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Best Money Poems

Below are the all-time best Money poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of money poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member I Knitted You A Scarf

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Categories: money, french, humor, humorous, imagination,

Welcome To My World -The Cost Of Happiness-

Crimson Joy, L'Oreal Lips, DOLCE & GABBANA eyewear 
Mascara from beyond LONDON Bridges
Like the pretty face found in front of Vanity Fair

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Categories: money, abuse, addiction, adventure, clothes,

Lady On the Church Steps
I had seen her before in the spring and summer
The homeless lady sitting on the church steps
She would ask for help from people going into...

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Categories: money, appreciation, christmas, december, feelings,

The widow, dressed in glossy black,	
glides from the shadows at the back.	
A veil lies slack across her face	
to mask the grief her features lack.	

Possessed of...

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Categories: money, assonance, bereavement, dark, death,

Premium Member How much do I love thee
How much do I love thee
Let me tabulate all the ways

I bought you a new Mercedes
	With gold plated tire rims
I bought you a humongous diamond...

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Categories: betrayal, divorce, freedom, money,

Premium Member A Rare Find
Next item up for bid, a rare coin of mine
Is one 1894 s silver Liberty dime
Only 24 of these coins were minted that year
That is,...

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Categories: business, fantasy, history, money,

Premium Member Thirsty

I could tell right away he was up ta sum thin.
I could see it in doze beady eyes!
His wordz were smooth in a snake like...

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Categories: money, betrayal, corruption, death, future,

They crawl out of the woodwork
Shedding lots of crocodile tears
Grieving for an ancient relative
They’ve not visited for many years
‘Auntie Annie’ is barely warm
But now you...

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Categories: funeral, humorous, money, satire,

Premium Member Hey, That's My Money
Well, I see that Congress is proposin' another trillion dollar spree!
Those inept buffoons must think money grows upon a tree!
The treasury is crankin' out bales...

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Categories: funny, political, money,

Premium Member The Millionaire's Club
Limousines cruised the circle, like vultures of prey,
stopping, ejecting their catch of the day

We watched from a hillside, a vast world away

Through the trees, down...

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Categories: culture, happiness, introspection, money,

Yes I Know
Yes I know people are talking
But as for me
I'm just going to keep on walking
Girl gotta do what she needs to do
To survive these streets

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Categories: life, peace, people, money,

Premium Member THE SUFFERING
I suffer for you.
I suffer for me.
I suffer for the way 
life used to be.

I suffer for women with babies 
who'll feel the pain
of not...

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Categories: death, earth, grief, money,

The Definition Of A Real Woman
(W)- A real woman knows that the wages of sin is death so she is not concerned about the wages of a real man, because...

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© Tay Reid  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: money, anniversary, beauty, butterfly, courage,


 don't know if human's will ever see
 every soul born, is right where it's meant to be
For the rich to become the richest

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Categories: money, anger, care, change, class,

Things We Think

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© Toni Orban  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, love, money, space,

Community, what does it mean
And how does it come into being
Well what does the dictionary have to say
“A group of people living together in one...

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Categories: money, christian, friendship, inspirational, jesus,

In The Repetition Of A Kiss
            In The Repetition Of A Kiss

When I leave the house to follow traffic...

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Categories: money, absence, i love you,

Premium Member Tige
(Circa 1910)

Grandpa had a bulldog whose name was Tige. 
They were close – as close as honey and bees. 
If Grandpa felt a cold comin’...

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© John Posey  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: money, dog, heart, love, me,

The Great Puppeteer
The Great Puppeteer

The CEO wore a six hundred dollar wool-silk blended suit
and he stroked his tie as he counted his loot
10 million for me
10 million...

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Categories: anger, jobs, leadership, money,

Money money, ringing in your tills,
Calling us to worship,
The hundred dollar bills.
Bend our knees in wonder,
Bow our heads in awe,
At the power of the liar,

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Categories: money, angel, christian, dark, god,

Premium Member Valuable values
Valuable values

A child receives a beautiful toy,
it came in a cardboard box
with shiny wrapping paper.
A short time later
the child was seen
playing with the box
and the...

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Categories: money, appreciation, happiness, introspection, metaphor,

The Divorce
He had a few drinks the night before,
enough to mistake the waiter for a door.
T'would help him remember
he thought to himself,
the fun to be had...

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Categories: money, divorce, freedom, funeral, funny,

The City And The State Of Play Today

No one worries about morals today 
They follow the rules they create
So to them all is ok
Those on...

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Categories: money, business, community, corruption, international,

Because Education Is Important
The last time I had seen this particular cousin of mine, I was still in college and he had a head full of hair. In...

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Categories: money, family, humorous, life, metaphor,

Premium Member SALE CRAZY

On a sale, my Aunt Bel can’t be denied
Access to mark-downs with red, yellow tags
Off for the big loot, her shoulders take pride
In carrying four...

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Categories: money, relationship,