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Come my servant, I am waiting, in the light of God alone.
Do you believe the promise given, are you ready to come home?
The account books have all been written, now we review the score.
Were you a believer in God's garden, did you tell of heaven's door?

When the Master calls, will you be ready, to be with Him for eternity?
He only asked that you believe Him, Just reach out and you'll be free.
The journey will be joyful, the path cleared to show the way.
When you cross over the Jordan, fall on your knees and pray.

You've toiled long in His vineyard, you've shared His story along the way.
Your faithfulness will be rewarded, He will know a brighter day.
You've served the Father with love and honor, you've studied hard His promise true.
Now its time to be rewarded, God spreads His arms to welcome you.

Your treasure now is waiting, when you pass the golden gate.
So welcome home my servant, you no longer have to wait.
Come home to Jesus from your toil, it is time for you to rest.
The good servant will be rewarded, you have passed the holy test.


Copyright © Raymond Morgan | Year Posted 2015

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Allow yourself to grow

Allow yourself  to live
Worries only keep you busy
With a fear of an unknown
Wasting precious time away 
To grief
That don't help spiritual growth 
As is also a path of life 
A rare truth 

Allow yourself to grow 
You can't grow with out yourself 
So you can't live without yourself
Life in return can't come without you 
If truly it so be

Allow yourself to grow 
Plant can't be grown 
With out it seed
Either can a tree stand 
With out it root 
So change can't be 
With out you 

Allow your self to grow 
The biggest enemy of human 
Is fear 
as the biggest mystery of 
Man start from fear  
Life is a beautiful thing 
So it moments has a lot to say 
It can't be easy when you have 
To live 
So growth don't come in a time 
Time answers every doubt 
For with out fear 
The mind is free 
only on this time
you could
Allow yourself to grow 

Copyright © richard nnoli | Year Posted 2015

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Pyramus-Thisbe - a selfless love-W

Pyramus was the handsome young man
Thisbe the fair maiden of Babylon.
The houses of their parents did adjoin 
Neighborhood brought the two in relation.
And the acquaintance ripened into love
And the fire within them burnt with bright glow.
Would have married, but their parents forbid
Ardor in hearts of both they couldn’t forbid
They did converse by signs, one can think of
The fire within them burnt like glow covered
But Venus doesn’t always befriend true love.

They found crack in wall that parted the houses
In spared passage for tender messages
Caused by fault in the wall of the mansion
What will not love find for satisfaction!
They passed the tender messages of love
As the night fell they said farewell with awe
Moving backward and forward through the gap
She on her side, he on his, kissed the gap.
One morn the sun put out the stars above
From the watchful eyes, they tried to slip up
But Venus doesn’t always befriend true love.

Then Thisbe stole forth as agreed upon
Unobserved, her head covered with a veil
Out of city’s bounds edifice well known
Waited for Pyramus near a fountain trail.
In the dim light she descried a lioness
Nearing the fountain with blood reeking jaws
With a recent slaughter to slake her thirst.
She fled dropping her veil out of fright.
After quenching thirst turned back for her cove
Renting the veil in bloody mouth on her retreat
But Venus won’t always befriend true love.

Having delayed Pyramus arrived there
Saw footsteps of the lioness in the sand
And found the veil all bloody over there
Crying picked up the rent veil in his hand.
Thought himself to be the cause of her death
Covering the veil with kiss and with tear
And said, come ye lioness tear with your teeth
Let my blood also shall stain your texture.
He plunged sword into his heart with a shove
Blood spurted, tingling the tree with red color
But Venus doesn’t always befriend true love.

Thisbe stepped out not to disappoint him
She noticed the change in the tree’s color
In the agonies of death she saw him.
A shudder ran as ripple in still water.
She saw her veil and his scabbard empty.
He has slain himself for her sake only.
She said, “I could be brave and follow thee
Death alone couldn’t prevent my joining thee
Love and death join us, one tomb be our grove”
She plunged the sword in her breast near the tree
But Venus doesn’t always befriend true love.

Such tale of the self-less love presented
The two bodies in one tomb were buried 
Pyramus-Thisbe tale our hearts do move
Berries serve memorials of their blood
But Venus doesn’t always befriend true love.

Dr. Ram Mehta
Second Place win
Contest: Your favourite poem by Giorgio Veneto

**Chant royal [shahn rwa-yal], 
A French verse form normally consisting of five stanzas of eleven 10-syllable lines 
rhyming ababccddede, followed by an envoi (or half-stanza) rhyming ddede. The last 
line of the first stanza is repeated as a refrain at the end of the succeeding stanzas and 
of the envoi. The pattern is similar to that of the ballade, but even more demanding. 88

Copyright © Dr.Ram Mehta | Year Posted 2011

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Paying For Lies With Lives

"Sing to me, Muse, of the wrath of Achilles." - Iliad, Line 1

Western dreams were born in wrath,
Overmastering all the noble aims of reason.
The bloom of youth, cut from its proper path,
Fallen wasted in full season
Torn and silent upon fields of fire,
Betrayed by elder men's desire
To force their goals on one another,
Stolen from each grieving Mother
Against the tides of pain each strives
His misery to quench, his hate to smother
As they pay for lies with lives.

Home and hearth abandoned for ambition,
The promise of tomorrow dies on foreign shores
For shadows' sake they are cast to perdition,
To drown in the shifting seas of wars.
The Enemy as confused as they,
Affrighted and divided by the fray,
Consumed by fear in the battle's heat
The dead lie dead, come victory or defeat.
The living, stung by memories' knives,
Against which they in vain entreat,
Go on to pay for lies with lives.

The world turns on as the game is played,
Each dawn finds men so much the same.
The debts accrue, are bourne and paid
Each seeking honor for his name,
And a home secure in peace.
Yet men move other men, and will not cease
To bind them to some formless claim or cause,
To bid them die to right the flaws
Perceived in others of like kind; their wives
Bide in fear and live by tyrants'  laws
As they pay for lies with lives.

Noctambulate, the pawns of powers fight,
For cause of country weakly understood;
They move from day to death's eternal night
Directed by the wills of men of wood.
When all has ended, what has been acheived?
What meaning comforts myriads bereived?
The world will turn, and others rise
To fill the void, the numb surprise
Of lives unlived, of weeping eyes,
Of silence heavy with unanswered sighs
For those who paid for lies with lives.

Must so many lines of history
Be so far writ in blood,
So tainted with tragic mystery
Trammeled by iron stained with mud,
Its pages overrun with acts untamed,
Acts of slaughter by the vast unnamed?
So many deeds set down in red
Give cause to rest uneasy in our beds.
Though the past recedes, the present shall reprise
The accusatory march of the silent dead,
Parading those who paid for lies with lives.

Who dares leave our collective guilt unclaimed?
Were not our many wars for subtle reasons framed
By minds fit for much finer uses,
By hearts that might have scorned such abuses
Leading to this madness - who denies
Those self-delusions that should leave us shamed,
That make us pay for lies with lives?

Copyright © William Masonis | Year Posted 2007

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In The Distance

Tonight I can write the saddest of lines
writing for example, the night is of stars
and the stars are of opals and shimmer in the distance

The night winds revolve around the sky, it sings of resistance

Tonight I will write the saddest of songs
I loved her and she loved me too sometimes

Through nights like this one, I held her in my hands
as I kissed her

Again and again under the timelapse skies

She loved me and sometimes I too loved her
how could I have not loved her deep still eyes

Tonight I can cry the saddest of poems
to think that I dont have her and to feel that I have lost her
To hear the immense night, still more timelapse with out her
and the verses fall, into my soul, like pain for the pleasure

What does it matter if my hands couldn't keep her
in this starry night timelapse, she is gone forever, 
no more is sure

This is all

In the distance

Some one is singing
in the distance

Some one is crying
some one is dying
Without her in the distance

Oh, it's just me
and my sight tries to find her
My heart looks for her
My ears hear for her

And now
I no longer love her

But oh how I loved her
and my voice tried to find the wind
to touch her hearing... in the timelapse sky

Because nights like this one
are like the nights I held her in my hands
This will be the last pain she makes me suffer
and the last verse I write for her...In the distance

Copyright © Liam Alepta | Year Posted 2017

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A Soldier's Prayer

Stay with me near, O God.
This night is dark, 
Yours, my day grows colder, still.
O' god the little spark you lent to me, my courage
By your grace it ebbs from me'.
Today this day is long, my soul belongs to thee.
Red, to no one else, stay with me God.
Here when I am naught but weak.
You made me stronger still.
Stilled when I, again until it dies.

He answered heard

Patience, I am coming near.
Do you hear the marching of their feet? 
So many trapped in thought, will you grow meek? 
Inside out the great divide none but I, may hide.
The many secrets of thine brilliant eyes.
Bright light the stars you feel my warmth upon your face, 
As I come near you stilled, don't cry.
Don't fear the face of whom he is, then said, I am.

Your Whisper Still

This little spark I am your gem by grace was lent to me.
Freely given back by me, to you.
You give again to some one else in need, 
'Perhaps to they, some other child.
I can hear the great black horse it's hooves sound near'! 
Yours is the face, I lived to fear to be, I see, the coming of the lord.
A world in need and now again I sleep once more until.

Copyright © James McLain | Year Posted 2017

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I Await

The awoken are the last to notice I await not just with yesterday's fear but tomorrow's anxiety Not Unknowing the difference between real and fantasy the good from the grit the snooze from the wit Kill me off in purple haze  where diamonds get their rightful gaze  a preacher's son on the run I await and look at what I have done

Copyright © raw thinker | Year Posted 2017

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Chicken or Egg

Chicken or egg - what came first?
Can't find an answer that will quench my thirst.
“Of course,” said the chicken, “it was me.
Without me, how could the egg ever be?”
This question goes round, and round and round,
But to most, the answer is never found!

For without the chicken can an egg be laid? 
“And how could there be a chicken without me?” the egg said.
This question was asked but found no answer for years…
Till a wise man solved the mystery with wisdom and tears.

“Neither was the egg first, nor was it the chicken.
The plan for this story was hatched in heaven.
That nothing in this world shall be a creation.
Everything that we see is but a manifestation.”

“What do you mean?” said someone with a scream.
“Nothing is real! Is everything just a dream?”
The wise man answered, ”Yes that is true.
Both appeared together, everything is a myth –nothing is true!”

The next time you are asked the question, “What came first?
Was it the tree or the seed that came first?”
Don't go in circles, round and round.
For the answer to the question will never be found!

Copyright © airatmaninravi AiR | Year Posted 2018

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You are a princess in my heart,
and I care for you so much.
I love the fondness in your eyes,
 and your tender little touch.

I looked at you when you were born,
and knew then straight away,
that I would be fore ever here
to watch you grow and play.

You bring to me a heart of joy,
and memories so great,
and a powerful sense of fatherhood
 that no one can debate.

I watch you sleep and dream of things
 that I can only wonder.
That innocent look upon your face
 just makes my heart grow fonder.

I see you run and jump and shout
 and calling out my name.
No love that I have ever known
 could ever feel the same.

No suffering or tragedy
 nor deeply seated pain
could ever over shadow
 the bond that we retain.

And so my little princess
 before you go to sleep,
Remember I am your daddy,

 and I am yours to keep.

(For Victoria from Dad)

Copyright © Mike Quinn | Year Posted 2014

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My Patriotic Self -Mourning for Jamaica

With my Patriotic Self
I played this song for our National Heroes

“Forward, Forever United”

But the words felt hollow to my ears
Because no longer do these represents what we have become
A society which has failed to grow,
Stagnant and Toxic with the stench of death 
Getting riper and riper throughout the years

With my Patriotic Self 
I played this song for our National Heroes

“Forward, Forever United”

And I see the corruption, the pollution
Politricktions fooling the nation
While we walk in blindness
Embracing the Technological evolution
Thinking we have progressed, 
Oh! What a delusion!

With my Patriotic Self 
I played this song for our National Heroes

“Forward, Forever United”

Then News Flash! A man just beheaded a woman!!
People living lesser than human, 
From the refuse of society they feed their children
Mothers pimp daughters to Dons for protection
Fathers give sons their first thousand amunition
For their guns because “my yute affi have him weapon”

With my Patriotic Self 
I played this song for our National Heroes

“Forward, Forever United”

And I hear our Heroes weep 
In their graves because their deaths now have no meaning
To a nation hell bent on continuously demeaning 
The legacy left behind by them, our National Heroes
Nanny, Sam Sharpe, Paul Bogle , George William Gordon
Marcus Garvey, Norman Manly and Alexander Bustamante 

With my Patriotic Self 
I pray that Jamaica, Land we Love
Will shine again in Her glory
Then we will sing again our Heroes' story

“Forward, Forever United
Students, Workers and Farmers...”

Copyright © Marcia Walton | Year Posted 2014

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Feel Free

This  door is closed
Feel free to scream and shout
No one hears you
Feel free to thrash about 
Let it all out
I am sorry that it hurts
How could you not foresee 
Your own destiny 
Hold up a mirror
See your horror
And stop blaming me  
Accept the stain 
It will lessen the pain......
Bow your head to the Lord 
An inner peace will be restored .....Feel Free....

Copyright © Ninette Carey | Year Posted 2015

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I Love It

When the heavy-weights weigh in

Copyright © Nancy Jones | Year Posted 2011

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Finding Peace

       - THE SEED

All dwell in the same abode
In the  temple  
where they are ripened 
to be born -
Conditioned in holding tanks.
THE swishing of  moving  waters
gentle memories
conditioned in silence.
in holding tanks that were replicas
of wombs.

gentle memories from the world 
where angles fluttered.
Imaginations are contagious
we all had the same dream

   - The spirit-
       - The seed
delivered unto the 
vastness of judgement
hated femininity-
no earthly peace. 

When man has the gift 
in spite of you, 
You insult his dignity. 
No peace on this plain- 
Your haughtiness, 
your naughtiness
naughtiness is too  
of a word nice - 
maybe babies are- the word
Strange, is better.
 The MAN
   - The spirit-
       - The seed
There is something about the lips - 
 Lips,shaped like
 (pictures I have seen) 
of cherubs mouths. 
But still we have not perished. 
All imaginations 
could not bear witness
to the same whatever.
someone is sick
caught some disease
came from poverty and 
blossomed like a lily in a
cesspool pond.

Hearts seeking 
solace inside 
The sweethearts
the clean-hearts
deep immersion
where  no pain dwells
where the well disciplined
well guided-thoughts
are ushers in my temple.
The inner silence where -
No thoughts run ramped
My peace of mind- 
my saving grace- 
from the world i have to face.
The  flute talks the 
flute is my guide
I am still. Just still.
and no 
 creature be despised 

   - The spirit-nor
       - his seed

Copyright © Vicki Acquah | Year Posted 2014

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The royal the regal vs the poet's own realm

thrones of 

Of Sultans 
and Shahs
Of Emirs 
and Rajahs

or lavish 


Of kings 
and queens
Rulers and 

Of their 
Or the 

Of the 
peons and 
pages and 

Of castles 
and palaces
gold and 

Ah the 
maids in 
Yet to me 
one thing 
The poet 
who came 
to sing
from afar 
for the 
queen and 

For I'd 
rather be a 
poet for 
so to my 
than I be 
the king 
of mere 
and be filled with regal 

So I could join ranks of 
and sing for the king 
some folklores

For words are the heart of imagination
Inviting to poetic fascination.
(form Troubadour) Ars poetica

Copyright © S.zaynab Kamoonpuri | Year Posted 2013

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Faith Hope Love

I intend to spend My Future  Days in Hopefulness of Love

Than to surrender to the darkness of despair
With Thy Lord by My Side

In His Faith  

I Shall Abide

Copyright © Ninette Carey | Year Posted 2015

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Freedom is a must

Freedom is a must
It shall came to past
We need freedom
The philosophy for this kingdom

Freedom is love
Freedom will take you higher and above
Freedom is the truth
Ye shall know the truth
And the truth shall
Set you free

Freedom from evil
Freedom from want
Freedom from pain
Freedom to gain

In this life
We need freedom
Freedom is a must
It shall come to past

Copyright © Matt Ancient | Year Posted 2013

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As I arise to face a new day
  The governments in foul play.
Taxation is a total drain
  Crime is a money gain
Pollution clouds my membrane
  Healthcare is a crying shame
Love can be a constant pain
  Hatred may never end.

You ask me what, I CAN DO
   I measure life as you do to.
To de-value one's life, is everyones issue
  Reguardless of circumstantial views.
Put yourself in someone elses shoe's
  It may very well, oneday be you.

Blaming, fighting, fear & pain
  We all know it, there's nothing to gain.
No sense in crying, establishment blues
  It only feeds the anger, we fuel
Its human nature, win or lose
  Chose not to be like them
Love unconditionally thats your tool.

You ask me what I CAN DO.
  I measure life as you do to
Theres only so much one can do
  To acknowledge & challenge, for change
Is the power within you.
Responsibility lies, in what we CAN DO
  When time to give, gift with a open heart
A peaceful demeanor, is a pure start...

Copyright © cherie thomas | Year Posted 2013

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Dance The Storm Awake

Dance The Storm Awake 

With fierce energy, beat the drums;
Dance until the buffalo returns.
Rise up and gather round;
Let the ancestors hear our sounds.

Take your place around the spirit fire;
With painted face and braided hair.
Lift up your voice and sing;
Be not afraid of what the Ghost Dance brings.

Gather your courage and your pride;
Let known your presence across the great divide.
Ancients from the seven directions, Awake;
Stomp your feet and make the Earth shake.

Protect the four corners and all who reside;
From the bottom of the sea to the mountainside.
The ones who walk, who swim, who crawl, who fly;
Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Bring life back to the Medicine Wheel;
Let all know we are here still.
We ignite within us a mighty flame;
And forever .... we shall remain.

By: Darlene Doll Smith

Copyright © Darlene Smith | Year Posted 2015

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Moral Vs Dream

Moral Vs Dream 

Family cry for Penny 
My dream cry for achievemnt 

Family cry for rid off from responsibility 
My responsibility cry for work 

Family believe live like bunch of 
My bunch of basket is with love 

Family thing about fake values 
My values fake for my dream 

Family never ever give a trusted 
words but fill my pain with their show off 
My show off is to cry for death 

What you think who will win...... 

With love all 
Jagdish bajantri

Copyright © jagdish bajantri | Year Posted 2017

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Dragon and Blue Rose

Sad is this Day
Bound to no one
Melted White Gold

Dragon & Blue Rose
Seven Diamond Doves 

Have Flown their separate ways 
First Day of Spring
White Snow



Copyright © Ninette Carey | Year Posted 2015

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A Loan From Above

A loan from above
by Lawrence M. Nunez

Dear Lord I loved her so
and it hurt to see her go
it pains my heart
to be ripped apart
words cannot express
this deep distress
somehow I know
I have got to let go
for she was just a loan
from the angels you own

the pain is so deep
it is difficult to sleep
they say it will be okay
healing is on its way
but only you can heal
the topsy  turvy I feel
I know deep inside
with you she now reside
for she was just a loan
from the angels you own

Copyright © Lally Nunez | Year Posted 2013

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???????? ?????? ?????, ???? ? ??? ?????? ????? ,
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????? ?????? ????? ?? ?? , ?????? ?????? ?? ??,
? ????, ? ????, ???? ????????, ? ????, ????? ???? ?? ??,
???? ?? ???? ???? ?? ????? ??? ?? ??? ??????,
????????? ,?????? ??????,
???????? ?????? ?????, ???? ? ??? ?????? ????? ,
?????? ?????? ??????
? ?? 4? , ?????? -7, ????? ?? ???
????? (?? ??? ?? ) ??? 180012
?? 9419219882,

Copyright © Diwakar Prasad Awadhiya | Year Posted 2015

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Trick daddy

My name is mark cooper 
Im writing this on the pooper 

I have to wipe 
But im on skype

drinking gas
kissing ***

Copyright © Albert Shakespeare | Year Posted 2015

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The Sky Has Awakened

The Sky Has Awakened 

Storm clouds over head
Thunder beats drums of red
Ancients storm a sacred trail
Nothing colonists can silence or quell

Rain like fire from the sky
Rising up the warrior's cry
Stand your post and hold your breath
Await the day for oppression's death

A new day comes with awakened sense
Greed will have to recompense
Pray to your God to keep you safe
As we take back our Indigenous ways

Mother Earth has had enough
She shakes and purges to rebuff
To free herself from matricide
And governments of apartheid

Make your peace with your deed
Answer to the wolves you feed
Bow your heads and say a prayer
Against your own biological warfare

Prophecies circle back around
Like a clock being unwound
Only the ones who have done harm
Should be the ones who are alarmed

New day rising, new hopes spawned
The awakening has dawned
Beat the drums and sing the songs
Time to undo all the wrongs.

Copyright © Darlene Smith | Year Posted 2016

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Thunder God

Thunder God 

Mighty, mighty Thunder Being;
Spread your wings with delight.
Be a beacon for a dark world;
Make your storms tonight.

Dance in lightning;
Soar with grace.
Make loud thunder;
In electric haste.

Awaken the masses;
charge their energies.
Guard over your peoples;
From land and seas.

Shake things up;
Create your chaos.
Let the whole world know;
That you are BOSS!

God of Thunder, Ancient Warrior;
Keeper of the sky.
Hear my call, answer my prayer;
The Cherokee shall never die!

By: Darlene Doll Smith

Copyright © Darlene Smith | Year Posted 2015