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Best Aubade Poems

Below are the all-time best Aubade poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of aubade poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member There Are Days When
Jewel-colored butterflies flutter in scarlet sage
Hovering hummingbirds on a red tubular stage

Highways they navigate apparently their own
Invisible to humans as they stay in their zone


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Categories: aubade, beautiful, bird, butterfly,

something new
Am doing a new thing 
A thing that sings a new song 
A song that dongs a new hit 
Am hitting a high note...

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Categories: aubade, adventure, allusion, analogy, appreciation,

His High Road Is A Tunnel
The silence that's before us is a patent lie
For when you see behind the mask
There is darkness is those eyes

He says come take the high...

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Categories: aubade, betrayal, conflict,

Premium Member Always Something Left To Say - Collaboration with Space Cadet
Always Something (Left) To Say

We riddle with change in pocket corners,
sit alone and sing an afternoon away,
nothing but the violin strings
and ukulele play.

Middle of this...

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Categories: appreciation, aubade, friendship, inspirational,

Her breath catches with each infliction. Her pain their addiction. She wades water in a sea of strife. Her day, her tomorrow, her animosity toward...

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Categories: aubade, beautiful, hope, poems,

Let's Take The Long Way Back
let’s take the long way back
beneath shaded oak and aromatic pine
athwart the weathered split-rail fence
bent into the warp and woof of nature’s wiles

past the old...

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Categories: aubade,

See your dream
Yet know what you’re dreaming for
Achieving takes movement 
Courage takes assurance
Encouragement is a fuel for influence
Take action for what you want to strive...

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Categories: adventure, aubade, blessing, care,

I wake up in the morning
And I look up to the sky
I wonder why he took you
before I said good-bye
I look up to the stars...

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Categories: aubade, 12th grade, addiction, africa,

A Portrait
The restless night had ended
abruptly. Caught between dreams and
consciousness, the town was arching towards
the sprinkled light of dawn. A perpetual regularity 
reigned over the dusty...

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Categories: aubade, death, humanity, life,

first ray of sunshine
dreams broken yet they linger
new day has begun

Date: 26 / 01 / 2017...

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Categories: aubade, change, dream, friendship,

To not two nor too
A semi baked semi colon is neither a seminar nor a seminary session. It is in fact the whirr of wheels from the large overweight...

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Categories: angel, appreciation, aubade, basketball,

I Miss You
I wake up wanting to chat to you,
I go to sleep thinking about you,
and I dream about you holding me
the way only you do.
You have...

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Categories: allegory, anxiety, aubade, baby,

bus shelter
Bus Shelter 
Driving past a crudely made bus shelter, it looks like concrete box
I took a picture because a mystery story was told about it.

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Categories: assonance, aubade, bangla, baptism,

The Slovenly Slovene
In an attempt to establish an uncertain linkage between 2 parables,
Ivo Torena resorted to impress his colleagues all night long; hence,
awkward as a cow on...

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Categories: assonance, aubade, beauty, confidence,

Separation difficult in love
Why is separation apart from my match?
For what we have been so far from beloved.

Come near me now,you should be embrace me,
Not meeting me far...

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Categories: april, arabic, aubade, august,

A pancake dash
A view from a teaspoon selection is very spellbinding indeed. Half a cup of multicolumns and a pint of milk singing and swaying together. It...

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Categories: adventure, appreciation, aubade,

In The Morning
I hate waking up.
My eyes are always heavy.
This Morning I lost my coffee cup,
And this weather is making me sweaty....

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Categories: appreciation, art, aubade, baby,

My Name is History
"My Name is History"

My name is History
I’m here to take you back in time 
To a land called Israel.
I desire to teach you a spiritual...

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Categories: aubade, christian, inspiration,

Death Of A Town
A town wheezes the last rites over 
its people through phlegm-ridden
lungs and turgid cankers.

Its blistered wounds are coated 
in the mud that lines its harbour...

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Categories: aubade, betrayal, corruption, death,

The young man and the sea
The rushing waters speak of
Intricate and intense depth.
It whispers his love - both
Consummated and unrequited,
Cries his crackling hatred
For everyone and no one.
Has he become indifferent...

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Categories: aubade, emotions, life, nature,

Premium Member Mirror Image-a body of works contest

has always been a bone of contention 
the way your eye lashes skim your face
are they your own or an acquired invention 
no sign of...

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Categories: aubade, body,

A walnut is waltzing with a willow tree today
a walnut waltzing with a willow tree
A molecule is neither a destitute mop without a bucket house. Nor is it a seven acre field that...

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Categories: aubade, baseball, basketball, bird,

Two prates,
sick paste,
Wanton waste,
yet terrible brain

One more way,
for me in the daze,
then the song with the wait,
then the bong and your faith

Yes it's gone,
but no...

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Categories: aubade, adventure, allegory, angel, anniversary,

moonlight romance
Moonlight Romance 

It was in Peru
And the moon was full
Working long hours, I went early 
To bed and didn`t see the moon that often
I had...

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Categories: aubade, august, baptism, beauty,

Pie of thought pleaseing pickiled pineapples
The cuttlefish are laughing today. Comedy came creating calm conical creations. A large cake came wading over the nine mile swamp. Why are you sat...

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Categories: aubade, absence, angel, anniversary, anxiety,