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Best Senses Poems

Below are the all-time best Senses poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of senses poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member MY GARDEN
My garden is such a colourful sight,
with pretty roses and scented sweet peas.
An abundance of blooms, what pure delight!

Beautiful butterflies gently alight
on flowers dancing on...

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Categories: senses, beauty, butterfly, flower, garden,

Premium Member We Push The Pen
We push the pen to make you feel
the gentle tapping of the falling rain,
the stinging burn of the summer sun
the heavy heart of despair and...

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Categories: poems, poetry, poets, senses,

Premium Member Sensual Silky Colors
I have loved   -    I have felt ivory love bliss colors.

I have ridden sapphire air of crimson ecstasy -

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Categories: longing, passion, romantic, senses,

Premium Member A Former Great Nations Squandered Wealth I
Swept up into piles; everywhere 
Abouts; in collected heaps all 
Around.              ...

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Categories: philosophy, senses,

Premium Member Our October Sky

 October sky, the 1st we celebrate, a seasons heart yearned treasured moment,
    Sun rises, new beginnings, Enlightens nature, we seek...

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Categories: senses, autumn, blessing, inspirational, nature,

There is a place called beautiful nestled deep in my mind's eye
Gingham curtains crisply pressed frame periwinkle summer sky
Brass kettle on the old gas stove...

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Categories: senses, beautiful, family, grandmother, imagery,

Premium Member Any Old Poem Contest: echoes and whispers uncut
the whispers
of leaves
turn color
autumn is here.

the echoes
of the rain
that waters
and blossoms spring.

the snow shapes
the crisp cold
ices the wintertide.

the sand sculptures
that paint
that rekindle
a childhood summer past.


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Categories: autumn, senses, spring, summer,

Premium Member I Want to See that Look
I want to see that look
That shows the coming rapture
The face of wanton need
Passion's hungry capture
I want to see that look
Testament to lover's game
To know...

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Categories: senses, sensual,

Premium Member Florida Keys Please
No litter, no rules, no society scent,
just peninsula pure soul content, ideally lent.
Awed and wowed with arms stretched wide,
I stand on Key’s narrow road, on...

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Categories: senses, appreciation, beauty, ocean, sea,

Premium Member HEAR EAR
Over recent months I’ve had trouble with my hearing…
Misinterpreting what is being said isn’t so endearing

Take a step back and think of all the things...

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Categories: senses, health, how i feel,

Premium Member My Five Senses

The pitch the peak of senses piqued
each completely

Let me see

searching my memory 
biking down Laurier
locking eyes with a hawk flying in the opposite lane
is probably...

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Categories: senses, sensual,

Premium Member Just An Old Poet, Holding On Until I Die
Just An Old Poet, Holding On Until I Die

I write verse, live in the moment and score the past
oft revealing naked truths that set some...

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Categories: senses, art, creation, happiness, poetry,

Premium Member Mirror Ball
I'm sure this hill is where it stood.
Amazing shapes of stuccoed wood.
A glass-brick, neon stream-lined place.
As if it flew from outer space,

A swing band auditorium,

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Categories: senses, allegory, allusion, analogy, color,

My First Ball
As I walk through the doors of the hall,
I am swept off my feet by such flare.
When I think that tonight’s my first ball,
How I...

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Categories: senses, dance, emotions, first love,



Aurora breaks,

Cinderella  damsel  enchants  felicity,

gliding   halcyon--

implanting   jazzy  kisses,

languorous murmurs. . ....

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Categories: senses, feelings, love, relationship, romance,

Premium Member I Look to You
As flower to the sun, I look to you
As thirsty grass that drinks in drops of dew
As river flowing down to waiting sea
I live again...

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Categories: love, senses, sensual,

Five Senses in Spring
The wood smoke is rising,
there’s a chill in the air,
the valley’s in shadow,
with the pear tree still bare,
but I know by morning,
what the new day...

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Categories: farm, senses, , cute,

Niagara Falls

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Categories: feelings, inspiration, nature, senses,

Mixed Senses
Relaxed, lying in a hot bath
Inhaling lavender fragrance,
Watching flickering candles
And shadows dancing on the walls,
Listening to the soothing music
Of Mozart’s piano sonatas,
She gently strokes her...

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Categories: emotions, senses,

Scattering Blooms

Gathering a plethora,
of abandoned blossoms high and low,
a covered basket and pockets full.
Light footsteps through shady trees
releasing dainty blooms for me,
nature’s soulful aliment like a

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Categories: beauty, flower, senses, tree,

Premium Member Mermaid's Milk: a collaboration with the still dashing David Williams
The moss clung tightly; making it unbearable to breathe, 
and she sealed her lips tighter than a clam’s— not letting the pain take over

As the...

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Categories: senses, hope, mystery, me, song,

Premium Member Serenading the Senses- Adult Content
On whispered breeze I hear your plea to feed
Upon my form you wish to feast and dine
I smile as I inhale desire’s need
And know tonight...

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Categories: relationship, senses, sensual,

Vision, perception
Staring, observing, gazing
Ability to see everything, total visual impairment
Stumbling, groping, touching
Darkness, sightless

Diamante Contest 
Sponsored by Janis Thompson


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Categories: senses,


Enchant me 
Serenade me 
Touch me

Raise my temperature
Heighten my senses 
Make me tingle all over 

Apply your hands to my trembling body 

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Categories: love, lust, senses,

Premium Member Instincts of Innocence
Years have come and gone
and the woman in me has seen
the love of the ancients in a dream
the constancy of time...gleams
nothing is as it seems

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Categories: innocence, senses, sensual,