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Under the Same Moon -3-Way-Collaboration-

 ~Under the Same Moon~

Our days are different, living under the same moon
Down here in TEXAS, life carries a different tune
This world spins on its lovely axis
Listening to our Tex-Mex of our English lexis
We share a world made with the trust of God's hand
Revealing the beauty that life continue to expand
Don't underestimate our football image of our Cow Boy land
A mysterious Mockingbird only we Texans understand
Surrounded by the sweetest Pecan trees
The Northern Winters come in like a breeze and a tease
We also have them Blue Bonnet fields that come and go
Tell me about CANADA, what makes its motion flow?
Branded like a Long Horn, with my Lone Star State pride
How about you, CHRIS A. What's up on your side?

Chris D.Aechtner
Different lives, different lands, living under the same moon,
waking up to the ghostly calls of the wild loon.
Look upon mountains and forests stretching into infinity-
mighty Sequoias and tall Douglas firs stand majestically.
I could offer stereo-typical images of hockey, snow and moose,
or sockeye salmon, maple syrup and the great Canadian goose,
but we Canucks are becoming tired of idly standing by
as the rest of the world dips its fingers into our Northern pie.
We are a nation of peaceful, open-minded hospitality,
shying away from brutality by offering liberal neutrality.
Before I blow my top as my strong emotions collide,
I should definitely step away from my nationalistic pride,
and ask about the Philippines and its tropical flair-
how about you Nikko, what is happening over there?

Oceans away, here I am, living under the same moon
Sun’s rising over there; here, dish runs away with the spoon
My sleep is whacked, so I’m wide awake when you are,
amazing how we can all be in one place even if we’re all very far
Where islands form the shape of an old man, waters hug our shores
Tropical Paradise here, when you explore the great outdoors
Awesome sunsets, bountiful fiestas, the warmest smiles to greet you...
We here just love to eat when there’s nothing else to do!
Colorful rice cakes, freshest seafood, the most succulent mangoes~
Sunny days or rainy days, the creativity here just flows.
Resilient. This is a word that pops to mind when I think of us Filipinos-
We bend and bounce back, no matter how hard the wind blows.
This is just a sneak peek, but I’d love to know more about Utah
Care to share what’s on your side, my dear friend Andrea?

      ( 3 Way Collaboration )

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2010

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I The Mirror - With A Major Contribution By Joseph May - Dramatic Free Verse

Listen to poem:

an impression of the world
stands before me
Left is right, and right is wrong, 
and the mirror reflects a melancholy song.

i the mirror
the babbling brook,
the rippled river
whose images tell harmless lies.

the mirror,
who was once held in the 
weak, shivering, hands of a life nearing its end
now lay
on broken, crushed bones, crumbs
and i 
one thousand shards
the cracks
the jaded moments of my life.

an unintended semblance in the raging waters
crashing against the killing rocks of the rushing falls.

never utter the curse
"it can't get any worse"

the serpent swallows the swollen cow,
swallowed - the farmer's wife,
swallowed - her son,
swallowed - the thorny toad,
the black widow spider devours them all!

i the empty frame
the bits and bites of carpenter ants.

my world 
a perverse facade
what should of been

or of
what? WHAT?
i guess.

NEVER utter the curse
"it can't get any worse"

whose voice 
will bring me peace,
whose rapier 
will deliver me,

who will 
burn my body whole
dig me a deep hole
throw me void of soul


the waters of the screaming ocean 
who herself dies a slow painful death.

Dec 20 2015
with a major contribution by
Joseph May

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2015

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Still I Run

I race for summer's setting sun
as crimson bleed the alder leaves
and still I run.  And still I run;

my rival, Time, is yet undone.
Past pyramids of flaxen sheaves
I race for summer's setting sun

across the low unbroken run.
Each cow out in the pasture grieves
and still I run.  And still I run.

In late September’s crisp blazon
my heart to fragile hope now cleaves;
I race for summer's setting sun.

With slaughter of the calves begun
I fled from 'neath the killing eaves
and still I run.  And still I run.

Our time on earth is under gun.
My burning chest now breathless heaves;
I race for summer's setting sun
and still I run.  And still I run.*

*I expanded this from my triolet, “Setting Sun”.

Copyright © Dale Gregory Cozart | Year Posted 2017

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Kitten In The Barn

It’s always a good practice when living on a farm, To have a family of cats living in the barn They always keep the rats and mice at bay and furnish humor too – Wherever you find kittens there’s usually a laugh or two. Now, I remember one time, I was out there milking cows, When I noticed three young kittens, out and on the prowl. One, a fine young tomcat, was really acting brave And I wondered if he faced some fear just how he would behave. Skillfully I squeezed and threw some milk across his face – He winced a bit, then licked his lips – he knew he’d found the place. We played around awhile and soon the playing stalled When he stopped and took a minute to answer nature’s call. He didn’t know it but he backed himself up to a fresh cow pad He grunted; then had the best little poop a kitten ever had. He turned around to cover it; then began the fun. He knew what he saw lying there was more than he had done. He arched his back, let out a scream and broke into a run. I thought, at first, it might have been something I had done. But soon it was no mystery what scared that little cat. There was the giant pile of poop I couldn’t help laughing at. This kitten was the alpha kitten of the litter Who ultimately proved to me that he was no quitter. So, when the time came to find him a name… Well ….. I just called him……”Fraidy” Written By John Posey 05/29/13

Copyright © John Posey | Year Posted 2013

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Chapter and Verse a live poetry recital

Good evening Ladies 
May I say, I am honored and privileged
As this is the first ever time
I have read in front of a woman’s only group
And a fine group of bovine beauties you are

I truly hope you have enjoyed dinner
The poetry portion of your evening is about to begin
First I wish to thank Betsy for inviting me
She mooooed me over from day one
I must also offer my sincere apologies
If I have eaten any of your relatives
A simple but tasty misunderstanding at beast, ops best

This evening’s poetry reading will have background music
Lyrcial Jazz music is like the spice to my gourmet poetry
Richard here is on Sax, and Dave will play the guitar
So feel free to sit or stand, rain or shine
Graze upon this artistic feast of cultural poetry

I shall recite four movements here, thus to allow you
Breaks for your own movements so to speak
I wish you an udderly fantastic evening

This piece is called “Chapter and Verse”

Part 1)

Borrowed words

Overdue loans
On faded words
Tears melting ink
Wisdom's die 
Collection time
Bankrupt soul
With no words to share

Moooooo mooooooo Mooooooo 
Mooo Mooooooo Mooooooo Moooooo
Cow bells jingle
More Moooos moooo moooooo

You gals are sooooo  Mooovarlous

Now for Part 2)

Overdue books

Wine splashes the pages
Of my mind
Melancholy whispers to me
Here, here 
The past sings me a song
Withered books 
Our collective memories
Buried in the pages of history

Moooooo mooooooo Mooooooo 
Mooo Mooooooo Mooooooo Moooooo
Cow bells jingle
More Moooos moooo moooooos

Oh My God really stop it
You Gals are udderly amazing
Thank you so much

I really appreciate your Cowcil

On to Part 3 Ladies

Sad Chapters

I danced 
I drank
Love and wine
Penelope Sosa
Stole heart and mind
Debts paid
Her beauty refined
Lonely betrayal
I dine on sad chapters

Moooooo mooooooo Mooooooo 
Mooo Mooooooo Mooooooo Moooooo
Cow bells jingle
More Moooos moooo moooooos

You gals really are overdoing it
However I do have a part 4, you are such a great audience
For fans like you, I am willing to milk this poem to the end

The last Verse

Mathematical potions
Equations that dream
A soft kiss lade upon my sleeping heart
Is it you? Is it you that lightens my soul?
Spread your wings for me
I shall smell the sweet scent
Of your poetic juices
As we lay entwined
Inside the last verse

Standing Mooooooooovations
Moooooo mooooooo Mooooooo 
Mooo Mooooooo Mooooooo Moooooo
Cow bells jingle
More Moooos moooo moooooos

Well I must thank you dearly
I confess I was somewhat Cowardly to perform
However you gals where just great
I will be signing autographs back at the barn!!!!!!

Note: This poem was sponsored by Dr Doo Little

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2015

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After all these years, we've weathered many a heavy storm Now my life is empty with no one to keep me warm Bitter tears I've sadly wept, I begged you not to let me go You couldn't look me in the eye - you didn't want to know I thought she was my best friend, we’d been through thick and thin She wormed her way into our lives – oh boy she took me in Stole your heart away from me, now its no longer you and me Today we signed the papers, and finally you are free How do I explain to our kids that daddy no longer lives here That you prefer that sneaky cow and your pints of beer Yes you can say I am bitter, gave you the best years of my life Seventeen years together, now I’m no longer your wife My world is shattered and broken, silent tears fall like rain Maybe in time I’ll move on when my heart's not filled with pain 18th April 2015

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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- Hominoidea -

                                            If you believe
                                        This poem is about,
                                         a black and white 
                                            in the shower
                                           You are wrong
                                              It's about ;
                                          Monkeys in cages
                                      Four times four meters
                                     both in width and height
                                               A sad life
                                           They are bored
                                 Shouting and screaming all day
                             One big mouth with powerful canines
                           Scratching their buttocks and licking toes
                             Within this monkey cage they get sick
                               They feel insecure and need control
                            Creating their own rules, it's about power
                                The result of the actions is called :
                                        Psychological deviants
                               Hominoidea, called human monkeys
                                ... I hope the cow enjoys the shower

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

- Poem of the Week 27.08.2017 -

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2017

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Sighed Adam to Eve:
“Because you were deceived,
Like a fool, I believed.
Sadly, all our conceived
Will be sorely bereaved.”

Well, that should be it, right?
No, boys and girls, not quite!

So you can hear what they were all up to,
We now bring this long lost tape to you:

“You really are a stupid cow!”
“Just look at us! Where are we now?”

“Shut up! You filthy, pawing pig!
Before I kick you in the fig!”

Angel of the Lord:
“You’ll have to leave, take this outside.”
“Your presence here, we can’t abide.”

And of course, the slinky one:

“Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah!”

“She’s such a fool and so is he.
If I had hands, I’d clap with glee.
If the rest of them are all like that,
I’ll soon have my routine down pat!
But I’d better scoot before they crush
My poor wee head to compost mush.
I’ll set up shop, lead them all astray
And collect them all for Judgment Day!”

“Hah, Hah, Hah, Hah, Hah, Hah!”

For now, that’s all that we can send.
Thank you for your time, my friends.
So, remember, girls, no fruit to lend,
And boys, say “NO!” or it is THE END.

Copyright © Gerard Keogh Jr. | Year Posted 2010

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Over recent months I’ve had trouble with my hearing… Misinterpreting what is being said isn’t so endearing Take a step back and think of all the things you would miss if you couldn’t hear at all The list is endless but here are a few I came up with The cry of a newborn baby and your child’s first words The symphony of the dawn chorus Music and speech on the radio or TV Phone conversations or chatting with friends Going to the theatre or to a concert The door bell or alarm clock ringing And of course there are those three little words we love to hear … ‘IS DINNER READY ?’ OOPS I MEAN I LOVE YOU I took the plunge and saw a specialist and have been fitted with a hearing aid Wow what a difference it has made I can hear perfectly now From the squeak of a mouse to the moo of a cow And the best bit of all… If someone is mouthy and starts to scoff I can quickly turn my hearing aid off!!! 10~06~16 N B I have to approach what has been and what is going on in my life with humour it is just the way I cope with what life throws my way

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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Snickers with LINK to his picture

Barking at the people who
walk behind our house
is a dog that as a pup
was bought by my spouse.

Tiny border collie mix
he was meant to be,
but a Texas cow dog is
what most people see!

Chocolate-caramel, nutty too,
so it seems just right
he’s named for a candy bar;
just don’t take a bite!

Word Count shows 62 but different at another one. I count 60.
May 23, 2017 for Laura Loo's  ONE of FIVE-70 words or less Poetry Contest
In 7/5 Trochee form. Topic #4: Your Pet

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2017

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I was blessed by a golden cash cow She’s a wonderful friend to me now For those in the know She goes with the flow Here’s my tribute, may she take a bow! 12~27~16

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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I Was A Victim Of Slander

First off,
you think you won but you'll never kill,
you tagged teamed up for two years & still,
I fought, out thought & upstaged your skill,
a war that wore now work back it will.

Sarah let the vendetta command her,
attacking me with expanding slander,
telling everyone I shag and abandon,
backed up by Bradnam, 
thought he was a Badman, 
nope, bad at being a man & a manager,
for two years these two my reputation damager.

A cow & a coward became empowered,
to test character give them power,
it's a bad look is power mad by the hour,
in time respect declines until wrecked and sour.

Sarah cost me relationships & friends,
justified her actions, defend them to the end.

I told her to her two faces,
you're disgraces,
you need to learn where your place is,
living bitter and behaving tasteless,
she said it was her place to deface my bonds,
& she wasn't in the wrong,
behind my back the B carried on.

Slander is for the nutty mate, you've lost your mind,
you've got no breasts & a great big massive behind.

Martin's got your boobs Sarah,
he's scared & farting from where ya,
stuck your head in his colon, 
for so long, you got that promotion. 

So you can try & predict my rhyme before it's written,
wind-up my mind so my teeth are gritting,
slander from behind through the devil within,
sack me, unlawful, but you're never winning.

You said bad things about me for so long it did stick,
til all said look at Nick, he's just a prick,
selfish, out to satisfy his dick, 
justified, her dad did it to her mum,
I never, now aint that thick now aint that dumb,
slander from Sarah who never got none.

Sarah, you eventually stopped cus I said I liked you,
it inevitably flopped, I never liked you,
& if I was bad like you told all I was,
howcome you fell for me, Miss Contradiction Plus.

Sarah Wilson is one for slander,
you need to know, you need to understand her.
Martin Bradnam is just a scandal,
got a managers job he just couldn't handle,
the way I got treated & sacked was illegal,
both of these people are fecking evil.

On top of that there was Sushobhan,
pushing buttons he really shouldn't have done,
attacking me from behind, I'm sat in a chair,
he went for the headlock, but from out of no where,
I hit him in the kidney, headlock didn't lock,
he fell down real quickly, rolled around & I mocked,
"don't kid me, you can't get me, you haven't the stock".

So understand my hand the Hilton handed,
two managers handing slander & I stay standing,

POTD 9/12/18

Copyright © Nick Trim | Year Posted 2018

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I see the fire in your eyes!
This Red Angel, who's not human, intriguing with lies.
Pointing to the path that leads to paradise.
Ending Revelations with violence, breaking every inch of ice.

Blazing wings like the sunset over a field of corn.
A row of roses with rubies sharper than a thorn.
A devious smile covering up a set of horns.
Diluting me with images, since the day I was born.

Goose bumps when your essence is near.
I linger and shiver my lips with fear.
A slithery hypnotic tongue, the Red Angel wipes away my tear.
Holding the reddish key, whispering the word. "FREEDOM!"Into my ear.

Like the crimson tide lifting me from drowning at his request. 
I find my heart pondering deeper and deeper within my chest.
Blessed with the curse of 'death' when my demons are depressed.
I'm still smiling to the sweet surrender of your breath.

A halo exploding like the fur of a volcano filled with lava.
Allowing the angel's advocate around~like a tree of strawberry guava.
Swallowing my own drops of red blood from my own saliva.
Living like the dead after a full bottle of vodka.

I beg for mercy at the Red Angels cow like feet.
Collapsing with sweat in his sweet eternal heat.
Gasping for the fresh air to avoid the smell of rotten meat.
I see the aura of an angel with his fangs ready to feast  and eat.

Falling into a daze towards the red picket fence.
My Red House engraved with flames, after my feeling where condense.
My soul tormented by goodness at evils expense.
Flowing with every feeling including God's given sixth sense...

 By; P.D.

((( Merry X- Mass Everyone)))

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2010

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The full fallow moon was hung low in July
 As white stars & fireflies lit the night sky,
A sight to behold was the feline bold'
Drawing sighs from the violin, his arms did enfold
He played on the breeze to the harvest to come
As An orchestra of crickets rasped to each thrum.'
He raised now the tempo and thought
 Of a dish & a spoon that had shone
In delighted dedication....As off they did run!
And so he made ‘paws' quaffing wine from a tun,
Then throwing the fiddle up tight to his chin
He forgot about thinking in pursuit of more din!
The cow swished her tail to the music he made
As the dog danced the polka, through a small garden maze
He played till the pearly dawn light did show
Then the crickets fell silent; and the bird calls did grow!
He slept where he fell, to bother no more...
As a ship makes its way to the safest of shores.’
As he turns in his slumber, as she rolls o'er the waves
He would hold no regrets ‘till the ending of days.'

©Joe Maverick 12-10-13

Copyright © Joe Maverick | Year Posted 2013

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Upside Down

If the leaf wore a tree
And the ocean ate fish;
If a flower sucked the bee
And beans ate the dish;
If a beggar was chief
And a boy was a girl
A song would be brief
If a bird wore a curl.
If the grass chewed the cow
And night turned to day
I'm wondering how
Work might be play.
Wouldn't it be great
If the sun was the moon
If early was late
And a line lost its tune.
If all of these things
Were natural to do;
Then a song wouldn't sing
And teeth wouldn't chew.

Copyright © elizabeth wesley | Year Posted 2012

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A country walk

A babbling stream, a peaceful lane
These are the things that I enjoy
As I walk on a summers day
With a warm gentle breeze upon my face

A cottage in a field, with swirling smoke
A family sitting round ready to eat
Rich chicken soup and freshly baked bread
Then five little children all snug in their bed

A flitting bird upon the nest
Protecting her brood from unknown harm
A cow chewing cud all gentle and calm
Then sheep and one dog in one accord

Oh what a beautiful land we have
If we would take the time to see
Instead of rushing through the day
Let’s sit for a while and take it all in

Copyright © julie clark | Year Posted 2014

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Pastor Jack

A.W. Nutter

Pounding the pulpit with his fist
Sweat dripping from his brow
Preaching about Gods top ten list
The sinful Jews with their golden cow

Same old messages still in place
Pastor Jack’s patterns haven’t changed
Fear written on the altar boy’s face
A secret meeting has been arranged

Prayers end, the congregation stands
The pastor and boy move outside
Warmly shaking everyone’s hand
Wolf in sheep clothing able to hide

I casually walk across the street
Viewing the church pews now empty
The pedophile has made a quick retreat
Concealed in Satan’s, den of iniquity

Quietly, I traverse the wooden stairs
Listening at the door to the crying child 
Pastor doing damage only God can repair
How many children has this demon defiled

Stepping through his unlocked door
A look of surprise from Pastor Jack
Dropping the naked child to the floor
Realizing his first sin, had come back

Quickly helping the boy get dressed
Time to end his night frights and screams
To Pastor Jack’s head my gun is pressed
The child pulls the trigger ending his dreams

His face aglow with the purity of light
From sending his tormentor to hell
Walking out of the church into the night
Brothers with a secret that we'll never tell

Copyright © Anthony Nutter | Year Posted 2010

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I wish to be here
In the now of it
The wow of it
The holy cow of it
Living the moment
Feeling the pop and glow of it
Instead of the I don't know of it
Worrying about the what went wrong of it
and why all the pieces don't completely fit 
To afraid to make the next move
So on my proverbial *** I sit

Yesterday swallows up the now of it
Wishing and wondering how to edit it
Leaving me feeling like such a twit
Wearing old garments
That never fit
Is there 
I ask
any sense to it
This worrying and worrying
Always lured into my mental pit
The shadows that keep me from enjoying it
Stuck back at beginnings
I wish and I wish that my mind would quit
Sadly my light isn't on 
it was never lit!

I realize
That's not where I want to be
It's here and now I wish to be
There is so much beauty to see
Worry and regret are the enemy
So I count each and every breath
Pause then breathe one two three
Mind fully cleared
Sitting under a tree
Sky blue 
finally mind emptied
Lock opened 
I am finally freed

Enjoying it
Being in it
Feeling the wow of it
The holy cow of it
Feeling the glow and pop of it
So glad and thankful
To be in the middle and now of it
I now know it is a perfect fit

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2015

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My baker’s commissioned to bake A huge cow shaped iced wedding cake The groom is a farmer He sure is a charmer Its design could lead to heartbreak When the bride saw the cake how she cried Her traditional cake was denied She screamed at the groom Get out of this room Then she plunged the knife in the cow’s side Inspired by but not for contest 02~09~17

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2017

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Kissing a fat woman

Kissing the lips of a fat woman 
Is delicious like Tania 
It feels like sliding on the slippery floor 
But you only will not fall miserably 

Kissing her cheeks feels like sucking an ice cream 
Hugging a fat woman feels like hugging a mattress 
It feels comfortable like the sofa set 
Hugging her feels like hugging a novel pillow 

Taking her by the hand 
Is not taking the cow by the horn 
It’s as comfortable as the King’s walking stick 
Touching her garment, means you are alive 

After loving a fat woman 
I did not buy an ice cream 
My mattress was no longer comfortable before hugging her 
I had to hug her to add to the comfort of my mattress 

When she is not there 
I am never healed and pass away 
She is my comfort zone 
A day without her; I kick the bucket

Copyright © Sabbath De Yecouba | Year Posted 2016

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Mother and Child Divided - Damien Hirst

Bisected cattle. Divided
by nurture, not nature.

Fumes seep from amniotic tombs,
corrosive, curling round curiosity.

Curio cows entombed, split
and suspended like the herd hanging

speechless, tongues silenced
after lunch munching on gossip

bovine, tethered to turquoise time.
Glacial wombs separate, untouchable.

But no cow is sacred
in this slice-and-dice life

and the dismembered world
reflected in an onyx eye is unholy.

Life herded to still life, dividing Mother
and Child, womb and tomb.

No place for mother and child
in this mausoleum of macabre

where Friesians freeze in formaldehyde -
a frieze of unease, soundlessly bawling

that bonds get broken,
that life's knife dissects us all.

23 May 2017

To view Damien Hirst's work go to

Copyright © Charlotte Jade Puddifoot | Year Posted 2017

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Humpy Dumpty Mystery

Humpty Dumpty always sat on that wall
Except for the one time he had a great fall
So always but once that anyone can recall
Which is why today is a big deal after all

Since Little Bo Peep had lost her sheep
She wanted to ask Humpty to take a peek
If he could see where she should seek
She could round them up within the week

He wasn't on the wall, she rang Missing Alert
It sent shockwaves far and wide and overt
The Three Blind Mice scampered in the dirt
Three Little Pigs squealed like they were hurt

Next thing you know, Little Miss Muffet,
Told Tom Thumb to find Humpty or 'ef it'!
Three Little Kittens told Jack Spratt to "Stuff it!"
Itty Bitty Spider crawled the wall and jumped it

The Old Lady Who Lived In the Shoe
Panicked about what to do
Earlier she and Humpty had a rendezvous
He fell asleep and now had no clue

Most all those in Mother Goose Town
Heard Humpty was missing, wasn't around
Everyone was afraid he fell down
All were searching, wanting him found

Jack In the Beanstalk knew of the tryst
He told the Old Lady they would fix this
They covered up Humpty, he didn't resist
Henny Penny yelled, "Sky falling!" and insists

Hey Diddle Diddle got the cow to jump
And dropped Humpty on the wall on his rump
Starlight First Star said he looked like a lump
Even The Owl And Pussycat were stumped

July 7, 2018
Mystery of Humpty Dumpty Contest by Faraz Ajmal
First Place

Copyright © Susan Gentry | Year Posted 2018

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The Tornado

I watch the storm clouds gathering,
I hear the siren scream,
Is this really happening,
Or is it just a dream?

Hurry, run for shelter,
But which way will it go?
My heart is beating wildly,
Now the wind begins to blow.

The sun above me glistens,
This can't be what it seems,
How can a tornado___________?
Again the siren screams.

I stand here as if rooted,
The monster I then spy,
Whirling, jumping, weaving,
Across the western sky.

A car's been absorbed,
Is someone inside?
A tree with roots dancing,
Looks like my wind chime.

Run, run crazy woman
You can't just stand here,
Hurry, run for shelter,
It's drawing quite near.

I tried, or so I thought,
But I didn't move,
It dipped and it danced,
Gouging it's own groove.

"Oh God," I cried,
"Please don't let this be."
And watched as a cow
Was swept off her feet.

First she was there,
And then she was gone.
It was just like a peek-a-boo,
Game going on.

Around and around,
Like a merry-go-round,
Swaying to and fro
As it crosses the ground.

"What was that I screamed",
Gasping for air, 
As the wind whirled around me,
I just stood and stared.

How can this be happening
To my little world?
"Oh God, please protect him
He's just a small squirrel."

With tears in my eyes
I drop to my knees
As the house on the corner,
Flew over the trees.

The tornado was gone!
Where did it go?
And how did it miss me
I'd like to know.

I knelt there and cried 
At what I had seen.
Then the alarm clock went off,
It had just been a dream.

And what did I learn?
As I tried to breathe.
When that siren screams,
It's the basement for me.

                  Cile Beer

writter 2005

Copyright © Marycile Beer | Year Posted 2005

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Would You Still Love Me If

Would you still love me if I killed your leg?
If I cut it off and baked it, would you still love me?
If I served it to you, and you got mad cow, would you still love me?
Would you still love me if I went after your other leg?

Written  12-17-2018        Contest: Would  you still love me
                      Sponsor:  Edward Ibeh

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger | Year Posted 2018

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All Hat and No Cattle

They hung around the beer joint with the finest Western wear
with thumbs tucked in their belt loops and such a studly air.
But those boots weren't made for stirrups and were polished to a sheen,
and on those fancy cowboy hats not a sweat stain could be seen.

You could be sure they hadn't spent much time around a branding pot,
for the only brands they recognized were ones on stuff they bought.
And if they ever passed the time just musing 'bout their spread,
it'd be the one around their middle or the one they put on bread.

Just a bunch of cowboy wannabes in a modern masquerade,
but they drove the biggest pickup trucks that Detroit ever made.
The beds were big and beautiful without a scratch or scuff inside,
'cause the only thing they hauled around was a horse's big backside.

As they stood around outside the joint, in a smart-*** state of mind,
in pulled an ancient pickup with an old horse trailer hitched behind.
The truck an old green Chevy, year 'bout nineteen fifty-nine,
with two high wooden sideboards stacked with hay bales bound with twine.

Out stepped a skinny hombre, with steel-blue eyes and bandy legs,
but he had a rippling six-pack while all the boozers sported kegs.
His cowboy hat was sweat-stained; high-heeled boots were dusty gray;
he kicked off a chunk of cow pie, then he grabbed a bale of hay.

He was mighty parched and dusty, but he wouldn't quench his thirst
'cause you're not an honest cowboy unless you water horses first.
The pack of fools gave out a hoot, yelled "Hey there, Texas Pete!
Get yourself a man-sized truck and take that geezer off the street!"

As he finished with the horses, up walked two ladies smokin' hot.
The cowboy promptly doffed his hat, while the posers there did not.
The cowboy got a long admiring look and the rounders just a sneer,
as the sham was so apparent when a real cowboy was near

They flashed the dusty cowboy a big ol' smile 'bout ten miles wide...
Said "Honey, would a gent like you care to escort us gals inside?"
He winked, then gave the trucks a look and spat a stream of juice.
Said, "Boys, y'all's might be bigger, but mine gets a sight more use."

Copyright © Roy Jerden | Year Posted 2013