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Looking towards the blue sky
Every color camouflaged around the cloud
Tears of sadness began to dry
Watching all the colors display out loud

The dark needing to fade
The grey in my life finally made sense
Colors overlapping, forming a beautiful cascade
Shoulders of tense

I imagined your smile against the yellow sun
Giving light to all the matter of the things I've done
A warmness in my red heart-- together in the long run
Creating a new purple and pink sensation-- as one

My new rainbow doesn't come in black and white
Giving reason to follow the joy of light 
A gift of colors remind me everything will be all right
A guide blazing throughout the night

Lavender plant blooming for the world to see
A garden of every color just for me
Everyday I see the sunrise, rising up in colors of glee
My Rainbow will appear everyday without rain, no matter how deep the sea

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, the perfect skin tan
My sweet angel your the largest spectrum where ever rainbows span


I wrote this poem for my mom.

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2011

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A Bridge Over Silent Waters

A Bridge Over Silent Waters

Never judge your fellow man
Before seeking your own reflection
Not the one that shines in a glass mirror
Seek it in the eyes of your fellow man
His eyes shall reflect your compassion or lack there of

When a pond has no ripples
Look for the lies, underneath
When you see the waves upon the water
Know that the winds are singing to you
Truth will always seek you out

Never close your heart to a strangers smile
His smile may bring you serenity or deception
Trust in your inner being to know
It shall open up towards the rainbows or seek refuge 
To protect your soul

When you see a human suffering
Flea not inside your reflection
Instead reflect upon his suffering
Share the waters of your pond with him
This shall promise you both more rainfall


This was inspired by a poem written by Charmaine, she was kind enough to let me use a few of her lines in the first verse of this poem. Its amazing how when you read something it can open your mind to think of things you otherwise would not have. For some reason, maybe more because of his messages than his style I find myself thinking of Richards’s poetry as well. This for me is the beauty of the site, the inspiration one gets from fellow poets, it’s a great honor to have met so many, and to have shared so many ideas and views and opinions. More important than any poem is the laughter and smiles, this among friends is like giving away gold bars. (Although I do accept the occasional gold bar now and then)

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2015

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At the End of the Rainbow

At the end of the rainbow, dreams unfold.
And some people say there is a pot of gold.

How well I recall a rainbow one day
that shone in the sky when a storm went away.

Rain pelted my car; I felt so afraid.
But as I neared home, it started to fade.

The sky, once so dark, grew more and more blue.
I thrilled next to see a rainbow arch through!

It bent toward the mountains, so beautiful,
a peace and great joy welled up in my soul.

No pot of gold at its end did I see,
but still there was gold and it beckoned to me.

The mountains were gilded with a bright gleam.
This is the magic that makes poets dream!

When I got home, I took paper and pen
and wrote of that beauty, God's promise to men.

Again I recall how my soul lifted.
At the rainbow's end, God's love is gifted.

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2016

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Unseen Rainbow

I've never ever seen her face, 
but in my mind, she's the color of love
strong like dark coffee
She wakes you up early in the morning,
gives you an energetic taste of loving
to get your day going
passionate fire flows in her veins
She's got crimson lips that blow words of desire,
to keep the flames rising higher and higher,
every time she speaks your name
smile is sunshine bright
She walk towards you in her canary-colored,
polka dot sun dress that accentuate her hips so well
Her graceful charm is so a-maize-ingly pastel
mood indigo can really touch you
She makes you want to love her always,
under ocean lit moonlight and clear cerulean skies
Embark on a passage of endless days
verdant valley of iris flower eyes
She's as a carpet of grass with enfolding arms,
wrapping you in her love
Bury your head in her bosom, safe from harm
sugar is the sweetest heart ever known
She has a boundless supply of caramel happiness,
taste the creamy richness of her sensuality
It's like roasted chestnuts offered to a welcomed guest
visions of a streaming, silky satin dress
She has a winter glow like pure virgin snow,
a gift waiting to be opened by a worthy beau
Beckons you into her ivory tower to rest
Forever gazing into her yet unseen face,
which in my mind is the color of love

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2016

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Rainbow Tree

Oh my regal Eucalyptus friend,
Your tall rainbow trunk is rooted deep,
Stationary, yet your tree tops bend
In constant unison with the wind.
My camera can’t capture your awesome sweep.
Thin limbs try to reach the azure sky
While your trunk fascinates passersby.
An army of ants reveals a platoon
Moving over bark to their marching tune. 
Your small leaves sing in susurrate song,
A Queen amidst trees where you belong!

© Connie Marcum Wong

We have this lovely tree here in Hawaii. The rainbow eucalyptus, Mindanao gum, or rainbow gum is the only Eucalyptus species found naturally in the Northern Hemisphere. Its natural distribution spans New Britain, New Guinea, Seram, Sulawesi and Mindanao.

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2014

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Soaring Hawk - A Haiku Series

Soaring Hawk poised high Back drop a deep sapphire sky Winds in attendance Mighty wings unfold Caressing the Wind Spirits They lift and support Circling Hawk perceives Rainbow circle on a cloud Framed is his shadow On oceans of blue Snow hills of clouds seem to float On silvered ripples Waves swell as they curl White manes gracefully flow Rolling to the shore Higher still soars Hawk Wind Spirits on either side Carry him upwards Land and mountains meld Lofty mountains crown the land Great aspirations Hawk gracefully glides Towards the shore he observes His island in bloom Festooned in colour Hibiscus - Red, Gold and Pink In leafy bouquets Flowers - Pale yellow Their sweet perfume exuding Riding on the Winds Romance in the air Couples hold hands and frolic An Island in love Hawaiian Hawk proud Sees everything - land and sea Paradise Island Wind voices whisper Of Rebirth, Growth and Culture Hawaii has heard
Footnote: We recently visited Hawaii, one of our favorite holiday destinations, once again we were carried away with the ambience and peacefulness of this Island Paradise. The inspiration came while viewing the breath taking panorama from the 16th floor of the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort. The Waikiki beach, the beautiful gardens and the mountains all formed the picture. But we needed a story and the Spirit legends supplied the theme. All this came together and composed on the aircraft on our way back home to Australia. I have tried to capture and share some of the essence which is the Spirit of this beautiful island, its rebirth of culture that’s embroidered in the legends of a traditional Hula dance. The Red Hibiscus (koki'o'ula) is the flower of the big island, while the Gold flower mentioned - The vibrant, sunshine-hued Yellow Hibiscus (ma'o hau hele) is Hawaii's official National flower. In Hawaiian culture, Hibiscus is a symbol of old royalty & communicates power and respect. The Hawk Kaha Ka ‘lo - the highest Chiefs where often called ‘lo – ‘Hawk with eyes that can see everywhere’ Ku Makani ‘Rising Wind’ has a position of power grace and motion. Ka Leo O Haukine ‘The voice of the Wind’, is so named. The two Winds according to the legend, are the voices of ancestors who listen and speak through the winds. Together they are the Spirits that uplift the mighty ‘Lo – The Hawaiian hawk. Some of the imagery described is seen from the aircraft as it would be seen through the eyes of the Hawaiian Hawk. The circular rainbow, for those who have not been fortunate to have witnessed this rare phenomenon, it actually does exist. POTD 14th April 2017

Copyright © Maria Williams | Year Posted 2017

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It struts peacock-like when the rains have gone,
but visible from only the one side,
to folk who from behind sun shines upon,
those facing its bright rays will be denied.
Get closer, as the superstitious do,
and hopes arise with each step they draw near,
in vain seeking treasure, although they knew
the closer they get, it would disappear.
From far off we must seem the happy pair,
our faithfulness tied bow-like round the years,
but close up lie the strains, the wear and tear,
frustrated arguments that no-one hears.
Our hearts not washed in seven coloured stain
rainbow faded, long showers still remain.

For contest 'Rainbows', sponsor Craig Cornish

Copyright © Viv Wigley | Year Posted 2018

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Rainbow In My World Today

There is a rainbow in my world today,
With every word your write my way.
Colors of emotions flow in harmony,
as they spread across the sky in unity.
Wrap me in your red, orange and blue,
fill me with the violet passion of you.
You make the sky shine after that rain,
softly your soul pushes away the pain.
In every luxurious line that you say,
you are the rainbow in my world today.


Copyright © Casarah Nance | Year Posted 2014

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After The Storm

Lightning flashed, blinded my innocent, trusting eyes.
Thunder ravaged my soul, and forced out my cries.

Destructive winds threatened, ripped me all apart.
Raindrops, the tears that ever flooded my heart.

Dark clouds were ever-present, in turbulent air.
Yet, no winds could stir the flowers in my hair.

No longer waiting for that storm to pass the hill.
I left it behind, and walked away by my own will.

A rainbow shined beautifully, yet arched into a frown.
As every now and then, the rain still comes down.

I have stepped right over you, like scattered debris.
As the sun's rays now light down a new path for me.

For Shanity Rain's contest - "After The Storm"

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2013

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Let The Rain Fall

I could smell and sense 
the showers coming in the air
with an approaching storm.
I inhale this 
light little scent of heaven.
The rain will never dampen my spirits.
No umbrella for me tonight.
But, I don't mind, 
I'll walk in the rain.

I savor this 
sweet little taste of heaven.
The flavor is cool and refreshing,
with a purity 
that is almost indescribable.
It is cleansing to my soul,
I can feel it 
washing away my cares,
and making it okay to smile, again.

I experience this 
gentle little caress of heaven.
When it soaks through 
my jacket and my jeans.
My shoes splash
in the rain 
with every step that I take.
I can hear it 
tap dancing on the rooftops, 
with invisible feet.

The streetlights 
reflect on the wet pavement,
in pools of gold and silver.
The neon signs blink, 
red and yellow, 
blue and green.
Like drips of paint, 
it puddles on the street.
Bringing color 
to where there was none before,
only a flood of gray.
Now there is a palette
of fragrances to absorb.
Creating almost a rainbow 
in the nighttime.

Written by: Kelly Deschler
November 11th, 2013
For Nette Onclaud's contest - "Fragrance Of Rain"

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2013

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Conquering Rainbows

With the sun shining on my right side
And the clouds pouring rain on my left
It seemed to me, I didn’t have too far to go
To reach the most brilliant rainbow I had ever seen yet

I ran as fast as my little feet could take me
Before the spectacle could up and disappear
My whole life, I wanted to scale rainbows
I may as well do it right now and here

When I reached the beginning I was almost blinded
The red and orange were hot to my touch
But when I grabbed a hold of the yellow and green
They didn’t hurt so much

I placed one foot on the blue; the other on the indigo
I used the violet underneath me, to point out which way to go

The slope started off steep; it took everything I had to climb
As up and up and up I went, losing all track of time

At the top of the rainbow I could see forever
The earth beneath me and the heavens above
I had never felt this feeling before
I’m pretty sure that they call it “love”

I just sat there in peaceful silence
With the colors wrapped around my limbs
If happiness was a deep blue ocean
I had just jumped in it for a swim

The time had come for me to descend
As the sun was starting to set
I slid down the rainbow like a playground slide
On a ride I will never forget

When I reached the end of the rainbow
I found disappointed people looking for gold
But fortunes aren’t found at the end of the rainbow
It’s in the journey – or so I am told

Copyright © Joe Flach | Year Posted 2012

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A Rainbow's Magic

A Rainbow’s Magic

A rainbow’s magic reflects God’s majestic and divine touch,
Giving us a panoply of colored images which mean so much.

The wonder of God’s enchanted pictorial missives here on Earth,
Gives us an ethereal pause as we reflect on each rainbow’s birth.

A rainbow is God’s celestial medium of His images to treasure,
To help Man better understand Him and meet His deft measure.

The power of a rainbow is its picture-perfect aura of pulchritude,
Dazzling our visual senses and assuring us of Heaven’s certitude.

A rainbow’s very visage mesmerizes our human senses complete,
And embeds in us all God’s spirited message of His love replete.

A rainbow is a noble and supreme reflection of beauty at its best,
And of shades of heavenly images on Earth meeting God’s behest.

A rainbow’s magic is the power of God’s message to us on Earth,
Subtly preparing Man for his heavenly ascent and his soul’s rebirth.

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, August 13, 2015
(Rhymed Couplet)

Copyright © Gary Bateman | Year Posted 2015

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Sweetly Sings

Medicine of this soul faraway with a dream seventh Heaven looking across a sea
the other night went for a walk strolling against a cold wind distant thoughts

Crying seagulls on the beach looking around even snow lying in the sand 
it was quite an awakening cold cutting ice wind blowing across the brow

Listening to the echoing roars crunching of great cliffs tasting salted air
waves crashing thunder I thought of you as the surf sprayed on shores
Oh the moon as the winds howl laying golden whispers your name landing wishes fall on a star sparkling beams Heaven you came to me under a crystal blue white light 

An angel fallen who found one miracle lost in this world drunken in the chalice of love 
each drop dripping passion adoring loves beauty forever and always

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2015

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Ribbon Dance

Ribbon Dance

Ribbons fly in graceful loops
flung by hands of maidens fair,
as they dance with turns and twists,
rainbow ribbons fill the air.

Curves of wonder, colors bright
like a rainbow, mesmerize.
Music, synchronized, combine
gifts of art through ears and eyes.

Rainbow ribbons rise and fall,
twisting, turning high and low.
Led by movements of skilled hands,
twirl an endless color flow.

Like a rainbow, colors blend
and create a mystic trance,
through the art of maidens fair;
dancers of the Ribbon Dance.

Sandra M. Haight

~8th Place~
Contest: Rainbows
Sponsor: Craig Cornish
Judged: 11/09/2018

~3rd Place~
Contest: Chinese New Year & Celebrations 
Theme: Ribbon Dance
Sponsor: Debbie Guzzi
Judged: 02/15/2015

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2015

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High on the clouds, a lustrous sight
Reflecting bend of arch’s delight
As noon dips low, the late gust’s air
Paints colors bright beyond compare…
In tints that wave from pink to gold;
Along curve’s end, I do behold
Such longing to embrace its charms,
To reach out gently with my arms
In one rare moment, wishes call
For burdens gone as lines enthrall…
These hush-like breaths, these humble swings
Impart a rainbow’s lit blessings;
When at last, dear omen of peace
Gifts our fine hearth with joy’s release!

What is at the end of your rainbow? 
Couplet form only
Eve Roper's Contest

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2016

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The Sunflower Rises

Conquering new territories climbing up the stairway
new beginnings hanging on the edge of a dream
an empire arises from dark ashes flash petals catch one gem

Through honeycombed dewdrops softly spinning clear 
golden the sparkle upon your tabernacle silken touch
vision of deep beauty shines immaculate heart

Beholding rose gold sparkles
sugar coating light dazzling before the eyes
crystal sparks ignite rainbow gleams

Through a mist of tears travelling one picture 
everything shrinks in your shadow perfect
sunbeams warmly come alive

Touching clouds dancing with teardrops 
falling over an angel salted from the ocean
seagulls lament faraway distant overseas calls

(Unrhymed Tercet)

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2016

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In Emerald Shadows

Trying to hide in conspicuous places
a night on the town in their false, plastic faces.
Sweetly they sweep through magnificent halls,
top-dollar galas and masquerade balls -- 
where always the wine is more bitter than sweet,
each girl wishing for love in her ruby-clad feet.

Perhaps scarecrows are thoughtful, and lions are brave,
and the tin-men know passion, such a boisterous parade
of hopeful young suitors, each waiting his chance
to find a young lady and win her last dance. 

All tied up as prisoners with satin-silk chains
they listlessly dance as the hope from them drains.
A piano-man plinks only on the black keys:
pentatonic winds on a pentatonic breeze,
still not enough blowing to carry balloons
or to start raining houses from cyclic typhoons.

The evening draws on -- long beyond the moon’s rising,
a faint glinting of green from the city’s disguising
the envious looks in the eyes of the witches
and harsh threatening gales of the wind as it switches.
And no one is happy, none are finding their prize --
no one knows what they want, nor removes their disguise.
So the dancing is pointless, bravado is hollow
no wizardly magic can fix what will follow.

Shallow connections that lead nowhere, and quickly
the ballroom grows quiet, the witches grow prickly
the lions go fleeing, the scarecrows are clueless,
the tin-men don’t care, and that makes them the cruelest
For out in the public, among all the noise
some girls have gone missing -- and so have some boys
and in the dark shadows, all knew what occurred
but they whisper and gossip, and spread what they heard:
that it must have been mutual, it must be alright
they’re both grown adults, let’s not be so uptight.
And thus they all hide, in conspicuous places
enabling the culprits with false, plastic faces.


Copyright © The Grahamburglar | Year Posted 2016

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Rainbow Colored Camouflage

 Very many years ago,
 In the land of rich men called NO,
 Bobo, a poor man, had nowhere to go,
"Give me a little space to stay", he pleaded, but lo,
"Your place is out of the city," they shooed him and so, 
 Outside he stayed in sun, rain and snow,
 Rainbows glowed, stars shone, sun rays blazed on NO and Bobo.

Reality was - All the people 
       In the land of NO 
Benefited Out of Bobo's Woes;

For when Bobo died, (and 'twas soon)
The heavens cried, (so did stars, sun and moon)
All lights stopped shining, (darkness invaded) 
The men started whining, (fear pervaded)
The rich men died, (one by one)
No one did abide, (no, not one) 
NO was no more NO without poor Bobo; 
The rich did never know that HE had been their Rainbow.


Copyright © Jo Daniel | Year Posted 2017

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The Gift

The skies are cold and grey today
With winds in constant wayward sway.

A melancholy November
Ushers soon a cold December.

A time to contemplate and write
A poet's view filled with insight

Into a world where dreams come true,
Where hopes are high and sorrows few

There dwells that optimistic hope,
A faith instilled to help us cope,

For in today's reality
If not for faith, insanity

Grows like a weed in garden's keep,
Spreads choking and devours our sleep.

What can a lowly poet do
To grace us with a rainbow's hue?

I meditate and bless the Earth
In gratitude of our Lord's birth

And with each serene breath I take
I know of love that won't forsake.

Poem of the Day November 30, 2017
Thank you Poetry Soup Team!

Any Couplet Written in October-November 2017 -
Poetry Contest - 10th Placement
Sponsor Laura Loo 

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2017

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Norway Rains

Norway Rains I love the rain Under my umbrella Staring at rainbows Wishing for dreams My stomach is hungry, so it seems I may be just a wee little kid In the country rain Still I know dreams do come true As Anne-Lise brings my favorite ice cream Smiles all, through and through Laughter echoes in the Norway rains
Dedicated to Anne-Lise from Norway!!!!!!!!

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2017

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From My Diary: Nature

I celebrate the nimbus clouds
     stealthly gathering in a silent sky.
No great claps of thunder to shock
     my senses, no lightning bursts,
As the rain begins like tender tears
     then cascades in stormy sheets.

Let the rain seep deep into my cells, 
     into my serene soul.
Let my passion grow until petrichor
     is all that I breathe.
Radiance of the sun soon filters 
     through colored cotton clouds

Creating a rainbow in cool mist as,
     diamond drops dazzle
my adoring eyes, mirrors my joys,
     stills my hopeful heart.
My senses are glorified in the 
     aftermath of the sudden storm.

Rivulets from tiny pools run free, 
     sharing their sweet abandonment...
imbued and autumn hued.
     Winds morph into balmy breezes
and all is at equanimous ease
     except my heart yearning for more.


*Note: We seldom have any thunder or lightning in our tropical storms which makes them pleasant encounters. Some of us dance in the rain because it isn't cold.

TITLE: Hawaiian Storm
From My Diary: Nature - 5th Place

Enter A Poem Called, From My Diary - Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Broken Wings

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2017

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Gray Area

Sometimes when matters are in the gray,
it ain’t always black and white
There are times when emotions are deep blue,
canary yellow thoughts can make us wanna fly, shy away
Then, bright orange glowing memories
bring gentle, evergreen smiles
As time’s seasonal change sunset down on us
Being lifelong lovers, we got
amethyst purple hearts of courage
that beats with 
ruby red rhythms of loving perseverance
Here at this humble, brownstone garden abode,
two pink carnations have budded and bloomed
Now looking at the graying of the skies,
we can see the rainbows in each other’s eyes
Reflecting the soul spectrum of our love

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

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Please Rename the Rainbow

The rainbow needs a new name. What it should be I don’t know. Its name before Babel surely a song. Shimmering, glistening, magical thing! Outlandishly colored, and elusive. Common and yet somehow rare. Momentary, yet ancient. Its power only doubted when hidden. In its presence we are left without words. Brilliant men utter only oohs and aah’s. At times we can’t help but cry because of water vapor? Tiny droplets suspended untethered! Explained and still incomprehensible! Artists paint in vain upon their canvas. Their work trite, opaque and flat, a ridiculous cartoon. If pictures with their renown power fail, how can we tell of the leaping inside? Hint of another realm we all suspect Like joyous recognition! For all this we say, “rainbow.”

Copyright © P.S. AWTRY | Year Posted 2018

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Colour of my Heart

Colour of my Heart Look to the rainbow as it paints the sky Exquisite colors that are on display For the heart does not question how or why As the sun smiles to take away the grey For my eyes are blind to the palettes hue Rendering visions of life’s creation Masterful pigments in a dancing spew Filling my soul with calming elation The artist enthralls as the colors spread A mesmeric mosaic in the art Such as humanity whose tears have shed And hold a loving place within my heart For all the colors that make up the Earth An enchanting awake, time for rebirth. 10 SYLLABLES PER LINE Rhyme scheme ABAB CDCD EFEF GG Dec.06.2018 Colour of my heart Sponsored by: John Hamilton N/A for contest

Copyright © Winged Warrior | Year Posted 2018

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Rolling Thunder And A Gentle Rain

The gentle music flows
from every drop of rain,
as it just lightly taps
against my window pane.

The wind begins to whistle
it's own melodious song,
while the wind-chimes
dance and play along.

The soothing sounds cast open
the windows and doors.
I close my eyes and breathe.
The energy surrounds me as my spirit soars.

I hold out my hand and feel the raindrops
as if they were at play.
My breath now quickened with emotion.
I taste the rain on my lips as I embrace the glorious day.

The curtains blow inward
the breeze itself is warm,
my mind is so peaceful
in the calm before the storm.

The sky's voice trembles
from above a darkening cloud,
as the rolling thunder
speaks it's thoughts aloud.

The thunder awakens
the flash of light.
The part of nature
that sends some to flight.

I chose to embrace the power of nature
in the earth and sky.
And bask in the wonder
that fills my eyes.

The rain seems to be letting up
as it puddles on the green grass,
and the once powerful winds
are now calming down at last.

The gray clouds are parting
and a bright rainbow forms,
proving that something beautiful
can come from such dangerous storms.

My eyes close and I breathe
in the scent of the cleansing rain.
The brilliant hues of the rainbow
dance in my mind where I feel no pain.

The sun peaks from behind the clouds
just to say hi.
I feel the warmth against my face
as I view the beauty with a sigh.

Written by: Kelly Deschler & Nature Boy

For Jared Pickett's contest - "Collaboration"

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2014