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The empty words

 Desperate.. how can you be with someone and not love them. Desperate.. your heart is empty. Are you lonely? Desperate.. is it true? A shallow word? An empty meaning? Desperate..Desperate..Desperate, is it a rumor, the spread of words that ruin lifes. Am i invisable? I'm here. Standing in front of you. Maybe my glasses are blocking your view. I can change.. I'm not desperate. I'm in love, but then again what is love? An empty word. An empty meaning.. A rumor? 

a poem by LeannW.Brown 

Copyright © Stephanie Ward | Year Posted 2018

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Advice Not From Your Mother

Yes, I say you should seek the absurd,
 the outrageous, 
the deliriously mad.

I implore you to find the happy,
the joyful,
those crazed with perpetual glad.

Spend your time 
with insanely laughing idiots, 
where tomfoolery abounds.

You won’t have time
to resent a day of your life 
with this kind 
of tribe around.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger | Year Posted 2018

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Good Manners

~Good Manners~ (Rhyme Verse) It is good to have manners And I'am refering to good ones It's great to say 'Thank you' When you get something from someone Good manners you can always Cultivate them in your talk You can learn them all In your life as you walk This wonderful process should Begin when the kids are small Parents should teach all Their children good manners These days we don't meet Many children with good manners you see Most of them act rude and that's a shame And that goes for teens and adults too Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2009 February.07.2015

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2015

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The Curse

                        The Curse
No worse curse for teens,
Pull a crime, succeed at it,
Instills self-greatness.

Copyright © Michael Hawk Moore | Year Posted 2014

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In some places, springs leaves too early
making way for the fun season; whichever
the activity we choose, let's do it well and happily...
before loneliness sinks us into unbearable despair.

If depression, aches and pains prevent some from engaging
in sports: read a novel, do cleaning chores and try walking...
it  will do the body good and keep the mind active and sharp;
isn't age a burden for musicians not being able to play a harp?

If only we were young, we would do hiking and climb a mount,
go sailing and catch salmon, lobster, carp and bluefish;
at eighty, some join a marathon and win it: what's their secret?
Is there a miraculous pill that can boost energy in a flash?

Let the fun season be a daily escape from much boredom and stress,
summer is not only a season for teens who wear baseball caps;
find a sport not too strenuous, something that you can enjoy...
my favorite one: is having a tennis match with unbeatable uncle Tony!

Copyright ( c ) 20015 by Andrew Crisci

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2015

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Small Town Nostalgia

Towering sycamores embraced, forming canopies over the streets.
Crime was unknown - (three part-time cops patrolled their beats.)
'Cept for teens in hot-rods who were bent on an occasional toot!
Folks were entertained as cops chased them in hot pursuit!

There was a Fourth of July parade with fireworks after dark.
Presbyterian and Baptist ladies served watermelon in the park.
Old vets in tight-fitting uniforms marched with resolute stride,
Followed by the school band in which the town took great pride!

The paperboy was prompt with the news to enjoy with a cup of joe,
(Tho' it usually landed in the bushes due to his ill-aimed throw!)
Folks greeted friends and neighbors with a hearty, "Howdy do!"
Pausing to swap a bit of gossip since they had little else to do!

Proms were held in the school gym and didn't leave a feller broke.
Idlers met at the barber shop to hear the latest risque joke.
Kids sold lemonade on their lawns for a dime a glass,
But urbane lads visited the ice cream parlor to treat their lass!

Church bells summoned worshippers on Sundays with clarion peal.
Moms invariably fixed chicken and dumplings for the Sunday meal!
I have many fond memories of small town life that I can't forget.
I return to relive those blissful days every chance that I can get!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired (© All Rights Reserved)

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2010

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life and the pressure it brings

the way you look the way you dress
your street cred will go down if it does not impress
the way you act or the way you talk
if your saying it then you have to walk the walk
there's so much stress for teens to cope
if you dont fit in then youve got no hope
people get mocked people get slated
people get remarks people get hated
its a tough world for us all to live
you know your going to get robbed so you might aswell give
wether its your mobile phone or even your money
people will do that because they find it funny
you have to defend yourself when your out on the street
because you never know what kind of people your going to meet
theres people out there who want to cause you pain 
the stuff they can do will drive you insane
theres so much pressure when you're a teenager
you need to be careful your life could be in danger
if you dont fit in the crowd they'll come to you first
and things wont get better they will just get worse
but dont get involved in what they decide to do
because youll end up the target they will turn on you
they might seem like good friends who set the trend 
but you need to think are they really your friend
have you ever wondered what they want from you
your sanity, dreams and maybe your life too
playing with fire and twisting your head
would these people care if you were found dead
well just remember the to do and not to do things
and just think about life and the pressure it brings

Copyright © kelly stokes | Year Posted 2014

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A baby to me
A fragile being
Nine months
Feels like much longer

I have no child
Within or about me
Life taking to much of a toll
Society bending their ways in my mind

Unexceptable for teens
What happens from marriage
After all education is done
And a job fully secured

I crave for my own flesh and blood
To be carried in my body
Then in my arms
To show the world, my new life
With a small girl
I'd name

Copyright © Brittany Gentry | Year Posted 2010

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My Age


My age is nothing but a number, nothing but a slumber that I can’t wake from, this is what I’ve done. I’ve looked around and found that the matter of the fact is life isn’t what it’s supposed to be for me.

The average teenager spends most of their lifetime looking at their phones and when it’s time to learn something new their minds have already grown. Absorbing every single thing that they are sold, having a twelve year old’s body and the mind of a twenty one year old.

Social media doesn’t help the situation, it only changes how the different problems are situated. It has stolen complete sentences and created abbreviations, shortcuts of a language used by my generation. You could be laughing out loud when in reality you’re crying, saying TBH to be honest when in actual fact you’re actually lying.
And to that you can’t say anything because if LIFE was abbreviated it would stand for Living In Fear of Everything.
This is what I go through, in addition the music industry has had a major breakthrough. It has managed to be more influential promoting sex, drugs and slurs that are racial. “Making money moves” is about dancing on a pole, “Smoke weed everyday” is the daily intake of dope and this is said all while mentioning the one African American slave term that we all know. My nig-...I can’t say it though. So why do you. You have no idea who that affects. Sometimes we need to learn to be more politically correct.

They say that euphoria is just around the corner, behind the school building in a midst of vape. These are the lies they create, saying everything is ok. Just inhale it once and you’ll be done. I’m sorry, you can call me a loner but don’t mistake me for a stoner. One shot, two shots, three shots, four, hard. Call me antisocial but I’ve never drank before and I’m not about to start.

Society is full of influences, temptations and choices. However people like me always end up being voiceless. They think we’re too young to have any serious issues, that’s just another excuse for not wanting to accept the truth. You choose to change the subject to something totally unrelated, “We don’t have many problems?” well isn’t that an understatement?

You say that it will change, you say it’s just a phase, you say it’s another page in my story, no, this stage, right here...

This is MY AGE!

Copyright © Daniel Koria | Year Posted 2018

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Religion, The Elite, One Percent, The Psychology, How It Began

They say God is the saviour
they mean God is the creator.
The creator of Satan
guaranteeing us no safe haven.

God lives in heaven.
Heaven is Godly, nice and pleasant.
Satan lives in hell.
Gods creation for the evil punishment.

Both are a place that are eternal.
So if you live for 60 years and are horrible
billions of years is the sentence for all.
This holy book may make Heaven become possible.

There is no leaving Hell you suffer forever.
Heaven is sublime, a place for all time.
All you have to do is please God and be good
what God wants is in this Holy book.

If you can't read fear not, this house of worship will tell you what God demands, and what you are to do.
We can save you from Hell if you do what we tell!

Now, if you had no education,
and before the last 200 years you would not have had an education, you would have no knowledge except experience.

All your knowledge about life would be.
1. God made us and this place
2. You will leave this place and
2a. Forever be happy
2b. Forever be tortured
3. These people have a book from God and can help you get to Heaven, 
4. You will go to Hell if you don't please God.

Within this knowledge we have a built in fear.
The origin of emotional blackmail.
Uneducated and not developed intellectually you don't think this is a plan, a plan is too complicated.
The human brain was and to an extent still is very limited.
You are only able to workout your own desired outcome, Heaven.

So in fear you commit, and do anything that House of Worship with Gods book wants.
If they want something you get it.
If they say do something you do it.
The fear within you causes you to offer yourself as a slave.

Religion is a result of this psychology, taking advantage of those without the foresight. Scare them, offer to save them, OWN them.

ALL religion is man made. No religion has been guided by God or been given a Holy book.

If you are able to have a hold on people. You have servants, slaves and status.
Nobody will challenge you, you can directly control people for your own benefit.
Luxury is what you get.

Religion created fraud, emotional blackmail, the perfect lie, mind control and volunteered slaves.

At the opposite end The Elite with direct control over human behaviour, thoughts and a price they must pay, control the community.

This system is the human blueprint for control. Religion, Power, Politics, Business.
Democracy and Communism spring from this.

Religion is evil disguised as Holy.
This is what it set out to do.

Copyright © Nick Trim | Year Posted 2018

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LET’S BE FRANK “Let’s be Frank” Abagnale - persuasion of gold, greed, status NOT, but for the love of a wife, for the whispers of sons, and “Pardon” me not responsibility screams in his heart confessed, blessed stand up guy for teens that are ONLY kids! “Let’s be Frank” for he is kind and wise beyond his years. 6/16/2017
YouTube link to his real story. Around 30:00 to the end, he will have you in tears.

Copyright © Kim Rodrigues | Year Posted 2017

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Against the Grain

This is me
A guitar with no strings
A glass half empty
A bad bean
The blackest sheep

I am in pain
Inside I howl like a grieving mother
Like im decapitated and now my limbs are off. 
I am in pain just like that
But why cant I ever be felt?

Its terrible
Spilling what is bottled up inside
Vulnerable is sad
Cry is disgusting
Because no one will ever be ready for the truth

So you get ostracized for being weak
Excluded by people that mattered to you
Then the big question is... Why?
But they say its all in your head
And the more you demand, beg for it...
It just doesnt work that way. 

Reality hits you hard when you least expect it. 
But whats striking is I never expect anything. 
I love, give, trust, make everyone happy. 
And at my downest, nothing was repelled. 
The sun isnt shining, and I hope it rains. 

Steady stares to nothing have come often. 
I am now familiar with my breathing patterns
I can now distinguish the difference between americano and brewed just by its smell. 
I am evolving. 
Now sober and mostly alone. 
A little silent but more resilient. 

I dont want to feel but not be numb
I dont want to hear the talking but I despise the silence. 
I want to hide but Im begging to be found. 
I am vulnerable but I’m safe to touch. 
I am real...

but why no one can ever really see me as much?

Copyright © Yvette Dignos | Year Posted 2018

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Blue sky

Standing under the blue sky
Heart of mine doesn't lie
Blue ocean kisses my bare feet
Luminosity of the sun delight
Chilled wind plays with long hair
Let me feel this beautiful landscape
I have nothing to fear

My aim is as high as these mountains
Dreams may be like the fountains
 Thoughts are as deep as abyss 
Soul may be the Morning Bliss
Standing under the blue sky
Heart of mine doesn't lie.

Copyright © Sucheta Mitra | Year Posted 2018

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Social Media Down The Years

All kinds of photos and moments we see
Wow! Amazing! Comments like these,
Chatting with friends seems so nice
These moments to cherish have no price.

Interacting with people around the globe
Be it India, Germany, Japan or Rome,
Social media is fun to be on
But today its true essence has gone.

It has lost its purpose down the years
There's nothing useful a person learns,
On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter today
What does the youth of the nation say?

Images of intense flattery
Uploaded in our colourful gallery,
Give rise to heated rivalries
Use social media wisely please.

Copyright © Ayushi Pandey | Year Posted 2018

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I remember

with you, i remember the moments.
i remember what you were wearing?the first time i saw your underwear?inching up your back as you bent over?your passenger seat. i remember your bed,?comforter bunched up like bath cloths?lathering the only body you knew how to feed.
i remember climbing out your bedroom window?and rolling joints on your rooftop,?pretending we were on the planes?flashing seamlessly through the night sky?like a rescue mission. i remember air?heavy with summer, smoking weed in?my underwear between breaths. i told you?it felt like i was dreaming and you laughed.
we got lost in a state park once and?we had to jump a fence in the darkness.?you tried to kiss me in front of the flowerbeds?because i didn’t take your hand coming down.?the sky swallowed the stars whole?that night, but i was too busy staring?at your eyelashes to realize that we kind of?like it when our dark smothers our light.
i remember the first hickey you sucked out?of my heart, imprinting the bruises?on my body, vodka harsh on your lungs?like thunderstorms. i remember you?held my hand, cheeks roaring like forest fires.?my hands started shaking, fists like newborns.
with you, i remember the moments–?and with him it was all him him him.?god, i loved him so much i couldn’t sleep.?i remember waking up missing him?like his lungs were attached to my breath?and smelling his scent on my skin?for three days after we met.
i remember feeling hallow. empty.?climbing through dark tunnels with?nothing to grasp onto except?for old feelings. i remember feeling?like a character in his novel that everyone?knew the title of but me, where the first?kiss goodbye felt like crumpled leaves.
but you turned my story into potpourri.?and with you, i remember the moments

Copyright © Taylor Erxleben | Year Posted 2018

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My First Heartbreak

I thought i used lotions to make my skin soft and glow

I new deep down it was to soften the blow

I thought I used perfume to smell sweet and fair

I knew deep down it was to clear the air

I thought I dressed smartly to look like more appealing 

It was armor to brace for the knives you were wielding 

I thought I opened up so that you could protect me

I knew deep down you would only reject me

So you did.

As I thought.

With all the precautions I tried to be smart

You still pierced my protection and broke my damn heart

Copyright © Anna Nomaly | Year Posted 2018

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She's The Go Go Go Girl

"She's the Go Go Go Girl"

She’s the Go Go Go Girl
Livin' in the mo’
Likes to put on a show
Just for a li'l while
make you laugh and smile
Just for a li'l while 

Her mumma’s sayin'
whatcha' doin' li'l sista?
Keep dancin’ like that
in your twister skirt,
you’re gonna get yourself
a true blister mister!
Forget the Twerk.

She's the Go Go Go Girl
She's got places to go
and seeds to sew,
The Go Go Go Girl.
She's livin' in the mo'.

(Lovejoy-Burton/Jan 2018)
for Georgia, Love your Mother.


In a moment of frivolity. Be Free free. Love, Mumma.


Copyright © Leanne Lovejoy-Burton | Year Posted 2018

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A baby in a dream recognized by a smile
A kids playground at square inch
A pre-teen ac-knowledge with knowledge of what's to come
A teen wonders inside his circle most trustful desires 
An adult to reach a full potential in a concrete world
An old man nor bitter nor exhausted of a beautiful existence and afterlife.......

Copyright © Danny Morales Olmos | Year Posted 2018

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Lover's Call

                Lover's Call
  O! Sweet heart
  Why you break heart
  step you have taken
  is not good to all.
  So come back
  in life before dayfall.

   No chance to complain
   I promised, you can
   use me as you want.
   My heart is as warm
   as blanket in winter
   dear which you want.

  All artificial things
  of the world are not
  good to dwell you.
  But my heart natural
  capacity of feel: cool,warm
  safe which need You.

  Tomorrow sun will rise
  and will set as usual
  The mischief wind will
  strike my window pane
   to awake me from
   your sweet sweet dream.

  My eyes will welcome
  the day break but soon
  tears will get them wet.
  My hand not hold the red
  rose so more because they
  too weak to hold the weight.

    My feet hurriedly move
    forward to open the gate
    for welcome angel you.
    But regret they freezed
    themselves when find
   garden missed dear you.

   The sun ,the moon ,the breeze
   all will be same tomorrow but
   sorrowed heart without love ,
   boring, useless and deserted
   seems me as seems hurted lily
   moon without moonlight's love.
     Sweet heart.

Copyright © Arjun Jangid | Year Posted 2018

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The Reality of Poetry

I still can't write

Why? people 


ideas come

Flowing, flowing


flowing, flowing


pushing, moving,


who knows where.

While that

is not the truth,

It is the

fakest reality,

for the 

smart and the dumb,

just like me.

I still can't write,


Copyright © Fahtma Qureshi | Year Posted 2018

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Sing Kumbaya around the fire; don’t look around
As beneath the baptismal waters the black sheep drown
Cold currents under the surface pull their breath down
Lullabies of praise snuff their cries as flickering flames of lives
Drown in the wax spilled from the wicks of the sacred candles you keep alive
Nothing left but the white smoke that veils our views and cares
Pure white smoke to lighten the dark we share
You choke on your collar but I’m the one who can’t speak.  You stare 
As I gasp and try to holler, but don’t even seem to breathe your pure air
You say everything happens for a reason, and I want so much to reply, 
“The reason is you’re a bunch of complacent jerks, and without the gospel, your bowery of a church couldn’t attract one fly!” 
You might say me a prayer, some sacred line
But if I wanted one, I can pray for myself just fine 
If only I had a voice, I would tell the church that there are few things more cruel
Than a world where everyone believes in angels, but nobody believes in you. 

Copyright © Amy Sell | Year Posted 2018

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Love is... 
3 a.m. smokes and drinks. 
It's when you argue what to buy, 
Beer, vodka, tequila, but ended up sniffing drugs and weeds, they made you so high. 
It's falling when you know that no one will catch you, it's heartbreaking but it's true. 
It's empty promises in empty streets. 
It's holding back and pleading, 
It's smiling in the rain when the truth is your dying. 
It's depression and silent cries, 
Wishing, praying, begging to stay, 
It's the broken pieces along the way,
And an aching heart day by day 
Because all you wanted was for him to stay. 
It's bruises along with hidden scars, 
And never ending plea to the stars. 
It's swear words and endless fucks 
while smashing the sound box 
because yes, love songs suck. 
Crying, laughing, crying 
as your heart slowly dies, 
It's false hopes, rejection, heartache and too much lies.

Love is... 
unreplied texts, seen messages, 
drunk calls and even unanswered questions. 
It's all the why's, the lies, the sighs, 
but never the truth. 
It's the nice words for whatever they suit. 
It's sleepless nights, overthinking, 
it's the nightmares when you're sleeping, 
it's the painful reality that keeps on creeping. 
It's earthquake and hurricanes, 
gnawing, crawling, consuming, 
driving you insane. 
It's the signs for you to be cautious 
but you ignore them because in love, you are so curious.

But love is... 
fireworks lighting up the sky at night. 
It's the heart emojis because everything seems right. 
It's back hugs after fights, 
it's cuddles and kissing good night. 
It's mixtape and playlist, 
it's movie marathon in a small bed where you both fit. 
It's kissing in the rain, 
it's holding on despite the pain. 
It's holding hands, as if your hearts are intertwined. 
It's tattoos, adventures and travels beyond the boarder line and uncontrollable laughter because everything is so fine. 
It's sunsets at the beach while the wind is blowing your hair 
and you have that smile on your face 
because after all, life is fair. 
It's magic and taking chances, 
it's about blushing faces every time he calls you his princess, 
it's about finishing each others' sentences, 
and even random glances. 
Because love is the combination of 
butterflies and stolen kisses.

Love is a timebomb. 
But love is sunrise.

Copyright © Taylor Erxleben | Year Posted 2018

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Witch hunt

“I never said “no”, or tried to fight back,?and I never spoke up about the attack.?But I never said “yes”, or chose to undress,?and I never did think it was safe to confess ?his filthy secret. ?I never said “no”, or tried to fight back ?but I was so scared, and the night was so black,?and regardless of whether I was reckless and wild?I was still simply an innocent child. ?I was still simply an innocent child?with whom he somehow felt so beguiled ?that he believed it was his right to rape her – ?but it never was,?and that statement does not even need a “because”, ?because the fact that rape is never okay?should not have to be justified in some way. ?My body is mine, it belongs to me alone?and I cannot believe anyone could condone?the objectification and dehumanization ?of a girl who is not even old enough to know the sensation?of being “provocative”.?And even if she were, ?the blame still would not fall upon her,?because every man should know better.?Every man should know better,?should understand that a lack of consent is a clear enough “no”,?for if something is not given, if it is not explicitly shown,?only an idiot or criminal would take it as theirs to own –?and anyone who rapes is the lowest of both.?So while I never said “stop”, or tried to fight back ?it is fully his fault for initiating the attack?to begin with. ?And while I suppose it is possible for one to lie?about sexual assault, the proven percentage of false claims is not high?therefore I really cannot comprehend why?it is so common to ignore the victim and believe the accused?because in doing so, society sides with abuse?and that in itself is sickening. ?So I do not care who you are, whether you are a pauper or star?or the goddamn president of the United States –?we woman have decided it is time to life these weights?from our chests.?We are coming with our pitchforks and stakes?and when the clock strikes the hour ?of your downfall and removal from power?you will find yourself rotting?in the hell of your own creation, suffering eternal damnation ?for the crimes you so cruelly committed,?and there is no chance of being acquitted?especially for those who so proudly admitted ?to their actions as if this were some sort of game. ?Sure, I never said “no”, or fled his attack?but now we have collectedly chosen to fight back –?and this may be a “witch hunt”, but the threat from you witches is real?and the only thing we are going to “steal”?is our right to a safe and empowered life,?free from the chains of struggle and strife?that the world has so wickedly cast upon us.?This may be a “witch hunt”, but if you want to stay safe?The simple key to survival is this:?don’t fucking rape women ?to begin with.”

Copyright © Taylor Erxleben | Year Posted 2018

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In a lifetime
Love comes and love goes
With its trials and tribulations
Its dreams and disappointments

Why does it seem
To be such a mystery
That the one truest love
Is the one found deep within
Most deserving of attention
Naturally thrives on nurturing
And will never betray
Always proving to be
The most precious and fulfilling

Submitted this February, 2018

Copyright © Line Gauthier | Year Posted 2018

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Just One Letter Off

We didn’t say to try the Big Nasty Burger-
We said to try the Big N’ Tasty Burger.
We didn’t say to go to the harmacist; we said to go to the pharmacist!
We didn’t tell you to take your ills as proscribed -
We said to take your pills as prescribed.
It’s fine, not fin, and it’s good, not God.  
Why are we always just one letter off,
So close to understanding, but no better off ?
Why is it so hard to compare notes side by side and move beyond our pride
And see how just one small stroke corrodes the difference between wrong and right? 

Copyright © Amy Sell | Year Posted 2018