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Best Prejudice Poems

Below are the all-time best Prejudice poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of prejudice poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Stars and those with Stripes
"America First",
is the worst.
Should not thinking of others,
be your thirst?
Those who are selfish,
end up being cursed!
Soon they'll be last,
instead of first.

Who among you,
prefers guns and...

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Categories: prejudice, black african american, class,


Don’t look at me 
As though I am an alien or a stranger,
Don’t let the dagger of antipathy 
Fly out of your eyes.

I am...

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Categories: immigration, love, peace, prejudice,

A Stereotype of Me
You thought you had me figured out 
Before you knew my name 
Cause you're you and you're unsatisfied 
That I am not the same 


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Categories: prejudice, anti bullying, introspection, me,

Premium Member Mankind's Greatest Mystery (inspired by Chris Higgins)
If 2012 prophesies prove true
And Earth’s life cycles again renew
Mysteries of man will be more than a few

Challenges may await future life forms
With intellects far...

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Categories: prejudice, dedication, inspirational, mysterylife, may,

Premium Member Untouchable II

I sip Long Island Tea, watch your bare knees upon the tiles,

          The suits and Blaneks...

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Categories: analogy, poverty, prejudice, racism,

Premium Member I am strong
 I am strong

You may simply disregard me
with your arrogant throng
You may treat me with disrespect
I'm still here, I am strong

Why don't you like it...

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Categories: prejudice, character, confidence, discrimination, hate,

Premium Member Reflecting on Police Brutality
It was the spring of ‘74 when my student peers and I
were on the tail end of a group excursion  
through southern Spain, across...

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Categories: violence, prejudice,

Who Am I
Daughter  of Mary and  Louis
(Named after my late grandmother ) 

My name is  Charmaine
a name originated from latin
Charmaine means -a song

Eldest of...

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Categories: prejudice,

Premium Member WHO AM I

Who am I?
This is a question that unable, I am, a
Definite answer, straightforward to give
Buried myself I find, under layers upon layers of 
Beliefs and...

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Categories: prejudice, creation, introspection, life, world,

In My Mother's Eyes
In my mother's eyes I see my hero
I know fear is far at bay
In her words I feel protection
In her smile I see my face


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Categories: mother, prejudice,

Existential Reprise
Before I scarred the page
Raging what your letters cannot invent
Let me invite you to other books
I wrote before you owed me wage
For all maladjustment and...

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Categories: prejudice, philosophyme, old, me, old,

Premium Member On The Edge
 On The Edge

He lays flat on the floor
on the edge of his mind's cliff.
Taking notes, he wonders
“Is this life worth living?”

He tries to remember,

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Categories: prejudice, angst, community, conflict, desire,

Premium Member What Would Wallis Say
What Would Wallis Say?

What would Wallis say if she were there that day,
a divorcee too, American through and through?
Did she offensively blink when Diana winked?

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Categories: england, history, prejudice,

Premium Member Human Beings Being Human
It would be great if human beings
Were great at being human
And if all of mankind
Were made up of kind men
It would be wonderful if common...

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© Joe Flach  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: inspirational, war, war, prejudice,

In my mother's eyes

In my mother's eyes
I see my hero
I know fear is far at bay
In her eyes I feel protection
In her smile I see my face

Cause she...

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Categories: prejudice, best friend, care, caregiving,

I Have Hidden Super Powers
I don't wear a cape around
My neck, breaking the speed of sound
Or capture bad guys in a web
My powers have never fled
From my heart that's...

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Categories: prejudice, abuse, anti bullying, discrimination,

Premium Member The Blasphemer
Khadim Rizvi preaches gore
To his followers rioting in Lahore
He, wears lipstick and ladies dresses
His followers had lobotomies on dirty floors

They wish to murder a young...

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Categories: prejudice, abuse, allah, corruption, evil,

Premium Member MOCKINGBIRD - crown of sonnets
"It is a sin to kill a Mockingbird.
When playing games with rocks or guns, defray,
them, please, ...shoot old tin cans!"  "Whispered words 
of Mockingbirds,...

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Categories: children, discrimination, prejudice, integrity,

Premium Member A Baby
A Baby only cares about being loved, warm and fed
It does not worry about the colour of your skin
nor if you are good or bad...

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Categories: baby, prejudice,

21st Century Indian
It's ok that I'm Native American:
If I am attractive and half naked,
If I am uneducated,
If I speak in broken English,
And sing Christian songs.

It's ok that...

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Categories: prejudice, culture, discrimination, how i

The Colour of Love
The Colour of Love

Kaleidoscope of spectrums
On the outside... looking in
There’s only one colour—Love—
Bound by prejudice.

Archaic transmutations
Bequeath this cancerous blight 
Upon each generation
For mass genocide.

Rose-coloured glasses...

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Categories: prejudice, allegory, love, people, philosophy,

Premium Member It Only Hurts When You Let It
It only hurts when you let it. I used to be the living example of the words to Shania Twain's song: "It only hurts when...

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Categories: hurt, prejudice,

Premium Member Places Of Worship
Majestic cathedrals are erected for the worship of God,
Featuring towering spires and ostentatious facade.
Grand organs acclaim ancient hymns with clarion flourish.
Melodious choirs sing hosannas, languid...

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Categories: faith, prejudice,

Premium Member My Deepest Feelings

(Dedicated to those who have found true love
for the very first time)

Written a ton of poems

Many of them silly, many about love

Have decades of experience


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Categories: love, prejudice,

Premium Member Initiations of love - Part 2

In you I saw the BEAUTY of life, in it’s many forms,
spanned across time to undrstand the complexity of adoration.

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© Teppo Gren  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prejudice, beauty, love, passion, wisdom,