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Best Christian Poems

Below are the all-time best Christian poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of christian poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali

Cassius Clay

The Legend

He was not a humble man
Everything he did, was big and grand
He taunted and barbed with poetic flair
His opponents he angered
Entertainment in...

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Categories: beauty, bible, character, christian,


My dear Father God above the heavens high
ever loving and ever faithful in loving me
even though, I am...

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Categories: christian, conflict, confusion, faith,

Premium Member Where Birds Cannot Fly
There is a sacred place, beyond the deep blue skies
While living, we cannot go, and where birds cannot fly
A vast, mysterious realm, not meant for...

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Categories: christian, heaven, hope,

Premium Member Sold
There is no difference,
the saints whisper and every enemy and ally
wake to forever’s difference,
that neither knee nor tongue will deny.

Doubt bit into Innocence and sold

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Categories: bible, christian, corruption, god,

Premium Member Lonely Dreams
I never knew following dreams could be this lonely,
But up on the hill, looking back, thank God I'm not the old me.
If the tears will...

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Categories: christian, courage, cry, dream,

Premium Member The Maid of Orleans
Reflecting in her garden sits a winsome little maid;
She holds a purple flower like the circlet that she made
And wrapped about her braids to grace...

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Categories: christian, conflict, courage, england,

Premium Member Rising Within Your Pages
I take for granted all that I can do
Thinking that what I have has all been earned
Instead I should be so thankful to You

A spirit...

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Categories: christian, freedom, relationship,

Premium Member How Wonderful You Are

How truly  wonderful and awesome You are to all of us God, 
You shower me with all Your blessings and your  glowing...

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Categories: christian, god,

Christmas on the Pacific islands
Christmas on the pacific islands where it's summer everyday 
is all about families, friends, joy, love and foods
Though we are many islands and ocean divided...

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Categories: celebration, christian, christmas, joy,

Premium Member Steam of Consciousness
Soul jewels rise with Spring’s arrival of chromatic shawls
Waterfalls of the wise arise from crackling crust of earth
Rebirth within our beating being where our spirits...

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Categories: appreciation, christian, spring,

When Jesus Christ was Born

Stars have never told a lie when wise men look unto the sky.
Messages from God on high, of happiness his angels cry,
Soon dawns a blessed...

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Categories: birth, christian, christmas, love,

Premium Member The Teacher of Islam
Islam is non merciful
Islam is about repressive means
Islam has no heart
Over and over this chant shall start

For when we close our eyes
For when we judge...

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Categories: christian, africa, allah, angst, bereavement,

Premium Member Fighting God
You promised to take care of me like a new cherished bride
I cling to it, waiting until at the point of suicide
now your expectations and...

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Categories: anger, christian, conflict, god,

Premium Member I SURRENDER

My God You read my thoughts...
You know what's in my heart...
You know my desires, my needs and  my wants;
You know what brings me...

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Categories: christian, faith, feelings, god,

Premium Member The Way Of The Cross
The Way of  The Cross

Our Jesus is condemned to die
        Oh, Savior, now from Earth you part.

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Categories: christian, death, easter, life,


I know today, at this time
You... my son(man), may not wholly know me. 
but, may I ask you...

Have you   taken...

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Categories: character, christian, faith, god,

Premium Member It's Only Through Jesus
~It's Only Through Jesus~ 

It's only through Jesus that we can come to that wonderful place 
So filled of love, and peace and supplied...

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Categories: christian, faith, god, inspirational,

Premium Member The Cross of Destiny
Three crosses stood still that faithful day
As the skies sadly wept a guilted grey
On the highest hill they would be seen
By Roman ruled eyes that...

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Categories: celebration, christian, destiny, easter,

Premium Member Exposing the Soul
The fallen sons slipped off Creation’s lens.
To taste the sting from our own tree and fruit.
Their giants quarried till no place to stand.
Before these day’s...

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Categories: bible, christian, creation, faith,

The Light Shall Overcome The Night
When you find yourself alone in the shadows
Void of peace and tricked by deceit,
Know that light flushes out the dark
And there's a light deep within...

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Categories: christian, conflict, dark, depression,

Premium Member Cardboard Boxes
Discarded in yesterdays trash
Cardboard boxes never last
New things arrive in them
Old things stored in them
Rotting boxes on a voyage
Leftovers to those with out any coinage


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Categories: art, christian, humanity, life,

Premium Member Christmas Music
Traditional Format

Compassion’s finger strums another note,
he listens as the angels start to sing,
recalling lines from what apostles wrote,
indwells the spirit held by Heaven’s king.

Succinctly spoken...

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Categories: angel, christian, christmas, faith,

Premium Member The Accolade
 Fighting mid the strong and bold,
His eye and blade were keen;
Marching like a thund'ring storm
On foes of Faith, his queen.

Now returned in victory
Upon his...

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Categories: christian, faith, love, me,

Premium Member The WORD- Heroic Crown of Sonnets

Yet sacrifice would cover for Love's sake
before that time, the Law was sent to guide
sin offerings appeased man's guilty state
but could not change his...

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Categories: bible, christian, life, light,

Faith Is A Powerful Thing

Faithful days and restful nights, he lived through storm and drought.   
A promise fulfilled, the Lord gave him love and salvation. 
I watched...

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Categories: christian, faith, inspirational,