaldi's concerto #4, in piano forte
We whisper murmurs of love in sotto voce*

As Casanova visions keep flooding my mind
Vivaldi's music syncopates in double time
Decoding my glances, your eyes begin to shine

We took a water taxi, back to the Hotel
We kiss under the Rialto bridge, passion swells
What we did the rest of the night, I'll never tell

Our night in Venice was a passionate affair
Put on your black dress and pearls, and take me back there.

*trattoria small dining establishment not a full menu like a restaurant
* sotto voce  in an undertone,  literally low voice (pronounced vo chee)

December 14,2016

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2016

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Flora Crescendo in Hawaii

I believe that long ago, the universe’s most artistic landscaper mixed woodlands with tropics, mountains with heaths, and streams with waterfalls that were next blended with an ocean.  Man named this place, Hawaii.  The absolute awe that, to me, is Hawaii, is bound to awaken any slumbering faith and rejuvenate any emotion grown numb to the brilliance of life.  While visiting the Islands of Hawaii, I absorbed a joy and wonder in the plants sure to startle and takeover even the dullest of senses in existence.  I have been blessed in my life to have personally viewed beautiful and eye-catching plant life in many regions of the world.  In Hawaii, the plants adorning and tending the islands are the most dramatic, glorious and enchanting that my vision has ever drank.  There is an otherness to Hawaiian flora that surely empowers these tropical plants with the ability to uplift and captivate even the saddest, splendor-ignorant, human vision.

Entrancing colors Engage mind and eye. Enthralling splendors Adorn earth and sky. Enchanting Creator's Palette does beautify Both land and sea To awaken any visitor To paradise in Hawaii.
... CayCay Jennings November 14, 2015

Copyright © CayCay Jennings | Year Posted 2015

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A Happy Choka

Adult dreams fulfilled
Children’s faces, frozen smiles
Wishes now reality
Just because of you
Memories last forever 
Disneyland my dream came true 

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
For Contest: Choka Me
Dr. Ram Mehta 

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans | Year Posted 2014

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Turquoise Sea, Coconut Trees And Turtles

Turquoise Sea, Coconut Trees And Turtles

Pristine see through waters
Turtles slide by
Rock to and fro as they go
They are my watch
In paradise with cracked coconuts

By: Earl Schumacker -Created on 1/09/14 for “SOMEWHERE” Poetry Contest- sponsored by:  Nette Onclaud -Using How Many Syllables - count 6,4,7,4,9 = 30 syllables (5 lines)

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2015

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Jamaica - Pleiades

Join me in paradise
jostled loose from my dreams.
Journey to barefoot sands.
Jewels of turquoise gleam,
jaunting free in warm waves. 
Jacaranda-kissed breeze  
jogs memories of love.  

Written 3/6/17 for J Pleiades Contest 

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2017

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The Lady In The Library

With her back to the world
Reality begins to fade
Eyes wide like a small girl
She slips into fantasy unafraid
Without the chattering of others
She listens to voices in every page
She's amazed as her heart flutters
Setting her up with each new stage
Yet I wonder where she is
In that whole other place
Yet I would not disturb this
Young beauty full of grace
For this place is not for everday chatter
It's for the worlds and adventures that matter

Copyright © James Cottrell | Year Posted 2015

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On Tour

                                                  On Tour

To dive into the world of the great barrier reef would be enough
assimilating into the tranquil environment somewhere in the Capricorn
looking below while leaping merrily from a bluff
Like a babe in earth's womb, I am reborn.

Like a dart thrown on a map, may it land in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco 
Among the snow-capped peaks, I'd breathe the air of eagles, frozen in awe
Wind whistling with legato, birds beneath quietly chirping their song in pizzicato
I would like nothing more than to remain here in this place, a place to withdraw.

Before I bounced from this terrestrial ball I'd have to party in Spain
One last hurrah flying first class to Ibiza 
One last adrenaline rush, amped with red bull, taunting bulls with eyes bloodstained
One last expression from this American, perhaps a spending spree with a visa.

When the night has come and I should travel no more
Take me back home and bury me in earth's floor

                        16th March 2017 -Where I Want to Go contest entry

Copyright © PoetPrentice Dupins | Year Posted 2017

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Collaboration Contest

On the Way to Memphis

On the way to Memphis, Graceland-bound are we.
I know a way to pass away the time.
Since there is a challenge to write with somebody,
Will you help me come up with a rhyme?

A what?? I’d rather just tour Presley’s home.
I’m hearing rules asking me to find
iambic meter just to write a poem?
Pentameter rhyming? I just feel blind.

You’re doing well, but we’ve been BOTH off beat!
Why must this weather have to be adverse?
To think up lines in rain is no small feat
while you are driving! Think up one more verse!

That made me laugh! My brain I have to use.
You back-seat writer, what now must I do?
Your suggestions make words so hard to choose.
The beat’s not right now? What will you do? Sue?

Now THERE’S a funny line. You’re getting good!
You’ve got the humor and you sure can drive!
Who cares about it? We’ve got sisterhood;
So when to Elvis-land will we arrive?

July 5, 2017

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2017

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Message In An Acrostic


B een too long since my last vacation travel trip.

A bsolute island beauty does relax my job’s grip.

H alting busy is easy on heavenly beach strips

A long this islands’ multi jeweled peaks and tips.

M y tropical gratefulness shall never dip.

A ll main island life moves at a fun paced clip

S o I may stay with paradise at my fingertips.

... CayCay Jennings
January 20, 2017

Copyright © CayCay Jennings | Year Posted 2017

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In Praise of Lovely Homes

Relaxing on the porch as darkness fell,
I sipped iced tea, reflecting on my day.
There was breathtaking beauty all around,
the perfect lawn, a pleasure to survey.

I'd had a scrumptious meal with fine red wine
and watched a Lifetime romance on TV.
I'd waltzed around the den as CD's played
the tunes I love the best by Kenny G.

Then came my thirty-minute bubble bath,
so warm and soothing. While still damp, I lay,
just briefly, on the comfy bed. I dressed
and used a lightly-scented body spray.

That's when I got the tea and came outside
to relish what would be the best of nights.
Euphoria was at a height--AND THEN
IT STOPPED! I saw two brightly glaring lights.

The Johnsons, owners of the house, were back
two days before they were supposed to be!
I tossed the tea glass in a well-pruned shrub
and fled before they got a glimpse of me.

The Blakes' weeklong vacation will begin
tomorrow. Like the Johnsons, they will hide
their house key in a fake rock near the door.
Man, I can hardly wait to get inside!

August 3, 2017, entered in Brian Strand's August Standard Contest

Copyright © Janice Canerdy | Year Posted 2017

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There is no better way to greet the morning sun
than with a hot croissant and café au lait
on a quaint terrace in the mecca of fashion elegance
striking a pose à la Coco Chanel
before hitting the perfumeries
and climbing the heights of the Eiffel Tower
to get that bird’s eye view of the Seine
and watch twilight descend on Paris
as street lights burst in clusters
catching me running down the cobble streets
feeling so much like Cinderella

posted on November 18, 2018

Copyright © Line Gauthier | Year Posted 2018