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Best Satire Poems

Below are the all-time best Satire poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of satire poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member View from the prism of 'ism'
socialism  communism  fascism   despotism
  buddhism  catholicism  hinduism  zoroastrianism  
territorialism  colonialism   imperialism  ...

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Categories: satire, society, truth, word
Form: Monorhyme

Premium Member Cyber real
Has the convenience of technology 
inoculated us from reality?
Do androids dream of electric sheep?
I pray the code my soul to keep?
Does your universe live within 4G

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Categories: computer, culture, identity, satire,
Form: Rhyme
My Torment
A fleeting still small voice tries to warn me
A sudden overwhelming desire to run
The tell tale taste of metallic flakes
Means my nightmare has begun

Everything around...

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Categories: satire, angst, confusion, depression, health,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member My butt crack
My butt crack 
Is quite a split 
It supports the rest of me 
when I sit 
you thought I was gonna say something else didn't...

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© Eric Nolan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: funny, happiness, life, satire,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Mirror, Lie to Me
I stare at my mirror
So shocked by what I see
There is a strange woman
Staring right back at me

I must’ve been abducted
This must be a crazy...

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Categories: me, pain, satire, time,
Form: Quatrain

Premium Member Halloween on the Dark Side of Town
It's a nightmare down on Elm Street. Satan's waiting here at home.
Where's that little Freddy Krueger with his nails of sharpened chrome?
And that dearest Michael...

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© Roy Jerden  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: holiday, satire,
Form: Rhyme
Maria Down Under
There’s endless miles of golden sandy beaches
Sparkling aqua waters as far as the eye can see
Gods and Goddesses frolic au naturel down under
Here’s where Heaven...

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Categories: beach, lust, satire, vacation,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member I, The Clone
I, The Clone

     So that I would not live alone,
     My parents thought I should be a...

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Categories: humorous, me, satire,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Quo Vadis poetry, a damsel in distress-w
Captive damsel of creative-writing programs,   
Personalized, eulogized job of small groups,  
The frenetic activities handy to very few,  
Poetry now belongs...

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Categories: satire,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member The Night Before Christmas
'Twas the night before Christmas' ...
          And with finances dead,

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Categories: christmas, funny, humorous, satire,
Form: Rhyme
Granny Panty Annie, the Tranny
Lemme tell ya' about a
*ding-bat skit-zo 
bee-hotch* tranny
named Annie...

I met her one night 
under disco lights 
up at Candies

She was 
starin' at me
grittin' her teeth

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Categories: satire, adventure, black african american,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Rime of The Swarthy Bard
Math, physics, English, and so on—
    alas, are tiresome!
All the professors here go on 
    with a prime axiom....

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Categories: humor, rap, satire, student,
Form: Bio
My Slutty Aunt's Wedding
I shook my head
Knew the day’d be messy
Some poor sap
Was marrying my Aunt Bessie

She’d slept with half of Brooklyn
Flaunting her exploits all through town
The mayor,...

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Categories: satire, wedding, wedding,
Form: Rhyme
Egos on Display
So many people complain when they lose

To gain better rankings, judges they schmooze

And if they don’t place, their egos are bruised

They even use blogs simply...

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Categories: satire,
Form: Rhyme
footle..Visit To The Dentist.
The fear
In here ..
                  The chair

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© Sean Kelly  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: satire
Form: Light Verse
The Circles
Looked at the outside of steel window
Around in the dark, awesome feelings into the mid-night air
What the news was brought in the feelings!

Eyes of the...

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Categories: satire, deep, father, feelings, history,
Form: Free verse
They crawl out of the woodwork
Shedding lots of crocodile tears
Grieving for an ancient relative
They’ve not visited for many years
‘Auntie Annie’ is barely warm
But now you...

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Categories: funeral, humorous, money, satire,
Form: Rhyme

Life's a One Way, Uphill.
Every Wrinkle on your Face
Marks a Step of Maturity.
You go Up not Looking
At the Peak but Dreaming 
Of Sliding Down, Trying...

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Categories: satire, beauty, irony, old, people,
Form: Free verse
You Wont Steal My Joy
  The Las Vegas shootings were Horrific. 
The people running as the rapid fire was 
sounding off in the background!
  The wild fires...

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Categories: joy, love, sad, satire,
Form: Free verse
Quacking Crackers
Donald Duck Chancellor of this fowl kingdom 
wearing an upside down smile's raging hypocrite backwards 
this deranged Duck twitters to and fro as his unhinged...

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Categories: satire, anger, conflict, fear, irony,
Form: Political Verse
A Plate of Disorder
A Plate of Disorder

Are you ready to Disorder Sir?
What can I tempt you for a starter,
May I recommend the Turmoil Soup?
Garnished with Havoc Green Tartar.


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© Kevin Shaw  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: satire, anger, confusion, food, mental
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Fool and His Life Are Soon Parted
Oh how sad, oh how glum,
Goodness gracious prater comes.
Writing winsome words of woe,
Endlessly stopping, never to go.

Whiling away the endless hours;
Scribbling sigils, clawing, I cower.

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Categories: satire
Form: Rhyme
Main Street Laureate
(On the state of American Poetry-  A Non-Poem Poem )

I'm Poet Laureate Of Main Street.
They voted.  I won.

' came down to me and...

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Categories: humor, irony, poetry, satire,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member I do not like you folk
I do not like you folk                   ...

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Categories: funny, poems, satire, word
Form: Couplet
Bedlam Blues
Cain killed Abel on a Monday night 
Abel didn’t get a chance to put up much of a fight
Cain said, “am I my brother’s keeper?”...

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Categories: satire, allegory, funny, murder, mythology,
Form: Political Verse