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Best Tristich Poems

Below are the all-time best Tristich poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of tristich poems written by PoetrySoup members

Wardrobes, full of clothes,
crossstitch cluttered walls-
her shadow still clouds my mind

TRISTICH IS A PARALLEL VERSE(Inspired by Hebrew Biblical parallels) it comprises  L1 theme L2...

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Categories: memory,
Form: Tristich

Premium Member TRISTICH TRIO
an unexpected guest arrives,
the daily routine is upset-
cancer leaves its calling card
tears begin to fall.
emotion becomes a flood-
a cataract of regret flows
a realisation...

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Categories: cancer, emotions, poetry,
Form: Tristich
Premium Member - Striking Fear Home -

As the winds breathe heavily darkened within fury
Moaning filled with clouds begins speaking 
Through stormy turbulent assaults with waves that kill

A ballad is blown...

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Categories: deep, fear, nature, power,
Form: tristich
The airy mountain, lush and green, they call home
Perched on shaky rock, the waters beneath swash and foam
Goats graze, cattle feed, fields of corn and...

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Categories: america, analogy, fate,
Form: tristich
Premium Member One Proud Yellow Dandelion
One Proud Yellow Dandelion

Lantanas and pears are lushly in bloom,
Baby chartreuse leaves brighten winter’s late gloom
And one proud yellow dandelion.

We wait for the redbuds –...

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Categories: metaphor, pride,
Form: tristich

Premium Member Comes the Night
Comes the night with a residual rampant roar
As the shadows swallow the remaining light
For death documents it final scurrilous score
And breaths are barred from taking...

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Categories: tristich, anxiety, confusion, death, night,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member How the Moon does it
The moon spoons pieces of jeweled firmament from the universe's dark heart
into her golden bowl, mixes incandescent milk with a cool touch,
then pours it all...

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Categories: beauty, love, moon,
Form: tristich
Ethiopian Eyes

Addis Ababa pulse,
Blue Nile passion flow
into the heart of a Mtoto midnight

Tropical forest desires,
soft Harari waves moving
at the tidal touch crescent height

Jijiga sepia legs
dancing Danakil...

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Categories: culture, love, romantic, spiritual,
Form: tristich
Premium Member - Striking Fear Home -
As the winds breathe heavily darkened within fury
Moaning filled with clouds begins speaking 
Through stormy turbulent assaults with waves that kill

A ballad is blown away...

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Categories: angel, emotions, heart, heaven, kiss, love,
Form: tristich
Premium Member Thoughts About Marigolds
Marigolds, bright spot of September,
When all around is drooping limber,
As life in accord with His plan remembers

To prepare itself to sleep.

You perk in yellows and...

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Categories: flower, september,
Form: tristich
Premium Member Monday the Moon--A Diary
A quarter white and bright against blue charcoal skies,
Not a cloud, cirrus or otherwise to cover you.
Do I see your “man” curling on his back?


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Categories: appreciation, creation,
Form: Tristich
Binary Decision

Life always offer choices — 
Some easy,
some hard

Alternate current inner voices:
Pulse charge emotional,
or neural beta rational

Positive or negative energy flow
Binary decision 
is either yes or...

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Categories: introspection, spiritual, visionary, wisdom,
Form: Tristich
Same Persona

Tho’ the soft voice has an aristocratic tone,
the haughty attitude ain’t no street gutter different:
Being rude ... dropping shade

Dark keystroke mood, 
shallow indigo indifference shown

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Categories: humorous, imagery, psychological, satire,
Form: Tristich
Premium Member A Suicide
White cross bone and a skull
Poison's warning symbol
For those who couldn't mull ...

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Categories: death,
Form: tristich
Premium Member A Taste of Summer
a fresh thirst quencher
sliced watermelon in red
alluring beauty

mulberry picking
romantic stolen kisses
dark purple dyed lips

crushed grape juice slithers
into her desirous mouth
she feasts avidly

overflowing bowl
red strawberries and...

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Categories: fruit, summer,
Form: tristich
Premium Member ON THAT DAY a tercet
Brighter,light hearted,looking upward
reaching listen and hear
words of renewal..borne on the wind...

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Categories: allegory, christian,
Form: tristich
Premium Member City Of Trees

I saw one day a city of trees
Walking down a path with me
Following hidden eyes to see

Saplings jungled up together
Like a stream of walkers too

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Categories: mythology, nature, tree,
Form: tristich
Premium Member EVEN MORE FORMS I PROMOTED TO MY PS PEERS over the years
DISTICH TRISTICH truth to tell, two or three lines in parallel
TETRACTYS Stebbings did contrive a complete thought in five
DEMI SONNET at  sixes and sevens

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Categories: internet, poetry,
Form: Tristich
Premium Member A Healing Knife
              A heart besmirched with grime

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Categories: emotions, heart, heartbreak, heartbroken, hurt, pain,
Form: Tristich
re post inspired by Phil contest




in the park...

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Categories: sports,
Form: tristich
Premium Member Rainy Days
Silver fog rose
Camera won't focus 'pon the gray
Raindroplets pose  

Form: Tristich ...
Parallel in thought 

A strophe, stanza, or poem consisting of three lines...

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Categories: rain,
Form: tristich
Premium Member Moon Spoon
with outstretched hand I scoop the full moon

             as it floats on the...

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Categories: moon,
Form: tristich
The Sleep of Youth
The Sleep of Youth

The yawning of the night light whispers,"Sleep"
As eyes close...And Day's woes...
Are lost in swift retreat.

Dreams saunter, softly searching, whom to grog...
With the...

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Categories: allegory, dream, myth,
Form: tristich
Premium Member Travel Light
 With open arms embrace the light
Let the light reveal the darkness
Then travel into His presence so bright  ...

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Categories: travel,
Form: tristich
Premium Member Trick Tangled Her
Trick Tangled Her

She came to Hawaii with palm trees, blue seas, white beaches
in her eyes and naivety, where her innocence and youth robbed
by a date,...

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Categories: abuse, pain, travel, woman,
Form: tristich