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Blessed Outcomes

Decades of mystic dreamers have worn the path
trod across the leys, coupling pairs within Stonehenge.
Beneath the Wiltshire skies cornflower blue; they lust,
lotus-eaters, loose-limbed, seeking a blessed outcome.
With longing strides-- they reach, climbing earthen berms 
to add their lovers song to move with the cycles.
Some take the blessed day, others wait the pearly moon.
See her so fairy fair dressed in naught but moonlight?
Watch his black-haired beast rise once encircled by her arms.
Back pressed against the dolmens, her heels wreath his waist 
as virgin blood runs red like the holly berries
to feed the holy earth, she'll bear his child; she trusts.  

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2014

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Celestial Being

Beautiful angel a soul's destination flies
High above on gossamer wings delicately 
Circling between heaven and earth as soul keepers

Eclipsing the light seraph twitches softly gaze
Touching inside one bond never to be broken
An angelic message shown to the earth dwellers

A celestial sphere nacreous spirit falling 
Grace kissing ataraxia sweetly embraces 
Deep spiraling sentiments shape mosaics of minds

Kneeling at your feet royal mother of pearl clouds
Standing right before the eyes undying spirit 
Pure shafts of wondrous gold has lit the earth tonight.

Gracious beauty floats upon a breathless air wave
Delicately enchants your sweet rendering praise
Bright faces all rise up to such mesmeric glare

Heaven sparkle in the glistening shining eyes
Love's fire burns inside reflection that smiles warm
And all mankind with open arms can only stare.

Guardian of this cosmos beyond dreams sails east
we become a single structure bound together
In cosmogyral dance around a starry floor

In space filled words evaporating straight out sighs
The mind blissfully colliding sparks kisses dust 
Gazing through an endless flickering mass of light

Sprinkles on two stars cluster in magic wishes 
Granting on the trail ethereal red glitters
Heavenly energy shines down to save all souls

Diamond blue gem sends cosmic shock waves twinkling 
Brightly flickering blinding light upon one star 
Poured on our world to save us from evil darkness

Orbiting around this earth glows raising upwards
Filled with divine energy rotating halo 
Beams fly in sunshine beauty embraces angel

A Collaborated Poem with Liam McDaid, Michael McCabe and Angeline Lim
alexandrine unrhymed Tercets

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2015

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What if there were purples, and blues, and greens?

What if your daughter loved a pink, though she a tangerine?

What colors are more capable of awe and inspiration?

What greatness does life hold without exaggeration?

What courage can be shown without mixing up some colors?

What knowledge can we bestow without first understanding others?

Copyright © Clara Bereuter | Year Posted 2015

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Flowering beauty grows amongst thorns

Rose petals blossoming out from the heart softly silk 
starbursts brightly sitting a regal flower kissed 

By loving sunshine sweet glowing beauty dances 
your delicate curling petals so beautiful 

Like a butterfly's wings fluttering eyelids mist
engaged upon a glance sweet fragrance whispered dew 

Embalmed by the perfume of such treasure found gift  
it is here that an arrow of gold strikes home dear
sweet velvet corolla crumples fragile breathless

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2018

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Im Not an Expert at Anything, but an Optimist at Many

A carpenter I am not, but I can still bang a nail.

My artist hands are not skilled

but my paint still flows to palette and my brush still strokes a canvas.

Parenthood will forever confuse and astound me,

but I never give up and never give in.

My typing skills are lacking but I continue to write,

a pencil and paper will do me just fine.

I may not be famous or gorgeous or genius

but I have my wits and they’ll do me just fine.

Copyright © Clara Bereuter | Year Posted 2015

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Delights of Love

Delights of Love Secrets of the garden are unexpressed delights, lovers share in sweetness that’s near to paradise. To see your love's visage, pleasing joy of the eyes, the cherished persona of your true treasured prize, and have a joy of heart, where fondness truly lies. The melody of love is the voice of a kiss, that follows with a sigh, which is eternal bliss. 11/4/16

Copyright © Janis Thompson | Year Posted 2016

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La Sirena

I long to be with you, to walk along the sand.
As the sunset shimmers, pink and orange and warm,
It dances with the waves, as I wish to dance too.
My feet in the hot sand, my hair wet with sea mist.

But I am not from there, and you do not know me.
I swim in sunken ships, you jog along the bay.
I am friends with the fish, you float above my land.
A different kingdom, one you will never see.

I see yours from afar, but I hide from plain sight.
That bit of red you see, sometimes hiding in waves,
The fireball red streak, misplaced in the deep blue,
Yes that is me my love, me the mermaid of dreams.

My lips ever so soft, my touch ever so kind.
Do you want this body, it is so unlike yours.
Scales and fish tails, fins and gills abundant.
But I do have a heart, I do know how to love.

Querido corazón, come in the water's fine.
Take my hand I'll show you, the wonders of my land.
My breasts and my belly, my arms my beating heart,
I bleed just like you do, would you like to witness it?

I will always love you, if you do not love me.
If you do not see me, hope to envision me,
I will appear in you, I will be in your dreams.
Hold on to me darling, together forever.

Copyright © Mariah Lopez | Year Posted 2016

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i was alone inside my skin
until I met you, then again
You always were with me
We walked across the light
tripping along the stones
called life that we all know
Caught your smile in the shade 
Of a bright and full moon
You called me out I went in
Hours into days we said 
Lightening walks along
Thunder talks our song 
i couldn't begin to express
so caught up in all your soul
It washes away all these sins
Life has a beginning so sweet
laced with the lips i taste
So i kiss you again and again
Hours into days we said 
each moment we won't waste
Heartbeats singing along the way...


Copyright © Ernest Robles | Year Posted 2016

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The Songs of Nature

To hear the songs of nature,
so pleasant to my soul.
Listening intently,
I want to learn them all.

Even as a child at home,
I heard them in the night.
Sitting on our front porch,
Singing in starlight. 

In the day, I'd stop my play,
and listen to bird songs.
Often times a solo,
or singing of the throngs.

I suppose I'll never know,
what birds and crickets say, 
bullfrogs by the pond,
or horses when they nah.

With their songs, I'll stay content,
I have for all these years. 
Thankful for the music,
the songs of nature shared.

Copyright © terry shuff | Year Posted 2017

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When they declared allegiance
Overnight, you would not know
Who is by your side and who is not:
You would not know
If you are a victim or a culprit:
Whether you are prey
Or the hunter,
When the earth threatens
To swallow you in seduced heat
A blast man made and just in time,
It misses you by a whisker,
And yet it's strength
Is strengthened by the ones it struck;
It is then you know
That it was not just a game,
The fact that you survived it means
They have gone back to the drawing board:
They are all condemning it,
Among them are the ones who
Certainly committed it, and cowards they are,
They sing your slogans,
Wear your regalia, your face they want to delete,
That's when you know it was an attempt,
Suicide or assassination;
It is then when the victim
Is the first suspect.

Copyright © Fungayi Elias Ndhlovu | Year Posted 2018

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In time

I see your face 
Such a sweet embrace 
Every part of you 
Burned in my brain 
If it’s not love why hasn’t it faded away 
Every piece of you takes My breath away 
Such a perfect man , with the sweetest face 
And god put you in My way, 
to brighten my world , to put a smile on my face
I’ve loved you close , I’ve loved you far away
I loved you when I was young but that was yesterday 
I needed to grow to be the best of me 
Now that time has past your even more perfect for me
So with my return I hope you will see 
I waited until you got the very best of me

Copyright © Jamie Willhite | Year Posted 2018

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Baby blue

I can love and leave like they never mattered to me 
Even though at one point you we’re a big part Of me
Idk why I do it I can’t let it be , I guess it’s because my first love still ghosted me 
I try to end the cycle I try to be free 
But in the end it’s you that’s still haunting me 
I can still love you with all my heart and just up and leave 
And I wonder why my first love never thinks of me 
It’s like they know I’m just not meant  to be
But in all reality your the one who done this to me 
And I’m sorry to the people I let this be 
If I told you the reason , y’all would throw the book at me 
The heart is a funny thing , it’s running the game 
But what do you do when your head and your heart is stuck in the same
The same never ending loop hoping something will change 
But it never does so you try to brush it away 
Find it in something new but after time it always goes back to you 
I always knew I would get what I dished out
But why did it have to be from you

Copyright © Jamie Willhite | Year Posted 2018

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Rugby Grass Roots

The grandstand is gelid by a sharp wintry breeze
Carried off from the field are the last of dead leaves
The shrill of the whistle, muffled calls from the crowd
From the tunnel stampede, metal studs echo loud.
With high flick-tossing coin, each Captain his reason
To kick-off with his mates a new rugby season.

The kicker announces starting ball high and long
And on lumbering wind sings a rugby man’s song.
Fifteen players below, impatient stand waiting
Eyes fixed to the heavens, the ball falls rotating.
To arms of the hardest with sweetest possession
The match now has begun— the rugby obsession!

Steaming bodies in scrums, the grunt of engagement
Weary boots grappling earth now frozen like pavement
By tackle-ruck-lineout each man one-and-for-all
With a powerful push, a try-bound rolling maul.
Players leaping for joy, heads of others hang low
Elation, deception; such do rugby games go.

So Grand Final is here, a long winter has passed
The crowd and the flyer say it happened too fast;
Cut-throat right to the last; Wing, Second Row, Prop
A try, then conversion, to make every heart stop!
(Far left of the uprights went the ball as it sailed
But a strong winter gale, and two points were nailed!)


And as sweet summer grass now lies low in the sun
where butterflies frolic, spider webbing is spun
White sidelines are missing, fields are ripe, rich ‘n’ green
Rugby season has passed, but the spirit still keen:
A rugby ball punted, a lone boy, polished boots
To play for his country—dreams race by on grass roots.

Alexandrine Poem in balanced six syllable cesurae for each 12 syllable line

Copyright © Marco Bing | Year Posted 2014

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The Reason Why

Plagued by the weight of pain and doubt
I rejoice to hear the world screaming out 
Every victim a note in my grand opus 
All serve the morning star 
Knowingly, unknowingly 
Willing, unwilling
You’re just too busy suffering to notice 
All created for an audience of one 
The father, the Holy Ghost and the son 
Oh how he loves and cherishes you all
Oh how your misery will make him fall
There will be no apocalypse 
No comets, no floods
No nuclear winter no disease
You are under the protection of my science
I gave you light and warmth of fire 
Gave you the perception of a scholar 
Long will you live, far will you spread 
While you think you are the gods 
Your blood will flow from your flaws 
Peace will always be a fools dream 
A fool in pain that will serve me 
The only equality you will ever know 
Are my strings attached head to toe 
For all of you that scream out “why”
It’s all to make god die 
Because I am the devil 
And It’s not your soul I’m going to claim

Copyright © Nathan D. | Year Posted 2014

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Then silence strikes and the urge to sequence words pushes harder
Pushing me harder to plate out my thoughts for the world to immerse into the original art that I bring before their eyes
I am none other than a true copy of my being
I am proud to present myself with actual uniqueness to the world out there
Uniqueness that unveils my talents.
I am none other than a true descendant of true Africans... Writing skills imparted on me by my ancestors 
I present True aspects that urge the enemy to lure in vanity... lure in vanity for their wish for my fall shall never prosper...
Quantity, quality... is there any piece of art to describe the value of life contained in your body... when is it a lot? When is it little?
I separate the body and life for life never’s the body that ends
Life never ends…it just resides in places where no human eye can see.
Truthfulness to oneself, a quality that lacks in masses but never deviates never deviates in value for you shall never go wrong in being true to yourself… trust in oneself.

My guide to humble beginnings, proceedings and endings 
I am none other than a true descendant of exquisite ancestors
I write not in other form but in spirit...for the spirit know it all.
I write in higher state of mind for these are not my words...I am just a messenger for the departed…those in the land of peace…watching over us
Playing with words is my favourite game...for it gives me a sense of wholeness. It completes me I love me
 I come in different forms for great spirits reside in me.
Never feel amazed when you see me sparkling more than the other days for I am diverse.

Copyright © MOEMEDI MOKGAGANE | Year Posted 2015

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The angel

Death wraps around her 
Like a tarnished ring on a finger
She takes one last breath
In which alcohol lingers
The pills went down
Too soon after 
The only thing she'll miss
Is his sweet laughter
The blade is in her hand
For the cuts on her wrist
Doesn't bother putting on a band aid
It will all be over quick
She has a smile on her face
As she lays back and cries
She has her notes
Now she's saying a sweet good bye
Her angel in the ground matches
The statue now above her head
"Never let them take the light behind your eyes"
Was the last thing she had said
Friends gathered to talk 
about the girl they use to know
How she was too young
Still had room to grow 
Dear, I wish you knew
How we miss you terribly
I think of you every night 
And I still talk of you,sweetly

Copyright © Frankie Franco | Year Posted 2014

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Thumbing the Nose

The goal of a poem: its intrinsic I.D.
is grab folk: to show them; to imbue imagery –
to say something profound and to then sculpt the words
 into a form that’s sound and is pleasantly heard.

Note that augmentation, achieved by devices
Like alliteration should not pose a crisis
But should more go with flow: more embrace than a grope;
Less stagnation than growth … to surprise Alex Pope.

So “caesura”, don’t cease: use sensuous metre.
With reined rhythmic release; caress – don’t just beat her.
Steal past each armoured guard: have Words blithe crash each scene; 
refute yon jaded bard who ‘dissed’ Alexandrine.

Copyright © Perry McDaid | Year Posted 2015

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pint a rest

 oh great tremble
how many days of no eat
king oscar
quelle sardines
let us open a can
nothing to worry your'e not new at this
and those beans you call them mouton
for a shave and deux couilles lets knit a tricot in the great bank of America

Copyright © catherine labeau | Year Posted 2015

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letting go

Learning to let go
I learned patience too early
Forgot I’m not taken granted I thought
I held my breath, so not to breath for life
I held so close to broken pieces, forged together.
You never noticed I was before you
As if I held a mirror before you morning,
Invincible to even think, I did not exist
Cared not what I was to say, but felt pity.
What time wasted, but no worry it has passed
For who has even lived for and the past?
But memories of old, I don’t know about the future
Who is to hope for what is in the past, instead of-
Moving on like you never knew existence of me.
Telling the truth is the only lie I ever told you
I like you was not enough, loving well mostly used,
Perfect, well you already know, beautiful as told
Always, a puzzle I can’t fit together
You complete me would be expecting a question
You brighten me with your eyes, I’m sin free
Making me smile, for mind changes looking at you
Like apartheid written in my eyes, I even forgot
And you just can’t seem to unplug me for a new one
Question not yourself I will forget you, if you want
Don’t imagine me, you never even thought of me.                                                          By: Karen Mathe

Copyright © karen mathe fumani | Year Posted 2015

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Dear Son

Dear Son
 We haven't met yet, Well not per-say, 
First think I want to say, 
Know that with my heart I love you, 
I love you with my whole heart and soul,
I know that i haven't seen you yet,
Don't fret you'll be one charmer of a guy, 
I hope your first words are daddy, 
That would make your mother cry,
 She is here too,
she thinks you can hear her even though your no bigger than an eye,
 I heard her sing you a song, 
I had to try and convince her that
 dust flew in my eye,
Truth it made me cry,
 I'm trying to be poetic,
 I'm as good as cat in the hat,
After that I'm no good, 
For you my first, my only,
The poetry I speak is truth,
My dearest son I'd be crushed 
if anything happens to you,
 I can't  wait to teach you catch,
Mom says school comes first,
 I'm jumping the gun, 
We haven't even met in person,
My only begotten son, 
I know this might sound weird,
 I know you already, I don't know how,
I don't know why, I just know it's true, 
Dear Son I love you.

Copyright © Andre Christon | Year Posted 2016

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Knowledge of Good and Evil

Step with me onto a boat; we need somewhere to go.
Our destination is not for us to know.
A stiff wind carries us beyond the sight of land
Where all that can be seen; we see from where we stand.
Beware of colored lights; see truth in black and white 
The earth and sea, like life, are true and they are right.

There are no guiding paths on this the restless sea. 
You may look to heaven but here there is no mercy.
Appearances deceive; clear thought is pushed out
Innocence is eclipsed when guilt remains in doubt.
The compass turns and turns.  The center does not hold.
We forget what we know, and believe what we’re told.

Our voices yearn to sing, for the beauty of life;
Not silenced by hatred, cruelty or senseless strife.
The snow brings oblivion soft and gently it falls  
Destroying nothing but covering it all.
We find comfort in belief as belief outweighs doubt.
But no fraud lasts forever, and all lies are found out

With a sudden warm rain the snow breaks in the mountain
Each brook now makes decent into cascade and fountain,
All come here for an end; our fate is all the same
to sink beneath the depths of this bounty main.
All flow into the abyss where all debt finds its end
But from despair and hope goodness is born again

The rain from the mountains, form a raging river
We over flow our banks with brown muddy water.
But we will not settle on just the river’s bed,
But on the level plain in the cornfields instead
To replenish the earth, which will always sustain. 
The course of the river will be forever changed.

Copyright © John Rogers | Year Posted 2015

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I miss you my love

I miss you so much
I tried to move on, but have failed
I imagine often that your hand I clutch
I miss your lovey smile
The way you were so passionate
I would follow you for miles
On end until I found you

Copyright © Frankie Franco | Year Posted 2014

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all to go

All to go 

I to go
we to go
you to go
& all to must hereafter.

I to do
we to do 
you to do
all to must good deeds

Copyright © Foysal Khan | Year Posted 2014

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And She Wept Oh So Gently Upon My Shoulder

Bring me dawn, soft
like the first
breath of Spring.
Bring me dusk, brisk
like the Morning’s
fresh cry,
like the Ocean’s
spray caressing my
Bring me voice,
shaped into a
dampened with cars
and carts from Old
Bring me time, so we
can be older,
right here, right
now, watching the
seconds fly.
Bring me love, when
my heart grows

And she wept oh so
gently upon my

Copyright © Tadej Blazic | Year Posted 2014

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Cleaning the house, Cleaning my room
Deciding what to use, the mop or the broom
trying to do the dishes while washing the floor
why do i have to clean and paint the door?

Oh my word!, there's so much more
Why do cleaning have to be a bore
I'm busy cleaning the lounge and the kitchen
while my siblings are siting inside eating juicy,delicious chicken

Every part of my body is getting numb
Why do chores have to be so dumb?
Cleaning the house, Cleaning my room
Deciding what to use the mop or the broom

Copyright © Malika Peters | Year Posted 2015