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Best Sin Poems

Below are the all-time best Sin poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of sin poems written by PoetrySoup members

Texian Macabre Arena
The First Texian Macabre Arena Ballad (The extended free-fallen edition)
In another life, is where I first saw your face!
One summer afternoon, lying wounded next...

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Categories: pride, sin, sorrow, symbolism,


Shackles nor chains, can't change what it is.....
Never was it, the one hiding under the bed, 
It was me, tired of...

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Categories: abuse, dark, evil, sin,

Premium Member Dead Men Do Tell Tales
Dead Men Do Tell Tales

 I saw, the rot of sad, deep selfish desires,
 burning endlessly in clever fires
 Piles of cash a tall mountain...

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Categories: sin, conflict, cry, dark, deep,

Premium Member The Poet Warrior
My Dear Enemy
Here I am
In full armor
My quill is full of arrows
My bow is taunt and ready fro battle
My horse is pristine and shiny black

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Categories: sin, death, evil, image, introspection,

I'll cry tomorrow
Sitting dying alone,
In this dark and dingy place 
It has now become my home..
The only open bar 
In town, I needed something to heal my...

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Categories: sin, addiction, cry, dark, deep,

Burn This Skin
Help me burn this skin
I can’t believe all the hollow lies I’ve burnt in
 It’s as if there’s a special place in hell
For the sins...

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Categories: christian, lust, sin, perspective,

4 letters
4 letters can describe us all
Sane, Slim, True, Tall

ironic and solemn
Your 4 letters Will change
Love. Hate.
Here. Gone.

simplistic and short
yet complex and infinite

Baby to Wife
Wife to...

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Categories: death, metaphor, sin, social,

Premium Member BiPartisan Dissonance
When oppositional cognitive dissonance deflects focus,
it tends to go back to when I deflected focus from her.
She sends me passive-aggressive messages,
bread crumbs leading back in...

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Categories: sin, conflict, math, parents, political,

Premium Member Atonement
A branch breaks dried by the sun
withers and dies thrown on the fire
burning remains sweet pearls silver sparkling

a terrible sadness enters the window
a willow weeps...

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Categories: sin, dark, deep, forgiveness, hurt,

Premium Member Unthankful
All that I had, just yesterday
Has suddenly, been taken away
Me yes me, a foolish man of clay
Suddenly I have so much to say
When instead, I'd...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, desire, devotion,

Premium Member Emergent
How can one man find
More faith in a crevasse of Siula Grande,
Than most will ever know,
Sitting beneath a pulpit on Sunday?

Dulling the truth to grow...

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Categories: sin, bible, christian, dark, death,

I Was Wrong
Was I
To push love
So un-returned
At first though the love from you came later
I lost mine, rapt in imagination
So time forgot
Our passion

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Categories: sin, feelings, hip hop, how

Hounds from Hell
Hounds from Hell take their toll on your soul
as you walk the mainstreet of mainstream
and watch Saturn and Neptune dance to a simple tone
of silence...

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Categories: sin, beautiful, beauty, cry, dedication,

Premium Member Beautiful Ones
Beautiful Ones

Aloft in the steam, they look like Eagles.
Perched now on the edge of the bowl,
proud courtesies peck the kind and meek
with true meanings and...

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Categories: sin, abuse, anger, hate, hurt,

Shadow to Shadow Revised
Shadow to shadow, shade to shade
In youth the Eden where I played
was left bereft, destroyed, decayed,
by trusts malignant masquerade

Shadow to shadow, shade to shade
Sweet grass...

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Categories: sin, abuse, anger, assonance, betrayal,

Premium Member Grand Larceny
What’s it take for women to hate
their first born so long and so cold?
Sly smiles as he choked on the bait.
You sat in that one...

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Categories: sin, abuse, anger, bible, dark,

yielding to her irresistible allure - mesmerized 

Contest: Monoku #8
Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A.
Placed 1st

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Categories: sensual, sin,

Premium Member Plea From A Dark Soul
Plea From A Dark Soul

 Weep not in the sun for me
 my wasted life spent in vain
 by death I did flee,
 all but...

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Categories: sin, conflict, creation, dark, death,

Premium Member A bloody Rose
Roses here, Roses there,
bloody roses everywhere.

February brings them to our life,
while others hide a broken wife.

Young girls dream of their shining white knight,
when do you...

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Categories: sin, allusion, anger, baby, beautiful,

Paid In Full
.                        ...

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Categories: sin, faithfather, me, pain, father,

A mystery it holds, 
deep within itself,
where emotions absolve,
and fit illusions to oneself.

an unending mansion,
with no rooms around,
where path never ends,
and silence is the only...

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Categories: sin, absence, heartbreak, horror, loss,

Premium Member Chained
Winged, winking devils dance
on onyx tinted wings entice
burnt appendages so broken inside rib cage

Unable to fly out of this hell hole
a shadow lifted nevermore
a touch...

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Categories: sin, dark, desire, heart, lust,

true blue
as gentle as a summer breeze
my love it begs you on it's knees
as soft as fur on those that purr
i whisper in your ear sweet...

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Categories: sin, passion, me, heart, sweet,

For the Girl with the Brand New Toothbrush
 The Girl with the Brand New Toothbrush


    For the girl with the brand new toothbrush

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Categories: appreciation, rap, sexy, sin,

? - Finding True Love - ?
True love - In him was the breath of life given, now the Creator Greatest creation (man)
asorb's the life of a human being.  Being,...

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Categories: sin, art, black african american,