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Best Rubai Poems

Below are the all-time best Rubai poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of rubai poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member On Memorial Day
My only son once asked me why
  A fine mist, today, enveloped my eye
As I began his query to answer
  Caught in my...

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Categories: cry, holiday, tribute,
Form: Rubai

Premium Member Reconciled
An introvert since I was a young child,
I am tranquil quiet and never wild;
never thinking it would be an asset, 

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Categories: how i feel,
Form: Rubai
Premium Member Choice
Quatrain #55:

Voice sacred trust in words that flow,
Poise knows you must bring truth to show;
Noise is but rust that corrupts good,
Choice now sculpts bust where...

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Categories: allegory,
Form: Rubai
Premium Member Roses and Wine
A penny for your thoughts
  with inflation it’s a nickel
The longer you go on
  the more I find you fickle

You looked sincere, so...

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Categories: romance, rose, satire, wine,
Form: Rubai
Premium Member A Flower
A flower that has once lived and aged
With all of life's opportunities engaged
Then lost its petals and its scent
Waits stilled, extends its lessons of life...

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Categories: faith, flower, life,
Form: Rubai

Premium Member The Good Times
Frittering their lives away
  at work, at home, at play

When the good times finally died
  ~ they'd nothing left to say...

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Categories: fun, life, sad,
Form: Rubai
Premium Member Blessed Is the Day of Rest
How blessed is the Day of Rest
   You feel you are a special guest

Welcome to the Palace of the Lord


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Categories: day, god, home, inspirational,
Form: Rubai
Premium Member Mode
Quatrain #857:

Make up your mind to seek the light,
Opt truth in kind to guide your sight;
Deed can now bind the love you share,
Etch what heart...

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Categories: allegory,
Form: Rubai
Never Interact With Burning Hearts
His path has crossed mine several times
He can even read my minds 
I tell you never get too close
He can also hear your cries

The love...

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Categories: boyfriend, dark, mystery,
Form: Rubai
Kids Funny Bee Buzz Poem
The fuzzy, wuzzy bumble bee
a fussy, hussy bee was he
because he lost his buzz you see
in a muggy, buggy...

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Categories: children, funny,
Form: Rubai
I stand and wait by the garden gate
My object of affection is fashionably late
When she appears she will be mine
For a wedding is planned to...

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Categories: girlfriend, love, wedding, urdu,
Form: Rubai
Premium Member Affection
One mouth you were given, but two ears
So you would talk half as much as you hear
Remember this biological fact
  ~ and affection you...

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Categories: appreciation, friendship, spoken word,
Form: Rubai
Premium Member Dogs
My hands, smelly, brown, it's truly heinous...
I love those dogs, I do! But it's dubious
I'll ride my wheels again through grass!
Clean after them please? I'm...

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Categories: anger, animal, dog, humor,
Form: Rubai
Premium Member Cheer
Quatrain #40:

Cheer finds the way to bridge the miles,
Love primes fond say with profound smiles;
Live well each day with heart and soul,
Grace moves fine play...

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Categories: allegory,
Form: Rubai
Express Emotion
Emotions did not give the reason ,

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Categories: bangla, emotions, eve, faith,
Form: Rubai
Premium Member More
Quatrain #245:

Meet fortune here in ample store,
Obsess fond cheer with ever more;
Reach beyond fear grand affluence now,
Endow most dear true wealth galore.


Leon Enriquez
22 February 2016

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Categories: allegory,
Form: Rubai
Premium Member Middle Way
Quatrain #16:

Start with good cheer that frames fond say,
Love need not fear the path of play;
Sense plain truth here that shows you how,
Feel zest...

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Categories: allegory,
Form: Rubai
Lagoon of Salted Men
Lagoon of life, lake of man
Bitterness in life, salt of man.
Sourness or sweetness, salt of the tongue
Harvest of the young, actions of man

Sourness of tongue,...

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Categories: destiny, life, words, work,
Form: Rubai
Premium Member Invocation
May love and light show you the way;
May truth bring sight of peace each day;
May work feel right with faith and hope;
May joy take flight...

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Categories: blessing,
Form: Rubai
Premium Member Maze
Quatrain #288:

Make moments count as purpose styles,
Ask for wise fount to work grand piles;
Zest meets amount beyond plenty,
Etch fine accounts of touch worthwhile.


Leon Enriquez
02 March...

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Categories: allegory,
Form: Rubai
Premium Member Voice
Quatrain #17:

Be still my heart and glimpse the hint,
Know that sure start in joy that mints;
Craft your fond art that moves and glows,
Voice in swift...

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Categories: allegory,
Form: Rubai
Premium Member Fond
Quatrain #723:

Feel poise of change in burst of light,
Opt the new range of poignant sights;
Now see the strange emerge with fest,
Dance sensuous range of happy...

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Categories: allegory,
Form: Rubai
Premium Member Time
Quatrain #298:

Time for time here to spark fond grace,
Ink clever cheer that frames your face;
Meet love that clears the path you set,
Expose wild fears that...

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Categories: allegory,
Form: Rubai
Patthar Banne Ki Rah
????? ???? ?? ???

???? ???? ?? ???? ???????? ?? ????? ?? 
???? ???, ?? ???????? ???? ???????
?? ?? ???? ?? ????? ?? ????? ??
?? ?????...

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Categories: betrayal,
Form: Rubai
Premium Member Insight
Quatrain #41:

Meet faces fond in dizzy dreams,
Here in this pond watch wit work theme;
Voice comes to spawn the profound thrill,
Thought primes the bond of vivid...

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Categories: allegory,
Form: Rubai