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Disposable Wisdom

Each day Annie Lesley opened a can
Her eighty-six-year-old hands trembling
As she sat with her cat and ate pet food
What is wrong with this elder’s rendering?

Pride swallowed to remain independent
Large, sunken eyes peered from her weathered face
Her late spouse a decorated hero
Annie’s lifestyle a national disgrace

More enlightened cultures all over the world
Have revered their seniors throughout history
Asians and Native Americans
Are just two who honor their ancestry

Polynesians, other Pacific tribes
Respect the wisdom that comes with age
Seniors are welcome in family homes
But here in the states they’re placed in a cage

Bone-thin Annie Lesley chose to be free
Amazing neighbors with her endurance
When social services tried to intervene
She fought with remarkable resilience

Old photos on walls told many great tales
But only purring Tibby was listening
Each morning she rose to care for her cat
Until the day that Tibby went missing

In tears she claimed he must have been poisoned
Though in cat years he was older than she
Each day she sat by the window, staring
Awaiting the homecoming of Tibby

She’d been abandoned by society
Lost in the world’s most “progressive” nation
For sacrificing her spouse in World War II	
Annie received little compensation

This widowed war bride never had children
Her mate had met his fate in Normandy
Posthumous awards she dusted each day
Annie’s life was defined by loyalty

To a man and a cat who never came home
And the vigil she kept all alone
Ended quietly one warm summer night
When an angel came to take Annie home

With a can of cat food in hand when found
Annie had nothing else to eat in her house
This is the way a veteran’s wife died
And tear stains had blemished her faded blouse

Although seniors’ wisdom is heeded
In societies that grow from history
Too many like Annie lead lonely lives
Wisdom untapped, they die in poverty

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2009

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Clouds Eclipse The Moon

My struggles wearing on my tired body I lay down in the liquid coolness The moon's pull slowly forcing the wetness to creep higher up my body as if the cosmos wished me to join the heavens Tired and weak but my mind won't allow it to drag me under Rising from nature's tears as droplets fall from my body the sound of the waves' echoes in my ears My footsteps difficult in this thick fluid as if I'm in a battle with the moon The tides grow higher making my struggles harder The shore calls to me, beckoning me I glance to the night skies as the silvery moon's rays smile down upon me teasing me to try again When clouds eclispe the moon's smiling face Releasing me from the confines of this wet grave Not even the cosmos will best me My struggles have only made me stronger Reaching the sands I see even at my weakest I can overcome

Copyright © Brenda Chiri | Year Posted 2018

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Head On

Heart beats in rhythm to snowflakes 
Cascading in tune to my reality

Like a train travelling through time with no track 
Overwelmed by it's vivid fertile surroundings

Colours pencilled in my mind
As a reminder of life and it's many shades

Guided by the brightly lit angels from above
Resolve in my faith remains steadfast

Copyright © Carol B. | Year Posted 2016

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The Perfect Embrace

Counted only on myself to be strong
So it seems I have lived a life as much
Yet if by chance it was I  who was wrong
Will I always regret my life as such?

Now strong arms have grown so very weary
From so many others that I have held
Alas has made me feel sad and dreary
These very thoughts which cannot be dispelled

In searching a world that is vast and wide
For an embrace that can hold me so tight
Still felt the beauty whilst I gently cried
When out of the darkness came true light

Safe and sound in his arms I am secure
Beckoning me with such a soft allure

Copyright © Brenda Chiri | Year Posted 2018

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The river and I

I move with the river, it moves with me
We move in synchronicity
My thoughts flow with currents
Push my feelings around the bends
It heals my wounds, the hurts it mends
It washes away worries and doubts
In motion it turns it all inside out
As peace consumes me all about
No hurdles, no rocks are in the way
I move by and beyond them everyday
Taking in everything passing by
        --- The river and I ---

Heidi Sands


*Placed 3rd in Contest:  Best Rhyming poem May - July 2017

Copyright © Heidi Sands | Year Posted 2017

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Love Burial

The burial ground,  groomed to greet
the gatherers of their love apocalypse
with garlands grown and sown
from the rose fire of Athena's throne,
on this day they come to mourn
the Poet who perished for the passion of his Beloved Poetess,
the battlefields knew well the iron of their blood,
the salt of their sweat, and the pounce of their love,
raised in the tradition of trauma
trained by the tempest of temptation
disciplined in the competition of desires
refined in the violent rituals of victory
they rose in love
with everything their hearts could sing, with all that war would bring,
and in the epicenter of erotic chaos
he slashed himself with the alter sword
so that she may be free to rule this realm,

Valkyries stand vigil with primroses on speartips
gaurding him, a purple glow in their vigilant eyes,
softly humming for the lightning of his soul
as those in attendance find their solemn places,
many are present, 
Death is in the northeast corner cloaked in smooth black patience
knowing in sad satisfaction that every heart, beats to bleed no more,
Devotion, dressed in a mood of disbelief
with elbows out and fists on his hips
just stares sternly at everyone, one, by one,
Poetry and Love are wearing the reds of romance and sacrifice
while whispering living tears to eachother,
Humble remains seated, meek and agape
clasping Humility's dull hand
commiserating about too much and not enough as Pride stands near,
leaning coolly against a battered pillar of Roman endurance
looking at them as if to say, hey dumb dumbs,
don't disgrace their glory with your glum and glib sully,
Envy, in burnoose sackcloth wasted not the somber moment
to decry the Poet's purpose with claptrap commotion and no compassion,
in unison,  all hush his pusillanimous pout with a scalding Ssshhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Poetry, asking the Beloved Widow if she may speak
is granted permission after a breathless pause of heart heated exhaustion, 
producing a daggar made from the breastbone of Eve
unflinchingly Poetry cuts both cheeks below her eyes
and the blood promenades to her ancient lips
where the warm pages of a white rose receive the ruby smear of this tragedy, 
bringing the pleading flower to her own mouth
she releases a verse upon the universe...
When the nights knew no love
and her heart had only the shadow of warmth
he became the hero's breath upon her breast
the weapon she could trust
and the victor of her kiss,
when his strength served only survival
and desolation weighed the wings of his heart low
she gave his soul the sweet heat of a woman's touch,
teaching him that justice is alive in their love...

In the unbearable anguish of existing without him
she stomps to the blue marble casket, 
tearing it open with love rage,
to slap and kiss her Beloved Poet once more,
suddenly,  heart imploding panic bristles silently,
the air thins dangerously, 
Pride plows through the throng to the side of she,
astonished, shock joy shaping his face,
the Poet's body be not there,
only the symbol of their love resides therein,
a golden pair of quills connecting in the center of a heart
their sign, their promise to eachother,
she turns to Love imploringly, for the truth,
and he removes the jewel from the coffin
returning it to it's rightful place
the safety of her bossom, telling her tenderly,
he yet lives for you, his love for you dies not -


Copyright © Justin Bordner | Year Posted 2015

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Ghosts of the Sun Dance-Part 1

Ghosts of the Sun Dance

1. The Path

A quest dating back through our history
Surpassing the flesh, a spiritual path
Human endurance, road to mystery
Dark trail winding through the gardens of wrath

It echoes through me, this deep ambition
Half century of miles, lifetime compressed 
Much more than a race, a sacred mission
With light of hardship I hope to be blessed

To outsiders, an act of madness pure
What motivations could compel this feat?
Past limits of human strength to endure
Pushing the body well beyond defeat

Mind and sinews outlasting the firestorm
Transcendence, to shed our skin and transform

2. Sun Dance

Transcendence, to shed our skin and transform
Once, Plains Indians embraced the Sun Dance
Sacred solstice ritual to perform
Life’s rebirth to the sound of drums and chants

Young braves fasting in their preparation
A stout pole connects the lodge to the sun
Days of reveling unite the nation
Dancers’ exhaustion, they seek to outrun

Animal spirits drawn in by the rhythm 
Forked tree with bison’s skull, hooks in their chest
Buffalo, bringer of potent vision 
Delirious dancers complete their quest

The Spirit Quest resounds through history
Beyond mundane, to sacred mystery

3.To Endure and Transcend 

Beyond mundane, to sacred mystery
Japan's “Marathon Monks” of Mount Hiei
The key to their spirit quest victory
To walk a Marathon one hundred straight days

Famed spiritual leader Sri Chinmoy
Believed hearts and spirits could be mended
Through self-transcendence, and he did enjoy
Countless long quests before his time ended

Chinmoy’s best, a fifty day epic quest
A journey thirty-one hundred miles long
Few are those who have ever passed this test
His famous Self-Transcendence Marathon

Darkest night, the gateway to a new morn,
Through painful trials, seeker’s soul reborn

4. The Spirit Is Willing

Through painful trials, seeker’s soul reborn
Deepest pain kindling the soul’s ignition 
Follow the path supplicants’ feet have worn
Transformation’s crux, soul transition

Our defenses and walls cannot let in
Sacred blessings of the gods and spirits
Impenetrable, much to your chagrin
They cannot touch your heart if you fear it

Mortification, a tribulation
Humble display of the supplicant’s worth
A spiritual emancipation,
Pain always accompanies any birth

These transitions in few modern nations
Our world, rare rites of initiation

5. The Fall

Our world, rare rites of initiation
Deconstructed, traditions have been burned
Soulless life breeds infantilization
Perpetuating the puer eterne

To make our lives easier is progress, 
Yet soft life an inadequate mantle
We can also suffer when life lacks stress
True transformation is never gentle

Safety, the goal of civilization
Eliminate risk, its increasing role
Safety’s bitter fruit is stagnation
Comfort cannot forge a resilient soul

Building true human vitality starts
With substance to satisfy questing hearts

6. Aimlessness

With substance to satisfy questing hearts
We dream to build greatness from the humble
Miseducation, meaninglessness start
Intrepid young souls questing for trouble

Drawn to drugs and gangs, tobacco and booze
No deep satisfaction do they contain
Oft mistaken for paying adult dues
But lead instead to spiritual chains

Youthful misadventures, trouble and blues
Sterile environment will generate
Tribal belonging they mark with tattoos
Clumsy efforts to self-initiate

Conquered world without initiations
Life’s road of genuine tribulations

7. Warrior’s Quest

Life’s road of genuine tribulations
Awaits our youth, whether they are prepared
Or not, we note with building frustrations
Future leaders, we see grow up impaired

The warrior within’s heartfelt yearning
A righteous cause in which to do battle
Meanwhile, the subway turnstiles are turning
Young champions doing time as cattle

Quests can be found for the searching young soul
Alas, the focus of education
Not on the development of the whole
But fashioning subjects of this nation

The challenge of living with one’s whole heart
Yielding to those who have mastered the art

Copyright by Author
For contest: Heroic Crown of Sonnets
Sponsor: Craig Cornish
Syllables confirmed by

Copyright © Tom Quigley | Year Posted 2016

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Who Silence The Silent One

On a reminiscing of a poet I thought I would make a call
But on searching for this name sake I was left appalled

The name "Silent One" was clearly there to be seen
But of all his works - it was if they had never been
What happened "Oh Silent One" and who had silenced all your words
Seemed our friend had been picked on by no greater than a - "Turd"

Whatever the reason "Oh Silent One" left us - he has now returned

With this experience behind him and hopefully with a lesson learnt

I hope to see all the blank pages refilled with words and poems of old

And whoever took it upon themselves a greater punishment be doled

Their cruelty and indignations not worth from us all a second glance

As "Oh Silent One" returns to forgive and give us all a second chance

Of an art that can only be held by "Oh Silent One" as the maestro he is

Because honouring us with his enlightenments - is really truly the "Biz"

Welcome back "Oh Silent One" . . . 

Indiana . . . ; )

Copyright © Indiana Shaw | Year Posted 2017

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Simple Man, Just Striving To Have A Simple Soul

Simple Man, Just Striving To Have A Simple Soul

There was no great air of mystery about him
tho' kind, too much of his life had been sad and grim.
Truth, he would rather take a beating than tell lies
seeing others in hurt brought tears to his blue eyes.

In his gentle life he sought love and common sense
about his past he spoke with no storied pretense.
Upon waking and giving thanks for each new dawn
he sat on his porch, admiring green of his lawn.

Simple man just striving to have a simple soul
live life in peace, love his family was his goal.
Tho' life once led him down a very darkened path
he wore no hatred and displayed no burning wrath. 

I felt his great strength, his kindness bore into me
I sprang from strong, blessed roots, his genetic tree.
Now he has journeyed on to his blessed reward
I have faced this world alone, its been very hard.

On blessed nights he appears to me in my dreams
oft telling me to walk besides cool mountain streams.
Then when things get too hot, step in cool aching feet
Find wisdom to not just foolishness dare repeat.

Have you guessed, this true friend, was my beloved dad
loved me with all his heart even when he was mad.
This my humble tribute, inked in poetic words
he taught life, love, beauty of dawn's sweet singing birds.

R.J. Lindley,
May 26th, 1973
Rhyme, (Tribute To A Great Man, My Father)

Written back when I was a young nineteen year old, remembering my father, his death four years prior and wondering would the deep heartache ever stop.

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2018

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weeping willow trees
unbreakable in grace bend
survival and hope!

June 11th,  2018

Inspired by Victor Buhagiar "Barren Branches Of a Willow Tree Die"

Copyright © Besma Riabi Dziri | Year Posted 2018

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Our Hand Hold

For Timothy Lee, the best of me
When your hand holds my hand we stand a complete one as only two hearts true can do. Let the strongest of winds come – Our hand hold will never end. Even when our bodies are past mend, our hand hold will never end. Let thundering rains saturate us with all mercurial skies can pour as our entwined fingers embrace. United our pieces shall endure – Our hand hold will never end. Even when our flesh does ground blend, our hand hold will never end. No matter the fickleness of our weather soulmate love is its own conclusion as fate’s tapestry stitched together. Despite the bruising dealt by intrusion – Our hand hold will never end. Even when comes our final ascend, our hand hold will never end. ... CayCay Jennings August 17, 2018

Copyright © CayCay Jennings | Year Posted 2018

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Hope is My Anchor

Hope is the anchor that secures my soul
Needed for endurance as the Bible foretold
One of three qualities, along with faith and love
I am filled with hope to honor my Holy Father above

Hope in God's promises lightens my heavy load
It's instilled in me when I venture down a dark road
Hope has power to keep me moving in the right direction
And there I will find the mercy and love of God's protection

Hope is a means of trusting in what will be
Faith in the unseen; that is what hope means to me
Life without it fences me inside a brick wall without a gate
I believe in the Word of God;  I do not adhere to destiny or fate

April 30th, 2016

Copyright © Lin Lane | Year Posted 2016

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At the End

Ever so much more than friend
Wearing scars of love's lullaby 
I can still see you at the end

Our song often left wounds to mend
Each time we'd return; blood barely dry
Ever so much more than friend 

To the depths of spite we'd descend
But against hatred's grip we'd ally 
I can still see you at the end

Betrayed by hope left alone to fend
Holding on; clasped hands cracked & dry
Ever so much more than friend 

Cuts slowly heal, the burn lessened
The allure to give up we deny
I can still see you at the end 

We stand frayed on a path we didn't intend
My hand in yours I walk with closed eyes
Ever so much more than friend 
I can still see you at the end 


Copyright © FJ Thomas | Year Posted 2017

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Message of Departure

I will watch their winged endurance, on the crest of autumn's eve, without knowing where or distance, but in faith they must believe As the harsh breath sounds of winter are calling geese to leave I will hear songs of assurance, gliding low against the breeze I can hear inherent partings, as they form into a V And they soothe my doubtful worry, as they fly the crimson sea Lifting eyes, I follow upward, as they cluster into line With necks stretched long and southbound, departing with a sigh With constant proof, year after year, their calling fills my ears Sent here by the grace of God, in a race against my fear While their promised songs may sadden me, and tears to eyes will bring Their steadfast return assures my heart, to believe tomorrow's spring "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith."

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2013

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I am Every Woman

I am my reality
I am my first true love
I am the best part of my life
I am my today, my tomorrow
I am my lonesome bliss
I am the representation of strength
Through the tough stare in my sons eyes
I am the symbol of endurance
From a child’s tear stained ruby cheek
I am the mingling stride
Of a rainbows colours
I am the voice of every woman
Who never got a chance
To sing her song
I am the voice of a woman
Screaming without a voice
I am the voice of a woman
Speaking to a deaf audience
I am a thousand words
In the daring gesture
Of a fleeting dream
I am the sweet sensation
Emanating from numbness of life
I am the unfading sprinklings
Of light shot diamonds
On the surrendering foliage
Of falling leaves of autumn 
I am the sliding contour
On a mountains heat stricken back
I am the last dance with a shooting star
I am the orange face with a red soul
Yes, orange with fire, red with life
I am the unfading glow
In the setting sun
The persistent twinkle
In the emerging sun
I am the legend of old
Dripping melts of heaven
From which generations
Will suck to outlive life’s atrocities
I am my perfect freedom
I am my perfect desire
I am my perfect imperfection
I am my sweetest company
I am my sweetest taboo
I am in love with me
I am, every woman

Copyright © subilaga blessings mulaga jana | Year Posted 2016

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Today I will be happy,
Happy all day long.
I won't think about my problems.
I'll fill this day with song.

I won't worry about world affairs,
Or ask the reason why,
Some folks do the things they do,
And wring my hands and sigh.

I won't worry over hurtful things,
That people sometimes say.
I'll ask The Lord to bless them,
When I bow my head to pray.

Petty things that just annoy,
Of these things I won't speak.
I'll be happy as a little bird,
With a french fry in my beak.

Copyright © Judy Ball | Year Posted 2017

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Path to peace

I have fought through incredible things
Trauma and all kinds of life experiences 
One may think peace comes to one easy
But it doesn’t, as the years I have witnessed
Faith kept me going and my fight for survival
Staying authentic no matter what the issue is
Also what I believe in and standing by truth
All this can sound easy, but it is not always so
It is faith and the will to make it all happen
I have seen treacherous things done to others
That hit me deeply, wishing there is not cruelty
But there is a lot of it in the world out there
Unless we all try to do a better still, as we can
       --- I have fought and I have failed---
   --- I have fought and I have succeeded ---
Up and down this road traveled in life will be
The consistency remains with who I am inside
To do the best I can through the journey I have
As we are true to ourselves, we are true to others
     --- I learn the reward is to be earned ---
      --- From genuine LOVE comes peace ---

*Inspired by a comment made by a true talented poet Victor Buhagiar

Heidi Sands

Copyright © Heidi Sands | Year Posted 2017

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Never Surrender

I'm a grit teeth beginner breaking out the cage,
growing strong and fitter with wit coming of age,
squeezing letters out of lemons got me in a rage,
but this bitter will get better and steal the stage.

I'm out to lay a new way suitable to a renegade,
angrily squashing this yellow fruit into lemonade,
using the skin to pave a golden route in the trade,
writes rooted in the age of this transitional upgrade.

No scourge can submerge the courage I preserve under the surface, 
that purrs with an urge to hand carve words with power and purpose,
this marvellous occurrence undoubtedly surges to resurface, 
and repeatedly emerges delivering perfectly superb verses.

Attempts to pull curtains on my spirit,
only teach knowledge that I inherit,
I react and catch before impact to my merit
and you can't collapse the soul of this poet.

Everyone falls but my core's impenetrable,
and my mental resilience is unbreakable,
they can't remove something unshakeable,
trying is a mistake that'll make you miserable.

I've learnt to benefit from attempted attacks 
aimed to prevent the way that I vent and act,
catching the weaponry and adding to my stack,
I've a determination that I'll never let crack. 

I'll elevate as I stimulate with flow
and levitate the audience to show,
I'm able to continuously demonstrate
that my work is something to celebrate,
even though my opinion will make them hate.

Coming back is what I do,
don't make me come back for you!

Copyright © Nick Trim | Year Posted 2018

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The Smile

For a second there I saw you smiling
I must admit I am wondering why
Things you've gone through are so appalling
They break my heart and make me want to cry

Yes you see my choreographed smile
it’s there to hide, what’s buried deep inside.
My heart’s shattered like a porcelain tile
Within me I feel the sharp shards collide

I see emotions leaking from your eyes
Speak your demons discover your healing
Dismiss false words and other people’s lies
Validate all the things you are feeling

I have come to grips with my own mistakes
From the demons I have found some relief
Sadness permeates me my body shakes
In time good will come that is my belief

I can see now how your smile meets your eyes
Doors have opened beyond a life of pain
Your true potential you now realize
All things within reach freedom once again

I feel I was given a second chance
Although I miss those I’ve lost on life’s way
I choose not to live my life in a trance
Innocence reclaimed I’ve learned how to play

By: Brenda Chiri & Richard Lamoureux

Thanks Brenda for collaborating with me on this piece. It was a pleasure writing with you.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2018

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Heaven Sending Clear Signs Of Hope's Return, Part Two

Heaven Sending Clear Signs Of Hope's Return
     (Sweet Hope Returns)(Part Two)

Solitary ray of light breaks grey dawn's pain,
flowing smoothly with emerging cool breeze.
Am I dreaming or truly going insane?
Is this apparition just another tease?

Confidence grows as majestic sun breaks through,
heaven sending clear signs of Hope's return.
That precious moment dear, I thought only of you
and just how once fiercely our great love did burn!

Songbirds soon began chirping softest tunes.
Life danced gaily through broad swaying trees.
Then I pictured you dancing under glowing moons,
blessed answer to sincere, desperate pleas.

Time flew, I saw Hope had freed my aching heart.
Night came, you came, ending our sad months apart.

Robert J. Lindley, 5-06-2017
Sonnet( 11,10,12,11)

Syllables Per Line: 11 10 12 11 0 11 10 12 11 0 11 10 12 11 0 11 11
Total # Syllables: 154
Total # Words: 106

Part two of -- Hope and its greatest treasures,,,,,

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2017

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legs of women

I'm getting that feeling once again
the tip of my soul is running away
my feet can not keep up with my regret

I stole the dreams I had from someone else
the failures I felt were never mine or real
until the morning I lost you 

a dozen lives have been lived since
a thousand miles I walked to forget this
every morning reminds me of you 

who said we get what we deserve?  
why try to find the fit that broke? 
what form can salvation really take? 

I'm lost in this land with my artist veins 
I abdicate the thorns ventured past my life 
trading words for any capital I can count

where does content come from 
I've looked between the legs of women 
and found where the strife of life began

Copyright © James Swartz | Year Posted 2017

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Rhythm of a distant song

The storms were strong with the wind fierce and the waves high
Always trying to stay afloat, to not drown and try to learn to fly
Survival became a way of life, to make it through opposing current
While I spoke the truth, they lashed at me, twisting what I meant

It was cold, so cold, many times in the middle of the dark night
When everything good, seemed to be completely out of sight
Then one day when the sun did rise, he suddenly came along
I could hear the rhythm of a soothing, comforting, distant song

The waters calmed like a mirror of glass, I could see reflections
It had been so long and I didn’t have the usual objections
It was different as the scenery slowly evolved and changed
As I adapted to new things and my thoughts were rearranged

Although without wings, I was flying, but no longer alone
Across the sphere of clear skies, where the wind had blown

Heidi Sands


Copyright © Heidi Sands | Year Posted 2017

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Selvedge Edges

Sewing machine, long idle, gathered dust,
with its needle still threaded, and the treadle at rest
Blue-checkered curtains are faded, and drawn,..
after years since she made them, from gunny-sack cloth

As I clear out the room, I think of long hours
of foot-peddled power, with hope in her prayers.
She would unroll the fabric of roses and flowers,
with ecstatic resilience in dark circled eyes.
The war years seemed like only yesterday,
but prudence, endurance,  would salvage the way

Losing her love in a battle at sea, left her adrift in a sea of lost dreams
But, picking up pieces, selvedge edges, and hems 
a life left unraveled, was put together again.  
Sewing past midnight. Spindles would spin. Something now kindled
to live once again. Making ends meet, with some thread and a spark until
the candle sputtered spent, and all was dark
Submitted for Contest: One Nine and Sixteen
Required lines: 1, 9, 16
1- ' Sewing machine, long idle, gathered dust'
9- 'The war years seemed like only yesterday'
16- 'The candle sputtered, spent, and all was dark
Sponsor: Viv Wigley

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2018

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I salute you oh mighty time:

My best friend,

My worst foe 


To live without you is simply


Throughout my existence

I have, unsuccessfully, struggled to accept

Whatever you brought to me,

Either it was a sweet smile

Or a bitter tear with 



I could not enjoy the one


Suffering the presence of 

The other


This, you told me, is the order of things,

This is what the heavens 



I, a fool ignorant,  resisted! 

Now, however, 

Older and wiser, an obedient child of yours, oh time,

Have I finally become

So as

To abide by your universal rules

Of growth and decay


Any complaints!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
       22 July 2017

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2017

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Seems as I age
My fondness for trees only grows
Their resilience and gracefulness
Their symmetry and beauty
Their arms outstretched heavenward
As if asking to be blessed with a nest for life
But it’s the way they bravely face each season
No fanfare just day by day
Making the most of their assets
Offered freely to all taking the time to appreciate
Every gnarly curve earned though hardship
Broken branch and injury
Radiant in the sun
Solemn by moonlight
Valiant through the rainstorm
Resolute against snow and sleet
Naked… Buds… Foliage… Dried falling leaves
And naked again the cycle regenerates itself
Such is life on this beautiful planet

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Originally posted in March, 2018

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