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Best Pets Poems

Below are the all-time best Pets poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of pets poems written by PoetrySoup members

Cats Cats Cats
on...                        ...

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Premium Member Snickers with LINK to his picture
Barking at the people who
walk behind our house
is a dog that as a pup
was bought by my spouse.

Tiny border collie mix
he was meant to be,

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Categories: pets,

Premium Member A Passing Shadow
Behind our house, below the deck
with its pleasing benches and sylvan view,
the back yard we have descends steeply
to a little stream called Chimacum Creek.

It is...

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Categories: pets,

The Dog of my Life
Shakespearean Sonnet

I remember the day I picked you,
With your sweet little puppy dog eyes.
For my heart was searching for love too,
When I looked down and...

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Categories: pets, best friend, fun, love,

A Cat With A Knack
I have a cat 
A real fat cat
My cat is all black 
My black fat cat 
It is a cat with a knack
A true fact...

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Categories: funny, pets, cat, cat,

What's In The Urn
           What’s In The Urn

Strangers offered me to join them in a drink
I met them...

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Categories: pets, adventure, animal, anxiety, conflict,

A Different Game
Friends and trouble go hand in hand.
Legends of the  neighborhood.
Like statues  and vacant buildings  still stand.

A crime in plain view no one...

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Categories: introspection, life, people, pets,

The Tiny Traveler
Adopted animals love their humans; 
show it in many ways.  
The tiniest pet, 
revels in the harmony of its time, 
with family.

Dinky was a...

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Categories: animal, humor, nature, pets,

My Pet
I went to Peru
And found a kangaroo
I tried to take him to a zoo
But then I found him in my room!

Now he's my pet
Jumping like...

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Categories: pets,

Premium Member Captain 'effing' Flint

My parrots name was Captain Flint,
Boy that bird could swear.
I never invited visitors,
So blue was the air.

He'd squawk "pretty effing polly"
Or "give us a cracker...

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© Gary Smith  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: bird, humorous, language, pets,

Premium Member Bandit of My Heart

Oh, Bandit, what's your impish task
While sporting, sly, that little mask?

You seem quite innocent and frail
Yet the kitchen tells a different tale

Floor all messy, the...

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Categories: animal, light, love, pets,

Premium Member Mistletoe
Mini, musical meowing, eight weeks old, smaller than
Icicles hanging from the porch, she slips into the
Snowbanks, a frock of fluffed-out fur, dashes in, nestles on

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Categories: cat, christmas, fun, pets,

Clearly, my cat loves 
Sound of her claws on
The floor, click-clicking;
Going on all night.

Except for when
She’s manicured
Her needle-like
Claws, her great pride.

Her whetstones,
And carpets.

She’ll need


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Categories: pets, animal, cat, family, friend,

Lounging licking leaping
Prancing pouncing peeking
Corners closets crouching
Tail twirling twitching
Sniffing sensing sneezing
Hissing huffing hunting
Pretty purring preening
Curiosity kitty killing
Nine long lives living...

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Categories: pets, animal, cat, funny, humorous,

My Puppy
My puppy sure loves to lick me
He thinks I’m a lollypop.
Every time I get home he attacks me
Then kisses me nonstop.

You’d think I was gone...

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Categories: pets, animal, children, dog, fun,

Premium Member My Bed's Just Here For The Cat
Hairy nuisance
Sprawling over bedsheets
Crowding limited sleepspace with

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Categories: animals, funny, pets

Premium Member Lilly's Lullaby
She was always there 
     with her big green eyes
Looking up at me 
     and into the...

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Categories: cat, love, pets, ,

Premium Member Sonnet Chiweenie Boo
Your dad, a Dachshund once stuck in Chihuahua.
The best of both in you, with that expectant
Confusing carpets for the lawn enigma.
I know….the raining….getting wet….you can’t.


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Categories: pets, animal, best friend, dog,

Lucky at Home
You’d think a dog named Lucky,
Would lead a decent life.
But Lucky had his troubles,
And they followed day and night.

One day Lucky ran away
In search of...

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© Tom Valles  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: pets, devotion, dog, children, fun,

Premium Member Bright Birds
Deceptive, drowsy,
the gray cat, Tempus, in doldrums
lazes, purring, stretching.
I have watched him:
cunning eyes half-closed,
he stalks bright birds in the garden,
near day lilies.
Wings wet from flights

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Categories: allegory, life, nature, pets,

Premium Member The Nail Biter
He bites his nails beside me on the bed
so loudly!  This strange habit is most grating.
I’d like to throw a pillow at his head,

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Categories: pets,

Premium Member The Stray
There was a little dog one day,
Who ambled on his aimless way.
He didn't have a house or home:
A doggy bed or fine meat bone.

His coat...

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Categories: pets, abuse, child, dog, first

Today it’s Sally’s birthday party; she’s the star of the show
She’s a lovely little girl and all her friends are invited to go

They arrive on...

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Categories: pets, birthday, kids, fun, magic,

Premium Member POSHPAWS
Poshpaws was our beloved pussy cat 
She would clean her fur when sat on the mat 
Loved to be stroked, we could tickle her tum...

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Categories: cat, pets,

Premium Member This is Mine, All Mine
This is Mine, All Mine                    ...

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© Chuck Keys  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: happiness, nature, pets