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Best Ozymandias Poems

Below are the all-time best Ozymandias poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of ozymandias poems written by PoetrySoup members

A modern herald in an ancient land
Announced to whole world this: "A massive bronze
Hand lies beneath some lofty columns grand;
Nearby, a cracked and spit-drenched head,...

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Categories: ozymandias, history, introspection, parody, passion,
Form: I do not know?

The Modern Ozymandias
The Modern Ozymandias

The Shelley poem adapted by Elton Camp

There was a stadium at Pennsylvania State
Where two strong and trunkless legs now stand
Near them, on the...

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© Elton Camp  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: loss, integrity, , ozymandias,
Form: Blank verse
all my clothes are rags
all my cups are cracked
all my plates are smeared
and all my windows smashed
all my pets are bugs
all my books are ripped

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Categories: ozymandias, anxiety, depression, loneliness, lost,
Form: Rhyme
The Modern Ozymandias
The Modern Ozymandias

By Elton Camp

Among nations’ leaders, none more powerful than he
Showy medals displayed on his chest for all to see

His facial expression and most...

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© Elton Camp  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, , ozymandias,
Form: Rhyme
A big problem
Once there was a famous king,
More famous than Ozymandias.
His name was King Wolf. 
Sultan was his nickname.
He called himself a benevolent despot;
And his style of...

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© Ram R. V.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: irony, satire, , ozymandias,
Form: Narrative


Each grain of gorged sand
civilized people —
themselves owned; owned land.

meanwhile the steeple
looked down at the band
of loquacious stock.
each thought themselves...

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Categories: christian, ozymandias,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Sonnet written in Optimist Park -Italian Sonnet- -win
(Rhyme scheme : abba abba cde cde)

I met a pessimist walker in Optimist Park,
She walked with a walker and a co-walker
Crippled, stressed, depressed, a fatuous...

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Categories: philosophy, , ozymandias,
Form: Italian Sonnet
Queen Of The Night
Of what maze is time-
That a little petal solves?
Blossoming in dim light
Against the cliché it holds

Strong when the ends are-
Seen, weak when the ends are...

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Categories: beauty, flower, , ozymandias,
Form: I do not know?
picture this
every day seven hundred million video clips
are shot and stored on memory chips
then uploaded to some video cloud
and vaporously saved for society proud

the dog tricks,...

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© Goode Guy  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: ozymandias, analogy, history, imagination, introspection,
Form: Couplet
South Mumbai #1 : Morning Thoughts on Ballard Pier
Not the sleek modern skyscrapers
Fragile, slim, standing tall
Catwalk queens of present times

But squat, imposing, solid built
Dowagers of a bygone age!

Forgotten memorials
Screaming, unheard, unseen
Proclaim of valor...

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Categories: ozymandias, places, social, , memorial,
Form: I do not know?
The Poets
Buson had his comb
and Pound, his blackened bough.
But I am no poet.

I do not rage. Rage
is not for me.
Inspiration does
not peer through my ribs.

I cannot...

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Categories: poets, , ozymandias,
Form: Free verse
Armed with Wine
I swing into action
Armed with wine 
The spirit willing, really for anything
Watch the Drama

Fire in my eye, dry throat, cracking lip
I stammer a little, with...

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Categories: addiction, political, , ozymandias,
Form: Blank verse
time and poetry

While statues fall to dust and nothing is remembered,
we fear you not Ozymandias; it was a poet who brought 
you back into history. ...

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Categories: dedication, words, , ozymandias,
Form: Blank verse
Garden breeze
A warm breeze, its source unknown, yet upon its breath
Carries the scents of my garden, thyme and sage and rose
Moving over warm soil, picking up...

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Categories: garden, , ozymandias,
Form: Free verse

Someone say

Sate my starving
Synaptic surges

That slowly but
Hopefully won't
Succumb to so
Stated selfless
Salesmen and 

And omega

I seemingly
Stir slightly
With a

Babel has

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Categories: ozymandias, christian, faith, inspirational, light,
Form: Fibonacci

While statues fall to dust and nothing is remembered,
we fear you not Ozymandias; it was a poet who brought you back into history. 

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Categories: ozymandias, beautiful, blessing, celebration, ,
Form: Blank verse

My mum liked poems a lot  -  loved  ‘em
She   used...

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Categories: ozymandias, on writing and wordslove,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member What Calls The Heart
In life,
What calls the heart becomes the legacy 
We leave behind
And those endowed will assure that its destiny 
Will be manifest in kind.

Builders of
Tombs and...

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Categories: ozymandias,
Form: Iambic Pentameter
love and hate
Sometimes we grow short
The perfect height for special missions
Ideal for infiltration behind enemy lines
Or licking pussycat shaped lollies midget style
We will strike at will
And achieve...

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Categories: fun, ozymandias, silly,
Form: Blank verse
It's blisteringly dry.
Martian, winedark, overweight -
No lawns on this mesa of millet-baked pie,
To spade this crater straight.

No blades here, no scraping rake.
Just dark trees and...

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Categories: ozymandias, beauty, environment, extended metaphor,
Form: Rhyme
The UN
The U.N. Building used to be
A place that kids would visit.
Its soaring presence, lined with flags
Seemed awesome and exquisite.

We learned so many facts and of

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Categories: change, , ozymandias,
Form: Rhyme
Spans (Inspired by Percy Shelley's "Ozymandias")

If one pursues the desert, smooth and vast,
They will not glimpse the history buried there.
The monuments constructed did not last,

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Categories: ozymandias, history, humanity, imagery, inspiration,
Form: Sonnet
old as a tv program
Old as in a TV program 

I watched a TV program set in an older people home
there was a murder with a pillow done by...

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Categories: ozymandias, absence, africa, anger, anti
Form: Blank verse
Talking to a Skull
There I was, stranded in a hull
Talking to a skull
While trapped in the Maw 
of the deep

Cold Water at my knees
I started to plea,
"Why Sell...

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Categories: death, ocean, ozymandias, psychological,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Slipback
You must see Slipback, the popular new app!
It's a primary clock of tick-tock,
brief time-travel is what you can make.

Anything can necessarily be changed in and...

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Categories: culture, fantasy, ozymandias, science
Form: Free verse