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Best Rondeau Redouble Poems

Below are the all-time best Rondeau Redouble poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of rondeau redouble poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Rondeau Redouble - It's Good to know

It's good to know this poem I can write.
A Rondeau Redouble I vowed to do.
With trying out this form, I’ll show no fright.
Let’s see how...

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Categories: writing,
Form: Rondeau Redouble

Premium Member A PLACE IN THE SUN

A place in the sun, it's there I want to run. . .
Orange and yellow palette brush my face,
they dry my...

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Categories: emotions, faith, god, inspiration,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member It Came And Passed
It came and passed, and not a word was spoken
     as trills sang sweet from the tongue of the sparrow.

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Categories: heartbroken,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member The View from Up Above
From high above the mighty eagles soar
and gaze with teary eyes upon the land;
a proud and peaceful nation thrived, before 
the bombs began to fall...

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Categories: evil, horror, war,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member I'm a Writer
Some folks smile when I say I’m a writer
Some smirk, suggesting I should get a job
My stories and poems make our days brighter
Fantasy often, and,...

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Categories: poetry, words, work, write,
Form: Rondeau Redouble

Premium Member When the Rain Comes
When the rain comes in blunt despair
With swords of Thor's thunderous wield
The clouds drape darkness everywhere
As light surrendered, as hope kneeled

Where desolated gloom revealed
A drab...

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Categories: depression, loneliness, metaphor,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member Love Is Our Prize
Love Is Our Prize

Love is our prize, for we are true,
Thus beats my heart, so claim your eyes,
When in unison two souls coo
As night romantic...

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Categories: love,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member Yes, Love the Salty Ocean

Yes, love the salty ocean rocky shore,
and gaze at endless blue waves in motion;
with a restless and merciless loud roar,
I adore the wild salty...

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Categories: ocean,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Guessing Game
Death is but life and life is death, I wonder,
Where does the spirit go when it's released?
Many beliefs have a different thought,
The body is just...

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Categories: faithlife, body, life, ,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Soul Food
Bagels and baguettes
Bap or fried bake,
The fruits of the flour
are easy to make

Chollah, chapatti, 
Cinnamon bun.
These global delights,
make eating such fun.

Filled with Caribbean sweet meat

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Categories: culture, encouraging, family, food,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Life's Seven Seas
The sails are raised upon the ship "Unknown,"
to travel slowly on life's seven seas.
I look upon such things as I am shown,
in hopes to solve...

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Categories: adventure, devotion, faith, inspirational,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member Think of Me
I'll be thinking of you as the cloak of night weeps lullabies to the waiting moon,
where morning star through cloudless sky sips the sweet of...

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Categories: remember, romantic,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
This lapse shed showers of sorrows
Piercing my diamond heart with its arrows
And as it breaks within my grasp furrows
It paints little hells on my minds...

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Categories: adventure, best friend, body,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member As Dawn Softly Stirs
As dawn softly stirs, wistful musings touch my mind.
A balmy morning mist is silently drifting on the air.
It's as though I've left the wretched world...

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Categories: humanity, morning,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
A Tossing and Turning Night
In a tossing and turning night, to wake up I forgot
Never slipping from a series of perpetual dream
A strange situation over and again, escape I...

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Categories: dream, night,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member I Felt An Ache Inside

When just a boy, I felt an ache inside
for not liking girls as other boys did.
And I still remember the nights I cried
for feeling feelings...

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Categories: 11th grade, 12th grade,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member Lay Me Gently Down
Lay me gently down on a cold wint’ry day,
While the fireplace sparkles and blue flames rise
A day when the sun shines not to brighten, nay

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Categories: death, feelings, memorial, perspective,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member Ah, Drifting Leisurely - Repost
Ah, drifting leisurely inside the cloud, 
Watching hot sun’s rays glance across the nose 
of the winged drone, stealthily slipping proud, 
I drifted so peacefully...

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Categories: flying, sky, stress,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member I Can Feel Your Love
I can feel your love in my soul
fueling passion in my heart.
And for the first time, I feel whole,
falling in love right from the start.


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Categories: beautiful, emotions, feelings, how
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Love In Perpetuity
 Joanna Davis

You can pass it on, with just a touch,
It really doesn't take too much.
A wink, a smile... unspoken look,
There is no love’s...

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Categories: inspirational, life, love, mystery,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member WE WILL WALK OUR RAINS - collab: James Fraser

Welcome the falling rain with a rainbow smile
dripping onto our face rippling even the sea.
Flowers and bushes mottled wet along the...

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Categories: inspirational, life, love, rain,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Friendly Freeformmmm
'Baby, you taste like chocolate,
You and me we'd make a great rhyming couplet.
A.K.A a grinding couplet.'
'You can get on top...

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Categories: baptism, baseball, beach, birthday,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Goodbye Johnny Walker
Goodbye Johnny Walker
Joanna Davis

I swear I’m in a nightmare,
I know it’s some bad dream
This craving for the deadly juice,
Is nothing new it seems
Our life is...

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Categories: angst, funny, health, husband,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
I Dreamt
I Dreamt
“I dreamt, I was a butterfly or was I, a butterfly dreaming…”

I dreamt I was a butterfly
Winging atop enchanted wood
O’er droopy willows shy
Like I,...

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Categories: happiness, inspirationalbutterfly,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member The Melt Down
As ashen storm clouds brew above his head,
his furrowed brow denotes catastrophe. 
The lash of his tongue like fire brings such dread
a broken heart is...

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Categories: child, fire, heart, hope,
Form: Rondeau Redouble