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Quarantine of the Soul

-Quarantine of the Soul-

Tranquil pills fall deep like the night
A sweet fangless course
Bites with no remorse
Your eyes struggle to read my ageless soul
You open a heart under Quarantine 
The past
The present
The future
Stand in the way of what was and never will be
A contagious disease
I call "LOVE!"

(Past-- you came)
Somewhere deep inside --with you--
The Maverick 
The Majestic
The Arriving Vessel of Light
I separated myself from the world
 --to be with you--
I polished a new diamond night
With pleasures of meeting where our hearts began
Deep like the night, you woke my sleepless soul
Removing it from the safe harbor of the sea
-Isolated from all to see
No risk or chance, of smiling endlessly 

(Present-- you set)
Tonight you fell from Mandalay
You spoke in a way that Cut my throat with truth 
You detained my ego clouding the auspices sky
Allowing a smile
A tender peek into your heart
It spread in ways -- I wanted more 
I kept deep until you found your way past the door
Persistent memories 
In search of eternity
Tonight lets learn to live again
With no fear, I remove all labels
Making the moon and sun rise together
My love, my life now depends on you

(Future-- you left)
With no explanation
The age of Quarantine will forever set

You came to me
Set me free
Just to leave 

Now you are a virus --- Just like them!!!

By: PD

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2015

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O N L Y E V E R W I T H Y O U Only ever with you, I love to have and hold into the circle of your arms, I'll unfold; into your blue eyes' greeting shine, my gold; only ever with you, I yearn to grow old... Only ever with you I can write rhymes as such for you bring my muse from dust to dash, to hush Only ever with you my being wants to attach as first step already taken to our primrose path Only ever with you, tips dance linger to cherry lips Slow summer hands will roam vast to wonderland Whence pearl white peel smooches chocolate skin only ever with you, heartbeats climbs a boiling point Stars and moon may leave the dark skies yet, one look at the gleam of your blue eyes day and night, I see the rising sunrise. Only ever with you, I will dive to lows or heights for only ever with you, I'll plunge to infinity. Prayers plea asking blessings from Divinity to tie two hearts and two souls in sole unity. Mindless to whatever is there in humanity Only ever with you... _______________________________________________ POEM OF THE DAY -- February 27, 2015 ©O. E. Guillermo 5:32 pm, February 26, 2015

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2015

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Laminated Love


Frozen flames pressed 
between each page; 
suddenly, I felt each passing note.
The painting on the wall began to breathe	
gently the same colors repeated life. 
I was so close; I felt every vibration 
and there underneath the gloom, 
the roof let in the luminance of the moon.	
A memory unfolded while I held your hand,	
repainting our years, a devoted love
at the heart of everything. Steam is drawn 
from our hands. The canvas, 
the beautiful canvas, tied by solid green-gold.
Flames-brushed each wall as ageing you and I.	
In perfect harmony. TOGETHER 


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2016

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The Amorous Mystique

Can it be, into this world we are dropped from heavenly streams that have never stopped? With sweet hope gifted to our souls delight, oceans of love and its fiery desires; ladies so fair, we thank our keen eyesight and leap into romance hottest fires. Can it be, wonderment is our reward given for living in a world so hard? With love's soulmate waiting a heart to touch, deepest seas of hot sexual pleasures; daring to embrace and love very much this bountiful store, of life's great treasures. Can it be, that in life's short duration we go beyond mere infatuation? With deeper dreams that bless spirits in need, grant romantic nights of sweetest relief; birth greatest pleasures of harvested seeds fruited in soul's spiritual beliefs. Your questions asked with pulsing energy of lovers’ wonderland of synergy.. Gifts do flow from fountain to foundations of souls inspiring minds to understand; seductive passion’s yearning flirtations of red embers roused to lusty flames fanned. In awe you long to know love’s mysteries, untangling threads in tender reveries.. Of all the gold offered in sun’s rich rays Sol would be poor in the worth of our love; for never could there be more wealth of praise than for ambrosial taste from gods above. During this life as our lustrous hearts’ beat we can transcend mundane with love’s white heat.. Our physical plane of mortal being is heightened with intimate unity; body and soul in tantra foreseeing weaving love’s strands into eternity. Robert J. Lindley and Susan Ashley (a collaboration) July 31, 2018 ______________________________ *For the purpose of this collaboration, tantra represents the weaving of strands into a unified whole and liberation of energy and expansion of consciousness*

Copyright © Susan Ashley | Year Posted 2018

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We'll Always have San Andreas

-rearranging the stars-

How could we agree to separation? 
If you were destined to be my soulmate,
Why would we allow the stars to change our fate?
They've written in a fresh verse 
Sewing in a new song, soon to be sung
The Stars are not to blame
The fault lies deep within our hearts

Like earthquakes wondering through the years
separating silicone valley of tears.
Sweeping sweet dreams far away
What has become of my day?
Today the sun sets holding on to old hope
Tears fall down a sudden slope

Now my dreams are drowning down another road
Tonight I sit under the aspen cold
Alone, no longer in search of gold
Naming nights you whispered words of love to my soul

Your love no longer speaks 
Without warning, the Midas touch slowly fades
In my chest  -  I find fault  
The sound of heartache echoes every day
Rejuvenating every crack from display
In plain sight, I search for thee
The sun  -The moon  -The madness  -The Salton Sea
My heart no longer speaks

Everything I dream of sinks like the night
Stuck in quicksand  -- the aftermath
Healing scars the aftershock left behind
Finding ways to fill the gloom
Alas bridal curtains sit silently in my room
Setting boundaries between Earth's poetic plates
Like an earthquake passing through my heart 
You left like the moon, moving mountains apart

Suddenly, San Andreas Fault looks tragic from here
Until then I will hold my breath
In hopes, our Plates will meet again 

By: PD

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2015

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I long to fold my eyes and softly creep

                    Beside the brook of fancy, as it flows ...

          To tumble off my trundle bed and sleep,

                              And dip the stardust with my drowsy toes.

Within the world of reverie and dreams,

                    I cast my cares, like nets, upon the sea,

          So woven as the moon, within its beams ...

                              Imagination's breadth, now comes to be.

With all the dreamy pathways that I stroll,

                    The routes are always varied, always new,

          And still, each destination brings its toll,

                              As all my sojourns find their way ... to you.

But I would ne'er deny my heart that ache ...

                    If only you'd come with me ... when I wake.

Submitted on August 24, 2018
For the "Most Comments Received Poem 2018" Poetry Contest
July Morning, Judge & Sponsor

Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2018

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Breath To Breath

They say, to mend an injured heart, move on,
          And thus, I've done so, time-and-time-again,
               But tho' your smile, from me, is decades gone,
     My dreams still find you haunting me, as then.

I've always held your heart, pristine and rare,
          Flat-pressed between life's pages like a rose,
               And as the timeworn leaves may fade and tear,
     That weather on love's blossom never shows.

I've tried so to forget you through the years,
          Still, in my sleep you find my heart exposed,
               And tho' I cleanse those memories with tears,
     Your phantoms keep returning, unopposed -

You took my breath quite often in the past ...
               And I've no doubt you'll take ... my very last.

~ 1st Place ~  in the "Contest 475 Any Form Or None" Poetry Contest, Brian Strand, Judge & Sponsor.

~ 1st Place ~  in the "Not Just Any Old Rose" Poetry Contest, Mark Massey, Judge & Sponsor.

Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2018

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Providence On Behalf Of Love

Providence On Behalf Of Love

I that have seen such beauty 
fallen beneath its gleam 
rejected my life’s duty  
to wade thus in its stream  

Saturating me with love  
bathed in moon’s reflection  
naught more for me to dream of  
drown me your affection  

With our true hearts united  
stare into love’s abyss  
night dreams felt unrequited  
are thus found with first kiss  

Passion’s torch does scorch the sun  
red molten flow in veins  
as we two become as one  
unbridled, fallen reins  

Sacrosanct are our love nights  
life’s sweet joys soar with you  
without your touch, nothing’s right  
next tryst now overdue  

Stoke my love and lustful sate  
lure me your siren song  
wooing whirlwind perfect fate  
where pulse and pleasures throng  

We shall meet under moonlight 
join true hearts in one fire 
kiss in love’s sweet depths all night 
meld into deep desire 

We’ll sail ‘cross life’s open seas 
explore each others’ shores  
casting caution to the breeze  
re-writing romance lores 

Love’s paradise we’ll not miss 
destiny sends us there 
living life with blushing bliss 
heaven for us to share 

Rapture’s mine, your eyes starshine 
your light does kiss my soul  
 intervention our’s Divine 
in ecstasy extol 

Robert Lindley and Susan Ashley

(a collaboration)

_______________June 8, 2018______________

*Providence* - a manifestation of divine care or direction -

My Poet’s Note:  When my talented friend Robert, found and presented to me his lovely poem fragment, from long ago (the first stanza), and asked if I would be interested in writing a collaborative poem with him, I said ‘Yes’!  In the moment of reading his tender words, I was inspired.. and honored and humbled, by his generous and kindhearted offer to finish this poem with him through our creative cooperation. It was my great pleasure and a tremendous poetic experience for me to create and write with Robert, a fine poet of such high caliber who just so happens to be my esteemed friend as well. Robert, you made my first collaboration a pure joy and our friendship and partnership in poetry is cherished.


Robert’s Poet’s Note:  How our collaboration on this poem came to be. I had this short poem fragment from many decades ago. I saw some merit in it being completed. At first I sat down to write and finished the poem myself. Then I remembered the insight, the quality and beauty of Susan's previous collaboration with me - our sonnet duet and that sealed the deal. I decided to ask her if she would finish that old poem fragment as a collaboration with me. To my great and fortunate delight she agreed to do so.
A true blessing it is for me to compose with such a kindhearted and talented poet
as my dear friend most assuredly is...
As it is always a pleasure to write and discuss poetry with my talented friend..

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2018

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A Pure Kind Of Love A Collaboration With John Flemming

These fair limbs that hold him in sweet embrace
Against the soft, heaving bosom of her breast;
The unblemished cheek pressed to his face,
Her hands hold the hand that lovingly caressed.

Clasping him safe, no more battles to fight,
Falling deeper she slowly comes to grips
With the simple fact this feels so right;
Nuzzling closer: hot passions on her wet lips.

A fashioning of perfect curvature...
Doubt even stars burn with this equal fire?
His lips take hers; and it occurs to her
They share what few do - a true love's desire!

Their pure union much more than just mere lust:-
True love endures when dust returns to dust.

Copyright © Brenda Chiri | Year Posted 2018

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The Last Love Letter To the West

         I can't recall 
       the day you left
  Empty words going west

~To: The West Coast~

My love, my sweet love -- my soulmate
I will cherish our time, with the sun
My love, my friend, my lover
Today we part, on this day June 3rd 15

My love, my sweet love -- my everything
On this day, I will take the long way home
On this day, I will look back and smile
To know it was not a dream

My love, my sweet love -- my true love
With this pen, I write this letter, 
My bed now knits a different sweater, 
Preparing my linens for darker weather
I want you to know, I'm writing this with a swollen heart
It was never you, it was I who grew apart
Patience kept you warm when I was cold
Every night, I cried, I tried to feed you my dreams
My hollow soul sat like a fool under a heavy cloud 
Holding back, the needing of proceeding who I was

My love -- please forgive me
I was inconsiderate of us
I would lay without opening the windows of trust
Your smiles I wiped away with my faults
However you stayed, you watched, 
You meant to kiss and stop the pouring rain 
You kept strong, holding my hand, 
When everything around my life persisted to perish
You soaked every time I stormed, 
I regret when I refused to let you touched the women in me

My love -- it was never you
I was broken before our hearts met
Like a villain and a thief, 
You took my diamonds in hopes to see them shine again
Your demons found a way into the shadows of my life
Trying to complete what you could not see
You could not feel, still you believed in me
My dreams, you held me close, loving who I am

My love -- you are the sunrise the sunset
Your limbs kept me up when I would fall
I will miss the touch of light in every stare
Thank you for not looking my way, the day you left
I did not want you to see the mask I used to cover it all
Pretending, I was strong when I was weak
Knowing I had fallen in love with you
Forever yours, 

~From: South Texas--

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2015

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in silence, we connect through gazes knitted by starlit eyes ablaze like dusk's luster wafting by the sill ... and we need not ramble in paraphrases of night’s canticle, while folded hands caress the rhythm of twilight's melody. how deftly breaths and fireglow understand our same tunes, our same wafting waves, gentle as paper- thin buds jutting out from your palms, my breasts… together, we feel the stillness of love from the same face, and if our flesh doesn’t chafe in the peeling of autumn’s chill , it’s because… we have been soul mates before time was ever born. SKAT's Contest: Your Best Love Poem 9/24/2014

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2014

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Melodies of the heart

In a black and white world, feathered fingertips caress ebony and ivory keys - melodically forming a myriad of vibrant and vivid hues, diversifying dulcet emotive reflections. In a world of spoken falsehood, expressions that cannot be spoken, aid each truthful touch to narrate speechless secret serenades. For soulmates who choose to listen, minds allure to the grace of mellifluous sentimental symphonies, harmonising hollow hearts through tantric vibrations, gently echoing to soothe sorrowful soundless souls. Rhapsodic pianist strokes satin white skin, tunefully kissing black lustrous lips. Hearts play music secretly establishing spiritual connections. Ivory and ebony rectangles dance in eternal kindred devotion, igniting spirits to whirl to the rhythm of sensual sensations. Last note leads to another healed composition as departing flames of passion illuminate lovers paths. A blank page appears at the end of the song sheet. Tired pianist fingers rest as the mind is absent of lyrics, paralysed to play a melody for its own suppressed heart. Lost, pondering mute tears which fail to cleanse its soul., The Silent One 9 January 2018

Copyright © Silent One | Year Posted 2018

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Summer Rain

I wade into the surf and stand alone

Enfolding in my arms, the dust of You

I hear the raving wind lament and moan

As if the summer storm is mourning, too

I breathe your wispy ashes as they're thrown

And whisper your name softly while I do

I lost you once, and now I've lost again

As all my tears are lost ... in summer rain.

~ 1st Place ~  in the "Late September Standard" Poetry Contest, Brian Strand, Sponsor.

Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2017

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In the hours of twilight your star brightened my shadowed dream 
long since faded from the youthful belief of reverie.
In you I mirrored distant memories of childhood INNOCENCE,
with beauty of love in its early bloom to ripeness, yet with depth of sensation
discovered only through the pain of yearning, hearts suffering.

Through the clouded haze I felt the dream once more,
with wisdom born through the falseness of my sullen existence,
a long since vanished vision of a mind once so hopeful,
whose desires were numbed, dreams shattered yet TRUST beheld;
a yearning heart turned into a core of solid gold; hard yet frail.

Where love once flowed in a heart so frail,
eagerness of will echoed in the emptiness to find a way through the dark.
The mind found PATIENCE to fulfill the desired image,
a promise of love and the realization of a long-felt need,
thoughts and emotions sacrificed for mortal gestures.

The whispered words of silence blowing yonder an arduous past
with a quiet wish for a reflection of bygone times of tranquility,
to encounter the warmth of serenity through FORGIVENESS.
Forgiveness, not only of injustice and treachery,
but for the disbelief in love’s worth; and destiny’s reason.

Yet you appeared with angel pureness, a vision of white,
through time to understand the meaning of eternal love
which is not tied by worldly needs, by shallow desire, or pleasures of the flesh,
but of AWARENESS of love’s deepest form of ensued knowledge,
a realization of love’s eternity; at the level of the soul.

In your eyes I saw the depths of forsaken desire,
and the pain of love’s initiation, yearning, love’s sorrow.
When I saw the teardrops running down your cheek, I knew.
I knew you retained the depth of FEELING as did I,
to behold the most tender appreciation of love’s virtue.

In appearances of disguise life exists, as does love.
Dreams mingled with charm and enticement of reality
in submission of togetherness to end a lonely heart’s search,
to earn love’s fondness by DEVOTION to its existence,
yet with reverence to retain the purity of the souls longing.

Released from the chains of amorous passion, false desire,
I hold you in my heart, gently, with the chastity of innocence.
With enlightenment I renounce worldly pleasures
to enjoy the FREEDOM given, for love to grow,
and reach the ripeness of eternity liberated to aspire endless love.

With delight I receive the divine inspiration to encounter love’s ECSTASY,
its worldly passion fulfilled and continued by nature’s gift.
A gift more precious than love itself; a newborn to love once more.
Love exists in forms of many, as in passion to unite as one to give new life,
perceived by nurturing care, kindness of the heart with true love’s zeal.

But what is love without HUMILITY; modest humbleness?
Selfish contentment of desire; satisfaction of bodily needs
prone to temptations of deception to be drowned by lusts amorous lure.
Be it not the beauty of Venus or Mars, but that of awareness,
to feel the depth of meaning by lessons of life; and of loneliness.

Withheld from the touch of the flesh, or minds worldly eagerness,
PURE love reigns, untarnished, blessed with innocence
to fathom and to feel the infinite tenderness of love once parted.
Love needs no proof for its existence; no words, no kisses, no promises.
When love has grown to ripeness, its existence remains with enlightenment.

Is there no easier way to find love’s eternal FULFILLMENT,
than to weather the wrath of love’s pain, fallacy of deception,
rejected hearts loneliness; lonely days followed by darkened nights.
Be it less to weather lightning of the heart to see the light of life.
But how to comprehend the light of life without a sight of darkness?

T.J Grén

Copyright © Teppo Gren | Year Posted 2018

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Love will come to you

Love will come to you

Are you feeling lost and all alone?
searching for love, searching for love
Is your heart still looking for it's home?
searching for love, searching for love

Don't you know that love will come to you
Don't you know there's something you can do

Don't you want to share your life with someone?
Love will be waiting, love will be waiting
Do you feel the burning and the hunger?
Love is there waiting, love is there waiting

Don't you know that love will come to you?
Don't you know there's something you can do!

Look at the reflection in the mirror...
take a good look at the person you see
Let the real you shine out ever clearer...
Help yourself to be, the best you can be!

A promise of true love brings satisfaction
Yes, love will find you, yes it will find you
Feelings deep inside, more than attraction
Yes, it will find you, yes love will find you

Don't you know that love will come to you?
Don't you know there's something you can do!

Look at the reflection in the mirror...
take a good look at the person you see
Let the real you shine out ever clearer...
Help yourself to be, the best you can be!

Happiness that will last, your whole lifetime!
Yes, love has found you, yes love has found you
A lasting love that will forever shine!
Yes, love has found you, yes, love has found you

Don't you know that love will come to you?
Don't you know there's something you can do!

Look at the reflection in the mirror...
take a good look at the person you see
Let the real you shine out ever clearer...
Help yourself to be, the best you can be!

chorus repeat and fade

John Derek Hamilton
April 04,2017

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2017

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Images of feathers

"Once upon a midnight Poe"

Underneath the midnight mask, I remove the makeup at last,
The moon is anvil to my mood, mooring along the vacant vast 
I lay the Gin and Tonic by the bedside asking for more,
I hear a noise, a lost voice, the echoes of no rejoice,
I couldn't brush the light coming from the cracks under the door
I gave it some thought, 
My eyes twinkle, towards the tinsel tiles on the floor
Seemingly the light seemed to be deeming distance of resistance
Curiosity came in crawling and caressing 
To sense and taste of sinful skin 
Everything then grew thinner than thin
On the spur of the moment, I hear a whisper, my love is near
"Darkness there, and nothing more."

A nerve impulse hits the wall if nothing nary, nevertheless 
I sadistically, stagger a sullen movement, even so
In this moment, Edgar Whispered, "nothing more."
Many nights, I dram of demonic demons, demanding answers for
A sad --sadder voice, sits and whines, with the wind
"Merely this and nothing more!"
A notary, nauseate moment, sea sick, shipwreck sensation
Secular suicide spreading like gossip, sailing through my veins
Evilly and twisted, "This it is and nothing more" - that remains

Tweaking and repeating, the speeding of needing
My drugs of pain and passion, to end the delusion
Of the self-inflicted - bruising from the voices of my choices
I hear the whisper, a selfish whisper, asking for Lenore
How many nights, he comes into my room, dress like A Raven
Painted and tainted like the midnight dreary
Reciting the excitement like The Bells, of Annabel, in a rush
Never, never, nameless here forevermore, in my dreams
Under my evil doing skin, like the sum of sin is how it seems

On the nights, my soul mate does not appear, 
The anchor drowns and torments me with tears
I travel up in fear, of the fear, when my ghost is not near
Rattling and trembling, by the bedside, 
On the grim side of the mental moon, when in gloom
I scrape up my room, screaming to the bleeding, 
From my heart, who needs a killing, 
From a feeding and the feeling of letting Poe, go!

By: PD
Inspired by The Raven

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2014

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Polar Opposites

We are polar opposites trying to connect,
Walking through a field of land mines.
Sometimes we don't make it through
Without becoming a bit maimed.

I am the steadfast flower in your garden,
The one that always grows back.
Even if abused, I find a way to blossom.
Tethered together by an invisible cord
Our deep love somehow endures.

We knew how different we were before
We felt compelled to share our lives.
We told ourselves opposites attract.
Now as age and illness becomes entwined
We have become shells of our vibrant
Selves who once took on the world united.

I refuse to succumb to the harsh winter
As I cling to the hues of our harvest years.
I will keep it at bay with songs in the sun
Warming both our hearts 'till winter comes.

© Connie Marcum Wong

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2015

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When souls spark

come here my dear sky is so clear lets stay right here keep our hearts near i'll hold your hand so strong we'll stand i'll hold you tight guard like a knight gone is the rain so has the pain look at those eyes there's no more cries moon wipes your tears clouds take your fears look how stars charm keep you from harm my love lets dance soul's in a trance found love at last my heart beats fast soul feels a spark lights up the dark as our lips kiss feels like pure bliss when the morn comes sun plays his drums hear the birds sing what joy they bring at peace we lay such a grand day my mind feels tame found my twin flame Silent One Simple Musing 19 January 2018
An experiment poem with four words on each line, all which are one syllable.

Copyright © Silent One | Year Posted 2018

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Thy Silent Thoughts

Thy Silent Thoughts

So beautiful are thy silent thoughts
I would watch thine eyes all day.
There is wonder in them, as the sun's first flash
Through tumult of ocean spray;
In them the shining calm of upland pools
Mirrors the glory round,
And their shadows are the shadows of sweet flowers
Upon the summer ground.
So beautiful are thy silent thoughts
I would watch thine eyes all day;
More beauteous in their silence than the stars,
Than the silent stars, are they.

R. J. Lindley,
November 9th, 1973

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2017

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Queen of dance

From far they come and watch, to see if they're her match. How they wish for a chance, to sway the queen of dance. In awe they watch her whirl, waltz, strut, skip, twirl and swirl. Moves to chants that sound wild, not for hearts that beat mild. A swan who wants to sail, who longs to tell her tale. Needs a man not a boy, on her quest to spread joy. Yearns for love that feels true, when in storms, pulls her through. A soul who helps her swing. A heart who soothes the sting. Love her to sense her charm, shield her from those who harm. Douse her fire and she'll tame, then bond like a twin flame.
Silent One 6 February 2018 Example for 120 words contest. 6 words per line. All one syllable. 6 syllables per line. 20 lines. 120 words.

Copyright © Silent One | Year Posted 2018

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When a heart truly believes

 Where is my love ~ where could she be ~ somewhere out there my poor heart 

 seeks~ on some lonely street~ as I pass by a crowd~ I thought I might have 

 heard her speak ~ Is it you ~ I need to know ~ telling eyes would surely show

 a voice behind your smile~would lift my heart up to the sky~but a chill comes 

 over me~ when you kissed the man I'll never be~now my back's against a wall 

 alone wondering who should I call ~ where is my love ~ where could she be ~ 

 somewhere out there my aching heart seeks ~ I look to a star ~ wherever you 

 are ~ I hope this message gets to you ~ I stand here waiting ~ anticipating ~ 

 I'll  be searching every place to find ~ a true love till the end of time ~

Copyright © Arturo Michael | Year Posted 2018

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On Tranquil Lake

Glass-like smooth of even's yawn
    Just I alone and one cob swan
        Trace our paths upon the lake
            For we are OF the earth, not on

Sets the sun to blow a kiss
    A quiet glissade of feral bliss
        Cleaving surface, gentle wakes
            Surely heaven must be this?

Swan and I, we share the eves
    In feathered white tuxedo sleeves
        He follows as I row my skiff
            'Til either I or daylight leaves

I often muse he's lost like me
    Searching wide to find a she
        A kindred spirit, much like his
            That's longing for a mistral, free

The water's darkened interludes
    Reflect our images and moods
        Hopes of beaus we held this morn
            Sink with sun as day concludes

Ere we meet, when dusk is drawn
    I say a prayer that he'll be gone
        That one of us will find true love
            For we are OF the earth, not on.

~ 3rd Place ~  the "Beauty Of Solitude" Poetry Contest, Line Gauthier, Sponsor.

Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2017

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Just Another Valentine

Countless hearts and roses fall for sake of heeding Cupid's call ...
          And yet I fail for phrasing, new, imparting fresh, my "I love you"
                    (For poets, past, have said it all) ...

Perchance I'll find the words inside your hazel gaze, quite starry-eyed
          The limpid peepers, fair and fierce, that pity, not, the heart they pierce
                    (Or pulses hurried, closed or wide) ...

Could be, the words hide in your grin, and dance, demurely, with your chin
          Coaxed to shine, as sound is swirled, (much like your smile), to warm the world
                    (Dusted, soft - a touch of sin) ...

Perhaps the terms lie in your shape - the curves, sublime, to finely drape
          That, placed in motion, thus defy all other graces brought to eye
                    (And leaving countless jaws agape) ...

Maybe the phrase lies in your hair - soft, tawny strands of tresses, fair
          Or on your skin, so silken - chaste, the unseen places, meant to taste
                    (Adorned in only moonlight, rare) ...

Or maybe, found in ALL of these, the words to bring me to my knees
          In reverence of the reasons, true, that consecrate the wonder, YOU
                    (And set my sifting heart at ease) ...

But, I think I'm far more apt to find the words to phrase this Valentine
          In things that senses can't impart, the YOU abiding in your heart ...
                    Caring, thoughtful, sure, and kind ...

A sense-of-humor and artful mind - dark and light and grey, combined
          The body, heart and soul refined of all that I have e'er consigned ...
                    Yes, now my words ... are Valentined.

~ 7th Place ~  in the "Valentine's Day" Poetry Contest, Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer, Sponsor.

~ 8th Place ~  in the "A Romantic Valentine" Poetry Contest, Emile Pinet, Sponsor.

~ 1st Place ~  in the "Love Poem - Rhyme Only" Poetry Contest, Laura Loo, Sponsor.

Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2018

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When In Love's Immense Depths, You Are Truly Cherished

Mystical web spun memories of our sweet nights, love began under stars and brightest of moonlights. Hold onto that image, its joyous dreaming dreams; fiery echoes, night trysts and pleasurable screams! Love's greatest truth rests in thy bosom and kind heart, destined to meet that night and our souls never part! Fate fulfilled as we were thrilled, luscious love’s first blush, time together, had forever, no need to rush. Aroused desires stirred passions’ afire to burn like pulsing embers in joined flames of wanton yearn, till what was left, spent afterglow like cooling coal our hot bed then our sanctuary soul to soul. From passion's soul to soul, came steaming heart to heart, delicious love made each night glowing as fine art. Waking wrapped in love-joined joy, within Cupid's shot, giving you my all and all I have ever got. Days spent in loving arms that held our love so true, knowing your soft heart lives in me and all I do. From that day, when angels’ wings whispered you away, tears I cry are sweet relief when my mind does stray. Bleeding heart still blooms for you vibrant on the vine, though seeking tendrils ache without you to entwine. Oh the wish to taste your kiss, nectar ‘pon my lips, your thrilling touch still lingers since your life’s eclipse. Yet Fate had its saddest call, that none can deny, ours was to live its love-feast and not reason why. Now so alone, precious memories to sustain, moments of mirth that alleviate the great pain, feed my desires for your tender nightly embrace, know, no power ever known, can our love erase. Upon dawn's breaking, wake knowing you were once here, another memory lessens days flow of tears. Future promise of being joined in nightly bliss and in that moment having all I now so miss; your heart the flower, I the honey seeking bee, our love entwined in paradise under love's tree. Come take me to your Heaven's home of pearly light, my sombre soul now needs you like the stars need night. I look to skies bittersweet shades of twilight blue and daydream of your denim eyes of darkest hue. For a time imagining I’m held in your gaze your magic’s purest charms still don’t fail to amaze. Please find my kiss I’ve blown to you upon the breeze, I send to you my love with prayers while on my knees. Praying to be with you rather sooner than late, memories move to close the circle of our fate. Gather my soul, lift me to you like a feather, with spun gossamer of sacred ties that tether. Robert Lindley and Susan Ashley (a collaboration) _______________June 13, 2018_______________ My poet’s note: Thank you my friend, for sharing your friendship and the joy of this write with me! Again, you lead the way with your splendid talent and abundant inspiration you so freely give. Your generous gifts light up my imagination and your beautiful lead stanza set the stage for a creative and poetic experience that made our collaboration most satisfying. Sharing concepts and creating our work together feels quite natural to me. I truly appreciate your deep and tender artistry, Robert, and also your patience for the delays caused by my busy-ness in these hectic days... Robert’s poet’s note: My dear friend, again I have been honored and blessed to have the gift of composing this tale of love and its magnificent blessings with you! My short poem fragment(first stanza)based upon a relationship I had over four decades ago, has been beautifully completed in our collaboration, because of your wonderful verses, inspiration, and immense talent. Even beyond our friendship, you have further honored me with your great kindness and your truly generous gift of writing with me... For all of that my dear friend, I am so deeply indebted...

Copyright © Susan Ashley | Year Posted 2018

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What is Love

What is Love

Trust - unconditionally in that someone special.
Faith - and devotion through divine destiny.
Contentment - in knowing love is equally reciprocated.
Soul connection - that tethers a couple together forever.


A four line poem on what is love Poetry Contest~Second place~
Sponsored by: Faraz Ajmal

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2018