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WRITTEN IN THE SAND The Big Five—Africa’s pride in the vast open wild Buffalo, Rhinoceros, Elephant, Leopard and Lion Their prey—scattered Impala, Kudu and Waterbuck On hardened dust… their footprints prevail and stand WRITTEN IN THE SAND The proposal day--- carefully planned- a beautiful beach Red Roses, a Picnic, Sunrise and Diamond ring The petals—scattered on the soft damp sea tabloid Lover’s plea….a stick his pen, “Marry me—take my hand” WRITTEN IN THE SAND Early one morning--- He entered the dusty temple to teach Scribes and Pharisees brought her in—an adulterous Large stones…scattered for all to throw and accuse Jesus bent down… wrote with His finger on condemning land What was His message…..? WRITTEN IN THE SAND

Copyright © Kim van Breda | Year Posted 2013

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A Love Declared

We walk languidly along the rills banks,
How I relive all my love dreams with thanks.

Towards a mighty old oak we slowly walk,
On a bench my heart I slowly unlock.

A soft light breeze gently ruffles her hair,
Symbolic glory of her luscious flair.

I look at her eyes shining in wonder.
Our love so deep cannot be a blunder.

Come into the comfort of my warm arms,
Come, you need not feel excessive alarms.

You know me well my dear, my only love,
Loyalty I swear before God above

We have known each other now for so long,
Your honey voice sings like an evening song.

Enfolded by enchanting tranquil air
I kneel, hold your hands and have one prayer

I have great trust that our great love so sweet.
Our marriage will soon bloom and be complete.

Placed 4
1 January 2017
Form C - Poetry Contest - Couplet
Sponsored by: Broken Wings 

Copyright © Victor Buhagiar | Year Posted 2017

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the shortest road
is the one that you know
the longest road
is the one that you love

Copyright © A.O. Taner | Year Posted 2016

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The Non-Proposal

This is the story of a clueless man
I had to give the “eye” to for a dance!
But once he noticed me, the tale began.
However, it was not a huge romance!

He had no car or money. Both of us
were students, broke and working. What a pair!
We didn’t even get to take a bus,
just talked and walked together everywhere.

We talked of everything; I even cooked
his meals. He lived next door! There never was
a day we weren’t together. It just looked
like we’d get hitched. No reason. Just because!

No courting; no proposal did I get.
In forty years, I haven’t heard one yet!

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2014

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Wordplay Extravaganza

Wordplay Extravaganza Sponsor: John Hamilton Bugs bunny was the silliest hare with such a bright future ahead, he wanted to give Lola something special, but he gave her a carrot instead. He pondered on a different surprise, and wrote Lola a sweet love letter, asking her to marry him, because of her his life was much better. He proof read his proposal and realized he forgot one very special phrase, so he clicked the caret button to insert a few sentiments then pressed save. All he had hoped for was that he expressed his love with his honest words, for he wanted to fill this day with rainbows with sweet songs from Tweety bird. The day flew by and night time arrived, that silly wabbit was nervous, he smelled her scent and watched her approach him, boy was he wordless! “My Lola, from Pensacola, I give you this twenty four karat gold ring, a three carat princess diamond placed gently above the gold and in between. Marry me, my sweet, I'll sweep you off your feet, I'd love to play with your hair...." She said yes, of course...and a few months later there was a family of baby hares.
Homophones used: 1. carrot-A vegetable 2. karat-weight of gold 3. carat-size of diamonds 4. caret-a symbol used to indicate the place in writing material which something is to be inserted. 1. Hare- a rabbit 2. Hair- a growth of filaments forming a coat over the scalp of a humans head ~Date Written: March 18, 2016~

Copyright © Lu Loo | Year Posted 2016

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That's Good Enough For Me

Through different eyes we see her, This woman we both know. She'll touch our hearts, in different ways, As through this life she goes. There's one thing you should realize -- I've loved her from the start -- And, these things I choose to share with you Are written on my heart. A father's pride I gave to her -- As a parent, love is there -- But, more than this, there is respect For this, my only, heir. So, should she choose to make a place In her world for you to be -- These simple words I'll say to you -- "That's good enough for me." The wisdom of a father Sometimes can be suspect. His methods and his motives Sometimes lack intellect. But, nothing, in this world, I'll do To change what is to be. If her choice is made, please understand -- "That's good enough for me." It's more than good enough for me Should two lives intersect In such a way that two young hearts Can happiness collect. A special place inside my heart Is her's eternally. And, would she have you join her there -- "That's good enough for me." Note: Written, to Michael, on the occasion of his proposal to Joan…. Jake

Copyright © John Posey | Year Posted 2012

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The Class Guide

a shy ..,
bashful guy
always kept me.,
confined to last bench..
down my head,
huddled heart ,
blenched my breathes and 
arms always clenched..

Staring with a thief eye
to each one 
around  me 
but confrontation
was not my forte .,
this fragility always
kept  me away 
from my very interest
and invariably
was a thwart ..

New day in the class,
New teachers and 
Classmates too.,
but for me
each day is new
and each one is who..

Newly painted class 
curtained each side .,
The Teacher announces
our new class guide...

In actual fact
I am not a beauty gaper .,
but this time
she forced me too sharper...
hardly I lavish my time 
in any admiration..,
but this would give,
drive to my contemplation.., 
breaking the ice to her
difficult and caffeine  beauty
eyes were electric  and 
almond shaped.,
lips were glossy and frooty..

Tallest and 
her collar in the same way.,
I stared alot but
kept her eye away..
walk like breeze 
silent and cool
smile like blooming lily.,
none of her company
can stand by her
she was the perfect dilly..

Crowd would stop
while she starts 
mostly buring in vex.,
she wants pin drop silence 
 in the class .,otherwise,
 bitter pills to suspects..

The same rain
I got whole year .,
Whole year 
I got ,
teacher will start ,
we all will set ,
and I will get lost .,
The last day of
this beautiful phase 
I was loosing carelessly.,
No courage,
No rescue ,
The day cutting readily ..

God miracle  or 
some boon ,
when she came ,  
in her black shoon..,
shrinking and shy 
asked me a favour.,
Reaching to the seventh heaven
I started quiver..

Yea....Yea ....
I did it
and then asked my will 
very courageous it was
to utter such word.,
but......,I knew 
It was the
last chance
and never again for
such a coward..

So....I did 
did it fast 
listening it....,
she got locked 
'No words'
 she said
but I .....,
I did it
did it 
I do..

Copyright © RA Shagun | Year Posted 2017

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If Love Were Enough

If Gratitude were enough, 
I’d fill the oceans with mine for having you
If laughter were enough,
I’d make you laugh till your last breath,
Just so I can hear that beautiful sound for eternity

If dancing was enough,
I’d waltz and foxtrot with you till your feet hurt
If tenderness was enough,
I’d then spend the rest of the day massaging those feet
Just so I can take the aching away

If life were enough,
I’d trade mine for yours in a heartbeat
Just so you can live to fulfil all your heart’s desires,
As all I want for you is your never-ending joy,
Your gentleness, coyness, kindness
And if love were enough,
I’d love you in and out of time,
As I love you from this day onwards,
I will love you beyond my final breath


Copyright © sharon chirau | Year Posted 2018

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Let me be

You may not like my being
You may hate my appearance
The way I dress up and the way I smile
Don’t humiliate me, don’t insult me
I am one of God’s image and creation
Cannot please your standard of perfection.

You and I may not see eye to eye
You may not like what I believe in
My faith, my values and point of view
Please, don’t stifle me or reject me
God has blessed us with many talents
I don’t need your personal judgments.

We may not be friends
You may hate my background
Where I come from and my history
Why taunt me? Why bother me?
I want to bring glory to God’s name
Cannot dwell under your standard of shame.

You may not cherish who I am
But perish not yourself
With your hatred and your prejudices
Remember, God’s world is so vast for us to enjoy
You are free to go your way
And please let me go my way.

Copyright © Mpho Kgaswane | Year Posted 2017

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Princess Philomena 1

She who is the light and hope in love complete
I kneel in your grace
A story that really gripped me deeply
as my mother told me with such pride in her voice

Protectress of the most Holy living rosary 
she has preformed countless miracles
A young virgin who was martyred at the age of 13
She willingly gave her life to the heavenly sacrifice
daughter of light you shine heroic
Blessed with the virtues of purity,obedience and humility
the anchor of hope in deep dark despair
I promised someone really dear to me
precious in my heart with love
to write this story

She was the daughter of a prince stunning beautiful
coming from a small state in Greece
who her family became Christians 
in baptism she became the daughter off, light
One day while in the city the family went for an audience
with the great emperor, when he saw her 
he appeared possessed in his mannerism
during the whole time within conversations 
Now her father was dazzled with his honor
he willingly accepted his proposal of marriage
her father and mother tried everything to induce her to yield
to their demands she turned to them and said
I never break a promise once made
in the one she had made to Jesus
saying her virginity belongs to him
No longer can I dispose of it
They tried everything in their power
her father began attacking her in his own shame
in violent rage and anger and her mother tried to induce her to yield
they tried everything with her that was possibly know to them
Until both her parents fell on their knees begging
with tears that were overwhelming their eyes
pleading with her to please take pity on them
No was her answer final on the subject
she had vowed herself to God and her kingdom is in Heaven
She was brought before the emperor at the time
he flew into a mad violent fit of anger mixed with rage
influenced by the devil himself
He flung her into the palace prison
thinking to himself with pain and suffering
and with great shame in her courage he constantly attacked her
some which were almost fatal to her purity of blessing
had it not been for the hand and grace of God
Her prayers supported her 
those she made to the love of Jesus
and to her most holy mother with her only son
now being held in captivity 37 days in total
always in a heavenly mist of light 
Our Blessed most Holy Mother supreme through the eyes of all women
bride of our Lord the Father God the creator
our Blessed Mother appeared in a vision

this story continues on next write 3 chapters this all held me captive 

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2014

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Cupid Don't Let it Miss

Cupid, drawback your bow, please
Don’t let it miss, don’t let it tease
Release the string, let the arrow wheeze
Squeeze through the trees 
Carrying it off in the gentle breeze 
Pierce my lover’s heart when I’m on my knees

Cupid drew back his bow while I proposed She saw the ring in my hand and froze Weeping shrieks of passion came up close Caressing my face saying I do when I arose

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2017

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My plumber is here to sort my pipes.
Says he has divorced his wife.
He just showed me his hose.
Then proceeded to propose.
I admit I got the fright of my life.

Copyright © JEAN MURRAY | Year Posted 2016

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lines more lunatic than the sun 7 - 8

Lines more lunatic than the sun – 7

playing on the raw-coal 
the under-clothes of the airhostesses 
continue to sing a song

even-then the germination of the almonds 
can never become the sugar-candy 
made of palmyra 

may be they don’t want so 

until and unless any night-guard comes 
and deposits the RBCs of the jack-fruit-leaves 
within a wrinkle-free hand-glove

you do absorb all colours 
from the soil of the earthworms
and thus unfold your open hair 
along the air of this cloudy day
then none but the gughni-sellers
will get back their names and titles

there is from the sky of the timber of hog-plum 
it has rained even last night
the streets are wet 
the trees are wet 
there is splashing mud in the low lands

those all full-of-incidents 
if you wish
you can send them 
to the introduction of a proposal against war

i’ve never heard that 
to take the responsibility 
of the starving south-east
the rain has put down its crown

Lines more lunatic than the sun – 8

all on a sudden 
one day again 
i face the isabgool 

the own fountain of vraj-kishore 
may be, wants to fly away in such a manner
to another afternoon

my tiffin-expenses cann’t discover that valley
till now 
from where 
it is said 
all night-gowns begins

then i’m sitting
with my hands and legs spread 
      in the sun-light  
filled with 
      		the sound of chopping of cabbages

on the flowers of the sun-plant 
that are in-between the wife and her mother-in-law 
i exercise my intelligence very much

if the question of my security is raised 
it is only a ‘for-God’s-sake’-like adjuration

the knot of a white handkerchief is so much heavy 
i don’t know earlier
my knowledge of using prosody
getting amalgamated  calmly 
with the stamen used by the sleep


Copyright © murari sinha | Year Posted 2010

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From My Lips to Santa's Ears

Dearest Santa, my one wish may seem strange, but please do not interpret me as snide. I wish this kindness, so please do arrange my Christmas gift of a mail order bride. Surely such would lighten my hard work load, help with the children and spousal demands. She can be pretty or favor a toad as long as it’s English she understands. I fail domestic perfection with house, Mom affection with little ones each day and attending His Lordship, my own spouse, because my to-do list stays in the way. Again, this may seem most unorthodox, but, this is me, thinking outside the box. I know that you must judge, weigh and ponder if I was a well-behaved girl this year. I tried leaving home for the far yonder - the car died before even driveway clear. I lace my morning coffee with brandy, hide my husband’s tickets to pro baseball, hide chips in sofa when comes Priest Andy and may ignore my children when they call. Sometimes I name dust bunnies left on floor. Sarcasm is my fav go to coping tool. I cheat at cards when writing down my score and past June, I peed in the public pool. I work hard without results all day long, so sometimes, yeah, I get this life all wrong. I wish to remember why I am here; recall romantic love that started all. I could succeed if I had a wife-peer helping with spousal gall and toddler brawls. I want more than bathtubs layered with dirt and stinking trash bordering on a spill, let someone else produce an ironed shirt and seek deep sleep as an ambitious thrill. I want memories of kids where I smile and husband conversations standing still. I seek family love for feel worthwhile lest I seek happy docs with happy pills. One or both of us can wed my wished her, Santa, please concur and do not defer.
... CayCay Jennings December 28, 2017

Copyright © CayCay Jennings | Year Posted 2017

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Side by side on a moonlight night like this A tender moment of romantic bliss You cup my face and we share a sweet kiss You pass me a coin to drop in the pool I’m to make a wish, that’s the golden rule I wish for a ring with a green jewel When I open my eyes, what do I see - My handsome boyfriend down is on one knee You utter those words; will you marry me? I am the happiest girl in the land An emerald ring is slipped on my hand Our wedding day arrangements must be planned! Scene chosen: Two sitting in front of a fountain Precious Moments Contest Sponsored by Kim Rodrigues Checked with how many syllables 03~07~17

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2017

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There must be so many ways to say the same exact thing
Like, take this offering I was commanded to deliver to you from the Spring
And in the summer I shall say “take these my sweet”
As daisies rise from the ground to bless the finesse of your feet

There must be thousands of adjectives and numerous nouns
More words than there are tidy and tiny towns
Now let me say this in a different way to you
you will never find words birthed anew 
You will seek yet never find a new way of what to say
When it’s so loudly defined by a willingness to pray
Are you bold enough to promise vows that you will one day keep,
Or will they, such as a corpse, be buried six feet deep?

How shall I react when I HEAR three words so small yet so sacrosanct to me

Will  each syllable BE SPOKEN clearly so that I might understand and let it be?  
Well where is she already with  her supposed proposal billions before have done and said?
Instead of my beloved the minister meandered closer and whispered the three wrong words, “your fiancé’s dead”
     © 2011.….PHREEPOETREE ~!free cee!~

Copyright © jeffry cohan | Year Posted 2011

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Neither a pauper or a king

Neither pauper or a king

I've got nothing I could give
but for you I would live
Will you take me as I am?
(cause) I'd love to be your man

I've got nothing in this world
Got no diamonds got no pearls
Love for you to be my girl
Take my hand give it a whirl!

I'm neither a pauper or a king
but, I've got a wedding ring
be my wife, make my heart sing
with you I've got everything (I need)

In love forever we would be
happy for eternity
What a blessing it would be
If you'd just say YES to me

Together, we can fly so high
through the endless starry sky
and just like a butterfly
our life will flutter by

I'm neither a pauper or a king
but, I've got a wedding ring
be my wife, make my heart sing
with you I've got everything (I need)

And if you say YES to me
I'll make you so happy!
(cause) you are my destiny
Please, come set my soul free

I'm neither a pauper or a king
but, I've got a wedding ring
be my wife, make my heart sing
with you I've got everything (I need)

Repeat chorus
Fade to zero

John Derek Hamilton
June 4,2017

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2017

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We walk together hand in hand admiring the beautiful shaded woodland; Russet, brown and gold leaves floated down as trees shed their stunning autumnal gown You’ve arranged a picnic in a secluded glen we drink champagne, you pause and then you get down on your bended knee produce a ring and propose to me! Your proposal was a complete surprise, tears of happiness well up in my green eyes. I gaze into your eyes of sapphire blue replying I can’t wait to marry you! Autumn Romance Contest Sponsored by Julie Rodeheaver 09-26-17

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2017

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Nervous, anxious, praying my love I express. Girlfriend blubbers saying I’ll marry you - yes! Parents very happy we are getting wed, Bridegroom joyful chappie banns need to be read! Joyful girlfriend smiling, seals love with a kiss Planning wedding styling no longer a ‘miss’! Booking summer wedding, bridesmaid will wear blue, blissful marriage heading darling I love you! 2/14/18 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Checked with 'rhymezone' and how many syllables 88 syllables Contest sponsored by Joseph May

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2018

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Undone by fear

The skies were clear, a cloudless blue
   His heart beat red, his love was true
His hair was black, his thoughts pure white
   The moon was full, the time was right

Jed cleared his throat, no sound came out  
   He'd lost his nerve, there was little doubt ...
 Eagerly Becky had waited, 'til undone by fear
   She slipped away, eyes streaming tears

Copyright © Gershon Wolf | Year Posted 2018

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Money And Fair Words

With money and fair words he won her heart
With a flashy proposal promised they would not part

At the wedding the words I do he could not say
For in his heart he knew her love he would betray

So he ran from the altar and out the church door
Why he had done this no one was sure

Only he knew as he fled to his bit on the side
The poor bride collapsed and just cried and cried 

For he ran to be happy but it will not last 
For with women’s hearts he plays loose and fast

Her mother and father were shocked to the core
As they picked up their daughter off the church floor

Drying her tears they tried to explain
That one day she would love and overcome this pain

As for the girl she’s not trusted men for a while
Maybe one day a man will make her trust and smile

Copyright © Owen Yeates | Year Posted 2013

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a proposal to you

In my eyes I see you.
A beautiful rose.
Your the girl of my dreams.
Sometimes I wonder if I found the right person.
Your my shinning star at night.
I will never let you down.
I will never make you cry.
I will never tell a lie.
I will always be truthful to you.
I sing a lullaby at night.
I will always hold you tight no matter what.
I will always be there for you.
I will take care of you if you was in need.
I will help you when you fall.
will treasure you for all times.
Your my heart.
Your my soul.
But my feelings for you will never let go.
I want you to smile,smile for me.
I want to see you smile.
I propose to you.
I will always love you

Copyright © david moananu | Year Posted 2007

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The Perfect Proposal

*The Perfect Proposal*

The perfect proposal
Just what would it be?
In a fairy tale life or in an enchanted dream
Three different scenarios I could see
And let him choose the one that fits him to a T

Popping the question over a picnic lunch in the Swiss Alps 
A checkered tablecloth, simple fruit, cheese and crackers, and a sparkling wine
To be read poetry from the greatest of greats—Robert Frost or Shel Silverstein
Another option would be at an abandoned zoo
We could cuddle up in the lion’s den and count the stars in the open sky
And then swim in the aquarium with the dolphins too at the first peak of sunrise
And the final option of the perfect proposal would be standing at the pearly gates of heaven
Heaven is where all our dreams come true anyways
And heaven is where I am going to meet you after the next blood moon
So I sit here below a star studded sky and I thank the Lord for delivering me
I thank the Lord for second and third chances
I thank the Lord for ETERNITY

Gwendolen Rix

Copyright © Gwendolen Song | Year Posted 2014

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Divine Comedy, second canto

The day was going off, and the brown air
To the terrestrial animals gave rest
For their labors; and only me was there

Just ready to withstand the war at best
Both of the journey and of the torment,
Which by my mind will be rightly expressed.

O muse, o high genius, help my intent;
O mind which tried to write the things I saw
Here of  noblesse you will show the extent.

I then began: ”Poet , that guide  me and draw,
Look at my virtue if it has the power, 
Before I try the high step with no flaw.

You affirm that Silvio’s father not this hour,
While he was living, to immortal place
Just went, and was with senses free to scour.

But, if of any evil the adverse base
Favored him, accounting the high effect
Which had to come from him, it was the case

Well worthy looking to any mind perfect;
So he was of alma Rome and its domain
In the empyrean heaven father elect:

Both city and man, for real truth sustain,
Were then chosen: Rome as the saint ground
Where of Peter’s successor must remain. 

This going for praising him made it sound,
Things were achieved which allowed after then
His victory and the Pope’s mantle round.

Later on went the elected Bard just when
Had to give strength  to the true belief
Which is the principle to salvage men.

But me, why should I come? Who gives motif?
I’m not Aeneas, and nor Paul I am;
On this is mine and others’ disbelief.

Because, if to come there I do not stem,
I fear that coming will prove I’m insane
You’re sage; that I don’t reason you should pram”

And as who wants what then has to restrain
Following new thoughts with proposal change
So that all things have to begin again,

Similarly I did it in that obscure range
Because, by thinking, I rapidly succeeded
In the way which at start was to derange.

“If your words I have correctly heeded”,
Answered the shadow of that noble man,
“Your mind to dastardliness has ceded;

Which many times man hardly overran
So that diverts him from any honored deed,
As when see vicious beasts wrongly you can. 

From this alarm in order to be freed,
I’ll tell you why I came and what I heard
In the prime question to follow your need.

I was within the ones suspended herd,
When nice and blessed woman called out me, 
Such as to ask hers commands I preferred.

Much more than stars hers eyes were bright to see;
Then to talk she started gentle and low,
With angelic voice, in hers language free:

“O gracious soul from Mantua shiny glow,
Whose worldwide fame power to stand has still
And long time shall last as the world will go,

The friend of mine, and not of venture skill,
In the desert space is hardly entrapped
So that he is giving up for scare thrill;

And I fear for him to be already flapped,
That the rescue from mine might be too late,
As far of him from heavens I have kept.

Now you must go there, and with your speech straight
And giving him what needed to survive,
Help him, I will be free of anguish weight.

I am Beatrice and your step I drive;
I come from where I want be back again;
Love, making me speaking, made me revive.

When I will be in front of my Lord main
Often I shall praise to him your valid soul”
She then got silent, and I had to explain:
“O woman full of virtue , who is sole
To fill for human beings any empty space
Of heaven, which of  less rim has its bowl,

I like so much whatever is your trace
That obey, if it were, it would be late;
You have only to open me your case.

But tell me the reason why you took the rate
To descend down here in this dark center
From the wide site which  you dearly wait” 

“Since your knowledge wants so deep to enter,
Will tell you in brief” , she answered then,
“Why I don’t fear to bring here my mentor.

We can be afraid of things but only when
Show to be aggressive to others much;
If not, don’t fear, they cannot hurt the men. 

I am a Lord’s construction, thanks God ,such,
As your wretchedness cannot now me hurt
Nor flame of this hot burning can me touch.

Heavenly woman to tears must convert
This very hard task where you I send,
Compelling her a judgment to divert. 
She pleaded Lucia helpful commend
And told her: - Now your faithful man help needs 
From you, and him I warmly recommend-

Lucia, opposing any misdeeds,
Moved, and rapid came where I was
With ancient Rachele already sitting.

She told:- Beatrice, true God’s laud and  luz,
Why don’t you help the one who loved much you,
The vulgar herd so leaving for this cause?

Aren’t you hearing his painful tears undue,
Neither you see with death how hard his fight
Goes on the flood on which sea never flew?

Nobody in the world was rapid quite
To have a gain or a risk to escape
As I was, after such words I heard right,

I came down here from my blessed agape
Trusting your honest speaking good indeed
Honoring you and those who caught your shape-.

After these words to me wanted to cede
Hers shiny eyes than moved weeping with tears
Which pulled me to come with greater speed.

And I came here then following hers cares:
I took you off from facing up that beast
Which you to climb the hill impeded airs.

So: what happens? Why, why aren’t  you released,
Why such cowardice in your heart admit,
Why your courage and baldness are not pieced, 

As on three blessed women you can commit
Who care take of you in the heaven court,
And so much good  I’m talking to transmit? 

Like little flowers in the night chill fort
Are bent and closed, after white sun light,
Suddenly all open their stems are sort,

Similar I did with my tired virtue slight,
And so good boldness in my heart then came,
That I started speaking as I was all right:

“Oh indeed piteous and helpful dame!
And you that soon accepted hers request
With the true words which proffered in my name!

You have my heart with such desire stressed
So much to join you according your talk,
That my previous purpose I reassessed.

Since we have the same will, then start to walk:
You leader, you lord and you master main”.
So I told; when pace started to unlock, 

The path I entered savage and arcane.

Copyright © Mario DE PAZ | Year Posted 2014

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Addicted Towards Happiness

     ~Tonight A Free Ride ~

Tonight my thoughts are running towards 
my healing ocean, becoming the place 
where voluntarily I am convinced to watch 
the thousands of stars in the sky, illuminating 
my shore on arrival, to share my lively routine 
visits with this one whale friend that accidentally, 
have come to meet a few months ago. 

Approaching with a jester it looked me in the eye 
moved its head asking, why am I gloomy tonight?
come lady ride on my back let me take you away 
from your everyday thoughts let us experience our 
journey I invited the stars in the sky to lighten up 
your dimness tonight.

Yet, now that we have each other try a different 
approach towards your loneliness the wind is a 
friend and will not blow you away the moon 
promised a short visit to accompany the stars.

Accepting the proposal of that ride it will clarify
the energy of my inner body and soul the way 
my friend the whale has it looking up thinking 
counting the stars will give me the opportunity 
to dig deeper towards my senses, my spaciousness, 
peacefulness as a new approach. 

Suddenly with a falling star nothing seemed 
impossible to arouse my intense curiosity 
about life's mysteries how I ended up feeling 
that lonesome before I met my friend,
determined to lean towards my depth and discover 
my beauty and power that I have abandoned, 
when I failed to notice how much emptiness 
existed in my depth. 

Instantly I started feeling addicted towards 
my happiness I allowed my thoughts to stir
my presentiments understand my liveliness, 
after descending on shore.

Once arrived I thanked the stars that allowed 
me to enjoy the ocean cooperated to help me 
redeem an aluminous light through
my coming years. 

That voyage assembled my gladness 
to lean towards all the advantages 
that actually already exist beyond.
Thank you my friend. 

Therese Bacha
June 27 2013

Copyright © Therese Bacha | Year Posted 2013