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9 11

                             America the Free  ~             America the Brave ~
                           Freedom with price              Capitalism attacked
                            the many taken                   hearts broken still
                              one World                           try to rebuild
                            sadness and tears               fall hard with fears  
                            guilt by association             many accused still
                             souls evaporated                shattered dreams 
                            tears fall on innocence          left with anger 
                             The proud fearless             knew the inevitable
                              policeman fireman             many lives lost
                            grieving does not stop           12 years later    
                               New York city once          proud  & shameless 
                             refusing to let fears in          protecting ours 
                                left in shock still              question's unanswered                    
                               nothing learned                     nothing gained  
                                ready to attack                   many left behind
                              anger greets denial              anger meets rage 
                               unacceptable still                 refusing new love 
                            wanting days to rewind           let us go back in time 
                              acceptance  allowing           the victims leave in peace
                              the brave taken young           leaving us sadly old
                               haunting dreams                     lost spirits dwell
                               no answers to hate            never forgetting that day
                               Evil entered suddenly              unforgiving fate
                                entering our City                we stand with the fallen
                                 How to fix                            how do we Change 

            This can be read many different ways ~ This is a poem I am so proud to write ~


Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

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I Love Guns

I love Guns

Guns make us safe
Guns are rights and freedoms
The more guns, the more freedoms we shall bear
Every man woman and child should be armed
So that we are all safe
All schools should be armed
Teachers, Principals, Janitors, arm them all
The finally we can relax
in total safety
knowing we are all armed
I say give arms to the amputees too

Gun control is socialist and fascist
We registers cars
We have banned toys
We regulate all kinds of things
Yet we are free
Totally free
Because we all have our right
To bare arms
Ask Kim Campbell! she agrees!!!

Not only guns
They must be automatics
The more bullets you can empty out of a gun 
the better
the more freedom you shall feel
Its called projectile dysfunction

And......... any man with a high IQ
Need's an assault rifle
Why of course to outsmart those ducks and turkeys
I firmly believe in a fair fight
Assault rifles to catch a duck
common sense to me
Quack quack

Guns have rights
Own a gun you have double rights
They are made to kill kill kill
Did I say they KILL?
Nothing more, nothing less
I need that right

Any child killed by a Gun
is only because we haven't enough guns

By the way
Children have no rights
Kill em all for all I care
as long as I have my rights

I am not concerned with facts
Or the humanity of it
Is all about my Guns
Cause I love Guns
More than humans
And thats my right
No matter how wrong it is

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2018

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These are just a few words about reality,
as Muslims struggle each day with individuality.

What is a Muslim and from whence does he come?
Like you and me, he is born into the world. because of two someone's.

Many of us grew up knowing prejudice in life,
I was gangly, naive, ever given to strife.

Raised as a Christian I never knew what it meant,
As my Muslim friend, how people could vent. 

My younger years were spent playing baseball you see,
They were a team of Puerto Ricans, not one Muslim to be.

My Polish heritage was always the butt of a joke,
It was infinitely small, compared to a Muslim's yoke.

My parent's generation was prejudiced in mind,
To Blacks, and Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Hispanics and people of all kind.
I, being naive, never even recognized the strife,
to which these peoples had been subjected to in life.

From experience I learned to treat each person individually,
slowly finding out that that was how they treated me.

Oh, I can say I've met both good and bad,
and the underlying theme is all so sad.

For it seems that we put labels to people like cans of beans,
stick them on a shelf, never tasting their means.

But once you open that can and taste the fare,
you may very well find yourself going back there.

We have our share of detractors in this world of our choice,
but Muslims are not the ones against whom we should give voice.

They are as decent, hard working, and loving as you or me.
They only want what is best for their family.

I pray to my Christian God for Muslims though they know it not,
because they are people that He has not forgot.

Words between man and God are private you see,
that is what connects man to his Deity.

But in every society there is always some remark made aloud,
about how this group or that group has no right to be allowed.

What, I wonder, gives them the right to speak that thought?
Unless it was the freedoms for which this country fought.

And I am sure that the Muslims fought with us too,
so they could have an American dream or two.

So, I think I'll stay in my own naive little way,
and keep those prejudices well at bay.

I won't care whether the next person is Red or Yellow, Black or White,
I won't care if he's Hindu or Christian, Jewish or Zen on sight.

Yes, I'll like the next Muslim I see,
I'm going to smile at them, and I bet they smile back at me!

Copyright © Dan Cwiak | Year Posted 2017

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All Lives Matter

Fear is what they clothe them in.
Fear of losing their life because of one mistake.
Fear of losing their life because an officer is having 
a bad day.

Some say it's not racism;
"It's police brutality."
Whatever you call it, I can't 
help but ask "where is humanity?"

Mothers weeping because they're losing their sons.
Teaching them to fight back with silence
but that is no weapon compared to a gun.

Six feet under, leaving families to fight for justice
over their lives.
Societies getting tired of it all-
starting riots and constructing strikes.

How many more time will history repeat itself?
Or are we still writing [his]tory , using coverups
as help?

All lives matter despite of their race.
All lives matter despite their mistakes.

In times such as these justice will demand to be served.
No matter how chaotic, crazy, or obscured.

Life is a gift, one that we should all treasure.
Because all lives matter and we need to protect them;
no matter the measure.

Copyright © Amber Binford | Year Posted 2014

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In Galilee, his voice was heard.
In Nazareth, he rested his spirit.
Cana is where he was first miraculous.
In Galilee, the crowds were like a flock of sheep.
But his crucifixion in Judea defeated their image.
My beloved Jesus knew his faith.
At the last supper, he told his disciples about his last days.

Oh Lord of greatness
How they hung you on the cross
Arms stretched to the limit
Not mindful (of it) at all.
The people of Galilee embraced your ministry.
In Judea, they crowded to witness your crucifixion.
Your mother cried out but
She knew that you were seeking your crown.
In Heaven, you reside.

You were raised from the dead.
Lord Jesus, you will meet your disciples once again.
Your resurrection was angelical.
An angel appeared to your disciples.
They were informed of your forgoing.
In Galilee, as promised, they would see you once more.

The prophecy of the birth of Christ is destiny that forfeited his life.
Penned March 20, 2015!

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2015

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THE SWAINS Under cumulus clouds, grew cauliflowers. He planted them with love because I adorn them when they were harvested to the table of healthy man, my husband; sons; and brothers. All were vegetable farmers of California. We woman loved cooking for them. They say there never was a better meal than this one every time we cooked. That was each day of the yield. Spirits were high as hell. The profits were insurmountable. They increased each year. The sunshine brightly and this eased our fears. We became wealthy and retired well. Our children went off into the world. Both sons became Attorneys of Law. _____________________________| Penned on October 30, 2014!

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2014

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Veteran's Day Tribute - Hotan

~Veteran's Day Tribute~ (Hotan) It's Veteran's day Today we honour all the Living military veterans For they do Today remember Their bravery And their sacrifice We're so proud of all American Veterans from all wars They keep us safe, free. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 Copyright@2015
November.11.2015 ~Authors Notes: ~On November, 11, 2015... here in the USA, we celebrate "Veteran's Day" Please remember and pay honor to all our American men and women in the Military, the Air force, the Navy etc...from the very long past, to the present and future generations. They sacrifice a lot and some have sacrificed it all ...they give it all they have... and too many have given it their all....their own very lives. Please support all our American troops in any way you can not just this day, today, but everyday.

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2015

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the morning dewdrops the sap on the trees the wind blowing pleasingly a stroll I will take a joyous promenade with my umbrella and cane. rain oh rain will show dawn is to enjoy. gloomy not, away I go pouring cats and dogs. glumly aurora dulcetly I sing “Rain Dogs.” ______________________| Penned on August 31, 2014!

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2014

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Far away Land

They came from "farawayland"
to arms held open wide
welcomed without question by the "Man"

The starving and the homeless
can't begin to understand this
how could someone even do this to their clan

We try to feed and clothe them
give health and shelter freely
and we're just talking legal citizens

The influx of the immmigrants
and the millions of illegals
that have crossed our borders who knows even when

There are no jobs to give them
our health care's straining badly
some diseases that they bring could devastate

They try their best to hide here
while staying in the shadows
by scamming us they jeopardize our fate

Bleeding hearts help hide them
treated better than our Veterans
they snicker and they tell us that we're cruel

As our President stands proudly
ensuring he will protect them
America knows he plays us for the fool.....

Copyright © Pete Yuhas | Year Posted 2016

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Elections 2016

The elections are rolling around, 
And it's obvious to see,
The more one tares another down,
Lays claim to Victory!

Each is right and only them,
Can save us from our debts.
Enhance our life, correct all wrongs, 
And throw away regrets!

So get in line to cast your Vote,
And do it with great pride.
You're sure to pick a good one,
Cause none of them have lied! 

Copyright © Judy Konos | Year Posted 2016

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Home from Vietnam

They're getting old now.
They congregate only a few blocks south of where I live.
40 to 50 years ago they were in Vietnam.
Among the homeless they usually move slower,
The weariness of age and of other things,
of drug use and alcohol,
lost loves and families,
bent and broken paths.

You hear about the "thousand yard stare,"
where blank verse and silence show they're not actively seeing,
though now most of the immediate trauma is gone,
they are just lives forever changed,
eyes both hardened and softened,
former aspects compromised,
the hand of war still upon them.

My family had a big house in Youngstown, Ohio,
with a room rented to a nice young guy named Dale.
It was cool because he would throw the football
with me and my brothers, and talk to us.
He had short hair and a little bit of acne.
In 1967 he went to Vietnam, killed within a week.

They tell stories of night patrols, moving through water,
streams rivers rain, mud and sodden clothes,
100 degrees in the shade, bugs, infection, panic,
running through the jungle firing their M-16 behind them,
of the Vietnamese people suffering, the dead lying along the road.

Arriving in-country, the heat blasting you
when you get off the plane, you are told
look left, look right, and then that one of the two men
you just saw will not return.

Our country was then conflicted, and it was harder coming home,
even though the orange fires and the smoke were far away,
you lost a limb and they didn't appreciate it.

There were a lot of booby-traps set,
by the enemy, by the bureaucracy, by the times.

I wasn't old enough to go and I'm not sorry.

Copyright © Doug Vinson | Year Posted 2016

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A Soldiers Thoughts


I cannot sleep tonight
rarely can I sleep in the day
My grip is tight and my eyes alert
so you can have a safe place to lay;

There are eyes that watch my every move
eyes of fiery red
Hoping to catch me slip an inch
hoping to see me dead;

From door to door I knock real hard
hoping that they will let let me in
My life in constant danger
as I search for these ruthless men;

Everyone speaks the same 
for it's I who's in a foreign land 
The only difference between right and wrong
is when they raise up their evil hand;

I realize that I am not on vacation
as I stare deep into their mirror
I realize that I have a job to do
And that is to fight against this terror....

Copyright © Edward Hill | Year Posted 2010

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This Fourth Of July

This 4th Of July To my fellow Americans, during this 4th of July. I have a thought.. . Here's why… When we salute our flag ever so grand. Our country's foundation is sinking in "quicksand." This is because. From God... We're way "off course." Driven by lust, greed and an "immorality force ." Our ungodly government continues to rule. Anything of God has been removed from the school. We hear of "separation of church and state." Anything of God... Many people seem to hate! America! Listen to what this message is about! Everything of God is slowly being taken out! We must return to Jesus!... He gives true freedom indeed!. The truth word of God’s . Our country must read! Living for God is worth the cost! Without HIM... America is forever lost! By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2016

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A Prayer for September 11th

My god you call us to be faithful
and while we are not always successful, 
me not always with fervor, 
do not turn a deaf ear to my prayer.
They come into our country in deceit, 
striking blows against the innocent.
They take lives that are not theirs to take.
We have gone to protect the faultless.
Now they come to murder the blameless.
Returning our goodness with vileness.
Allow Satan to punish their immorality.
When they are judged, let the verdict be guilty.
Let their punishment match the grief they have stirred.
Widow's black for all the curs.
I praise my God Yahweh, 
for he is in my heart always.
Let us not seek retaliation, 
but let my Lord be our retribution.

Publish "Simply Me: Poems"
available paperback and e-book on amazon.

That I have to post this upsets me:
My poems are copyright. I am sharing my
poems for you to read not for you to
post willy-nilly to a website, in
your newsletter or anywhere else with out
my permission. I am available, leave me a
message. Especially to those who change
the name of my poem and not give proper
credit. You should be ashamed!

Copyright © Alesia Leach | Year Posted 2014

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The Guardians of Truth

Our college professor was waxing excitedly
in the bored classroom: “Our mass media
—America's great Fourth Estate—is an
unconquerable force for good in the world
with an unrivaled power to tell the truth!”

A dejected classmate interjected: “Yes,
but a force that's dirty and evil,” stirring
up a commotion in the hushed classroom.
Indeed, wasn't it our mass media which
destroyed a hapless President Carter?
Turned Sarah Palin into a ridiculed pariah?
Ignored Ralph Nader and Bernie Sanders?

Now our news media are demonizing Trump,
calling him a “hater” and “Putin's puppet”
in an anti-Trump orgy of vilification.
Our mass media feed the world with
a few crumbs of truth and half-truth—
along with countless tons of deceptions,
lies and truly Goebbelsian propaganda.

Isn't it our news media which are
brainwashing us that our Constitution
supposedly guarantees every Sunni Muslim
around the world an automatic and
unimpeded entry into America? Or that
Americans who support Trump are
"racists," "xenophobes," "sexists,"
"Islamophobes" and "homophobes"?

Our news media are a mighty force to
be reckoned with, but they are a force
that is corrupt, crooked, and dirty!
They lie, cheat, and twist the truth—
but they are usually so proud of it.

Copyright © Ross Vassilev | Year Posted 2016

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My Facebook Friends

My Facebook friends,
They are those I describe as universal family.
For, some bring inspiration to what I write
As they motivate what I do daily,
The good ones are like the sugary sprite.

My Facebook friends,
Show concern to what’s on your mind status.
That’s due to their responsible commentary
It determines the vital point of focus,
Obviously, that becomes secondary.

My Facebook friends,
Mostly, live in their countries of the continent.
But, they’re often seen on the social media
Some don’t have enough but they’re content,
I guess, they do like to read as well the Wikipedia.

My Facebook friends,
Bring to bear, some life’s emotions.
In view of what I read on their page-wall
It may be due to some hurts and frustrations,
However, the religious ones make firm decision not to fall.

My Facebook friends,
Make options to block and remove.
Thus, those they later describe as predator
Above all, there are those to share love,
When it comes to the ones they closely monitor.

My Facebook friends,
Have what it takes when it comes to support.
Therefore, the essence of this global village
Some get involve and engage in terms of good report,
With gender equality and positive mindset we can manage.

Copyright © Ike Boat | Year Posted 2017

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"Franklin, why do you want such a fat, ugly bird?
Are you getting senile, or just being absurd?"

"Clearly, Mr. Adams, you are not being a friend.
My dove, not the turkey, will win in the end.

Though Franklin's turkey may be our most native bird,
your eagle, as well, will not be the final word.

A sign of Peace is what we need,
to show other nations of what we heed."

"Are you nuts, Thomas, for saying such?
Only my turkey can represent what we need so much!"

"Have both of you gone so daft in the head, 
not to see that my eagle should be the one instead?

It has power and majesty that our nation new,
can be ascribed to the birds advocated by you.

We want Peace, but must remember this war,
so how can we petition a dove to complete this chore?

As for the turkey, I know the pride it shows,
but I just can't get over that thing on its nose.

So my Eagle is the one without a ruse,
and the best bird for the Congress to choose.

It can show our intent for Peace with an olive branch,
is native as the turkey, with a prideful stance.

Freedom will come and be represented by
my Eagle's unlimited flight in the sky.

Ever watchful for both Peace and War,
and without the turkey's nasal sore."

"We both know, Thomas, that Adams is correct.
His bird is beyond the circumspect."

"Yes, Franklin, I have always known
that my dove and your turkey would not have flown."

"Then are we agreed, gentlemen, that we three as one,
my Eagle is the bird that has hatched and won?"

Just thinking about this conversation made me weak,
especially when I had to give it a tweak.

But the Eagle has represented us well,
both in Peace and War, as history will tell.

I have obviously voted with Adams on his choice,
It has given our country a singular voice.

It is strong, majestic, and watchful to be sure,
and stood the test of time with great enure.

One more thing I'll say about the symbol we branded,
What would we have thought if Armstrong had said, " The Turkey has landed"?

Copyright © Dan Cwiak | Year Posted 2015

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Shadows and silence

Our shadows hold many secrets,
If our walls could talk,
they'd choose silence.
Shades of promises broken
And shades theft and violence.

Heavy hands one day will tend 
To the graves of fools,
Pray for them
Then blanket them,
With viverant noxious blooms.

Notorious names now
Censored by blood, tears
And dust.
And among them one day
Sadly, will be the names of us.

Copyright © Charles Pullen | Year Posted 2016

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The Red The White And The Blue -The Free Flow Style

~The Red The White And The Blue~ 
(Free Flow Style) 

Let's all stand by the red 
The white and the blue, 
There she stands in all her 
And in all her colors so 

She may be burnt and by some 
People torn apart 
But there she still stands 
very, very proud, 
In the houses, in the buildings 
Flying always, 
Always untouched in the wind 

And in the hearts of the brave 
The proud and the free, 
She's much loved by me and 
All of us 
That believe in her cause and 
Her dreams, 
So she will always stand in 
Our hearts, no matter what, 
In all her radiant colors of 
Red, white and blue.... 
Flying higher and very proud 
In all the hearts of the brave 
And the free, 
And all the Ones that we love 
And defend Liberty. 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2016

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"When I consider Southern Poetry, the soft breeze of grace and majesty of the Old South comes back, like a long ago paradise of flowers, cotton fields, hanging trees and song birds, a sweat savor. Christian Southern Gentlemen and their Ladies Fair, their majestic columned plantation homes; happy children playing before them. But I am reminded also of Confederate Warriors suited for battle, in long gray lines, defending our Southern homeland. Southern Poetry allows me to relive as it were, our history, heritage and culture, like a weary warrior returning for a respite from the ravages of war, but for a moment, return to the splendor, grace and the nobility, a collective memory buried deep within the heart of the South." 

My memories are endless. 




Copyright © Edna Carroll | Year Posted 2015

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Trim Shady Come Out And Playyyy

Challenge To Trim Shady Lets Flow
I'll murk you Trim Shady in slowmo 
for talking crazy in my dojo
shouldn't have come solo
to try to best this italiano
your words are shallow
like trumps at mar largo
so bravo those who you they use to follow 
now I lead as you wallow 
helped me to the moon like apollo

My words are heaven sent 
i always represent 
your rhymes ain't worth a cent
you need to repent 
but don't get bent 
to any extent just be content 
your rhymes are an accident 
I can become benevolent 
as your mind I disorient 

Aha now looks like you wanna dream 
as I spit my extreme supreme theme
my regime will cream your esteem 
make you scream I'm ole school like kareem 
your **** I'll ream check out the grand scheme 
and tomorrow maybe yourself you can redeem

Now you have seen
I don't do in-between 
you still young and green
behind your ears still clean 
I'll eat you up like cuisine from the canteen 
I'm up like caffeine 
you get your vaccine 
none can intervene 
as I now leave you on scene 
you got served a rhyme that's obscene 
I told it was foreseen 
the US blows you out the water like a submarine
giving your spleen 
damage that's unseen

This battle was heavy weight 
I sting like Ali the great 
dealt you straight 
at any rate 
I predate 
you mate 
your big ego you did overrate 
as it I did deflate 
your late pick a date 
I'll wait for your debate 
so don't hate let me again relate
I told you of your fate you was the bait 
the big fish I already ate from my plate 
even the Duchess of Cambridge Kate 
will state and the Queen will equate 
as I dictate she'll translate 
but don't be irate I did sedate 
you before your **** I straight did incinerate

Now take your time try to come hard 
I know your body I scarred your mind i jarred 
then charred with no regard 
to the blows making you act like a retard 
call me captain Piccard because in this show I starred 
you should have kept up your guard 
if you was a lawyer I'd have you disbarred 
I stand unmarred even in your yard your rhymes I discard

So just keep typing 
trying to be big hyping I will take you sniping
as you steadily griping and swiping 
and your nose I'll be wiping 
with this last off rhyme I'll be striking

Copyright © Brenda Chiri | Year Posted 2018

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She's Blowing In The Wind

My alegence is pledged to one who blows in the wind                                                                                               We are blessed to be in the Republic for which it stands

One nation, under God always, as our flag blows in the wind                                                                                 I have this treasured piece, folded and neatly tucked away

I must keep it secure, assuring that it never goes astray                                                                                          Since I have owned it, never has it seen the light of day

Perhaps someday, I shall set it free to blow in the wind                                                                                             I'd love to see it flap its wings, but I don't know when

This prized possession of mine has thirteen stripes                                                                                                Seven stripes are clothed in the hardiness of red

Six of the stripes are beautifully arrayed in purity white                                                                                                I must secure a flag pole and watch it blow in the wind

I am the grateful and the proud holder of my 48 state flag                                                                                    May God wrap us all in the blue color of vigilance, perseverance, and justice.
08192017FBTGPSContest, Blowing In The Wind, Nicola Byrne, 4P

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2017

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Gabriela Anderson Scheiss was a long distance runner
Who ran the marathon in the Californian Summer
It was the Los Angeles Olympics in nineteen eighty four
You probably saw that race and heard the crowds roar.

The first women’s Olympic marathon to ever take place
Fifty women runners took part in that gruelling race
America came first and Joan Benoit took the gold
But Gabriela’s inspiring story has often been told.

Fifty runners lined up and the starter fired the gun
The first ever women’s marathon had just begun
A lovely summer’s day, temperatures starting to rise
It was going to be a scorcher with lovely blue skies.

Joan Benoit took the lead at an incredible fast pace
Many runners were struggling it was etched in their face
Some runner’s hopes for a medal were starting to diminish
Now all they could hope for was an honourable finish.

At the end of the race the coliseum was in sight
Already six of the runners had given up the fight
The last water station Gabriela failed to see
Her mind was now focused on her own victory.

Not for any medal but to just finish the race
But heat took its toll and slowed down her pace
She entered the stadium with one lap to complete
The crowds saw her enter and got on their feet.

She appeared punch drunk and started to sway
Medics approached her but she waved them away
Her body was shutting down but her mind was fine
She was determined as ever to cross the finish line.

Going left, going right she was all over the track
But she kept focused there was no going back
Her whole body was severely dehydrated
But she crossed the line, the crowds were elated.

Athletes the world over were full of admiration 
For her true Olympic spirit and determination
Her efforts that day were quite an inspiration
She finished thirty seventh but caused a sensation.

Written 8th June 2018

For best rhyming poem sponsored by John Hamilton

Copyright © Tom Cunningham | Year Posted 2018

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The Passion Of The Oil

I wrote this poem back in 2004, as the U.S. could not find any weapon of mass destruction in Iraq.

The Oil The Call
The Oil The Thirst
Blood Runs First
Oil For Goal

The Oil The Gush
The Oil The Light
Blood Runs Bright
Oil For Us

The Oily Church Claims
In Juice we Trust
And Oil Is Our New Mantra

Bring Grief To Them
Iraq we'll Crush
And Oil Bless America

Rating to be advised
Coming soon at a gas station near you

Copyright © Alain Boucher | Year Posted 2017

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Oh land of the free
And home of the brave, where are you?
Where is the torch that hearkens
The tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to be free?
When did freedom of religion
Become acceptance of
Only one religion?
When did freedom of speech only exist
When the listener and speaker agreed?
Why are we intolerant of extremists abroad, 
But blindly follow extremists we call left or right?

When did news become fake news when it
Stated things that the listener did not like?
When did peaceful protests get vilified 
And intimidation get glorified?
When did public servants 
Stop serving the public?
When will equal justice truly be equal 
despite race, culture, religion, and gender?
Is America, the beautiful
Truly beautiful
When we close our minds
And close our hearts?
Can we be proud to be American
And hate anyone unlike ourselves?

We argue over building
Physical walls,
But ignore
The spiritual walls and
The emotional walls
That we build
To silences differences.
My country, tis of thee,
My sweet land of liberty,
Of thee I plead.
Love your neighbor as yourself,
Forgive others as you were forgiven,
Clothe yourself in compassion, kindness, and humility,
For that is what will make America 
Great again.

Copyright © Rachel Kovacs | Year Posted 2018