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Best Crown Of Sonnets Poems

Below are the all-time best Crown Of Sonnets poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of crown of sonnets poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member A Crown of Thorns
Insanity has its own wellspring and demise.
There is no better place to hide than between coils
of convoluted grey-white matter which can't recoil.
Mind has no leering...

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Categories: beauty, betrayal, identity,

Ghosts of the Sun Dance-Part 1
Ghosts of the Sun Dance

1. The Path

A quest dating back through our history
Surpassing the flesh, a spiritual path
Human endurance, road to mystery
Dark trail winding through...

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Categories: spiritual, sports, endurance, drug,

Premium Member Life's Fading Light-Part 2-Heroic Crown of Sonnets

For in the end it's just one soul that's passed.
Alone I'll lie in sod of greenest grass
to answer for the sins that I've amassed
at gates...

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Categories: age, love,

Premium Member Life's Fading Light-Part 1-Heroic Crown of Sonnets

When orchids bloom in beauty life's aglow
to hold emotions locked in deep repose
in young desire and love warm thoughts will show.
Affection holds its ardor as...

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Categories: age, death, love,

Ghosts of the Sun Dance-Part 2
8. Transformation

Yielding to those who have mastered the art
Of grasping one's place in existence's grand scheme
Life’s constant challenges never depart
But humble diligence will grow the...

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Categories: spiritual, sports,

The Father Of Light
Silken slivers....

Aside the rolling sea

Falling from the knowing stars

Beyond these swaying trees ~

Shadows playing, now

Beneath their dancing leaves

Twirling toward the waiting ground

Amid this summer's breeze...

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Categories: love,

Premium Member Crown of Sonnets - Part Two
Heroic Crown of Sonnets -  Part Two  

A Year Of Months


July now follows summer's song of June;
with burning sun, her days are...

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Categories: earth, seasons, thanksgiving day,

Premium Member The WORD-Heroic Crown of Sonnets

The WORD was there before the dawn of time
the Trinity communed in sacred tongue
with sounds unheard, unspeakable, sublime
they uttered words of their unending Love.
With power...

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Categories: beautiful, bible, life, love,

Premium Member The WORD- Heroic Crown of Sonnets

Yet sacrifice would cover for Love's sake
before that time, the Law was sent to guide
sin offerings appeased man's guilty state
but could not change his...

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Categories: bible, christian, life, light,

Premium Member Heroic Crown of Sonnets 1

Remembrance of guilt from pages turned brown,
Opened and read inside rooms of my mind.
Written through time with tears sliding down.
I will claim each dung lit...

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Categories: poetry,

Premium Member Heroic Crown of Sonnets 2

I see them all rise to an endless sky.
Tumbling burnt pages from raging fire,
To leave ash of closer, to pacify.
A single deep breath near flaming...

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Categories: poetry,

Seven Kingdoms

The Holy Bible said seven kingdoms would arise,
then like windblown grains of sand, fall to the dust
Six kingdoms have come and gone, blinked their eyes

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Categories: judgement, religious, spiritual, truth,

Premium Member MOCKINGBIRD - crown of sonnets
"It is a sin to kill a Mockingbird.
When playing games with rocks or guns, defray,
them, please, ...shoot old tin cans!"  "Whispered words 
of Mockingbirds,...

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Categories: children, discrimination, prejudice, integrity,

Premium Member Poetry Soup
She was always there 
Afraid to speak
She hid in corner of my mind
In the dark
She knew
She could feel 
She could see
But yet 
She was different...

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Categories: beautiful, home,

Seven Last Words of Jesus
I.Jesus Spoke to His Father

Jesus spoke to His Heavenly Father
Raising up to heaven His ardent pray’r
With deep bleeding wounds that he’d all endured,
Still hang on...

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© Galeo DS  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: celebration,

Premium Member The Whips Of History - 4
Injustice is just an inconvenience until it is proven...
When the sun hit their helmets it startled the very souls of the natives
a signal upon their...

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Categories: history, passion, poetry,

Mesmerizing Butterfly - enamoured soul
Tropical quadra plateau, Amazing bright sunny,
Glided waterfall Carrying happiness in their gunny.
Long nodding flower's joyously plumed,
Everbody waving happily, the herald bloomed.
Eureka, I love this heaven...

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Categories: addiction, adventure, analogy, best

Premium Member The Skeletons And Songs Of Samsara - 1
The skeletons and songs of samsara eternal
fleshed, fattened and flamed in karmic harmony,
your heart begins to beat in dark plethora roll
an in utero thunder thumps...

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Categories: birth, death, life,

Jesus Call His Name
When in doubt
Call his name
When in pain
He will take it away

Call his name
When you say a Prayer
If your sad and blue
He is there for you


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Categories: angel,


Unique construction of body and mind
My niche in human pack not quickly found 
Raw young heart of a curious design
The empty mirrors for my soul...

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Categories: emotions, growing up, introspection,

Premium Member Crown of Sonnets - Part One
Heroic Crown of Sonnets - Part One
Our Year Of Months

1. Intro

Divided into months is our Earth year;
fixed firm in space to meet with...

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Categories: daffodils, earth, seasons,

I am lost
I can feel no presence
I know of no human or animal that has a measure of significance alike mine
I have a teacher
A teller...

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Categories: age, anger, angst, art,

Premium Member Seven Things The Lord Hates
Proverbs 6:16-19  These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: 
A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed...

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Categories: god, hate, heart, murder,


There is nothing, everything, pain and joy
We can’t go back, struggle on for their sakes 
A blank sheet to fill,...

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Categories: life, drug,

No Fear

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Categories: blessing, butterfly, care, change,