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Best Lust Poems

Below are the all-time best Lust poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of lust poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member A Tale of Fire and Ice
Part I: Ice

He shines like silver midnight moon -
cool marble statue, this tycoon.
And though he makes the ladies swoon,
of ice he’s hewn.; of ice he’s...

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Categories: dream, fire, love, lust,

Premium Member I Think Of You - An Alternative Universe - 6

From childhood it was a world of and I...
I leaned lightly, leisurely against your heart and you let me in.

We were five I use...

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Categories: lust, best friend, cute love,

Premium Member Poetry Soap
It’s almost time and I must run
to watch/read Poetry Soap for fun.
It comes on every day at this time
and I don’t want to miss a...

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Categories: lust, abuse, conflict, jealousy, love,

Premium Member Yesterday Love Was Such An Easy Game To Play


I went home for lunch,

I never go home for lunch.

When I got to our apartment 
I don't know why but I didn't reach for my key. 


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Categories: lust, betrayal, break up, heartbroken,

Liquid Heaven

A feast for my womanly inner beast!       
I tease, I please, you have me on my knees
I wring...

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Categories: body, happiness, heaven, lust,

Premium Member Secret of the Mortician
The Secret of the Mortician

Dead, but I got eyes
Prepares my body at the morgue
Opens the chest
Drains the blood from its nudity
Admires my body before it...

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© SKAT A   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lust, corruption, dark, death, funeral,

"All Children Are Beautiful"

His heart of white,   deep shallow wells,   -yet beautiful
He smirks with a grin,  an ego that won't...

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Categories: lust, art, beauty, betrayal, child,

Relieve My Heart of Its Ache
These trembling lips cannot bear to remain mute
when their quivering begins in my deepest root
Surf upon the wave's crest of a stimulating ride,
Enter my secluded...

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© Lin Lane  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: longing, lust,

Premium Member Thirsty Love

As a young boy
    I watch with interest the small man
   Wolf Hunter - a wise father of the hunt


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Categories: love, lust,

Premium Member The Silence Of My Lust

 There was sweat on my brow, 
beads of them as I approached her. 

I was a young man, still green. 

She was a mature...

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Categories: love, lust, romance, romantic,

Premium Member Philosopher's Stone
Do Not Trust a Word, she says

She speaks of sunken treasures the way no one else does
The map to her heart is drawn by the...

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© SKAT A   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: art, deep, desire, lust,

Premium Member SILENT SIGHS

I felt the pain of your bereft affair,
the endless yearning of a lonely soul
that left you in the shadow’s of despair,
in search of tender...

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© Teppo Gren  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: longing, lust, passion, sensual,

Premium Member Summer Wine - An Erotic Romance
The video is intrinsic to the setting of the scene. The vocals and music track by ‘The Corrs and Bono’ are background music incidental to...

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Categories: desire, love, lust, sensual,

Premium Member Being Young

          Then ...

We dabbled our toes in soft summer air,

     Speckled with...

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Categories: love, lust, passion, youth,

Premium Member Hot Grey Matter
There is nothing hotter than a sexy brain
A one of a kind
The bigger the better

With swagger

Nothing titillates more than stroking genius
Sending ripples through the psyche...

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Categories: inspiration, lust, sexy,

Premium Member OOPS - IT'S A BIT OF A COCK UP
Ted enjoys a quick roll in the hay...
He’s sleeping with his buxom P A
She confirmed she’s with child
Ted baulked, then got quite riled
I wonder what...

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Categories: humorous, lust, natural disasters,

Premium Member Slow Hand - An Erotic Romance
Walking past each other and just by chance
My heart skips a beat and my knees turn weak
Your eyes lock with mine in a fleeting glance

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Categories: lost love, lust, romance,

Premium Member Diosa Del Amor

Paint a smile on the moon

     Flash your eyes to make it swoon


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Categories: beauty, fantasy, love, lust,

Premium Member Under the Boardwalk - A Love Story
Sheer poetry in motion with a picnic basket in hand 
Laughing brandishing a bottle as he lopes along the sand
His handsome features completely wreathed in...

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Categories: love, lust, romance, sensual,

Premium Member Maria Down Under
There’s endless miles of golden sandy beaches
Sparkling aqua waters as far as the eye can see
Gods and Goddesses frolic au naturel down under
Here’s where Heaven...

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Categories: beach, lust, satire, vacation,

a night of passion
It wasn't love they needed
It was a night of passion they yearned for
       One feverish touch 

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Categories: happiness, lust, passion, romance,

Premium Member Decadent Proposal
She senses before she sees
The manicured nails - the elegant fingers
Holding out the hundred dollar bills - enticingly - so temptingly
A generous nights takings of...

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Categories: dark, desire, love, lust,

Dreams of Dreaming of You
Dreaming of your very warm loving touch
The feel of your soft full lips against mine
Arms around you as your back i clutch
Soon our bodies in...

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Categories: dream, feelings, love, lust,

Heavenly Desire
You lean in and Kiss Me deeply
Back arched up, yours completely

A sigh followed with soft moans
Candle light sets all the tones

Lips parted tastes of our...

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Categories: beautiful, desire, kiss, lust,

Premium Member Lust
He said, “Everything about lust 
has already been written!”
Every person, man or woman 
at some time will be smitten
Lust can be fetish, 
she dresses like...

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Categories: lust,