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Best Sometimes Poems

Below are the all-time best Sometimes poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of sometimes poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member On The Bottom Shelf
He made me ponder my greatest fear
not ghosts nor goblins grinning ear to ear
The one that I really fear most 
is the one peering back...

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Categories: sometimes, angst, conflict, fear, growth,

Premium Member If I Could Only Have Tomorrow
If I Could Only Have Tomorrow

I've loved you for so long now
I've loved you from afar.
Nights I've prayed to have you.
I've even wished upon a...

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Categories: sometimes, courage, crush, desire, emotions,

Sometimes I wonder where we would be
 had Cain not slain his brother.
  Would we all be feasting in the Garden of Eden,

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© Dan Cwiak  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sometimes, confusion, feelings, grief, humanity,

Visiting The Willow Tree
I was visiting the willow tree when I heard
your sweet voice call out to me with flair, 
But the honeysuckle's aroma was so delightful ...

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Categories: sometimes, appreciation, nature, peace, solitude,

problems in a bottle
When life is coming at me full throttle
Sometimes I think I should bury my problems in the bottle
Empty the vodka out and then Cry in...

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© Alex Duffy  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sometimes, addiction, deep, emotions, family,

Premium Member In The Moment
Lost today in yesterday's memories
Oblivious to what is happening
Concentrating on perceived used to be's
Results in today's abandoning

Being focused every day in someday 
Pondering imagined what...

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Categories: day, memory, sometimes, time,

Premium Member Sometimes

Sometimes you ask me a question
When you already have the answer,

Sometimes you speak volumes
About matters you barely know,

Sometimes you ask for my opinion
Having presumed a...

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Categories: people, relationship, sometimes,

Premium Member Happy
I'm fresh as a daisy
and happy as a clam
refreshed and replenished
Enthused is what I am!

It helps I'm off work now
I'm not watching the news
No murders...

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© PAT Adams  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: absence, analogy, sometimes, uplifting,

Under What Influence
Sometimes I think
I would love you more
if I was still drinking.
And then I decipher the code:
I would love you more
if I still loved myself less.

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Categories: sometimes, abuse, addiction, evil, leaving,

Premium Member WOE WOE
a flickering

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Categories: life, sometimes,

Premium Member IS IT EASY TO TRUST

It's easy to trust
when there's nothing to lose.
Then you step out
in time without fear.
But when it's your life
that you've placed in...

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Categories: sometimes, bible, courage, fear, growth,

There’s a tumor growing deep down in my soul
Pleading with me for full control
There’s a fire burning beyond within
Suffocating me in all my sin
There’s a...

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Categories: sometimes, confusion, deep, faith, life,

Premium Member Celebrating the Adventure of Advent
Celebrating the Adventure of Advent 

Universal elegy grieves and yet embraces shifts of paradigm
New beginnings consciousness initiates comprehends and thus proceeds from
Illusion’s delusion collusions misconceptions...

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Categories: appreciation, sometimes, visionary, universe,

On that same afternoon 
in a commune not too far away, 
hope got caught while 
stealing from the market of desires; 
luck got expelled for

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© A.O. Taner  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sometimes, anxiety, appreciation, beautiful, beauty,

It’s dark down here
An uncomfortable pit
Devoid of cheer
But it’s not the Wishing Well, is it?

My stomach hurts
My head aches
I speak in spurts
My world quakes

Tears flow...

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Categories: cry, school, sick, sometimes,

In my Shoes
To most I am a crybaby
I am an emotional human being
I am stressed
Knowing crying doesn't change anything,
 but does help me feel better 
I am...

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Categories: sometimes, betrayal, character, courage, social,

The distant past
whishpers across
the lonelly valleys echo 
with fear and distrust
It captures the heart
And takes it to a ride
Their echoes sre heard
In that distant past

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© john ngugi  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sometimes, first love, relationship, retirement,



Nails and screws ‘mate’ together
But nails puncture tires when misdirected
Another’s love loss is another’s gain
Love bites break hearts into little pieces
Commodities here...

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Categories: sometimes, books, destiny, future, inspiration,

Sometimes - An Anaphora Poem
Sometimes the mountain, it just can't be climbed;
Sometimes the day, just never seems to end.
Sometimes reality's, more suspect than mime;
Sometimes the answer's, just round the...

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Categories: sometimes, deep, introspection, irony, meaningful,

if each tomorrow 
were the same as
each yesterday
what would you have done 
 - today?

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© A.O. Taner  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sometimes, dark, deep, fear, heaven,

Ink Written On My Heart
Should I like,
The tattooed kind?
Tattooed right,
Steal my soul,
She might....

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Categories: sometimes, appreciation, desire, how i

Ceasar Salad

People think plants are not violent 
This is where I will tend to disagree
Have you ever seen a vine strangle a tree?
What about when a...

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Categories: sometimes, allegory, culture, earth, emotions,

Teachers Thoughts
Teachers Thoughts

Screams that is so loud
Manifesting in hallways
Time to calm boys, girls down quietly
Gather them in the hallway
One, two, three so loud
Be quiet!

Reynaldo L. Mast

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Categories: sometimes, child, children, kid, school,

Premium Member Some Of The Best Times Of Time
Memorable - "I remember the time when...."    (Aah!...the good old days!)
Puzzled - "What time is it?"    (Time for a...

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Categories: humor, life, sometimes, time,

A try-hard
A try hard
In getting attention
In achieving social validation
Just so she didn’t feel left out
An outcast
But she was pretending
Never actually feeling satisfied 
And she yearns
Taking that...

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Categories: sometimes, bullying, community, culture, loneliness,