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Best Sunset Poems

Below are the all-time best Sunset poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of sunset poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Dusk
Melting sorrows drift toward tomorrow
when sounds dance in hushed irrelevance.
Sacred seconds are held in creation's tawny yolk
as crystal waves of wind bid farewell to this...

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Premium Member NULLARBOR

As darkness falls above the eastern skies,
with dawning shadows ending heartache’s woes.
Along the path wherein my future lies
behind the setting sun a light yet glows.

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© Teppo Gren  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sunset, change, destiny, future, journey,

To Dreamland on Sunset's Lullaby
To Dreamland on Sunset's Lullaby

Gracefully the young crescent moon
ascends the sky like a cosmic tune;
replacing the drowsy pale yellow sun
sinking on a golden glowing horizon.


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Categories: Lullaby, music, sleep, sunset,

Premium Member Fire-Water Dance Haiku

saffron sun flames sky
melted gold joins blue riffles -
sunset swims to shore

Susan Ashley
August 20, 2017


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Categories: beach, nature, sunset,

Premium Member As Daylight Turns to Dusk
As afternoon fades
and the shadows grow longer
daylight turns to dusk

As daytime slowly comes to end, 
and twilight spreads across the sky; 
the stars in heavens...

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Categories: love, night, romantic, sunset,

Sunset Constanza
At twilight, prismed skies unfold  
Painting Earth in roseate light
Pastel hues brushed on clouds in flight

Pink threads woven with rays of gold
Marmalade fingers fade...

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© Lin Lane  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sunset,

Premium Member Last breath of sunset
Royal blue sky scattered sapphire clouds
On horizon embroidered in navy blue attire
Summoned by the onset of marigold sun 
Emitting amber gold on tuscan yellow fire

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Categories: heartbreak, sunset,

Premium Member Fearful and perplexed
Fading sun elaborates
Tuscan yellow tinges
As vibrancy floats
Lavender on periwinkle
Embossing clouds 
In shades of amethyst

Granting scenic vision
Atop the red bridge
Suspended in perpetuity
From vermilion towers
In resplendent posture


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Categories: nature, suicide, sunset,

The day subsides, the sun descends,
A massive disc dipping into the horizon.
The tides ebb, waves lap the shore
Dusk holds sway: I fall into deep thought

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Categories: longing, love, sunset,

Premium Member Silver Waves Upon The Shore
Pushed there for a thousand years
and will be for a thousand more,
pushed there by the gentle winds
the silver waves upon the shore.

Ancient trees who watched...

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Categories: death, life, nature, sunset,

Premium Member - This World Appeals To Me On Many Levels -
Dear mother nature you're supposed
to make the world a good place to be in
Today the sky had hues of orange

Life begins every day when the...

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Categories: sunset, beautiful, beauty, emotions, love,

Premium Member Sol Squints
Sol squints His blazing crimson eye
clinging to the edge of the Earth.
And as scarlet smears a teal sky
dusk dies awaiting dawn's rebirth.

Vermilion clouds float overhead

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Categories: beauty, imagery, imagination, sunset,


golden rays fading
across western horizon…
whispering good-night


Poem of the Day - 11-18-2015

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Categories: beautiful, sunset,

Premium Member HORIZON OF LOVE

summer sunshine fades
as twilight descends on life
horizon of love

T.J Grén
23rd May, 2016...

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© Teppo Gren  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love, summer, sunset,

Quadro : Sunset Tears
Tears...I fall apart.
The sun lingers at my window...
one final attempt
to melt the pain within my heart.

- - - - - - - - - -...

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Categories: pain, sunset,

Premium Member Scarlet Sighs of Sunrise

Her orchid blooms in petals across the vast expanse
bridging realms from here to there
spilling her wine and soaking the sphere of giving light
with impassioned shades...

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Categories: beauty, color, sunset,

Premium Member Lullaby in the Sunset
It’s time for the daytime to dance into night,
Its tangerine taffeta dress a delight,
Where is it going? Coloured so bright?
Sleep now my sunshine, you’ll dance...

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Categories: sunset, baby, Lullaby, night, sleep,

Premium Member Lemon Afternoon
The incendiary wick
of a lemon afternoon
flickers in the lime lagoon
as sunset breathes fire,
tangerine scorching
lilting melon waters
until incandescence
drowns in dusk's indigo 
and coconut hills rise
to cerulean...

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Categories: color, imagery, sunset,

Premium Member twilight's eruption
twilight's eruption

beneath fall's tangerine sky . . . 
samurai  shadows...

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Premium Member Sunsets Are Painted By God, and so

I stopped my car on the highway,
To watch the soft fading sun falling;
The end of another azure sky blue day.
A golden sunset is like a...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: beautiful, god, peace, sunset,

Premium Member SUN SPLIT HAIKU
early morning sun
a brand new day is dawning
the cockerel crow

sun beams from heaven 
with uplifting mellowness 
brighten up our world 

scorching hot sunshine
summer has...

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Categories: beautiful, nature, sun, sunset,

Premium Member Wrapped in Colors
*Inspired by photo

As the sun sinks behind the hills
Color tints snow, where all is still
A bright sky ends a winter day
Into the night, leading the...

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Categories: appreciation, beauty, color, sunset,

Premium Member Shades of Marmalade
 Evening drifting in on twilight shades
   As sunset glimmers softly on the sea
 Shimmering in  colors of marmalade

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© Joseph May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sea, sunset,

Premium Member Whispering Sunset
The hyacinth stood on the dusking rise,
cerulean the waters did traverse,
the reeds consenting daylight to the skies
as pewter stones recited lapis verse.

The burning pyres of...

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Categories: night, sea, sunset,

Premium Member I bring this to you
The bright candle burns the last hours of day away.
At the same time, sun gleams through the window.
It sets beyond the hill through tall trees...

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Categories: beauty, bird, encouraging, sunset,