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Best Integrity Poems

Below are the all-time best Integrity poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of integrity poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Pride and joy of his family
Having lived on earth for some time now
Impatiently he dwells, harboring self doubt.
In face of impediments he loses his mind
Acquiring dispositions like hate and lies,

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Categories: integrity, life, men, people,

Premium Member The Gift of Poetry
A poet enters a private sanctuary,
A sacred place where the imagination
Dwells with a mélange of emotions
Conceived by aesthetic beauty,
Often divine and esoteric in nature;
That comprehensive...

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Categories: art, poetry, uplifting, integrity,

Premium Member Silence Felled
Silence Felled

Lurking in dark corners
The swamp stirs in the night
As the deceiver rises
Begging to share his illusions might

Only behind the veil
Does he let his murky...

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Categories: art, dark, evil, integrity,

Premium Member Sir Poet, Hold True To Thy Gifts Long Given
Sir Poet, Hold True To Thy Gifts Long Given

Sir poet, why hast thy broken thy true pen?
Are not thy words intended to help and heal?

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Categories: integrity, art, creation, dedication, destiny,

Premium Member Home is a Burning Flame
“Home is a Burning Flame”

Align yourself with the belief that HOME will come to you in the end

You can see yourself in her eyes, but...

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Categories: integrity, home, identity, imagery, inspiration,

Premium Member INTEGRITY
Integrity is being true to yourself,
And having the courage
To admit when you are wrong.

It is choosing to do what is right,
In a world that's...

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Categories: faith, god, integrity, trust,

Premium Member Will You See Truth Beyond That Dark Stone Fence
Will You See Truth Beyond That Dark Stone Fence

Can you feel true heart in early dawn's light
soft grace and gentle winds in Spring's new flight.

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Categories: art, character, deep, integrity,


I’m at my happiest
When my heart overflows
With kindness and gentle compassion
And feel the energy of the universe
Radiating from my heart

I feel my best when I...

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Categories: integrity, appreciation, community, encouraging, humanity,

Sonnet 28 'I Think I Know the Name of Purity'
I think I know the Name of Purity,
It is Your Name -- it holds clear water well!
A Chalice carved almost to shattering,
A white rose, that...

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Categories: for her, innocence, integrity,

The Narcissistic Neanderthal
Like an archaic humanoid dinosaur
     you  plunder through life taking no prisoners,

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Categories: integrity, loss, passion, political, romance,

Live the Cliches
(it's cliché to admonish clichés in their entirety)

I. (love)

We are meant to live the clichés;
we are meant to resuscitate the words,
and rehabilitate their wounds
into a...

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Categories: integrity, dream, hope, love, poetry,

Premium Member Virtue

Honesty! True to my heart’s sole desire,
never-ending quest to find love’s design
to fulfill my hearts yearning, burning fire,
with a soft caress; gentleness benign.

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© Teppo Gren  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: integrity, betrayal, desire, friendship, jealousy,

Premium Member To My Guardian Poet II
There is not a poem that you fail to read
Or time that I’m away you don’t ask, “Why”?
There is not a time when you don’t...

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Categories: friend, friendship, tribute, integrity,

Premium Member In Celebration of REAL Men
The strength of a man is not determined
By his muscles or his brawn
It is determined by his strength
To admit when he is wrong

The wisdom of...

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Categories: integrity, tribute, age, age, life,

Sitting in a cloak of black conservatism:

I feel my hands,
oily on the desk like shortening in
slate gray cookie pans,
the speedway inside forcing the absence of...

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Categories: integrity, business, funny, on work

Premium Member The Village Firefighter
Beneath embered brands of burning roof,
The firefighter waits.
His mask is on; he’s donned his gloves, 
Ready to enter the fiery state.
Once again to battle beast,

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Categories: fear, fire, hero, integrity,

Premium Member The Message that Never Came
She waited....
heart beat expectancy
to heightened degree
it would come
It MUST come
every day
for the message
"There must be a mistake!
How could he just vanish
disappear into thin air
and not...

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Categories: angst, writing, integrity,


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Categories: analogy, identity, integrity, introspection,

Premium Member Paul, Peter and the Tweeter
Paul, Peter and the Tweeter
Why not choose, 
a billionaire leader?
One who is not 
an eloquent speaker.
Trouble rises,
he robs Paul to pay Peter.
The bold rich need...

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Categories: integrity, anxiety, celebrity, confusion, environment,


Near somber guards, units of children heap 
dead leaves, naive to any else fallen.
Friend, you chuckle, but your posture speaks
of duty on this day of...

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Categories: integrity, friend, hero, places, poetry,

Premium Member EPIPHANY

Life & abusive substance
Power too.. 'Misuse' in abundance.
Strength to choose is inside us
The keys to use beside us
Darkness pervades,
Conspiracy is it a truth?
Are lies more...

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Categories: dedication, integrity,

Dear members of Poetry Soup, here I present my most awesome poem to date. 
It is best appreciated while listening to my mate Andy's recital....

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Categories: integrity, dark, horror, loss, night,

Premium Member MOCKINGBIRD - crown of sonnets
"It is a sin to kill a Mockingbird.
When playing games with rocks or guns, defray,
them, please, ...shoot old tin cans!"  "Whispered words 
of Mockingbirds,...

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Categories: children, discrimination, prejudice, integrity,

Sagittarian Women
Sagittarian Women

Born in the ninth sign of the zodiac, I am
a woman forged from primordial fire, a proud Sagittarian.
With Jupiter, king of the heavens, as...

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Categories: character, integrity, mythology, symbolism,

Incredible India
We are the Indians noted for our humanness and calm nature
With no harshness in our Principles and ideals.
We are open minded, emotional and good natured

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Categories: patriotic, integrity, universe,