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In Love's Sweet Embrace

Within the forest green we both do stand
Sun filters through the leaves to touch glory
I hold you close swimming within Brown eyes
In vision’s eye i can tell our story,

You smile on me and i feel your sweet Love
I see Love’s beauty within your dear face
My beloved Heaven is where you are
When i am with you in Love’s sweet embrace.

In Love’s sweet embrace i now stand with you
In the forest green we feel Love’s desire
Yet in my heart i shall forever know
That Love’s embrace shall ever light our fire..

Wherever we stand that shall be Love’s space
Forever we stand in Love’s sweet embrace.

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2017

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Night Of Dreams

Under stars so bright
Under guise of night
Night laid low
Night shall show
Show sparks of gold
Show feelings told
Told in heaven's skies
Told in gleaming eyes
Eyes so blue
Eyes held ever true
True love grows
True love we only know
Know in this my heart
Know here my feelings start
Start so ever deep
Start where we will keep
Keep our romantic rendezvous
Keep alive our "I love you"
You as one with me
You can only see
See where our futures lie
See our visions fly
Fly up to greater peaks
Fly to where our cravings seek
Seek your soul to get
Seek times to not forget
Forget me not
Forget your scent
Scent of ambrosia
Scent of seduction
Seduction fills the air
Seduction for two 
Two minds
Two lips
Lips ruby red
Lips trace    
Trace your fingers
Trace your kiss
Kiss me
Kiss me my sweet
Sweet love of mine
Sweet as the daisies sway
Sway into my arms
Sway softly away 
Away with my charm
Away in my dreams
Dreams of a fairytale story
Dreams of a life in love
Love . . .
Story . . .

Copyright © Tim Smith | Year Posted 2017

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Free as a Gentle Wind

I'm like a life force travelling wide and far.
I access mountains and esteem every star,
I dip down to oceans and ruffle the sea,
Oh how happy to meander, to feel free.
Hearken to me as I gust so far and wide,
My unchained melody over white clouds ride.

I veer towards valleys, all verdant fresh grass,
Pass quickly through some mountain tortuous pass.
I love to see eagles fly on currents warm
Watch over small birds evading a big storm.
Visit hamlets, villages, communities,
Admire all, their toil and opportunities.

But I must also travel to frightful towns
Where many sadly live with their ups and downs.
Still I prefer the fragrant countryside ways
There, sweet lovers are happy and their God praise.

22 September 2017

Copyright © Victor Buhagiar | Year Posted 2017

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My Love

My Beloved, 
My fervent Solemn passion
My LOVE bound to you
My Darling, I am entirely thine
As kindling in pure Formidable flame
My Beloved, My precious love
My better self,
If the moment of Immortality 
Unveil to exist between us
I shalt whisper your Beloved name 
As phantom of delight 
Riveting as melodious
As mating birds

My Beloved, 
My fervent Solemn passion,
Your elegance and beauty 
As begotten rapturous vibrant
ebullient portrait of LOVE
As blissful birth of precious 
glittering mother of pearl
Invigorating to purify
my tumultuous untamed heart
My Immortal Angel,
My Dearest LOVE
My Joyful Darling
My eyes, worships Your Eyes 
In pure adoration
My eyes can NO longer 
hide my addiction

My Immortal Beloved
The LOVE of sublimity,
Should I not let my eyes 
become lit, before YOUR eyes
As my heart’s pupil of febrile eyes
Dives in your endless ocean
of LOVE to be drowned in ecstasy

My Beloved, 
My fervent Solemn passion 
My hunger has become a fain of fasting
My Darling,
Your Lips, a provocative budding beauty
which Loves to flaunts itself
shalt be my eternal
Adoring site of pilgrimage,
As my tender lips, as nourishing
As endless waves of ocean
can not resist rushing to wet
to rescue YOUR thirst of ecstasy

My Beloved, 
My fervent Solemn passion,
Faithfullest heart,
My Love bound to you, As we stem
As rose garden of Elysium 
As sweet scent of LOVE
Emanating from the blossoms
As our tender hands entangled 
with Majestic Red Robe Of LOVE
As Our eyes wed
For moment of eternal serenity
to cast our Hearts net in endless
ocean of sublime ecstasy
to capture our own image of ONENESS

My Immortal Beloved 
Sanctuary of Love, My Darling,
I am entirely Thine,
I clasp the hand of Love
As I clasp my body
As fortitude of Love
Against YOUR body,
The Citadel of Heaven,
As my lips penetrates the silence 
to whisper tenderly in Thy Beloved ears; 
As My hearts infinite tender majesty 
Shalt illuminate the Devine promise of bliss
As it echoes in eternity,
As my heart decorate the tent of LOVE

My Beloved, My fervent
My Solemn passion,
My Darling, My precious one, 
My soul exclaimed in delight jubilation 
My Beloved LOVE
As I am fain to see THEE
in the Bethel of LOVE,
For Eternity
Forever Thine 
Forever Ours                          

Copyright © Dr. Tony Beizaee | Year Posted 2018

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I feel this urge to inhale exhale freely as torment rages within... and to simply dash into the softness and hardness of days; my inner core accepting the lapses between night and morn where laughter swirls around our own romance of verses and lyrics -- knowing these frail bodies can readily perish like fractured tunes of borrowed hours : yes, we are dying. ~ Until this mournful thieving of life quite vacant rakes my lungs, faulting gray stars which pluck you from a bed of courage, of untold confessions, and our deep intimacies--- a final rest grabbing you before me in such ungodly time. ~ Somehow, the glory of moments past relieves love's woe, allowing gratitude to embrace my own uncertainty through your bold compassion... and stars bequeath a glow of miracles where you and I learn that immortality reigns beyond illness, beyond earthly limitations. Contest: Life lesson from a favourite novel Sponsor: Line Gauthier Written 2/18/2018 Novel , 'The Fault In Our Stars, by John Green

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2018

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One Special Yew

I want to merge with this old Yew,
To travel through its rings of time.
Back when it's sprout had just begun
Near Blarney's river so sublime.

Where ivy climbs the castle walls,
A quaint sized foot bridge leads to where,
The old strong Yew still charms today
As autumn chills with crisp clean air.

I felt compelled to climb it's limbs
To sit embraced by its sweet love.
To its spirit, in whispered voice,
I then professed the same thereof.

How strong that memory still keeps
As other trees I've come to know
Bless me with their cool umbrella,
I see that Yew in vigil glow!

© Connie Marcum Wong

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2017

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Together at last

They are laughing like naughty children calling out
As they run through the sweet smelling heather
Watching for a gnarled tree trunk to sit and rest about

Looking up into the sky they're wondering whether
The clouds will break and fine rain will fall
Nothing could  mar this moment of joy of being together

They sit close arms entwined shining eyes showing all
The love they have kept hidden all this while
Life has been tough apart as they waited for this  call

No more do they need a watch, time is no longer a trial
Together for always, kisses exchanged, love songs sung
Touching her sweet smelling hair he whispers with a smile

The years have not aged us as we waited for this moment we are forever young

Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2013

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He walks alone


He walks alone, without a hand to hold,
craving innocent passion, love so pure.
Hoping, dreaming, to fill his heart of gold,
for pain of yearning, is hard to endure.
Longing for love to share, a cheek to kiss,
to embrace, hold her in a warm caress,
stroke her hair, share togetherness and bliss,
to feel the depth of sweet love, nothing less.
Long, lonely days, wishing, longing to find,
one to love, soul and beauty to adore,
to share his love with gentle loving kind,
to end his lonely quest to seek no more.

To find his soulmate of female gender,
to cherish, behold, with love so tender.

T.J Grén

Copyright © Teppo Gren | Year Posted 2015

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I Dreamed a Butterfly

I dreamed a butterfly in golden days when buttercups lay in the fields ablaze. It fluttered to my cheek, sweet love to bring. My heart was wont to burst and wont to sing. In breath of morn was scent of bluebell sprays. On blossomed blankets of the fields we’d laze, and into one another’s eyes we’d gaze, my love and I, as April had her fling. I dreamed a butterfly. Our bliss was as the spring, a fleeting phase, and brief’s the beauty of young lovers’ craze. As cruelly as a wasp, he left a sting - and all the lovely plans we made took wing, leaving mere memories of golden days. I dreamed a butterfly. 2/21/13

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2013

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Song of Songs

Like a lily among the thorns,
I found love among the daughters.
Like an apple tree within the wood,
You stand beside still waters.

Sit in the shade with sweet delight,
Your fruit is sweet to taste.
Bring me to the banquet house,
Let there be no haste.

The beams of our house are cedar,
Our bed is clothed in green,
You are the Rose of Sharon,
You are my precious Queen.

His banner over me was love,
His hand around embraces.
But love cannot awaken,
Those till whom it pleases.

You are fair to me my love,
Your face behind the veil.
Your lips a strand of scarlet.
Behold, my love won't fail,

Your breasts are clusters of the vine,
Your desire is for me,
Your breath tastes like sweet wine,
My love for you is free.

Till day breaks and shadows flee,
Till snow goes and winter's past,
Touch my love and turn to me,
Find shelter from the stormy blast.

Like a spring shut up, a fountain sealed,
Like lilies that wither without song,
I reached out to touch my love,
But found that he was gone.

From the Song of Solomon.

Copyright © elizabeth wesley | Year Posted 2011

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It Was a Beautiful Affair

For years he'd loved her and believed
it was a beautiful affair,
for on some nights, he'd slip away
and knew she always would be there.

They'd meet at restaurants or bars,
but when he traveled out of state,
he'd take her to a nice hotel.
Once in the room, he could not wait!

With hands on skin so glassy smooth,
he'd hold her long into the night.
So sweet she was upon his mouth!
It felt so good; it felt so right!

Beside her he would fall to sleep.
Next day was business, but he felt
so happy knowing that at night,
his stress and worries all would melt.

Yes, through the night, the longer that
beside his lover he would lay,
euphoria was his because
he felt the whole world fade away.

His love for her was deepening
so much, his wife became aware
of changes in him. He'd just say
"There's no one else but you. I swear!"

At home he'd lie in bed and think
of his sweet love but had to be
deceptive, sneaking out because
church-goers were his wife and he.

One night, too late he stayed with her.
He drove with her in his corvette.
Stopped by a cop, he had to live
a night he never can forget,

They called his wife, and that was worse
than paying the ungodly fine.
His wife put him in therapy
to end his tryst with sweet Red Wine! 

July 1, 2016 for the "It Was a Beautiful Affair" contest of Lewis Raynes

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2016

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Is it Not You That I Love- Collab with DM

She: (doubtful and fearful)
You love me only when you see a smile
When dancing in the breeze young and carefree
It's only then you find what is worthwhile
But you don't love what's there, the real me

He: (reassuring)
As the first morning rays shoot skyward
Your smile breaks above the horizon of my heart
Your face radiates joy, dark eyes prancing with delight
Your wind song expanding the sails of my soul
Is this not you that I love?

She: (wanting to believe)
You love me when I make you feel alright
When you are sad and need a warm embrace
You need me when you’re lonely in the night
And then you ask to have my saving grace

He: (reconfirming)
Your love is my refuge, a sanctuary of goodness
You drive away my fears, you dry my tears
Gently I tend your garden singing lightly into the night
Tongue tasting sweet love flavors upon my lips  
Is this not you that I love?

She: (confident and assured)
I am the one that you have made me be
A fragile woman yet a woman strong
The faith you have in me has set me free
To be secure in love where I belong
That's why it's you that I love

A collaboration between David Meade and Jade Celeste 

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2015

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I dreamt last night of you and me

I dreamt last night of you and me, your lips so soft I kissed We floated on a silken cloud, drew rainbows on the mist Then counted daisies in a field and when your smile appeared I gathered up a sweet bouquet that whispered in your ear Made love upon a mountain top, the snow was pure and white Then marveled at a hummingbird its tiny wings a’ flight We rode inside a trolley car up hills and over dales Setting forth to distant shores with paisley colored sails Caught moonbeams in a Mason jar, and poured them on our skin Then there neath jealous fireflies we made sweet love again Set dominoes in a straight line and laughed as they did fall Your evening gown and brand new shoes were perfect for the ball We caught a flight to someplace near, yet is was also far For when we landed once again we stood upon a star That’s when I heard from listening to someone passing by This evening now came to an end I thought that I might cry But when my eyes did open to your beauty as my view It mattered not what I had dreamt, my dreams had all come true

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2016

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Hell's perpetual fires
Burning up my frenzied desires
I'm gurgling up a rebellion
Can you feel it frothing?

You sure have claws
That scratched my skin raw
The blood is everywhere
Do you see it spilling?

I barely recognised your voice 
Cold and harsh like beaten up ice
My ephemeral lovesong was meant to be sung
Can you hear it dying?

Just one more knot
Tied up your body to the cot
I'm pouring the fuel around
Don't you smell it burning?

Goodbye my sweet love
Endure what you deserve
I've been waiting to burn you to ashes
Did you see this coming?

Copyright © Sohini Mukherjee | Year Posted 2016

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Love comes from above
Love is sweet Love is kind
Love is spread from your heart to mine

Love can mend every broken heart
Love can brighten the soul of any dark heart 
Love is with the young love is with the old

Love is the greatest gift to man untold 
Love take my hand
Love is all we need let's take a stand


Copyright © Patricia Opel Jaye | Year Posted 2006

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My Just Cause

I'm so far gone and loving every
minute of it, I'm  here to stay
You brighten up my day in your
own special way.
I know you're not perfect and 
have shown me  most of your 
Understand this,I love you for the  
man you are now, and the man you 
will become.
And everything else in between  our 
relationship is my just cause.
We both know that I'm no where near 
But our love  transcends all of our  flaws.
So when you're down and feeling blue,
my sweet love always remember I'm
standing right beside you.


Contest:  Best Love Poem Ever 
Sponsor:  Laura Loo

Second Place

Copyright © Alexis Y. | Year Posted 2016

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There is no other


Trinkets of touch saved for memories keeping Traces of love we now lock in our hearts Days never end as the mornings beginning Tears find their path in our moments apart ~ Catching a glimpse of the barren horizon Wondering what it will bring to our eyes Simply the thought of the one true affection Caught in the stars that do light up the skies ~ Here as I sit on this beach ever changing Lost in the mind is the essence of proof Moving my feet, causing ruts in the sand floor Noticing nothing aside from the truth ~ Why does it seem that this life wallows empty Every day is the same only more Swiftly the clouds bring the rain’s chilly vision Dreaming of only the one I adore ~ Drinking the drops in the puddles of reason Splashing against all that I’ve ever known Capturing dreams in a spoon that is leaking Now as I write in these words all alone ~ Hard to believe that a flower is blooming Fragrance as sweet as the heart beat we share Chains bear the lock that does keep me from reaching Look but don’t touch is the warning...beware ~ I long to run down the path of decision Challenge my fear in this soft ocean breeze Finding a cave at the edge of the mountain Placing my soul in the shadows to breathe ~ Only my heart keeps me here by the wayside Hoping beyond every truth that does form Lasting the pain of this fearless affection Keeping my place in the face of the storm ~ Proving to no one’s un-answering questions Feeling ashamed as I’ve nothing to show Still I will wait on the eve of my lifetime Promising always that I’ll love you so ~ For I am a man who does desperately need you There is no other that I’m thinking of Here I will sit as the world it is ending Counting the days till I know your sweet love ~ Why can’t we meet at the same destination Drink of the day that affords us the view Forget the world and its many distractions Except for this love that I hold here for you ~ Have a great weekend everyone, see you on Monday.

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2016

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Dear Memory Rays

You first held my hand in rapture's own sown, green honed land.

Together time was easy laughter that rose throes layers in joy-spiced air;

Your lips brushed my lips with young flair by a stream's calm stare;

We lost our focus and allowed night's starry skies to spark our dazzling sighs. 

No years shook our dear memory of young frays sated in twilight rays.

... CayCay Jennings
Jane 15, 2018

Copyright © CayCay Jennings | Year Posted 2018

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Breathing, Soft Heaving Bosom Swells

Breathing, Soft Heaving Bosom Swells

Swaying rhythmic her hips
Tantalizing her lips
Blue casting sapphire eyes
Dancing under night skies
Such heavenly sweet trips
Docking side by side ships.

Breathing, soft heaving bosom swells
O' pleasures, past glorious bells
And Fated bounty was given
For then Love was in the liven
First kiss, gold coins in wishing wells
Sexual thoughts one never tells.

Swaying rhythmic her hips
Tantalizing her lips
Blue casting sapphire eyes
Dancing under night skies
Such heavenly sweet trips
Side by side docking ships.

Robert J. Lindley, 8-16-2018
Rhyme, ( Youth, romance and past treasures once found)

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2018

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The Mulberry Tree And its Birds One of Two

A GIFT FOR EVERYONE ESPECIALLY FOR CHILDREN BASED ON A TRUE STORY IMPORTANT NOTE: Now watch a short Video film made by me (placed on my Music Channel on You Tube) based on this Poetic story and enjoy a Great Secret revealed in this short Video Film about India's grand past and about its prosperity and how it was stolen nearly 2500years ago. Use the following URL : The Mulberry Tree & its Birds My Mulberry tree, in its season Used to get loaded With its sweet, Mulberry fruits. To eat these sweet fruits Birds of different colors and species From even far off places Used to come to eat And to play, on its branches. Watching these lovely birds When they eat Its sweet fruits and play Was a joy for the Mulberry Which can, only be felt If you ever see the Mulberry When it is loaded With its fruits and birds In the, season of Shahtoot* . 01 The birds, used to come To stretch, their colorful wings Sometimes, to show their beauty And sometimes, to show their Their affection for the tree, But, when they were In the company, of their friends And soul mates They used to sing, some lovely songs For the Mulberry tree. 02 Seasons come and seasons go The buds of yesterday, becomes A blooming flower of today As, life keep rolling With the change of time But even, in the season of Fast blowing winds The Mulberry tree remains Spreading, its smiles, Like, an innocent child. 03 Only, in the season of falls When it use to shed its leafs The tree, Becomes, sad and lonely For a while. 04 But soon again, the tree Becomes happy and smiling When, birds return And come, to Joy fully play On its, thick and thin branches The game of love and affection While singing, their songs In praise, of the Mulberry tree. 05 Hearing those Lovely sweet voices and Singing of different birds Seems very familiar sometimes But sometimes, They seem so alien To me. 06 It was not easy to understand What, these birds say and sing In their sweet lovely language and words But one thing was clear That they used to tell, The Mulberry tree That they would come again soon To eat, its sweet fruits And to sing songs For that lovely Shahtoot* Full of fruits. 07 Today, while searching and looking Towards that side of the sky Where, the Mulberry tree Used to spread, its smiles Every morning and everyday The birds find only, A blank space in the sky And they go away Sadly from there To some other place In search of a New Mulberry tree. Those colorful birds, Who used to show their presence While, playing and jumping Up and down, when they skip On the branches, Of the Mulberry tree While singing Their sweet lovely Songs, Have almost fled away For some unknown place Forever and forever. 08 Those birds Often, used to get lost In their sweet singing voices And lovely notes Which were very dear To their soul mates . 09 Ravindra Kanpur India 1st November 2013 NOTE: Protected under the copyright provisions of Poetry Soup and US copyrights. To be concluded in 2nd * Shahtoot = Mulberry

Copyright © Ravindra K Kapoor | Year Posted 2013

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Happy Valentine's Day

I've had no lover's valentine
For far too many years,
But I still have some sweet love notes
Among my souvenirs.

If my loved one were here it would be
Valentines every day.
To show my love for him, I'd strew
Hearts all along the way.

Don't weep for me, I've had my share.
This is your time, enjoy.
May your love's words be just as true
As those of my lost boy.

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2015

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Tender Moments

With you I walk
in fields of gold
by gentle streams 
my hand you hold
your loving voice
it fills my ears
and melts my heart
and soothes my fears
I feel your love
pour down on me
like warm sweet rain
and I am free
with you I lay
beside the sea
each taking what
we give so free
within my heart
this sweet love grows
to you my love
it gently flows

Copyright © Robin L. Gass | Year Posted 2009

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Love poem for a witch

My love
we celebrate your birth
on this night of Sanhaim
when the worlds are whisper-thin
and your magic sings its sweetest song.

Your love draws stars from the sky
lures spirits from the tombs
snow falls from the summer sky
a love so sacred and magical.

Let us meet
surrounded by forest
as the wind
whispers its secret to the trees
we seek the sacred creek
leading to the river that caresses the earth
where flowers rise in rapture to the sun.

This day I am yours
you are mine
we are inseparable in death
by any power or pain
for it is such true love
no death awaits us.

Come with me my love
come back to the one
feel my spirit and take flight
let us see all of creation
let us seek favor from the divine.

God and goddess we shall become
gods of true and powerful devotion
let us be graced
by the moon goddess
by the dragon of the stars
allowing us to burn hot with passion.

Let us draw from the power of the earth
alive and solid
beneath our feet
fertile valley of existence
all our wants and needs
will be satisfied.

Embrace this love
blessed be
your feet
your knees
your womb
your breasts
your lips
blessed be your soul.

My sweet love scented by jasmine
I seek you on the silver slant of moonlight
beautiful moon goddess
your magic is all enthralling
I succumb to your witches cry
I come to your lair softly lit
your Wiccan pattern on the floor to guide me
save me from the river of flames
with the manifestation of your desires
for in you my lover
I am charmed...

Copyright © Ken Carroll | Year Posted 2013

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A Sunny Beach

The hectic world is like a giant ocean.
Every day we wake up and dive in.
We dive into our work, activities, or 
errands we must do inside this great big world of blue!

Our friends and family, at least to me, would be
the good times we enjoy at the beach,
for a sunny beach is like a home -
a place to come back to from our ventures out to the sea,
a place to rest, to just hang out and be with family.
It’s the place I always will return to
when diving time is done.
After all the challenges of being in the ocean,
despite the many wonders to be found there,
can you imagine life without a beach?
To not be able to come back from ocean’s depths
and sprawl yourself casually upon soft sand
which has been warmed from the sun, that sweet love 
which radiates From friends and family?

Friends and family -
they are the many good things at the beach.
Some are the lovely palm trees I always long to see,
bending graciously in ocean‘s breeze.
Others are the embankments along the shore.
Unchanging, they are my constant companions.
And some are the waves rolling in from time to time 
to greet me. I love to run into the playful waves, 
for they make life fun and beautiful.

Unlike the giant ocean, upon which terrible storms arise,
the beach is often safe. I expect security from it.
The swaying palms are there to calm me.
The sturdy cliffs are my  steady sustenance. 
The waves I daily jump are often gentle, but sometimes
they can turn into cruel monsters!
When they knock me down, usually I get right back up from them!
However, some can dump on me, exhibiting great force.
Others surge, and try to drag me out to perilous sea.
God forbid I ever must face a life-threatening tsunami!

When the sun withdraws its happy glow
and a once-friendly wave starts pushing hard against me,
 I feel like I am drowning,
being pushed down deep in a rip current.
I must not fight back, struggling to get back to the shore.
This is a time to relax and to stay calm.
I release the animosity the wave has caused in me.
All the tension from the stress, I must simply let it go.
It’s difficult, I know, but I must take a breath -
 B  R  E  A  T  H  E    O  U  T and float. . . 

Now I rise above it.

                                  I’m going with the flow.

Soon enough I float myself to shore -
to the warmth of the beach, my security.
A new day comes soon enough.
I resume my dives into the ocean,
knowing happily that always I will have
the palm trees waving me back in
and the lovely waves that rock my world are there.
I have a beach to come back to.

Written June 12, 2016 for contest Judged 6/17/2016
For the I Got Zero, Nothing, Nada -1 Contest of Broken Wings

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2016

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Holding Adonis In another place and another lifetime, gazing into eyes that gazed back with passion. Kissing you, loving you and how you touched me. Summer’s moon watched us. Are you in the world, my sweet lover? Are you? Have you gone the way of the gods before you? Blessed was I to hold you so closely. I was holding Adonis. For the "Guzzically Inspired Poetry Contest" Sponsored by Craig Cornish

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2012