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On The Bottom Shelf

He made me ponder my greatest fear
not ghosts nor goblins grinning ear to ear
The one that I really fear most 
is the one peering back from the mirror
Is he real or will he just disappear 
Will anyone remember he was ever here

That person I present
the one white washed and sanitized 
representing the best of me
So I become a dim copy rationalized
Manicured, self fantasized
Will my true self ever be realized 
Or am I destined to be compartmentalized
packaged pretty, thoughts pasteurized 

Does anyone else worry 
what others might discover
A mother wife sister or brother
The dark thoughts that make us shudder
that choke the brain and threaten to smother
If they could see inside would they run for cover

So we protect them and ourselves
keep bits hidden away on shelves
Screaming for release but afraid 
what might happen if someone tells
We ain't always pretty, stagnant water smells
Instead bang the gong and ring the bells
If it's inside release it with yells

What will happen if we face our thoughts
Is it really us maybe it's not
Are we just scared boys and girls tied in knots
Trying to push it all down deeper 
that stuff we've been taught
Take aim, release those expectations
another life can't be bought
Make the best of the one you've got!

For "What you Fear Most" contest.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2016

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If I Could Only Have Tomorrow

If I Could Only Have Tomorrow

I've loved you for so long now
I've loved you from afar.
Nights I've prayed to have you.
I've even wished upon a star.

Nothing's gotten me closer
like I hoped to be to you.
I could dream forever
and not see one dream come true.

And so I come before you
and I get down on one knee.
And ask if there might be a way
you'd do one thing for me.

One day to last my lifetime
an ending to my sorrow.
Let me be with you tonight
and let me have tomorrow.

Let me look into your eyes
as the sun begins to shine.
Let me if for a moment
just pretend your mine.

It's not about the love we'll make
or the joy I hope you find.
I've loved you for forever
already in my mind.

If only I can have tomorrow
just to see you in the dawn.
I swear to you if you want me to
by nightfall I'll be gone.

Then though I be forgotten
and you can't recall my name.
No longer sad and lonely
I'll still love you just the same.

Living in the memory
I'd beg or steal or borrow.
Enslaving me and saving me
if I could only have tomorrow.

Edwin C Hofert

Copyright © Edwin Hofert | Year Posted 2015

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Sometimes I wonder where we would be
 had Cain not slain his brother.
  Would we all be feasting in the Garden of Eden,
   sharing its promise with each other?

Sometimes I ponder the light of a new day
 when I wake in the early morning.
   Does it make the world a better place,
    when we wake to a city in mourning?

Sometimes I dream of a world so pure
 it makes me feel higher than high.
  Can our points of view be so distorted,
   that we must make the innocent die?

Sometimes I wish life was simple
 like the games we as children play.
  Must our hearts be so heavy laden with hate,
   that we see killing as the only way?

Sometimes I feel lost and alone
 as if there were no place for me to be.
  When will we make peace with each other,
   to assure all men can sleep peacefully?

Sometimes I only want to awaken
 and get myself out of this trance.
  Then I finally realize that I am fully awake,
   and say a prayer for the people of France.

Copyright © Dan Cwiak | Year Posted 2015

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Visiting The Willow Tree

I was visiting the willow tree when I heard
your sweet voice call out to me with flair, 
But the honeysuckle's aroma was so delightful  
that it left me feeling for your call, without

Let me visit the water's edge and speak 
to the trees, for I am a part of nature even though
I am not dressed in forest leaves. 
Let the birds sing amply and quite the loud voices
that empty me.

Along the path I want to walk and feel release, 
the beauty of what nature has not lost, peace. 
Here I will linger and visit still, because 
I need it's ever loving heal.

Loving you is a blessing in this life but being
alone with nature, is also so very nice.
I was visiting the willow tree.

Copyright © Sharon Gulley | Year Posted 2017

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problems in a bottle

When life is coming at me full throttle
Sometimes I think I should bury my problems in the bottle
Empty the vodka out and then Cry in it
But if I do that, eventually I'll die in it

I come from a long line of addicts
I saw heroin & alcohol ruin my mum, dad, sister and brother so I stay drug free
Yet people still feel the need to judge me
Because I'm bipolar and have a mind of madness

Social services neglected me for 2 years knowing full well I was in an unsafe household
They were forced to pay me compensation, now they probably wish they could tape my mouth closed
Parents spent their money on alcohol so left me without food to eat
They were too busy fighting to care that their baby would cry himself to sleep

27 foster families by age 11 I never knew love
Age 14 my biological sperm donor died, and I didn't think of him too much
It's hard to miss someone laying in dirt when they dragged you through mud
Age 15,things got too much, So I picked up a blade, put it to my wrist and drew blood

Got to see my mum six times a years
She told me she wished I died instead of my dad
Since then I've buried my head in my pad
And rhymed my tears

I'm unable to cry, so I have to shed them on paper
Depression became my friend, anxiety became my neighbour
Got told I'd be dead by 21, here I am at 25 I'm a success
It makes me smile, knowing some will see I survived and be upset

When life is coming at me full throttle
Sometimes I feel like i should bury My pain in a bottle
But instead I put all of my pain on a page
I overcame all my obstacles and found  better days

Copyright © Alex Duffy | Year Posted 2017

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In The Moment

Lost today in yesterday's memories
Oblivious to what is happening
Concentrating on perceived used to be's
Results in today's abandoning

Being focused every day in someday 
Pondering imagined what could be's
Worrying about the future that way
Changes nothing... offers no guarantees

These are the days to spend in the moment
Being where and who one is meant to be
Presence makes the present important 
The development of true memories

May 29, 2018

These Are The Days Contest by Daniel Turner
June 11, 2018
Honorable Mention

In The Moment Contest by Heidi Sands
June 18, 2018
Honorable Mention

Copyright © Susan Gentry | Year Posted 2018

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I'm fresh as a daisy
and happy as a clam
refreshed and replenished
Enthused is what I am!

It helps I'm off work now
I'm not watching the news
No murders or mayhem 
To bring me the blues

Sublimely oblivious
Spells "happy" to the letter
As far as information
Sometimes less is better!

Copyright © PAT Adams | Year Posted 2017

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Sometimes you ask me a question When you already have the answer, Sometimes you speak volumes About matters you barely know, Sometimes you ask for my opinion Having presumed a judgment, At times like these I listen, but never utter a word And you respond in kind with a stern look. January 16, 2018

Copyright © Vijay Pandit | Year Posted 2018

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Under What Influence

Sometimes I think I would love you more if I was still drinking. And then I decipher the code: I would love you more if I still loved myself less.

Copyright © Teagan Taylor | Year Posted 2018

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There’s a tumor growing deep down in my soul
Pleading with me for full control
There’s a fire burning beyond within
Suffocating me in all my sin
There’s a revolution brewing beneath and between
All I have ever known and seen.

At times my life feels like a dream,
At times my life is not what it seems.

There’s a rabbit hole I’m falling through
Transforming all I’ve ever knew
There’s an emptiness that fades to black
I’m not sure how I will ever get back.

At times my life feels like a dream,
At times my life is not what it seems.

Pressure squeezes the essence of me
Its dark inside…I  cannot see
Banging my head against all I find
Waiting for a definitive sign 
There’s a rebellion draped in uncertainty
Constantly opposing and oppressing me
There’s a heart that once pounded on purpose
Now I live inside this circus
But I’m the only clown in here
I’m the one I have to fear.

At times my life feels like a dream
At times my life is not what it seems

Self is worse than any enemy
It’s what quietly tries to deceive me
I must break away from who I am 
And get back up and try again
I must hold true to what is real
Allow myself to heal and feel
I must arrest the attacker in my head
Forgive all the things I did and said
I must raise the banner in an attempt to make peace
I must once and for all kill this beast.

At times my life feels like a dream
At times my life is not what it seems.


Copyright © Sabina Nicole | Year Posted 2017

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Celebrating the Adventure of Advent

Celebrating the Adventure of Advent 

Universal elegy grieves and yet embraces shifts of paradigm
New beginnings consciousness initiates comprehends and thus proceeds from
Illusion’s delusion collusions misconceptions in the irritating
Vortex whirlpool immanent void of false containment

Enlightenment modern postmodern retro visionary futuristic aspirations
Resound in dialectical rebirth rejuvenation germinate constructive 
Sense meaning reflect serenity’s tentative confidence that the
Agony of climate change greed warfare ignorance destructive apathy
Liberates fusion confusion necessitates Aquarian communication of

Antagonism’s polar opposites contradictions complements

Cycles spheres of influence of grave repression gravitate
Revolve resolve with pushing pulling moons in metaphorical
Orbital mental psychological initiation shape incidences
Synchronicities collateral communal reason feeling responsibility

Transformation of the global madness inhumanity conjoins
Idealism and the darker side’s fallacies of fabrication

Conspiracy of muted spirit silence violation fade away transform to novel script

Communication courses discourses concur in co-operation
Obvious obscurity in the blip of human race’s evolution delimits 
Limitations iron cages hopes for new time place of reason beyond
Laissez-faire and hippie psychedelic stream of consciousness afar from
Anarchy self-righteous slavery rebellion mindlessness

Big oppressive bangs big brother’s obliterating over-information with
Onslaught of technology fail and falter when simplicity and esoteric
Rationale comprise enhance encompass the necessary world view shifts

Ascent and ever changing climax revitalizes humanness thus gifts
Truth deriving comprehension from ‘objective’ communal subjectivity with
Intuition insight inclination outside from the rigid boxed conformity

Order may be found again in the chaos of our time of misrepresented bedlam
New Age Aquarius delivers acts upon fresh constellation contemplates the Universe 

Kai Michael Neumann
07th June 2016

Copyright © Kai Michael Neumann | Year Posted 2016

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On that same afternoon 
in a commune not too far away, 
hope got caught while 
stealing from the market of desires; 
luck got expelled for
cheating on the bonus questions;
love, on the other hand, turned into 
rain and escaped the cloud 
of acquired fears. 

Copyright © A.O. Taner | Year Posted 2017

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In my Shoes

To most I am a crybaby
I am an emotional human being
I am stressed
Knowing crying doesn't change anything,
 but does help me feel better 
I am so much more than that 
I am a strong individual 
Just because you may see me cry 
Doesn't make me weak 
Everyone has a story 
Until you are in my shoes 
You can't begin to understand
To feel my pain or my joy 
So until you can fully understand my situation
My complications, motivations, my struggle
 my story, simply shut up 
Don't care about opinions or advice 
Don't want to hear it
 I am living my life so live yours

Copyright © Sharay Newsome | Year Posted 2016

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The distant past
whishpers across
the lonelly valleys echo 
with fear and distrust
It captures the heart
And takes it to a ride
Their echoes sre heard
In that distant past
The valleys listen
And bow down in honour
Their red tears
Afraid of wiping them
Reality hidden far away
Far away in the distant past
In heart muscles they align 
Just above reality
When the echoes open their heart
We get dismayed 
Lonesome bewilder our hearts
The hearts that soon crumble
They soon meet with the ancestors
Who in a rude shock wonder
How soon and young we join them
The echoes remain still
Untill the valleys 
Stop whispering
but our hearts are a battlefield
Where emotions fight
the fight of unending battles
 untill soon we depart

Copyright © john ngugi | Year Posted 2015

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It’s dark down here
An uncomfortable pit
Devoid of cheer
But it’s not the Wishing Well, is it?

My stomach hurts
My head aches
I speak in spurts
My world quakes

Tears flow over and
I think I might be sick
Don’t give me your hand;
I’ll take it too quick

Well, I’ve read some books
The Imp of Perverseness has got me
But just off of looks
I’d say I can still see visibly

Clouds are rolling
Clocks tick
This pit is controlling
Nothing will click

I know it’s not that hard
I know I can fix this
But I’ve let down my guard
And everything’s amiss

I’ve stopped moving pieces
In a complex game of chess
Pawns lost in creases
Well, I guess that’s stress

Copyright © Vella Taliare | Year Posted 2016

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Nails and screws ‘mate’ together
But nails puncture tires when misdirected
Another’s love loss is another’s gain
Love bites break hearts into little pieces
Commodities here today, gone tomorrow
Replaceable parts are ‘outnumbered’ one to none
Do or die in the here/after--- ‘suicide’
Life will rot to its very core
Thrown aside ‘punted’ fore-ever more
Rebirthed and planted it will grow big
And perhaps will be saved for another year’s commodity.


Fishwife’s tales
Poppy dog tails
Fairies in storied ‘lore’
Fly and gad about no more
Lengths of twine saved thrice
Wrap on today’s keepsakes!

Treasures are memories held
In minds, hearts and pretty boxes
Brought out to remind once again
Keepsakes of puppy dog tails and fairy lore.

Copyright © Diane M Quinlan | Year Posted 2015

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Sometimes - An Anaphora Poem

Sometimes the mountain, it just can't be climbed;
Sometimes the day, just never seems to end.
Sometimes reality's, more suspect than mime;
Sometimes the answer's, just round the bend.
Sometimes the solution gets lost in the thought;
Sometimes the parable is blown in the wind.
Sometimes we don't necessarily, do that which we ought;
Sometimes man's vanity, is his ultimate sin.

Copyright © R.A. Marschall | Year Posted 2016

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if each tomorrow 
were the same as
each yesterday
what would you have done 
 - today?

Copyright © A.O. Taner | Year Posted 2016

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Ink Written On My Heart

Should I like,
The tattooed kind?
Tattooed right,
Steal my soul,
She might.

Copyright © Honestly J.T. | Year Posted 2015

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Teachers Thoughts

Teachers Thoughts

Screams that is so loud
Manifesting in hallways
Time to calm boys, girls down quietly
Gather them in the hallway
One, two, three so loud
Be quiet!

Reynaldo L. Mast
May 18th 2015

Copyright © Reynaldo Mast | Year Posted 2015

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Ceasar Salad

People think plants are not violent 
This is where I will tend to disagree
Have you ever seen a vine strangle a tree?
What about when a fly is devoured by the Venus?
When the weeds clog the yard with such immensity that drains every nearby plant?

Sure you have
Therefore you have witnessed the hard-wired DNA principle 
To survive 
Regardless of species
The predation and the prey
All within the concept that.....
Celery somehow made it to dominance in a seemingly peaceful fashion 
Yet deceptively, as stoic as this ... Celery... seems
It most certainly practices a turgid diplomacy of violence
Showing its importance as          
An invaluable part of classic broth 
A team player in regards to fiber
Let's never forget the partnership with peanut butter

So it began
Celery was allowed into the favored gardens of the chosen vegetables
Walled away from the thorny, thick monstrosities that grew unattended 
On the other side of the gate
Shedding their pollen without the slightest of apologies
But none of this was a concern for Celery
As Celery grew strong, robust and prolific
Soon it was apparent Celery had larger dreams than walled-off gardens 
It was time for world domination 
It was time to run the competitors unto the topsoil

Celery's surrounding mother roots went deep and everywhere within the soil 
This unquenchable thirst caused
Many neighboring plants to become so stifled 
A massive plant exodus occurred 
Creating even more harsh turf conditions
This was compounded with the
Many casualties from plant-like warfare
Yet, one may ask  
Did Celery show mercy and a vegetative state upon its face
No (and yes)
The roots took over and drained the essence from every beet, scallion and basil
In proximity
While simultaneously and 
Ravenously soaking in every bit of energy needed for
Even at the cost of Celery's family and friends

Given this veracious tale
Do you still believe plants are not violent?

Copyright © dennis sheffer | Year Posted 2016

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Some Of The Best Times Of Time

Memorable - "I remember the time when...."    (Aah!...the good old days!)
Puzzled - "What time is it?"    (Time for a watch!)
Philosophical - "Time is of the essence!"    (You can smell time???)
Exaggerated - "If I told you once, I told you a million times!"   (A million??...REALLY)
Request - "May I have more time?"     (Yeah, get it out of the bucket!)
Panic - "I NEED MORE TIME!!!"   (Sorry, fresh out of time!)
Procrastination - "I'll do it the next time!"     (Um....Maybe!)
Encouragement - "You'll do better the next time!"     (Be ready!)     
Threatening - "You just wait 'til the next time!"     (Uh-Oh!")
Wishful - "When I get some more time!"     (It's in the mail!)
Pondering - "How much time do I have?"    (Tick...Tock...Tick...Tock!)  
Questioning - "When was the last time?"     (Cmon, think hard now!)
Acceptance - "Time waits for no one!"      (Missed that bus again!)
WHAT????? - "Time and time again!"     (When was the first time???)
Admonishment - "Don't waste my time!"     (The bucket's almost empty!)
Ceasing - "Time out!!!"    (Whoa...stop right there!)
Foolish - "Turn back the hands of time!"     (Good luck on that one!!!)
Regret - "Time is what I don't have!"    (Buddy, can you spare a time?)
Boasting - "Yeah....I've got the time!"    (My loan rate is 100% interest!)
???????? - "Where did the time go???"   (I know it's around here somewhere!)
Advice - "Be on time!"     (Don't be late again!)
Wanting - "Give me some more time!"     (Gimme!...Gimme!...Gimme!)
Truth - "There is no more time!"     (Come back tomorrow...if there's time!)
Reality - "I'm running out of time!"    (Then pick up the pace!)
Upset - "Do you know what time it is???"     (You must be crazy! Look at the time!!!)
Pleading - "Do you have any time???"     (Buddy, can you spare another time?)
Realization - "I need to make the time!"     (Now where did I put that recipe???)
Befuddled - "I lost track of the time!"    (Where, oh where has my little time gone??)
It escaped - "Time got away from me!"   (Time to get a leash!)
Falsehood - "You can make up the time!"    (Counterfeit time???)
Biblical - "....and a time to every purpose under heaven:)    (Don't forget this one!)
The Best One - "You have ALL the time in the world!"    (BEWARE of that one!!!)

Copyright © Walter T. Ashe | Year Posted 2016

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People annoy me. 
Get away from me! 
It's not you, 
It's me. 
Behind my 
Baby blue- 
I hide... 
SECRETS!                                                         (That) 
Even though, 
You annoy me. 
It is me 
That you; 
Leave me alone! 
My air…, 
You can't…;  have-it! 
I won'-t...
Am I actually guarding my own territory? 
Like a
Hiding from yourself 
Once in a blue; 
Eyes that you lie through your teeth with. 
Once you lie with your teeth;
Blue eyes 
That are misleading; 
To say the least- 
Rolls down hill-
Eyes roll as your teeth lie. 
Bad attitudes spread like… 
--Sexually transmitted diseases--
This mentality rolls…
Affecting us all and landing on the very… 
We are all down there.
We all start there.
The very bottom; 
You forgot, 


Copyright © Ir0nic ZiNk | Year Posted 2016

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The Woods

On quiet nights 
the woods are wicked.
Terrifyingly dark.
Unknowable evil lurks
just beyond the clearing
moaning, creaking, thumping,
In the woods.

When there’s trouble
in the yard,
flee to safety 
in the woods.
Shelter in shadows,
breathe sweet relief,
become invisible
in the darkness
which fuels nightmares
on quiet nights.

Copyright © The Grahamburglar | Year Posted 2015

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A try-hard

A try hard
In getting attention
In achieving social validation
Just so she didn’t feel left out
An outcast
But she was pretending
Never actually feeling satisfied 
And she yearns
Taking that mask off her
The one which others call as ‘ideal’ 
But she was afraid
Of social perception
And she was afraid
That others would not like her
So she kept on wearing
That same mask over and over

Copyright © Amirah Halim | Year Posted 2016