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Best Relationship Poems

Below are the all-time best Relationship poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of relationship poems written by PoetrySoup members

O N L Y   E V E R    W I T H   Y O U

Only ever with you,...

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Categories: inspiration, life, love, relationship,

Premium Member On One Knee

if you wanted to dance with me
i mean really wanted to dance with me
then i would
i would dance with you

if you needed me to walk...

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Categories: relationship, celebration, for her, i

Premium Member I Think Of You - At The Edge - 3

A reflection of the coloured pencil drawn sky
skates on the glass smooth surface below it.
While a rebellious group of shades take their positions 
on a...

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Categories: relationship, introspection, love, nature, nostalgia,

We'll Always have San Andreas
-rearranging the stars-

How could we agree to separation? 
If you were destined to be my soulmate,
Why would we allow the stars to change our fate?

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Categories: depression, relationship, sad love,

Premium Member Providence On Behalf Of Love
Providence On Behalf Of Love

I that have seen such beauty 
fallen beneath its gleam 
rejected my life’s duty  
to wade thus in its...

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Categories: relationship, beauty, devotion, love, passion,

A Tribute to a Major Appliance
Sub-titled: What’s in YOUR Fridge?

Please allow me to introduce myself:
My name is Ms. Fridge A. Daire
I stand tall among my lesser cohorts
and MOST of them...

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Categories: funny, humorous, relationship,

Forever Loved
You could never be mad at me
Wise old man whom my heart could see
You were there when I needed you
Just a young child so full...

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Categories: love, relationship, thank you,

Premium Member Reflections
When I saw that young muscular man 
standing, hand on hip, in the driveway
four flights down from our balcony,
I was instantly attracted before I
realized it...

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Categories: introspection, relationship, romantic, tribute,

Premium Member Unforgotten Shores
Take me there to yesterday's Summer night.
Walking on the beach,
sand between our toes,
hair blowing in the breeze.

When ripples in the sea,
slowly cleansed the sand,
tickling our...

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Categories: age, metaphor, relationship,

Premium Member Quirks

Some people frankly write about their quirks.
If I had any, I would tell you so.
Though no outlandish trait within me lurks,
some folks think I’m a...

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Categories: relationship, repetition,

Premium Member Our Bliss At It's Purest We Loved Each Others Naked Sight
Our Bliss At It's Purest We Loved Each Others Naked Sight

When our love, its hottest and satisfying nights first begun
we each tried to give our...

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Categories: relationship, appreciation, devotion, emotions, happiness,

We Danced Through Life

We danced amongst the stars that night
when joy had fallen far from sight 

We danced under the sun so bright
And when all seemed lost, we...

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Categories: dance, love, music, relationship,

I'm Not Your Puppet
I’m Not Your Puppet

Don’t you ever forget
that I’m not your puppet! 
I’m not a toy on a string that you can manipulate,
so you can walk...

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Categories: break up, goodbye, relationship,

Premium Member To Him who Loves Me
He held me through the maelstrom of my heart
strong arms of comfort, chest of solid might
with soothing touch the healing he did start
he brought the...

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Categories: love, relationship, romantic,

Premium Member COME WHAT MAY

The steep waning of duskfall held by one
Cuddled by a wheeze , the dim air’s pale  light,
Nestling  upon boughs of  memoirs undone

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Categories: life, nostalgia, relationship,

Premium Member Give and Take
The give and take in love should reach a mean
whereby the two be equally disbursed,
so givers' hearts would never suffer lean,
cold hungry hours without love...

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Categories: giving, love, relationship,

Premium Member Rising Within Your Pages
I take for granted all that I can do
Thinking that what I have has all been earned
Instead I should be so thankful to You

A spirit...

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Categories: christian, freedom, relationship,

Premium Member Barbie
from Loch
March 5, 1990

I fell in love in a biker bar
	with a girl in chocolate hair.
It swept around her like a smoky fire
	and woke up...

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Categories: relationship, cute love, drink, i

Premium Member The Devil Made Me Do It
It had been a long night, an hour drive just to be with my sister. One must stay in touch with family; it’s the right...

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Categories: anger, feelings, relationship,

A S-I-M-P-L-E Yes or No


Ink spills...

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Categories: boyfriend, girlfriend, relationship,

Premium Member The Treasure Of Giving
The thing with giving is Expectation...
The treasure of giving is the giving itself without expecting anything in return.
A loan creates dependency,  inequality.


bend over 

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Categories: relationship, care, caregiving, feelings, love,

Premium Member Joining the Pieces
Sometimes we sit alone,
quiet, trying to figure
out who carried a piece
of us with them, as we try
to put ourselves together again...

Date: 24/02/2016...

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Categories: relationship, humanity, identity, imagery, life,

Blue moon rising 
on a stormy night
I sit sobbing 
without you
when we fell out of love
The point of no return, 
drifting apart
You broke...

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Categories: heartbreak, moving on, relationship,

Premium Member Photos with Glitches on Invisible Wings
You're a camera obscura, a broken bell's rings,
You made me dance slowly on sad phantom strings.
You always had the slightly off-color touch,
Your insensitive skin never...

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Categories: perspective, relationship,

Premium Member Indian Summer Eyes
Indian summer lies within your autumn hazel eyes,
my velvet bloom vibrant now lost after your killing frost;
love lingers in bereft fingers, I stroke your face...

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Categories: relationship, autumn, betrayal, love hurts,