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I am the daughter of eve ,with the strength to create or destroy the world,but you nasty people
Judge and say me as a simple weak being.
Was born to be beautiful being but you made me suffer my whole life.
 During childhood,I loved playing with dolls  and with friends,
But you wanted me to do the chores so brother can enjoy.
He enjoyed all the pleasures and had all the fun,while I was in the
Hot sun,doing the work like a nun.
I worked like a donkey,but he had the turkey.
As he was the son, and I was none.
He had to read the books and I had the food to cook.
And there came a new man in life ,for whom I was wife.
He earned money and I was honey.
he had the authority and I was in poverty.
He was the ruler and I was the bearer.
All I wanted was the love ,but he gave me the stove.
The  days passed and the seasons changed,but my life hadn’t.
Designation changed from wife to  mother,nursing all the time .
Was split into  two by husband and kids,but the heart always 
Desired something else.
Kids grew and flew to new destinations. 
the heart does crave and yearn for love as it is stupid,as it doesn’t 
have mind to think,and it is  there only to feel.
I want to learn, read ,play and relive those moments which were 
Mine  but were snatched away as I was a girl.
But it is us, who make this world beautiful,peaceful and happy.
We are mothers, daughters, sisters above all we are human beings.
Treat us like fellow humans but not like slaves,then you will see
The more beauty of the world.

PS:This poem is not based on my personal experience ,but on my observation and deep understanding of their pain.It speaks about women who went through this pain and strength they discovered they had to come out of it.

Copyright © kenisha shines | Year Posted 2012

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Ignoring ignorance annoys the ignorant.

Copyright © Lin Lane | Year Posted 2017

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The Strong Soul

I laugh a lot 
sometimes it's funny 
but mostly when it's not.

I am known the happy one ,
the hyper one ,
the overreacting one ,
The girl who is full of smiles.

But I wish I knew
 that smile hides a lot of pain

During the night
even  laughter becomes a secret 
when those tears roll down my eyes.

But the truth to be realised
I promised myself
I wouldn't let the world reveal
the scars my heart owned,
the insecurities my mind owned.

It makes me feel sad when I
conclude life is full of unshowable pain.
It makes me feel stronger when I
conclude how I've become 
pretending to be 'just fine'!

Copyright © Srishti Kalra | Year Posted 2018

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My Angel Got Her Wings

my angel got her wings
one day
and just like that
she flew away
way up in the sky 
toward God
seeing the invisible
and praising the Lord
some may ask me
how i feel
because i lost something
really real
my mind will wonder where to go
without her it just doesn't know
my eye's will miss her
they already do
and my ears that listened
they miss her too
and the chair next to me
will be empty for a while
and my words"I Love You"
won't make a sound
pictures will remind me 
of your smile
i did get to love you
for a little while
but deep in my heart
that's where you'll stay
forever you'll be
forever and a day

Copyright © john loving iii | Year Posted 2010

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The Unicorn

The unicorn horse, 
With a horn on its head, 
Is just a mythical animal
who runs in the forest, 
The unicorn myth, 
shall always live on.
A legendary horse, 
next to legendary man.
But through times of greatness, 
the myth lives on.
While grazing the grasses.
and roaming the lands.
The unicorn's exsistence, 
extraordinarily lives on.
A shimmer of hope, 
he has brought to the masses.
a symbol of purity and grace, 
throughout the Middle Ages, 
The Renaissance horse
has written the pages. 
The Unicorn's horn, 
was used for defenses, 
The Unicorn's legs
could jump many fences, 
Across the lands, 
and down to the sea.
The Unicorn's exsistence, 
was as rare as can be.
Strong as an Ox, 
he could never be captured.
By the grasp of the virgin, 
the horse could not flee.
The Virgin Mary herself, 
would not let the horse free..

Unicorn Poetry by Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 2014.All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © Kim Robin Edwards | Year Posted 2014

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Mary Jo Hoose

Mary by the falling leaves of Autumn
A peaceful Love like ours does have its sway
Remembering our Love in the summer
You and i in love's embrace day by day

Joining forever in a Loving touch
Our Autumn years when we shall Love so much

However winter it shall show its face
Over final years Love shows softer trace
Our dear Love it still shall have passion's flow
Still a dream it stays never shall it go
Ever in my heart i shall love you so

Song....Autumn Leaves.

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Kiss me,
Lick me,
Taste me,
Chase me,
Make me,
Damn baby just don't rape me.

Love me,
Miss me,
Hug me,
Deeper baby I want you too rub me.

Tuck me,
Touch me, 
Harder baby suck me

Irreplace me,
Race me, 
unlace me,
Dont be scared too face me 

Rule me, 
Chose me, 
U got me now baby don't lose me 

                                                                       By the one and only
                                                                             Sasha Nathan

Copyright © sasha nathan | Year Posted 2009

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My shelter from the storm
My Fountain in the wilderness
My Refuge and my Rock

High King of love, God of all grace
You have become my hiding place

My ever faithful God
A Lover to the loveless
Defender of the weak
The Healer of all brokenness
Restorer of my dreams

High King of love, God of all grace
My Comfort and my Peace
My Substitute, my Sacrifice

My perfect, spotless Lamb
You have become all in all 
My risen Lord, my Gift of life
My Saviour and my Friend

High King of love, God of all grace
Perfect in power, and strong to save
You're my God, my Glory 

You have become my righteousness
A humble Father to the motherless 
A kind Father to the fatherless 
You're my saviour, unchangeable Father.

Copyright © Don Bukana | Year Posted 2017

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Searching myself

I'm looking for myself  
Who am 'I'
"I am the 'I' or 
Just say the name of the 'I'
I have no or non-existent 
Said bin existence of 'I'
I'm looking for myself
Who am 'I'
"I am the 'I' or 
Just say the name of the 'I'

"I'm in where the 'I'
OU lost the 'I'
Was lost or not 'I'
I had a dream or a toy 'I'
Key moves the bin and 
Adapts to the way your boss 
I'm looking for myself
Who am 'I'
"I am the 'I' or 
Just say the name of the 'I'

Its meant to be 
I did not yet know 
Their survival 
I still did not recognize 
Who wanted a warm 
Still have not found 
The search of his existence 
Today again I do cry 
I'm looking for myself
Who am 'I'
"I am the 'I' or 
Just say the name of the 'I' 

Copyright © Lakshmi jayswal Agarwal | Year Posted 2016

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Handling Reality

Reliving painful moments every single day
Envying other's fortune
Always wanting the love of another
Loving people who will never care
Inviting things into your life that you can't handle
Trying to forgive while dealing with more pain
Yearning for the perfect life that no one will ever have

Copyright © Dawn Carpenter | Year Posted 2005

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Wondering wolf

Two decades old,
Soft skin light toned,
Bushy brown hair,
skinny slim built,
Eyes blue as the sky,
Emotions and mind,
All so very shy.

Born a Capricorn,
Raised in a working class,
Ball full of energy,
shattering plates and glass,
Father held the iron fist,
Mothers mind in a mist,
Smacking, screaming, shouting,
Reminders of him as a kid,
While she was there to kiss.

Talented athlete at school,
Hung out with kids to cool,
Social pint was empty,
Only half filled with Pepsi,
Peers drank beer,
while I stayed in the clear,
Teachers had crumpet faces,
telling me to tie up my laces,
I wish id listen,
But crunched an apple,
kneeling down in the chapel,
ignoring those prayers,
fed up with restricted care.

Flickering strobes,
Shiny lazer beam lights,
Bikie gangs making me feel so bright,
Strange faces everywhere,
in a cosmos they share,
lit up like christmas,
While satan grants their wish list,
Drenched in sweat,
I realised I was running,
from throbbing headaches and pains,
Cloudy Sunday mornings,
driving me insane.

Spaceship landed,
Half matured man,
half wondering wolf,
Paws deep in mud,
preventing my quest,
for a partner in love,
Mary howls her hisses,
in strong gale winds,
Sunrise to sunset,
Fed up waiting for him,
To taste a teaspoon of courage,
To pop a balloon full of wisdom,
Sitting too comfortably,
In his own prison.

Copyright © Hayden O'Neill | Year Posted 2017

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A Political Person

A person who feels about others
And speaks on their circumstances
And offers a better suggesions 
To improve the damped system
To add fundamentalistic solutions
To delete opportunism aspects
To develop everyone’s share
To approach everyone’s contribution
To maintain progress and prosperity
To build a civil agenda to enjoy
Without any prejudice barrier 
For our human dignity and regard
To differenciate humanism and animalism
To learn about patience and respect
To discuss a topic of learning
A natural behaviour and sophisticated
Developing approaches at same time
To recover the positive and negativeness
To establish distinctions of values
To identify a usefull and useless motives
To live with peace and satisfaction
To encourage further preparations
To secure and safe future
For beyond from newborn buddies
To provide good tools to develop
To understand a constructive problems
To dissolve wastage of recycling
To save extra energy for dangers
To refine pregressive thoughts 
To share his doubts and gains
For a better carriage
Is known as a political person?
How do you feel to listen others?
Satisfaction is a matter for all.

Copyright © Daljit Khankhana | Year Posted 2005

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Joyfully so, she seems to be my (our) biggest fan.
Absolutely wonderful, Jan's embodiments symbolize her awesome agenda.
Never does it fail, Jan shares free hugs—special gifts—maximum encouragers—orchestrated methodically scratching Souper's records, performing as our (my) poetic DJ.

My tribute: JAN ALLISON :

Awarded 1st place in contest submitted. Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich 

Copyright © Ir0nic ZiNk | Year Posted 2016

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Me (or Francine)

Friendly and witty, at least in my mind.
Rock and classical, my music combined.
Artistic and creative, when I want to be.
No longer dependant, happy to be free.
Casual and retro, my chosen form of dress.
Insecure at times, not fond of stress.
Need personal space, probably too much.
Enjoys being single, but misses someone's touch.

For "Forms of Poetry 101" contest.
Form is "Name"
Francine Roberts

Copyright © Francine Roberts | Year Posted 2010

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Copyright © Adeleke Adeite | Year Posted 2010

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The End Of Me

This night I can't see
The dark blinded my eyes
Try to struggle to escape
Trust nothing that are lies

Feeling the empty space
Awaiting for my wishing star
I walk through the darkness
Can't see where you are

Every step I take
Is a danger by seconds
Every Light I see
Is an Illusion that never ends

Opening my arms so wide
To feel the wind blow against me
But the wind turned to a storm
And was no longer breezy

Like another day I wake up
I stayed the same as I am
Wishing it will be a new day
Wishing my dreams will never end

I felt so hollow in my heart
Where only the mind speak to itself
Can't seem to know what happened
can't seem to know how I felt

I lowered my thoughts down
It is the pain brings me here
Too lost to be out there
I only trembled by fear

When I finally saw the Light
Wishing for myself to be free
I went into the portal of Light
Finally understood,
This is The End of Me

Copyright © Eli Moon | Year Posted 2005

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The Best Medicine

Little bits of giggles
alot of tumbling wiggles
under the guise of medicine
good for every ailment!
hungry for health 
tell you what you need
every day laughter
really helpful indeed!

Copyright © Melani Udaeta | Year Posted 2007

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No Last Call

Memory can be too stark sometimes, for I still see him
Ever young he shall be, like newly distilled water, pure
Rain of teardrops to stay contained and to weep never 
Encased in long-sleeping ducts of a permanent outline
Keeping within the dreams untold in a colorless shriek.
It was Sundays when we'd meet, and whenever late, i

Took quick refuge in coloring books, always a sure hit.
Each child spilling rainbows was last minute's reprieve.
Knocked cold that day as I heard the news with shock
And nightmares filled-in midst a wished blank amnesia
In the ashen-gray, painting life’s hues as unfelt stimuli
Reawakening a fuchsia of lips and cheeks with blusher 
Applying foundation to bring back his skin-warm sepia
Bounded tears bursting eye seams of a choked-up sob
As a river of images flows out its confines of white glia


Copyright © taai tekai | Year Posted 2018

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Miss You



Copyright © Kenny Loy | Year Posted 2013

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Hurricane Sandy

High flying waves
Unprecedented size
Rocking the Atlantic
Raging the East coast 
Intimidating ;
Creating a day inside;
A break from the grind 
Nature grounds us, tells us,
Everyone unwind 

Surge of power 
Anything but average 
No one will stand alone 
Down, but  not undone
Yes we will survive this storm

Copyright © Melani Udaeta | Year Posted 2012

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Music of this Heart

The Music of this Heart Flows Light and Kind

Slowly Breezes with the Wind

Through the Small and Quiet of the Day

Permeates Divine

Orchestrated in Thy Lords Command...........

Copyright © Ninette Carey | Year Posted 2015

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Sarah Marie Johnson

Sarah Johnson is, and will always be a cold, heartless murderer. She has no empathy for what she did to both of her own parents, Diane and Alan Johnson. Her friends and family can't even believe that a sweet girl would kill both of her own parents over some guy. They knew that Sarah wasn't supposed to get into this so-called "serious relationship" with this guy named Bruno Santos. The illegal immigrant was three years older than her, especially when he is still known for having a criminal history. It's sad to hear that Mr. and Mrs. Johnson had to die that soon. The entire Johnson family had their lives ahead of them. Sarah Johnson is a heartless liar, an assassin, and on top of all that, she has no soul. The girl was afraid that both of her parents would go to the police and have her so-called "boyfriend" arrested and charged for statutory rape, so Miss Johnson killed them. Now, that was a cowardly move. The reason why Sarah Johnson had killed both of her own parents (mother and father) is because for one, they were going to send him straight to jail for dating a then-sixteen-year-old and they grounded her for life, as in, "indefinitely." Everybody, including her brother, knows that Sarah has no heart and no soul. But in the end, I guess society is better off with Sarah Marie Johnson in prison for the rest of her life. And as far as the citizens of Bellevue, Idaho, her family and her high school friends are concerned, prison is where she belongs. She wasn't abused by both of her parents, but I still can't believe she killed them in cold blood. Now that's what everybody's talking about: a cold, calculates sociopath with no remorse for what she did and had felt no empathy. Sarah Johnson will always be remembered as a bad woman with a selfish ego. And if all types of homicides (matricide, fratricide, and/or parricide) continue to increase, there's no telling what bad thing might happen next.

Copyright © Brashard Bursey | Year Posted 2011

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Copyright © Kenny Loy | Year Posted 2013

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Little Dove

The Time is Hear to Disengage 

Mother and Daughter have turned the page

A sad life event
That I will No Longer let take center stage 

My Darling Child

Loved You Dear



My Little Doves Soul was Your Cancers Treat



Fills Her day
As she Stumbles to find Her way

Family and Friends 
Embracing Us along the way
Leading Us Both 
To Truly Trust Again Someday.........



Copyright © Ninette Carey | Year Posted 2015

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Who is this me---

It was later I knew that perception was just the opening key
Age unveiled to me the need to advance my thinking
I sought to know more about me
There came a school of thought
that face-lifted my thinking
It said:
‘You’re a spirit: you have a soul and live in a body’
This advanced thought made me a changed person
I thought I knew myself best
but had no idea this was just a test.

I worked through the rigor of self-discovery
It was then I knew I needed an actual recovery
I searched inwards to know who I really was
It was then I recognize I’d been playing the Dicey Knowledge Toss
I got a welling up from the inside who I am
It echoed:
‘You are a transcendent entity-- stretching beyond the bounds of gender polarity---yet, exhibiting the energies of masculinity and feminine characteristics in situations of interest to bring about harmony with the natural forces---wind, earth, water and fire and with self.’
I was changed ever since.

Who is this me has become the new me ever since
My quest to know more of me had been tense
I can now confidently boast about my knew knowledge defense
I am getting to know more of me, though
I can boldly say: ‘I can move my personal toe’
My getting to know myself is clearer
It is all about moving myself better

Copyright © Chimezie Ihekuna | Year Posted 2016