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Best Sapphic Stanza Poems

Below are the all-time best Sapphic Stanza poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of sapphic stanza poems written by PoetrySoup members

Spring Dawn
             When the silky light teases, slowly filters

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Categories: day, imagery, spring,

Premium Member A Spring Miracle
April's mist has filtered the early sunrise,
Meadows spread their blankets of colored rainbows
Newborn lambs have nestled in clover cradles,
christened by dewdrops 

By Carrie 3/17/15
For Craig's...

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Categories: beauty, morning, nature, spring,

Premium Member Church Dinners, A Rumination
Bless the deviled eggs and the preacher’s children.
Grab a piece of fried-to-perfection chicken.
Coca-cola cake or banana pudding?
~ Prodigals welcomed

January 29, 2019
Sapphic Stanza with a JUX...

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© P.S. AWTRY  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: christian, nostalgia,

Premium Member Gentle Patterns
Shifting sands beneath me leave soft impressions
Like the gentle etchings upon my pages
It is not my goal to create a pattern
Ever enduring

February 3, 2019

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Categories: introspection,

Premium Member Still Night
Still night, calm night, night ever quiet, peaceful,
Be thou always here when the day is over;
Restful, silent, filled with the fallen dewdrops,
Gleaming in moonlight.

Still night,...

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Categories: creation, moon, mystery, night,

Premium Member Kokopelli
Listen!  There’s a melody wafting sweetly,

Tempting blossoms liltingly. Watch enchantment!

Kokopelli’s bringing the beauty nearer.

Magical flautist!

For the Sapphic Stanza Number Three - Poetry Contest of...

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Categories: spring,

Premium Member Spring Promise
Spring Promise

Longed-for joyous promise—our Spring delivers
Budding Crocus, Pansy, Magnolia, Dogwood,
Easter's symbol, Lily so white, arisen
Life from dead Winter.

© Sandra M. Haight 2015 

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Categories: spring,

Crimson lips, lovers awaken with a kiss
Creamy white skinned Goddesses resting
In a time where Socrates lusted after Sappho's 
Poetry and art.
The Grecian people worshiped...

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Categories: love

Premium Member AMBER PRINTS

Lady fair meandering verdant hillside
Tracing amber prints of a night that glimmers
With the vintage lace from a rosy springtime
Breathless her senses.

Sapphic Stanza # 3 of...

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Categories: beauty, seasons,

Premium Member springtime flowers

deep and dreamy, whispering, calling softly
falling teardrops, memories, sadly floating
hearing mother murmuring from the garden
talking to flowers

March 26, 2015

Sapphic Stanza

For the contest, Sapphic...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dream, flower,

Premium Member Bonded with Spring
In the meadow birds glide with feathered motion
Quiet wondrous eyes with a gentle freedom
Capture Spring's soft ambiance and lush promise

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Categories: nature,

Premium Member Enticing romance
Springtime, yellow daffodils nodding  gaily
Tulips open like poppies in the sunshine
Plush grass sprouting creating luscious cover
Enticing romance

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Categories: beautiful, spring, daffodils,

Premium Member Sapphic
Holding Adonis

In another place and another lifetime,
gazing into eyes that gazed back with passion.
Kissing you, loving you and how you touched me.
Summer’s moon watched us.


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Categories: lost love, , sweet

Becoming Spring
     Winter’s newborn fusses in blustered billows;
Colicked thunder rumbles from tantrumed lightning.      

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© david mohn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: spring,

Veritable Love


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Categories: allegory, love, passion,

Premium Member Yesterday's Shadows

Hell-and-gone, my dreams are the bane of angels
          Crimped with light, yet ceded to swim in...

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Categories: appreciation, lost love, memory,

Hidden Stream

Waltzing ‘mongst the redwoods she now meanders
Shyly smiling, candid in guileless virtue
Feeling carefree, gleeful, of threats unwary...
Progress encroaches.

- - - - - - - -...

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Categories: innocence,

Do wah diddy diddy

Vibrant footsteps ruptured through misty vista,
double rainbows flickered above her aura.	
Splendid lass, in pencil skirt, looked so lustrous,

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© THE BARON  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: jealousy, woman,

Premium Member Sapphic Nonesense
Beware, social media a worldly platform,
Blameless, guilty wannabes shower esteem,
Heady headlines bathing in common manure.

Knowing one’s neighbour.

Selfie, groupies searching for public reason,
Poetry kindled reframed and...

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Categories: angst,

Premium Member trying to kill too many birds
Purple, polka-dot flamingos and buzzards 
frolic near the sleeping volcano lake.  It
wakes and rumbles, crumbling the Haunted Mansion!
~~Driving me Crazy

"Failed to nail it! Poetry...

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© P.S. AWTRY  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: humorous,

Premium Member Influence of Chagall

Cradle garden faithfully, free her petals. 
 Pluck bouquet and playfully tend her, kiss her.
  Praise her beauty soulfully - stem and...

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Categories: celebration, love, romantic love,

Drifting through the quietly gleaming forest,
Snowflakes falling, silently glinting, melting,       
Gracing wings of chickadees chirping gladly... 
Wistfully dreaming

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Categories: beauty, nature, winter,

mind storm

Whining, whistling, wind overhead is howling,
Crashing, crackling, thunder and lightning raging,
Hailstorm lashes, battering without mercy;


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Categories: rain, storm,

Premium Member What Freedom
Grant me freedom, freedom to be what I choose
Do what does not injure the lives of others
Have what I create or exchange not plunder
Not free...

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Categories: freedom,

Beauty Of Nature : alliteration
Gazelles grazing gaily on golden green grass
Glaciers glittering gold like gleaming glass
Gardens glowing with Gulmohur and Gold stars
Golden gifts of God....

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Categories: beauty, nature,