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Shikayat Toh Sabhi Karte hai
Par shikayat karoge Kab Tak

Haqeeqat Ki Talaash To Sabko Hai
Par Haqeeqat Talaashoge Kab Tak

Jo Bhi Hai
Yehi Zindagi Hai Bas

Jilo Thoda Iseh
Zinda Ho Jab Tak

Copyright © shadab shaikh | Year Posted 2013

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Yeh khaalipan

Jab Meri Bechaini Mit Jayegi
Jab Mere Dilko Sukoon Mil Jayega
Yeh Khaalipan Mit Jayega

Do Pal Ki Chandni Ke Liye
Aj Bhi Zinda Hoon Main
Meri Khaamoshi Ke Ageh Aasmaan Bhi Khatam Ho Jayega

Kehne Ke Liye Toh Roz Marta Hoon Main
Thoda Aur Marne Ke Liye
Yeh Deewana Kal Phir Ayega

Copyright © shadab shaikh | Year Posted 2013

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The Meaning Of Life

 One day, while walking in the park,
 I met an old man sitting on a bench,
 looking up at the blue sky.
 I sat next to him. He looked at me
 Like I was his son or a friend.

 Why do you look at the sky? I asked.
 His wrinkles smiled. 
 The sky, he said, has been here 
 since before I was born.
 And the moon, and the clouds, and the stars 
 are beautiful to me. 

 Then he looked at the huge tree on his right,
 a bird sitting on the trunk, twittering.
 He listened merrily and happily
 And he said...this bird is free
 It jumps from trunk to trunk
 It goes from land to land
 It eats food for free

 I listened to his humble talk.
 Stunned and enchanted by his story 
 His simple truth ran
 through the chapters of my life. 

 The truth is simple, he said. 
 No one can reject or forbid.
 Life is to live without hate or greed
 With others on this grand planet
 We live under one sky
 We walk on the same sand
 We breathe the same air
 We eat the same food
 We drink water from the same clouds
 We share the same feelings 
 of passion and compassion.

 Man! Come. Let us reason and reflect.
 Life is a path to another life
 We are walkers to another place.
 We encounter many trials and tests.
 Some we fail. Some we pass.
 Step by step, we walk out our destiny.
 Today or tomorrow, we will vanish, 
 not remembered 
 after one or two generations.
 So, why not laugh and dance?

Copyright © Jaffer Safwan | Year Posted 2014

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Gods healing hands

She watches her child as he writhes in pain, knowing each treatment is all done in vain. Everyday her child gets weaker and closer to death, wishing she could give him her only last breath.

The doctors had told her he had only months to live hope and prayer were all they could give. Each day he got weaker, skin so pale, bones so weak thin as a rail. Then a miracle happened the doctors were in awe, amazed at the awesome sight that they saw.

A powerful light appeared around mother and son, the power of god had healed her little one.

Copyright © Michelle Edwards | Year Posted 2015

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kerfuffle as one can be
walls keep you apart

Copyright © catherine labeau | Year Posted 2016

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Dont Judge Me

Don’t judge me that’s the wrong thing to do, talk about me if you need to but that’s the wrong thing to do
Don’t judge me, you can’t judge me!  I’m not perfect but neither are you maybe you need to get a clue you’ve been through stuff and I have too. But no one knows just how much I’ve been through not even hint. O you don’t wanna listen my breathe stinks I need a mint what great advice you give when your being so illiterate. Why try to avoid the conversation this confrontation, So you can talk about me then but you can’t listen now. You have no idea your not from my part of town. O and you can judge why ever not its not like your human maybe you think your all powerful and you have the power to know whos going were in the future….. No you’ll never know until you see the beautiful successful person I grow up to be and then maybe then you’ll know that it’s not what you wear or what expensive things that you have that make you the person you are nor does it dictate your future.

Copyright © breanna christopher | Year Posted 2013

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Snooze Button

10am means,
           I awake at eight
               quietly plotting my dreams
                                             and at seven,
                                                              I barely exist
                                                                   from six
                                                      -- & God,             it's 
                                                              much too early
                                                                 & too late
                                              to pick up these hours 
                                              like sticks,
                                              and lug them home

Copyright © Ph.d Volo Von Wolfenstein | Year Posted 2013

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Me Televison

Me Television is tired of always being starred at like Im crazy when its something scary on me , me television is tired of always seeing tears when i show something bad o the news. I am tired of always being moved around and watched all day by BIG FAT PEOPLE WHO DONT KNOW HOW TO GET A LIFE. So sick of constantly getting my buttons pushed  carelessly fearlessly if only me television could speak!

Copyright © breanna christopher | Year Posted 2013

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I stood at the end of the age

I stood at the end edges of the times
draw breath in a long weary
I saw the earth's population is very high enthusiasm
welcome fanfare age of globalization

I leaned over the country exhausted
when stumble at the junction of a road
laughter roared to cheers crowded
I saw the earth that barely meets the frayed

I lay there, wedged in the corner of the end of life
I guess override liver congested space in depth
watch the green flies swarming chirpy
around the circumference of the odor was named the world

I gasped when he appeared whisper greetings
crowded into the cavities of no-man's soul
throw the rest of me to the arena of struggle
in the midst of strife porandanya an era

Bandung, July 24, 2016

Copyright © syantrie aliefya | Year Posted 2016

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The One and Only

No words in the universe can help the intrductory of my apologetic note
The dissapointment i hear is poison to my health without any antidote 
The three days you were in my presence surpass the value of all my days put together
The world around me disapears when i embrace you with my arms its a moment I crave to last forever
You are the inspiration behind all my poems the source of my stimulation
fortunate to have been loved by you perhaps one day i'll deserve your angel baby dedication.
My next words are honest,simple,short but true, Im very sorry Ness
You might not care of my existence,its just a pain I had to get off my chest.
Reading my words you may think Im a fraud but, its reality I need you like I need air its not a choice but, a nessecity.

Copyright © juan sanchez | Year Posted 2013

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Maranao Poem - So ilano akn kiran

~so ilano akn kiran ~

Alamat ko sabaad ,
a dimasusorot a pd ,
na dima paparo a pd ,
na mainot so ndadata ,
na Lbi a katawangko...

Pnto angka i sabap,
a izaw olano akn?
na dadna rata adar,
o abay abayn ka,
ka iropa ago toosan...

Sakn na sakn man ,
a matagkalilid a taw,
na dita labotn tant ,
o pd a taw dika tmbo ...

Ingarangko man ai ,
a matag kasinaloda,
a makambi bida-bida,
a mbaram-barang maana,
isa na Rina-rinaw,
ikapd di khakilid,

Muri na dikhadaway,
na banda ka makapili ,
a tindosnnaw sa isa ,
go pangnal akongka bo.
a sakn- Ditadawayen sa Ranao ...

~ By: dsr Khadaffy D. Mangondato
Maranao Poem Translation:
- My Pseudo for them -

Copyright © Khadaffy D. Mangondato | Year Posted 2015

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I'm a pessimist

I’m a Pessimist 
We will cry even more 
The misery will increase
The suffering won’t stop 
We won’t get away from life with ease 
We are the gloomy creatures 
We are sentenced to grief 
What life but a nice covered book 
We read, but nothing firmed in mind 
The kitsch dominate the art 
Wars run the world 
And hate heads the chart 
Love will diminish 
We are heading to perdition with a leash 
Made with solid gold and vile wish 
Can we flee this darkness?
Can’t we just life break and build an utopia
I’m sick of sharing the oxygen 
With wolverine people, bloody monsters 
And haters whom pop up with no reason 
The elements of life are five 
Hypocrisy, hate, blood, lies and some love 
We are brain-cuffed with something with something the call school 
Pressed with something they call traditions 
Free yourself with something they call art 
And the pressure will finally lessen 
But sometimes I think quieting life 
Because them crazy bald heads as Bob Marley said 
Will eat up you corn and ask for more bread 
Because money is time and time is money 
They kill more children, chewing their gummy 
Simply because we are human-beings 
We will kill each other and branch to several teams 
Maybe you’ll say I’m a pessimist, in life I can’t pass 
And if you ask: ‘’ how can you describe the glass is it half empty or half full?’’
I’ll say… it’s a foggy glass 

Copyright © Anas Hana | Year Posted 2016

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I cant stand to see

To be or not to be to see or not to see that sometimes you need someone to love you someone like me. The fear in your heart the struggle in your eyes. They say when you see the light don't go to it but i think theres more to it , isn't light suppose to be good cuz darkness is surely bad  I see much light in your life, light in your past but all u see is darkness! I wish i could take you on a trip , give you just one wish, take a walk through a  park sit and talk on a park bench. Just to make you smile! ANYTHING! To make you smile because i see so much pain so much struggle so much fear in your heart and in your mind , let me be your guide because i cant stand to see this because of how much you mean to me. If only i could rub your back, massage your feet,  sing you a song, take you to get a bite to eat. ANYTHING! just ANYTHING! to make you remember all the good times and laughs we had at least last December, but i haven't seen it since i know that inside you really do miss those days we all spent.....

Copyright © breanna christopher | Year Posted 2013

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the pain of hope

It’s not just a word we hear or say.A deffenition in the dictionary .
Yet it’s still the deffenition of himmanity today .we go through he’ll fire and rain to fit this mold we were given to be the puppets we were made to be .God made our souls out of the blood and tears of the ones before us .yet we still have our life stolen our freedom we cry ourselves to sleep thinking of the things you said and what you do. yet you never see weakness grows as the cut thickens do you even realize what they’ve been given does it make you been knowing you’ve caused the scars on their skin the screaming and yelling the horrible storm that you think is nothing .but its from holding in everything that you said you’ve done sitting in their rooms with tears on their faces when you can’t feel the horrible full of the bloody blade she said she threw out. thinking it’ll get better when you know it never will .yet you still continue to ruin their lives still you don’t realize that that one word could ruin it all. do you even know the feeling of not wanting to go to school .sitting in the car until the bell rings so you wouldn’t have to put up with the torture the humiliation of being called a freak .a mental copy of a copy .a gross pathetic nothing. funny thing is I actually thought I was but what you don’t realize is the words that you say in the lies that you tell they do hurt . what you don’t understand is if you go on with what you are doing when you angel will rise and one human will fall. you still seem to mock them even though they’re gone. do you want to explain this to their parents their family their mom. Or did you not know her parents left them. her father abandoned .them mother died of cancer. you left the ones you love to die .did you know she was the one who fed them. went to school work the store then home .hiding from society. struggling to keep up with her life .struggling to save there’s and those words ruin their lives .I bet you can’t even say sorry. that one word that you thought would fix everything .but really meant nothing to them now. that word that you would thought you would erase all of the hurt all of the pain .but it won’t. what you could have done was say hi how are you how was your day instead of good morning **** idiot imbecile .the pain is always there we have to open up your eyes and find out that we are all someone and we don’t have to hurt someone else to be human .to be perfect we have the realize we are our ow
And not have to feel the pain of hiding from the real world.
We have to realize we don’t need makeup to feel pretty we don’t need. to be a jock to like sports. to be a geek to be smart .we have to realize we don’t need to be skinny to be a model .we can break the mold we can cut the strings and break free of the pain we have to realize we are own beautiful and accept it

Copyright © Jan Saunders | Year Posted 2015

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Jhoot Pe Chal Raha,
Caarvaan... Dastaan...

Ab Joh Mila Hai Mujhe,
Karm Ka... Falsafaa...

Dilon Ki Kharaabi Nahi Kudrat Mein,
Yeh Khel Rachaa... Insaan Ka...

Jayenge Kahaan?
Kise Hai Pata?

Copyright © shadab shaikh | Year Posted 2015

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I ask myself that one question 
Every night before bed
every morning just after Iwake up then as the thoughts pore
out of my head I 
ask myself again
Why did he leave?
Why Did he fill my heart with hurt then left?
Why Did he do nothing to change?
And WHY Is the world we live in today Full of absent fathers?
Fathers who said they wanted a baby
Wanted some thing to love
Said they would love them to the end of the earth
Heh well  guess you've reached the end 
Because your gone and you left all of that hurt and pain behind 
I asked myself if he was still here in my life would it be any better ?
would all of the lies go away ?
all of those things that never did he never did for me 
would they just be a distant nightmare?
ha i wish
I bet every child wishes the same
wishes you would of stayed
wishes you would of loved them
ask themselves
why wasn't he proud of what he created?
why was he ashamed to go out in public after i was born?
now that's just sick?
and all you absent fathers out there im not trying to make you feel bad
im simply just asking why?

Copyright © Jan Saunders | Year Posted 2015

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The Escape

I get high and stumble along my mind 
Good thoughts and memories is what I'm trying to find 
Inside my thoughts I walk slowly 
I smile when I see her with me in a memory
I hear her voice dancing in my ear
her smile makes the monster experience the fear 
He sparked the flame not me she should blame 
I know I crossed the line
I couldn't believe her saying she was fine 
Life is a big drama show
I Interfered with no intention to blow 
It can't be healed seconds can't erase everything
Time is illmatic about her love there is something...


Copyright © Mohamed Saidani | Year Posted 2017

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The birth of Jesus and Mary

( fact research)

The birth,of legends discovered after the 21 century
Would of never been known after all these years
Or is it just me.
Research are great like a Egyptian discovery.
Digging for truth and history of legends 
#1  Jesus was Born in December 25 they say
Which makes him a Capricorn and not no other.
He was crucified year's after and resurrect they claim in Easter.
He died for 3 days 3 nights on a Friday at 3pm.Rose on a Sunday not to far from my birthday
in few days.
The thieves that died with him.they names were Dimas and Gestas you figure out the rest from there.
#2  Mary Magdalene celebration  feast of her is July 22nd, born September 8th
Which makes her a Cancer or Virgo and not no other
Became pregnant between the age of 12/14yrs old.
Her life became tragic after the birth of her son Jesus
And ended in great depression for her and every thing in her
life changing.
Deceived by many of they surroundings, sometimes it's hard to know who your true friends are
My father is a Capricorn as well indeed he is which makes me wonder do he have a heart of Jesus or who's heart does he have is he the devil. For I was abused by him all my life. 
And of course my mother is a Aquarius and a Scorpio sister who likes to compete  with  me about my own life. But this is not the  Olympic. 
For a men that's careless about his children like my mother
Why is it a problem to live my life providing for myself what he was refused to do.
I think  my parents mentality is completely twisted. 
This discovery of Jesus and mary is great and will never end
for this is just the beginning of displaying of what should of done back then

Copyright © Nagella Jean-Baptiste | Year Posted 2018

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The ten commandments

(fact contest poem)

The ten commandments are easily broken
By those who should of known them well
It's been broken like bunch a broken wings
Like thieves and devil's and demons and malpractioners
They play they games like scorns and home weckers
Like miserable sinners who assume they way to happiness is by ruin another.
The ten commandments are easily broken
By those who should of known them well
For they do ,that's why the world is at it's hell.

Copyright © Nagella Jean-Baptiste | Year Posted 2017

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Listen Sister HEARING this makes you WONDER…
I am a PHOTOGRAPHER and I can be a RAPPER...
And If I would; I could play in MANCHESTER…
All I wanted with HER, was to be her, BROTHER…
All I wanted was to take him to a MOTHER…
I can be a BROTHER, and without playing HER, I can be FATHER….
AND I can MAKE my baby in a MOTHER…
NOW may be a train have played your brain…
THIS can makes you CRY also can make you FLY…
To FEEL SORRY to Relieve Some PAIN…
It’s all about playing the brain.. it ALL started in a TRAIN.. when a psychologist told me you are INSANE…
AND I was CURIOUS to know why he was SO FURIOUS..
I had a tobacco I DIDN'T’T say ‘’MAKO’… 
Despite I was high that GUY made CRY…
I LATTERLY told him I’m here in GERMANY and I’M not AN ENEMY...  ’ 
If you want I can take you to a MOTHER…
despite I was high that guy made CRY…
HOW come a PHOTOGRAPHER trigger ANGER… and tell somebody what doesn't’t kill you make you STRONGER…
he thought I was a FREY..
he told me today I fight my WAY…
every body is smart in his own WAY…
and If YOU think I’m PERFECT,, I can SAY I’m a PROPHET…
THANK YOU for BEING elegant WAKING UP the inelegant may be I’m a bit ARROGANT… 
But that’s Okay because one Day I’ll get on a PLANE and will SORRY for PLAYING your daughter BRAIN… 
HER BROTHER will come laughing ALL THE WAY… telling us how beautiful she was THAT DAY…. 
I used to tell people wake up and then at one point when all I could say is that I’m messed up… 
I SPEAK what I FEEL and If I want I kill I can’t do IT for REAL,,,
I SMOKE weed it is not a SIN,, it is JUST a MEDICINE…

Copyright © Mohamed Saidani | Year Posted 2017

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Love Without Hope

Do not be harsh; even if wounds were born,
Being left alone; and completely torn. 
Do not tell me; whether I should or not,
Because you may conform; but I do not.

Copyright © Maria Jara | Year Posted 2016

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Breathing the Shadow

Breathe In
Breathe Out
Breathe In
Breathe Out
Keep Out!
High Chemical Levels!

The shadow is sneaking so sly
A poison all around the atmosphere, 
anxious to associate with us.
It follows us in a crude way.

Our world is repeating its righteousness.
Have we grown to this regular righteousness?
Shall we mold our world right again? 
We cripple in pain, as the igneous shadow is among us.

This science influences us.
Now we have no confidence.
But we do have silence.

Our world is acting artificial.
Artificial can't last forever.
Everything has a lifespan.
Short, long, Endless?
Only time will tell.

Uprising with light overtaken by the black shadow.
Can we light the sky naturally again?
Or does that need to be artificial too?

Our environment soon is going to be as black as abstain.
We used to be bright like the sun.
Now our sunlight will be a thing of the past.
Were welcoming this dark figure…
We're making this dark figure.
The leaves ´dead´
The flowers ´dead´
The environment ´dead´
We're dying.
Are we dead yet?

Copyright © Jazmin Warehime | Year Posted 2017

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Me Versus You

Am I too loud for you ,
or is it just my voice that bothers you.

you complain that i speak too much,
or i am too harsh or i speak about any thing,
or that i speak at all.

I demand that you speak just once.
just once you speak about the things went wrong, things that mattered.
just once you heed to your inner voice,
just once you here your self out loud.

Is my presence that disturbing,
Or its my existence that haunts you.

you have problems with my attitude,
my voice, my face, my poise my space.
my eyes, my lips, my size, my feet.
you have problem with my everything.

I prefer to be present that to vanish once for all.
to have eyes to see, not to stare.
to have lips to speak not to spare.
To have attitude mistaken, than to have none at all.
To have existence loud and clear ,
than to a mere occupant.

You laugh at my failures,
I smile at your ignorance.

You smile at my jokes,
I laugh at your presence.

Copyright © nishtha kedia | Year Posted 2017

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Spanks on Spanks

I get spanked just about every day? I don't know why? I guess it is just natural for guys! I never see girls do it! Guys are really weird you have to admit it. There are many different types of spankings out there. There are punishment spankings, there are appreciation spankings and there a couple others out there that you teenagers know about. I could see it being appropriate at a young age as a punishment when getting spanked with a wooden spoon, or a paddle, or a board. Sometimes even a belt! But getting hit in the rear-end by another mans hand is just straight up weird. I don't get it! I'm sure a lot of you are on the same page as me. Especially you girls! What is the purpose of it? To say hi? Or just another way of giving a hi-five or saying good job? I mostly get spanked by my dads friends, my coaches, and my friends. And also a couple times by my parents when I was little as a punishment. I admit it, I spank my buddies every once in a while, but once I think about it, why did I? no reason. Exactly. Spanks on Spanks why do we Spank!

Copyright © Logan Siblerud | Year Posted 2017

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Kwa fahari najigamba, mataifa natangaza,
Mahari kote natamba, penye nuru hatagiza,
Mnene hata mwembamba, sifa zote namaliza,
Ni tunu isokifani, kuzaliwa Afrika.

Chakula changu asili, matunda tele nachuma,
Chastahili kimwili, cha wengine ntalalama,
Kisotiwa kemikali, huwezi tamani tema,
Ni tunu isokifani, kuzaliwa Afrika.

Rangi yangu maridhawa, watambua walimwengu,
Rangi ile ya uzawa, na sikama ya kizungu,
Raha nakshi kutiwa, na nyeusi rangi yangu,
Ni tunu isokifani, kuzaliwa Afrika.

Wajiona takataka, kutamani visovyao,
Puani vinawatoka, na visokoma vilio,
Amakweli waumbuka, vyawakaba kwenye koo,
Ni tunu isokifani, kuzaliwa Afrika.

Nimetulia Mawenzi, mevuka vingi vilima,
Ni zamu yao washenzi, mizigo kwa wao mama,
Nyuso zenye makunyanzi, watembea kiinama,
Ni tunu isokifani, kuzaliwa Afrika.

Uzuri wa kitu sasa, waja kwa historia,
Kosa kurudia kosa, la Ndugu alokosea,
Jikinge na hili kosa, na tao kufuatia,
Ni tunu isokifani, kuzaliwa Afrika.


Copyright © Mussa Shikome | Year Posted 2017