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O N L Y E V E R W I T H Y O U Only ever with you, I love to have and hold into the circle of your arms, I'll unfold; into your blue eyes' greeting shine, my gold; only ever with you, I yearn to grow old... Only ever with you I can write rhymes as such for you bring my muse from dust to dash, to hush Only ever with you my being wants to attach as first step already taken to our primrose path Only ever with you, tips dance linger to cherry lips Slow summer hands will roam vast to wonderland Whence pearl white peel smooches chocolate skin only ever with you, heartbeats climbs a boiling point Stars and moon may leave the dark skies yet, one look at the gleam of your blue eyes day and night, I see the rising sunrise. Only ever with you, I will dive to lows or heights for only ever with you, I'll plunge to infinity. Prayers plea asking blessings from Divinity to tie two hearts and two souls in sole unity. Mindless to whatever is there in humanity Only ever with you... _______________________________________________ POEM OF THE DAY -- February 27, 2015 ©O. E. Guillermo 5:32 pm, February 26, 2015

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2015

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The day I became a poet

I remember the day I became a poet.

In the magnificence of the submerging sun,
I glanced upon her admiring its majesty.
Amidst hues of clementine and lilac,
her image cast a shadow so serene.

My heart began to flutter like a butterfly,
floating towards her - 
finally free from the chambers of my cocoon.
Like a silk scarf, scarlet petals wove a path,
aromatising footsteps that led to her.

Who could this mysterious lady be,
that had humbled such a hardened heart?
Although strangers, it felt as our souls
had known each other for eternity.

In twinkling twilight, I could see 
pieces of the moon illuminating through her eyes.
How could I forget how the reflection of her smile 
invited me to wander willingly into her heart.

Like nocturnal nightingales adrift in the night,
we sang sensual melodies not heard before.
Sensations felt from her soft satin skin
remain a euphoric timeless memory.

Seduced within the substance of soulful desires,
her enchanted essence became my first poem -
the purity of her existence my eternal poetry.

Silent One
19 March 2018

Copyright © Silent One | Year Posted 2018

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It Rained That Day

Soft autumn rain ...
cascading over brightly colored cherry blossoms,
releasing a sweet scent of aromatic aphrodisiac
A fragrance of springtime love blowing in the gentle autumn wind
Our two hearts made a vow that day
We promised to fall in love anew
each day all over again
Fall madly in love a thousand times
every twenty-four hour spin
As the light, misty rain came down,
meeting our joyous laughter rising up to the clouds
Two lovebirds being purified,
two souls now joined together
as husband and wife
It rained gently that beautiful day
The maple and evergreen trees
greeted us with a mélange of bright promise,
of an ever evolving love that would last a lifetime
We beheld the colors of change all around us,
holding hands as our lives were changing as well
Upon the lifting of her white veil,
our eyes kissed and our lips looked
for no more words than two
I do
After a pregnant pause, we added another ...
I love you
Then we ran outside,
and frolicked like two little children
Me tugging at her beautiful, African zakiya dress,
she tossing aside my African kente vest
And when we pressed our cheeks together,
the soft autumn rain began to fall ... and we too were falling
more in love
I remember so well:
how it rained that day,
how gently the autumn rain fell

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

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The True Knight

POTD 9th April 2018

Synopsis -
A story of selflessness without jealousy or rancor that is often evident through the ages in all walks of life, even in modern times. 

She’s a queen who sees her lover for himself only and does not abide in the narrow minded perception of social status trappings. 

Her knight, who is absolutely in love with her, stays true to the knightly code of chivalry and avowed to show gallantry to women beyond rules of combat. Understanding the damaging effect of scandals, he is committed to watch and protect his Lady against prying jealous eyes. 

I have differentiated the social status of the time and accentuated emotions with different textured type of fabrics. (See significance at the end of the poem)

I Trust you like the video music clip, in which the scenes aptly portray the theme of my poem.

Spinnerets of silk reach to forbidden fruit
Nights hush vanquished by a heart that beats 
Variance in status brocade curtains drawn 
Regardless of imperilled shame - doubt retreats

Once ‘neath the light of a calico moon
His heart lay in wait to be retrieved
Beside the old pump in crumbling stone
A pauper in cotton - a Prince she perceived

A gasp suppressed when eyes first met In delirium of what elation lay ahead What magic brewed here? What loom spun this hessian thread? Of a love-tale wrought with joy and dread
A unity not forged in Heaven A scanty few - or none - would understand Venetian lace betwixt a gracious Queen And her yearning for a humble stable hand Opening damask casement as he approaches Anticipation of nights in secret seclusion Let no prying eyes spoil this tryst Lest reality fade into a muslin illusion Let her yearning for velvet touches Impassioned embrace and moist sweet lips Loomed in the linen threads of romance And that of her stable lover’s lingering kiss Let him turn to forbidden zones To be explored as he eagerly hones A forge of love bidding invitation In expectant and musical syncopation Dutifully her swordsman keeps vigil from afar His love for her gleams like the evening star Seasons endured in fur and chain-mail sheen Blood he would draw to protect his queen A skilful sword at ready in an expectant hand Sadly his love she would not understand Coated sheathed loyalty is all she sees Part of a lovers tryst - no favours - his heart to ease
An armour clad Knight forged of steel and leather Surviving the odds his love endures forever
Significance of the various fabrics symbolized in the poem: Silk I’ve used this to show her royalty status. Luxurious and costly, silk was used only by the wealthiest of classes and the Church Brocade This fabric to emphasise her indifference to the social status of their relationship, by blocking out animosity from the primitive thoughts of envious society. Calico Colour of the moon on the night she first laid eyes on him Cotton - Favored on days of yore by the working class and domestic staff since antiquity. Hemp and Hessian Emphasizing the strength of their relationship, against all odds and accentuates the relationship between the working class and royalty of the middle ages Venetian Lace Again a luxury favoured by the aristocrats. The flexible of lace and of the lace-making arts and depicts her flexibility. Damask A rare and expensive fabric of the era, adorns her wall depicting the opulence of her status Muslin Quite a transparent fabric and as such I’ve used this to refer to as ‘a see through illusion’ which is made possible by the loyalty of her knight Linen This fabric emphasises the strength and resilience of their love for each other. It was a fine linen used for veils, wimples undergarments and apparel of ladies. Velvet No explanation needed to amplify its connection to love and heightened sensuality through its use. Fur The lining of his armour used in his day, underlines the warmness of his heart. Leather Characteristic of strength, durability and dependability to highlight the Knight’s quality. POTD 9th April 2018

Copyright © Maria Williams | Year Posted 2018

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Silence of the stars

Mandolin melodies harmonised horizons, yet the only strings being strummed were those of my heart. In the midst of enchanting melodies, where nothing else mattered, but her, we wandered barefoot, hand in hand, as the tenderness of our steps decorated the sand. In the simplicity of pure beauty, lost in a moment of perfection. We lay admiring the heavens, watching daylight drift away. The jealous golden orb silently sank, as colourful skies summoned illuminated expressions to light up a black and white world. In darkness we lay and gazed lost in the silent serenity of the stars, until the tranquillity of her sequin eyes hypnotised my soul and I danced devoted to the magnificence of her delicate elegance. The whisper of sweet sentiments revealed our secret serenade. In the distance an orchestra of humming birds hummed the chorus of our passionate song. Her arms like celestial wings, embraced me close. Her surreal kiss guided my lips home. As waves washed away our footsteps, the moon closed its eyes, as millions of shy stars hid behind a blanket of nocturnal clouds. Silent One Simple Musings 10 December 2017

Copyright © Silent One | Year Posted 2017

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Poetic Personification

Honey vapour scents travelled among seduced tepid zephyrs. This was not a dream for I was within the realms of reality, as fate's footsteps led my heart back to forgotten pastures. Her persona was poetic personification, yet I was lost for words, so in simple silence, souls serenaded suppressed symphonies. The idyllic radiance of her eyes became a timeless memory, the warmth of our first kiss an eternal celestial connection.
Silent One 21 June 2018 Example for seven lines of romantic heaven poetry contest

Copyright © Silent One | Year Posted 2018

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Our Bliss At Its Purest We Loved Each Others Naked Sight

Our Bliss At It's Purest We Loved Each Others Naked Sight

When our love, its hottest and satisfying nights first begun
we each tried to give our all and not ever be outdone.
In that effort, soft showers of love-hearts began to pour
birthing swelling streams leading straight to paradise shores.
Within its spacious gardens, we walked in bliss, hand in hand
With our spirits singing, praise be this sweet rewarded land.

With eager hearts seeking, we sailed across heavenly blue seas
Tender love words speaking, we each wrote forever love pleas.

For precious are those diamond memories, deep their treasures
Never could such be destroyed, not those screaming pleasures!
Passion at its zenith, our burning desires at their greatest height
our bliss at its purest, we loved each other's naked sight.
O' the softness of your loving-heart and welcoming thighs
we felt heaven thanking it gifts, with both our contented sighs.

Those days are eternally burned, into this grateful soul
if time could us return, on that list we would both enroll.

Those  fledgling nights created so much more than simple heat
gave such passion never to be outshone, joined as 
one made complete
Caresses, of those soft showers remade this
broken woman into more
Bathed in your paradise, unfettered I can soar 
Joined as one, under the gentle gaze of the burning stars upon us
Lost in blissful moments 
all around us recedes to what once was
The beauty within our hearts had a rhythm wanted by all
With the strength of our bonds we answered loves call
Rich in memories, such wealth is written in soul 
and in mind
no other in any lifetime 
could compare to you I find
The heaven's can't contain the love that we two share
at the highest height of our passion none can compare  
Intense heat from our bodies is what gave those stars their light
Our bliss at its purest, we loved each others naked sight
My soul too will be eternally grateful for you my greatest love
as the stars and galaxies all rejoice over the love we share from above

Copyright © Brenda Chiri | Year Posted 2018

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.           True love 

I love the way you make me love you
Love the way you step my heart on the ground.
When you walk into the room
I love the way you do not even look at me.
You take my breath away
With all the words you say,
I fell in love with you more 
The day you walked out the door.
I love how strong you became
I love the way you always hang up the phone. 
I can't get enough of you 
When you want me out of your face.
True love came to me all of a sudden 
When you dumped me in our special place.

I take my self back into your arms,
only when I am asleep.
I know I brought your heart a little harm.
Now the boat has turned making my love weep.
You do not bother with my charm
All you do is give me the cold shoulder.
In my book of love, you will get over it soon
In the mean time you are my true love
No matter if I have to do it all by myself.
Until than I will not give you the pleasure
Of forgetting  what you gave up.
Stop teaching me the lesson of pay back
Stop playing hard to get,
My one and only TRUE LOVE
.          SKAT

Copyright © SKAT A | Year Posted 2010

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To Pray On Your Flesh

I want to place my final prayer
upon your plush velvet neck
murmuring my needs warmly
on that expressway where the crossroads of love and lust unite
focusing the steam of my soul there
confessing wholeheartedly
that my heart cannot move without you,
with my thick, steady hand rotating around your priceless grail
feeling the communion of our desire come to life
as your mouth becomes the chalice that holds my heartbeat
in this moment that confirms our sanctity -


Copyright © Justin Bordner | Year Posted 2015

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Relieve My Heart of Its Ache

These trembling lips cannot bear to remain mute when their quivering begins in my deepest root Surf upon the wave's crest of a stimulating ride, Enter my secluded orchard upon a flowing tide Saunter into my arbor and taste my honeyed fruit Allow each nibble to entice with unbridled pursuit Warm yourself in the sun as we sensually collide Ripen with me until temptation is languidly descried Inhale the fragrance of my skin on fleshly curves Embrace the throbbing titillation of tingling nerves Unshackle your heart, and have it not be denied Caress every part of me as your fingertips glide Hold my blossoms as they call to your heartstrings Drink deeply of my nectar; flit your pinioned wings Pluck me for your pleasure, with hands that shake I await your touch; to relieve my heart of its ache

Copyright © Lin Lane | Year Posted 2018

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Depth of Passion's Kiss

I woke trembling on the threshold of dawn 
as dappled sunlight through my window shone 
Upon my primed canvas there had been drawn 
a masculine image with finely chiseled cheekbones

What virile fantasy had I born while in flight 
for my hand to have created such a dashing face 
In stippled darkness of my dream-filled night, 
a handsome fantasy did I dare fondly embrace 

His eyes stared in wonder; tantamount to my own 
No angle shielded me from their deep penetration 
I held my breath, then released a soft guttural moan
as his strong hand guided mine without hesitation

Warm colors defined muscular features I painted
His dark eyes were flecked with dustings of gold 
Flushed with desire, in a warm blush I was tainted 
when he  faintly whispered, "To have and to hold"

My palette was awash in shades of crimson.  Soiled
with streaks of scarlet were my hands and gown 
My brush strokes lingered on his full lips as I toiled
imagining passion's kiss, in whose depth I would drown 

I could not bear the thought of tearing myself away 
On and on I painted where his gentle hands led 
until finally wearied from hunger,  upon my bed I lay
Unsated was a craving within me, a desire to be fed

With eyes closed, I hoped to dream of him once more,
of this man who had completely captivated my heart 
Come, handsome stranger. Find me as you did before
I cannot endure life if we must live it in dreams apart 

Copyright © Lin Lane | Year Posted 2017

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That Dawn, a Goddess Found Me: Collaboration with Robert Lindley

An early morn mist that fadeth away
revealeth the goddess that stole this heart.
In radiance, her hair shone as blazing gold
soft-born winds welcomed her that fine day.

Her approach held me silent and steadfast
earth and sky both envied her elegance.
Nothing on earth could her power dispel
nothing could her love's depth ever outlast.

Transfixed, my frozen legs refused to act
for her magnificent beauty brought me fear.
Fear of not knowing why at me she gazed
I wished my lustful thoughts, I could retract.

O' Blessed day, when I saw that loving smile,
her warmth cast forth to calm this lonely soul.
With heart relieved and soul stripped bare,
I saw love's truth, in it was no human guile.

Then, she took my trembling hand and said
words that will forever burn in this glad heart,
"I chose you, for thy spirit needs true love's gift
and with it comes relief from all thou dost dread." 

She led me to paradise through beacons of gold.
Emerald eyes sparkling, brighter than the sun.
I watched as mischief grew in the vixen's orbs.
She woke this heart that long ago had grown cold.

Alas,  she spoke to me in a gentle lilting voice,
sweet symphonies she crooned in my willing ear.
Beyond the realm of all opulent Utopian dreams
my spirit rose aloft with her.  In love, we rejoice.

Up to the stars then to the dark side of the moon.
Ere long we rested where no eyes could intrude
upon tender kisses she bequeathed to my lips.
My lovely goddess surrendered to me in a swoon.

O' what depth of passion between us doth lie.
Breath mingled with breath until the sun rose.
Within my arms she stirred, but for a moment
then snuggled closer with a soft angelic sigh.

She had chosen me to love in that early morn mist.
From dawn to dawn she endowed her glorious gift;
the gift of love, 'twas like no other I had ever known.
My golden haired goddess, lips longing to be kissed.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
Written with admiration for a talented poet...Robert Lindley. 
Robert, thank you for the journey among the brightest stars.

Copyright © Lin Lane | Year Posted 2017

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When In Love's Immense Depths, You Are Truly Cherished

Mystical web spun memories of our sweet nights, love began under stars and brightest of moonlights. Hold onto that image, its joyous dreaming dreams; fiery echoes, night trysts and pleasurable screams! Love's greatest truth rests in thy bosom and kind heart, destined to meet that night and our souls never part! Fate fulfilled as we were thrilled, luscious love’s first blush, time together, had forever, no need to rush. Aroused desires stirred passions’ afire to burn like pulsing embers in joined flames of wanton yearn, till what was left, spent afterglow like cooling coal our hot bed then our sanctuary soul to soul. From passion's soul to soul, came steaming heart to heart, delicious love made each night glowing as fine art. Waking wrapped in love-joined joy, within Cupid's shot, giving you my all and all I have ever got. Days spent in loving arms that held our love so true, knowing your soft heart lives in me and all I do. From that day, when angels’ wings whispered you away, tears I cry are sweet relief when my mind does stray. Bleeding heart still blooms for you vibrant on the vine, though seeking tendrils ache without you to entwine. Oh the wish to taste your kiss, nectar ‘pon my lips, your thrilling touch still lingers since your life’s eclipse. Yet Fate had its saddest call, that none can deny, ours was to live its love-feast and not reason why. Now so alone, precious memories to sustain, moments of mirth that alleviate the great pain, feed my desires for your tender nightly embrace, know, no power ever known, can our love erase. Upon dawn's breaking, wake knowing you were once here, another memory lessens days flow of tears. Future promise of being joined in nightly bliss and in that moment having all I now so miss; your heart the flower, I the honey seeking bee, our love entwined in paradise under love's tree. Come take me to your Heaven's home of pearly light, my sombre soul now needs you like the stars need night. I look to skies bittersweet shades of twilight blue and daydream of your denim eyes of darkest hue. For a time imagining I’m held in your gaze your magic’s purest charms still don’t fail to amaze. Please find my kiss I’ve blown to you upon the breeze, I send to you my love with prayers while on my knees. Praying to be with you rather sooner than late, memories move to close the circle of our fate. Gather my soul, lift me to you like a feather, with spun gossamer of sacred ties that tether. Robert Lindley and Susan Ashley (a collaboration) _______________June 13, 2018_______________ My poet’s note: Thank you my friend, for sharing your friendship and the joy of this write with me! Again, you lead the way with your splendid talent and abundant inspiration you so freely give. Your generous gifts light up my imagination and your beautiful lead stanza set the stage for a creative and poetic experience that made our collaboration most satisfying. Sharing concepts and creating our work together feels quite natural to me. I truly appreciate your deep and tender artistry, Robert, and also your patience for the delays caused by my busy-ness in these hectic days... Robert’s poet’s note: My dear friend, again I have been honored and blessed to have the gift of composing this tale of love and its magnificent blessings with you! My short poem fragment(first stanza)based upon a relationship I had over four decades ago, has been beautifully completed in our collaboration, because of your wonderful verses, inspiration, and immense talent. Even beyond our friendship, you have further honored me with your great kindness and your truly generous gift of writing with me... For all of that my dear friend, I am so deeply indebted...

Copyright © Susan Ashley | Year Posted 2018

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Flavor of Stars

In restless dreams I sail the night on celestial seas
starlight guiding my way along an uncharted course
exploring constellations with consummate expertise
but it's a secret, so I'll never reveal my tour de force

Some nights I fly around the moon on diaphanous wings
landing while she sings to me, a soft lullaby in the night
then journey on my quest for love, around Saturn's rings
to find a handsome dreamer, a gallant winged bedight

I've yet to find the seraphic one to ignite my stellar flare
My dreams may only fill a scrapbook of elegiac memoirs
unless I find a Luna river whose elixir leads me to love's lair
Until then I'll be drinking from the moon and tasting the stars

Savoring the flavor of starlight before waking from my dream
Thirst quenched in the mystical waters after the moon's eclipse
Hoping to find a lover at my side, seductive eyes all agleam
whispering words of love to me before surrendering my lips

Copyright © Lin Lane | Year Posted 2018

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A Rose In The Heather.

So still and beautiful lays the rose in the heather,
Lifeless and dying, given to bring you happiness,
So fragile is this rose laying in heather,
Slowly withering and drying, crumbling to a powder,
I look at you and see this rose ever fading,
Once growing, living, accenting its surroundings,
But now gone, plucked from the bush by one mans lust,
I could never compare you to this rose laying in the heather,
For your beauty surpasses its own,

So still and beautiful lays this rose in the heather,
Now dried cracking and dead, stored in a book to bring memories,
So weak and faded is this rose in yellowing heather,
Slowly falling apart as you touch the fragile petals,
I look at you and remember the flower when it faded,
That germinated and grew where I had sown its seed,
Now gone, plucked from the ground by one mans hope,
I would never compare you to this old heather and roses,
For its life was surpassed by yours,

Now I tell you I love you with cellophaned roses in heather,
Draining lifeless this dying confession of my dreaming,
This rose is more fragile then the first had I gave you,
But I could’t approach, my courage eroding at your sight,
I look at you now and see the love I sought inward,
Once alive and growing but only within lost confines of myself,
But never quite gone I hold this consuming fire close inside,
I could never combine your world with mine,
You always looked passed never noticing me,

Now I open my book that holds the first rose, wishing I gave it for the sake of 
Instead I hold a created memory that never came passing, 
That never could I fear,
I hold tight to the lie that through wonted silence I painted,     
But that chance for your love died with the first rose wrapped in heather.

Copyright © Charles Fuller | Year Posted 2006

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Princess, princess, please calm down,
Wear your diamond, glory crown.
I’ll make you queen, someday, you’ll see,
As long as you will marry me.

Princess, princess, don’t hate me,
I only wish that you could see.
That I love you with all my heart,
I wish that we will never part.

Princess, princess, don’t you die,
I promise you, I’ll never lie.
Stay with me through life and death,
And please don’t ever hold your breathe.

Princess, princess, don’t you cry,
I will never say goodbye.
It hurts too much to leave your side,
Like all of me has stopped and died.

Princess, princess, don’t you see,
I’m your prince, and groom to be.
Forever together, and never apart,
I give you my all, and even my heart.

Copyright © Adam Forth | Year Posted 2014

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An Ode to the Angel of Death

What manner of an angel be
my love, who standeth here?
Such beauty did I never see
in any Earthly year.
What mighty magic has she cast
to make me love her so,
that if I should for aeons last,
still with her I shall go?
What wonders lay beneath her breast
and weigh my heart like stones?
These eyes of mine did never rest
on any sweeter bones.
What better end have I to meet
than ‘fore my Lady break me
to lift me in her embrace sweet
and to her darkness take me?

Copyright © Robert Valentine | Year Posted 2010

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Your Body, Your Touch

Your feelings in a group of touring innocence
travel up North towards trust and sincerity
in sweet submissive care like a carefully rubbed suede.
You put day light into your entrapment
for noontide to go nonstop.

Caress from yonder, massage from under
your skirts make appetite nonchalantly mourn
your legs present so nutraceutical to manly weakness.
If your bones are licked by wild beasts
the jungle would be protected by the ghost of sweet affection.
If the rains fall through the planes of your body
vapours of lust and desires will spring out of the Earth.

Your expensive flare, expresses you as a needed nougat
sliding pleasurably though wet lips in a greasy enjoyment of noodles
with aroma and taste capping up a nouvelle cuissine.
Night is dead from your day-long engaging chemistry
making the aggression of your nubile emission
in ration to any attempted resistance an improper fraction
when the night's light strike your contrasting body
for the creation of a mobile image so dark and graceful,
nature will sit down beauty for a serious interview.

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2016

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Where Freedom Finds the Fire

You'll find it in the crimson eyes
of a throwaway photo somehow frozen in time.
When the past painted us like demons
with secret fury.
And you'll find it in the smell of a burning memory
like melting microfilm becoming enraged

(gifted with the freedom to deny
first appearances)

You'll find it in the cedar smoke
of Tyndale's earthen cage
roasting in a bale of hay for crimes unknown.
Where the fire of his message burned mighty
through a thousand hungry hearts that day

(where ancient ink once again
took a detour into youthful veins)

You'll find it in the velvet ash
of a (just one more) cigarette
being flippantly flicked into December sky
for reasons unknown.
Where yellowed fingernails bear witness
of freedom to live and freedom to die,

leaving not an inch of space to analyze;
for the fickle flames - much like life -
waits for no one.

You'll find it in the platinum tendrils
of a Colt 45, that so quickly took a life,
in the burning heat of an eternal second.
Where curled fingers and steady stare
makes it painfully aware
freedom is a pitiful beauty, ugly as sin,
and as right as rain

(ask the victims of Hiroshima --- they'll tell the same)

You'll find it in the vermilion sky
blazing brighter than passion pure;
stopping the world gears, of rat-race routine,
and turning a thousand rusty necks Heavenward

Where minds silently unhinge      (for a moment)
And fear itself begins to cringe      (for a moment)

When faced with childlike wonder
blind eyes will see.
A rejuvenating spark
this freedom can be.

And you'll find it the explosion of ecstasy
like a rose blooming in tenacious time-lapse.
You'll find it in the Cherokee midnight dance,
being warmed by the tongues of freedom personified.

Where Common Sense no longer applies,
for when freedom found his heart's desire,
you know it was a compromise.

Losing his mind, and losing his life,
in the process of a martyrdom
for all things beautiful and all things temporary,
in its earthly essence

... where freedom finds the fire,
you can't tell the difference.

Written March 23rd, 2016
For the Where The Freedom Finds the Fire Contest Hosted by Justin Bordner

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2016

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Ecstasy's Peak

Gazing into your eyes as you slip between my thighs
Wrapping myself around your joy, I can feel your nature rise.
Our bodies moving in sync, slowly swirling my hips
You caressing my love with your finger tips
Tasting your sweet skin, I feel you throbbing within
In a state of nirvana, were lost in heavenly sin
Dripping in sweat I’m softly kissing your neck
Gently clutching my breast, and I’m so soaking wet
Calling, your name out, the soft erotic sounds
Gratifying moans and groans, they become my silent shouts
Softly biting my lips; I try to quiet the cries
 Your Ecstasy playing and swaying, I feel it growing inside
Succumb to my pleasure, lose all self-control
Release the lust you hold inside, just let it all flow
A continuous climax, my composure disappears
A spell that is euphoric, trying to hold back the tears
Climbing ecstasy’s peak, you smoothly taking your time
There’s no need to rush, we have the rest of our lives.

Copyright © ChiquitaChiamaka Baity | Year Posted 2011

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A Tomb of Ancient Bloom

Take me to the place where the aromatic fragrance
threatens to envelop our obelisks glorifying death;
to the place where the seraphim of old long to steal your breath
only to resurrect you again,
because they adore your shell-shocked epiphany.
The twinkle of wisteria eyes that say star-struck goodbyes to winters long overdue.
Take me to some place new, yet still lingers with the scent of timeless truths.
Can you whisper epigrams in my ears yet still retain your sunflower youth?

And can such a place even exist ...
where I am me and you are you.
Is this dream of ours only a selfish wish?
Where our heart's desires
will never transpire,
but only take cues from Lazarus,
coming into our own like lilac lust.

I am told there is a beautiful gate
that leads to this tomb of ancient bloom.
Will you let me nourish this timid trust
and receive this skeleton key that dreams of wearing skin -
and if not now, of this would-be genesis ... when?

Please don't tease with someday soon,
but let these tumblers unhinge like zealous zephyr.
I know it will be all that you asked.
I know it will be, for my soul spoke so earnestly: give it a chance.

So won't you carve upon this granite heart
that longs for the easy rain of your embrace.
Etch upon these alabaster walls with love's italic hand,
the seven lettered splendor known unabashedly as FREEDOM.

Let it be the only thing
the angels care to dream,
when imagining eternity.

Let none atone
the only thing
set in stone.

Written February 15th, 2016.
Entered in the contest A Tomb of Ancient Bloom hosted by Justin Bordner.

Chosen Poem of the Day on February 17th, 2016

Placed First

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2016

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Love Poetry

If only for a moment,
I could swoop you away.
I’d plan an entire night,
Easing the stress of the day.

Fresh cut roses in a vase,
And a candle lit dinner.
My mind races with thoughts,
And girl, you’re the winner.

Delve into this ecstasy,
For my love’s not a mirage.
After your lovely dinner,
I’d give you a massage.

Take the load off your feet,
And let my fingers flow.
Lets just sail away,
To wherever this may go.

I want to see you chill,
And clear out your head.
Relaxing with no worries,
As the best lies ahead.

With a cluster of grapes,
And a little red wine.
A hint of soft music,
For you to unwind.

Releasing your tension,
I like to see you smiling.
And the layers of fun,
Are just now compiling.

A late walk on the beach,
Unforgettable memories on sand.
I’d be your noble servant,
Every wish at your command.

If you need to get away,
Come spend an evening with me.
Our action’s would write a book,
Of the greatest love poetry.

Copyright © Raul Moreno | Year Posted 2009

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Thy Silent Thoughts

Thy Silent Thoughts

So beautiful are thy silent thoughts
I would watch thine eyes all day.
There is wonder in them, as the sun's first flash
Through tumult of ocean spray;
In them the shining calm of upland pools
Mirrors the glory round,
And their shadows are the shadows of sweet flowers
Upon the summer ground.
So beautiful are thy silent thoughts
I would watch thine eyes all day;
More beauteous in their silence than the stars,
Than the silent stars, are they.

R. J. Lindley,
November 9th, 1973

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2017

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Within Passion's Dream - A Collaboration with Michael P Clarke

Within Passion's Dream 
A Collaboration with Michael P. Clarke (Vladislav Raven) 

Within Passion's Dream I hold you close beside the Ocean of Love. 
I behold God's heavenly stars and they hold not the beauty of your temple. 
You are the glory in my every thought and dream, 
let me taste of your divine lips and love shall flow. 
Come dance with me through love's divinity;
oh beauty of my heaven your love does sing. 
You are all my tomorrows wrapped in a beauteous dream, 
come my beloved in the love we share Within Passion's Dream. 

Within Passion’s Dream, you are eternally mine, 
as we nestle in the ardent arms of an orange-adorned full moon. 
Let me enrapture you with the warmth of my legs and breasts, 
entwining you in my vines, drinking deeply from the goblet of love. 
Electrified by your sensuous caresses that awaken all my senses, 
my beloved, your essence seeps into the pores of my very soul. 
Whirling in ecstasy from the sweetness of honeydew kisses, 
we twinkle through a star-studded Milky Way Within Passion’s Dream. 

Within Passion's Dream I am enraptured by our love,
your temple joining with mine in a passion primal in its bearing.
Let stardust caress us as in love's magic we dwell,
your lips on mine and divinity's song is sung.
I lose myself in the eyes of an angel's face,
swimming deep within memories vision.
One heart, one soul, paradise our aim,
I find your eternal beauty ever before me Within Passion's Dream.

Within Passion’s Dream, I behold the wonder that is you,
sprinkling sunbeams and moonbeams showering me with your love.
Bodies and souls merging, we waltz to melodies 
of a celestial symphony divinely orchestrated.
Like juicy golden grapes on a ripened vine,
unabashedly spurting their syrupy sweet wine, 
tender tendrils of our love do gently unfold and  
our hearts chime in rhapsodic harmony Within Passion’s Dream. 


Poem of the Day - 01-20-2017

Note: Mike wrote the 1st and 3rd stanzas, while I wrote the 2nd and 4th stanzas.

Thank you my friend, Mike for inviting me to collaborate with you on this piece, for your wonderful inspiration, and making it easy for me!

Copyright © Pandita Sanchez | Year Posted 2017

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Reflection of a cherry blossom tree

Reflection of a cherry blossom tree, mirrored upon a calm river by pale moonlight. Its fragile buds falling with the light breeze, float away with the flow of tributaries. Just like memories that slowly slip away, time ticks calmly counting down the days. Innocently it stands with serene beauty as lovers gather to admire its peaceful nature. Many beloveds have shared a passionate kiss, while intoxicated by its seductive aroma. From Vietnam to Japan, to the shores across the pond, many a love story has began under fragile pink blossoms. Oh my beloved, how I long to embrace you beneath its glory, so our love story can be forever cherished. Under pale moonlight that glistens for you our lips will delicately touch for the first time. Cherry blossom buds shower our heads, as they shelter our love.
, The Silent One Originally written 3 October 2015 Posted 5 January 2018

Copyright © Silent One | Year Posted 2018