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A Chorus Sang Its Last Concerto

I walked in darkness along the shore
seeking solitude, nothing more
Thunder drummed from far away
a foreboding timpani, clouds began to play
They competed with the roar of waves
crashing to the beach in rhythmic laves
Everything seemed out of reach to me
the moon, the stars, the depth of the sea

Came haunting notes of a solo flute 
chasing the wind as though in pursuit
They synchronized with percussion drums
their tempo in tune with whispered hums
I kept time in measure's of an allegro beat
Three quick steps, then twirl and repeat

Echoes of a nocturne swirled in my head
lyrics unsung. They were spoken instead
My soprano continued, his falsetto stopped
too weak to stand, to my knees I dropped
my footprints had been erased by the tide
No longer was I able to run or hide

Blind in the darkness, loneliness daunting
a lightning flash, then another, taunting
me to lift my eyes to the sky, to the falling rain
its sting delivered in a medley, stacattos of pain
On the edge of the sea I waited for the end of me
My tears an ensemble, an elegy in requiem plea

Mute to the orchestra, I disobeyed their call
Instead, I applauded the storm's kettle drum squall
No encore would this night be able to reprise
As the tide's flow encroached, I closed my eyes
A chorus of waves crashed; cymbals in concerto
The baton fell from the hand of the Grand Maestro

Copyright © Lin Lane | Year Posted 2017

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Shine as a source of endless light
whose rainbows of colour deter the night
where daydreams are gentle as doves in flight
and sleep the sleep of angels

Shine like a shower of soft moonbeams
Inhabit the sea of a thousand dreams
where laughter and love are timeless themes
and sleep the sleep of angels

Shine like the sun in a golden sky
On warm, sultry evenings, a fragrance, a sigh
an echo of summer as life passes by
and sleep the sleep of angels

Copyright © Greta Robinson | Year Posted 2005

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Causalities of War

.                                                     Beneath a blanket of earth
                                                     With a pillow made of stone
                                                       Her child eternally sleeps

.                                                     While at the foot of his bed
                                                           She stands alone
                                               And weeps! And weeps! And weeps!

.                                                  Written:  November 20th, 2009

Copyright © Elaine George | Year Posted 2009

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Chill breath of autumn
Sears the poppy scarlet red,
On his memory'd cenotaph.

Tears trickle in the furrowed
Faces of young comrades long dead

Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2007

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Of Perfect Beauty

And say unto Tyrus, O thou that art
situate at the entry of the sea, which
art a merchant of the people for many
isles, Thus saith the Lord GOD; O Tyrus,
thou hast said, I am of perfect beauty
— Ezek. 27:3

she who is of perfect beauty
Roman goddess,
situated at the entry of the sea

You hold a torch
that burns a cold flame
From the South Pole to the North,
everyone on Earth knows your name

She reincarnated your ancient fame

Her prideful beauty became her shame

the fame of your beauty everyone wanted to see
In the presence of a goddess,
all people from every nation worldwide wanted to be

You hold the dovetail tablet
that inscribes the progress of liberty
From the North Pole to the South,
they flock to the land that stands in the midst of the seas
All hoping to reach your shores, dreaming to be free

You now reject those who seek haven within your buxom border

The Holy Scriptures thus declare: Set your divided house in order

graven goddess greeting poor souls 
seeking the bond of assimilation with one another

merchant queen selling plastic rainbows,
you look just like Tyrus, your ancient twin brother

Your picture perfect beauty
is rapidly fading away
You always took pride in your nudity,
now an ugly portrait resembling an aging Dorian Gray

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

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Laid to Rest

I had yearned for it all my life -
That simple gesture
That finally healed
The open wound
That for years
In a silent stream
That fell Between
The cracks in
You and me
When with a gentle sigh
You looked 
Into my eyes
Held my hand
And kissed my fingertips
The day
Before you died


Copyright © Elaine George | Year Posted 2010

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The Last Gold Leaf

The last gold leaf hangs on the bough;
summer is just a memory now.
You, too, have gone, my golden friend;
our summer days came to an end.

We said goodbye; our chapter closed.
How I will miss you no one knows.
On eagle wings you split the skies;
your spirit soared. You had to fly.

My earthbound soul will bear its grief
severed from you on mortal reef;
but returning from yonder shore,
your love in waves will wash me o'er.

You've gone before, my trusted love;
I wait behind, your mourning dove;
yet, from across the great divide
your voice to me in dreams confides.

No, I think not that dreams they are;
but communion of the near with far.
On such sweet songs I stake my claim
to know and love you once again.

Copyright, 1987, Faye Gibson

Copyright © Faye Gibson | Year Posted 2014

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I Need Your Help Daddy

I’m tired
I’m Physically and Emotionally tired
I don’t want to be the strong one anymore
I can’t this time
I don’t know what to do Daddy
I need your help down here

I can’t get back in control of my emotions 
I’m having a hard time dealing with your absence
I’m having a hard time standing by myself
I need your help Daddy

I’m broken and lost without you Daddy
I need your will to want to carry on
I need your strength to over come this
I need your strength to stay standing
Your courage to fight back again
I need your help 

Please Daddy I’m at a loss
How am I suppose to do this
I need your guidance 
I need you to guide me back
To whom I was before
I need your help Daddy
I need your help

Copyright © Sabrina Niday Hansel | Year Posted 2013

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The Stone

Alone in a meadow in the pouring rain
I find the stone that causes all my pain,
As I stumble through the fog in disbelief
I fall down upon my knees and sob in grief

The fog horn cries her mournful sound
As my heart falls down, beneath the ground
Crying out to God for mercy all in vain
To take away the stone that bears your name

Author:  Elaine George

Copyright © Elaine George | Year Posted 2006

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This Mountain Here

I remember the day I got the call.
My world fell apart.
I had lost it all.

I remember the day you were taken from me.
I knew your beautifull smile I would never again see.

They said it was a mugger and you put up a fight.
I should not have  let you go out that night.

It seems like just yesterday we fed eachother our wedding cake.
When I remember that memory my hands start to shake.

I sit in my cabin on this mountain with the sky so blue.
I won't leave. This's where I spent my honeymoon with you.

My family wants me to go back into that world, so cold.
I'm not leaving this mountain.
It's where I'll grow old.

They say your gone and will never again be.
Well, I hear what your saying. Yes, I know your talking to me.

You sit in the chair and drink my tea. 
My heart swells up when you smile at me.

They say I've gone insane and see things that aren't there.
If I'm on this mountain here why should they care?

I love you more then I did when we first found this place.
I remeber everything about you, your ellagince and grace.

Why am I not in that world full of anger and fear?
I want to be with you on this mountain here.

Copyright © Misty Hoot | Year Posted 2006

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Elegy for Michael Jackson (4)

You shimmering waves on the ocean blue
Dance not again, he cannot dance with you
You weeping forests where the winds wail too
Let your bright tears fall in the pool of dew
The world of pop will never be the same again
The king is dead, and life is a dream so vain.

               Do you ask me why does my sorrow flow so
               Endlessly for him? Is he not gone the way 
               Of men that many went before? O I do know
               My time may not be long, and lessons delay.
               Who do think was the man in the mirror? did
               You see us there, did you know it oppressed him
               When like wanton dogs drugged and rabid
               Went heedless along the callous way being dim.

Look at the dance videos again, tell me
You see the what he begs to beat it. Off the wall
Are shadows falling like an inner expose
Where he internalized the world, and yet did call
In many songs - his troubled world was us
But now the king's sun set to dust, and we
Remain to heed and weep the vanity of lust
The tangled truths of out tentacled history!

                  Michael was God's gift to our season, and how I
                  Wish he would dance for me across the tribal plains
                  Of Africa again, where warriors ride in the sky
                  Through the fire make us brothers without chains
                  A global oneness where dreams deny the child
                  Nothing again. O death, what oneness beyond this
                  Can we find? Treat him kindly there, be mild
                  To him who in this troubled life knew no bliss.

Michael I miss you; O genius, sleep now in peace
The storms of life are over, the lightning ends
And droughts will come again, but I'll never cease
To proclaim your virtues to foes and friends;
Sleep beloved. Your glory stream in summer's eye
And Harlem's street are filled, old men remember
And old women interrupt their planning to cry
Farewell, Michael ... the grandest star is but an ember.

Copyright © L'nass Shango | Year Posted 2009

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Angela's Right Hand

The function of a human hand?
Writing a message, making a bed,
Opening a jar, dialing a phone,
Putting on pantyhose,
Touching the face of a child,
Or a lover.

And in its absence?
Yawning space and phantom pain,
And an oddly-shaped bandage
At the end of Angie’s arm.

PFC Hernandez, home in El Paso,
Watches her family watching her,
Writing awkwardly with her left hand,
Brushing her black wavy hair,
Watching Dr. Phil
Wearing an old gray-green T-shirt
Bearing the faded words
“Proud to be a Marine.”

Gasping and choking,
She wakes from thick, dusty dreams
Of shimmering, endless sand,
Unfamiliar words
Echoing hollow with hatred,
And the feared but half expected
Roar of fiery amber heat,
Breaking the angry stillness,
Searing through the night
And Angela’s right hand.

Copyright © Ginna Wilkerson | Year Posted 2006

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Whispering Old Cemetery

I came across an old cemetery today while exploring,
     Full of broken, toppled headstones and tangled weeds;
There was a deep hush, a whisper and a sigh, I felt tears,
          My tears were falling for long dead souls forgotten.

A tree's roots are entwined around an old, tilted stone,
     In loving memory of my husband George, born Feb, 1882;
Oh, George you were loved very much once upon a time,
           God took him, but he will not be forgotten, engraved.

And I am of the age of Aquarius too, just like you,
    I love violets and everything purple, and I am so mellow;
Oh, George were you a deep thinker, sensitive, creative,
           I get hurt easily and I always want to help people.
Be at peace George in your decay and ravaged grave,
     Listen to the twittering of birds this bright sunny day;
Promise, promise, I will be back to lay some purple violets,
          Forever now, dear soul, you will dwell in my heart.

Now, be still George, I heard your whisper  . . . 

April 28, 2016

Poetry/Elegy/Whispering Old Cemetery
Copyright Protected, ID 16-783-587-0
All Rights Reserved.  Written under Pseudonym.

Submitted to the contest, Any Poem Written in April 2016
sponsor, Laura Loo

First Place

Written for a contest
sponsor, Steven Henderson 

First Place

Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2016

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No More Soup For Me

I sought a place to post my poems and thought I'd found a fit for me.
At first I was thrilled and felt I belonged to a pleasant community
But I lost my taste for soup and then came to the sour realization
That it's a site of more takers than givers, one rife with idolization.
It's overdue for me to take my leave. This is a place I no longer belong.
I've had enough of those who can't seem to tell what's right from wrong.

I don't want to read nasty words from writers who use vulgarity
or comments of praise that were made without thought to sincerity.
I never liked the idea of 'you read my poetry so I'll read yours, too.'
A tit for tat mentality?  Isn't that what politicians and children do?
I don't want to be in a place where people argue, fight, and grumble
or with those pretending to be nice, but complain of others in mumbles.

I never thought my poetry was on par or better than many in the soup
but I was pleased with what I posted among all those in the group.
Scripture tells me to consider others superior, so I have lowliness of mind.
Humility is a quality I wish to emulate, so it's on humble pie I've dined.
I don't have an ego though accused of having one. I'm not pretentious
but this soup has those who are eager to be obstinate and contentious.

Pointing fingers and throwing insults?   It sounds infantile but it's true.
I've even been called a hypocrite by one who shares this site with you.
No judgement will I make of the one who stoops to callow name-calling.
Reaping what we sow is always the repercussion of what's befalling.
I've not mentioned any names because I prefer exiting on the high road. 
We're all responsible for our choices and some people have no honor code.

A poetry site should be a place of camaraderie, not one of self-defense.
A place where encouragement reigns, where no one is stressed and tense.
Galatians warns to stay away from dissension, hostility, envy, and jealousy,
so in accordance with His Words, this soup is not a place where I should be.
In the eight months I've been around I met some of you who were kind.
I hope you know you meant a lot to me and will often cross my mind.

I'm moving on to enriching phases of what's important in my life.
I wish everyone well  -  no hard feelings  -  no bitterness or strife.
My hand still holds a pen so I'll write when the words fill my head
Time for me to take my leave.  In soup waters I'll no longer tread.

Copyright © Lin Lane | Year Posted 2016

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I Only Understand Now

We talked at length
The hours we passed
The life you lived
Oh the horrors 
So many men's live snuffed
Oh Arizona, a dedication
Whose souls be at rest
Amidst oily scum
And so many others
Sightless eyes watch
The world in disintegration.
Yes, you’ve seen
Many unimaginable horrors
Those only Man can inflict
You’ve grasped my heart
I watched you whither away
A hero by all accounts
God rest your soul
Oh gentle man.
God rest ye gentle man.
My heart aches
With your passing
Now I have your cherished one
She that you know
Rested in my heart
For years and years and years
The one that tended you
All that time
Oh yes, that woman of women
She is in my arms
Forever… my very first love
The thought of whose love
Brings tears to my eyes
Together… finally…
Just so you know…

Semper Fidelis... you are my hero Donald Canan,USMC, WWII veteran Western 
Pacific... he told death to get bent. May God Rest your soul.

Copyright © Michael Santner | Year Posted 2007

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Remission (In Memory of William Watt).

Birth begins the tragedy in us. Life's
First sound is a blank scream
Against sorrow's hidden portends of strifes
All we know are mirages and dream.

Mother took the news staring at the sky
She must have cried inside
For I have no evidence else. There's no why
For it ... how my rage defied
Her callous front ... he was her first boy
The only hero she spoke well
Of, his name was the formula for joy
In our house: anecdotes tell
Of his escapades ... youth defying fate
He had a cat's tenacity for life
And from evil wills found a golden gate
Of scholarship and exotic wife.

I remember when the years pulled him back
All he came with was a bag
Of books, and a couple suits in novel sack
His eyes time warped, a lag
Of missing years and loneliness enfolding him
But he was handsome still
And my soul cartwheeled at joy's fresh brim
Those moments that he filled
When eyes first contact spelled pride to claim
This aristocrat like a medal
I could wear. So young he was, her true flame
The son of love's sweet recital!

And many days sitting in his shadow, I heard
Him dream big things like stars
Far away, warm things like a fluttering bird
Things made bright to cover scars
In the sore of memory. His mind was his cliff
A risky place in the high winds
And closer to the edge for the Grail he'd drift
O how the giddy world spins!
He died in Kingston: William came and went
And my mother looked at the sky
But until she died, about his memory was silent
And I forever wonder why.

I loved him, you know, he was the first best thing
A poor child had to claim or show
The world ... with him I was no more common. A king
He made me in his gold of glow
Something that I looked forward to meet in me. I,
Like mother, been silence since
But sometimes my heart just heave and would cry
For time this love cannot rinse
And I that moment cannot comprehend, that death
Gave no notice to his lauded day
And like common dust on a wild wind's balmy breath
My brother was swiftly swept away.

Copyright © L'nass Shango | Year Posted 2009

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Abrading Volley

Rainfall washing
Light splashes on windowpane…

Leaving nothing behind
No pattern or trace…

If only those tears
Anguishly wept for you…

Upon your deathbed
Had washed away…

Cleansing the pain
That even now abrades my spirit…

Copyright © Charles Fuller | Year Posted 2008

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You Will Remember

You can simply lay me there in shade of trees
that slowly breeze their umbrage with the 
ephemeral sun, a caress with tenderness across this
          fragile frame.
You can leave me here, where fragrance of freshly
rained grass will wash over us with the warmth
you used to bathe and sprinkle subsequently
          with perfume.
You can lay me here and sit, watching
clouds move with grace of swans, or ponderous
nobility of elephants, blocking the sun with their
          tenacious bodies.
And when you go, you will shed some tears, love
in your heart and remembrance of all the words
we spoke, or never said, all the arms and legs and
          raging love.
You will remember, you will remember.


May 6, 2017 
Copyright © Darren White

Copyright © Darren White | Year Posted 2017

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long scarf of a night clasping the bracelet of a moon, what emptiness is this when i have you not near? the distance of a thousand galaxies collecting stars unbinds me, when once i could tumble upon your nape so bronze as if there to fly swept by every lingering breath borrowing some endless moaning of time: a stewing chorus of sacred yet raw vignettes coming together then parting... farewell, a few more steps closer and i shall disown my soul and bones under the cloud's dark awning to silently memorize your fading eyes entombed in the burial of an unbecoming night.
Contest Form-E of Broken Wings Originally written: 1/23/2014 Reposted: 1/24/2017

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2014

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A pen pal long ago

I'd a pen-pal long ago
When I was too young for sure
I wrote him letters, he wrote me too.
I cared for him, he cared for me too.

Slowly time flew away
Moving everything that stays.
But we still had our world undisturbed
Unless one day something occurred.

That day, I wrote him a big letter.
I wish we would'd time to know each other better.
He was still oblivious of the cold days that freeze,
Everything, from humans to trees,
Until one day.....I was gone away with the breeze......

Copyright © Yushi Vi | Year Posted 2016

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Kingdom of Ruin

Rising from the desert sand
was a shimmering mirage
of a thousand shouts
	Heated winds of fanaticism,
	intense and blowing violently loud
Shrill calls to blood prayer seethe,
breathing fiery invocations
of a perverted philosophy
Screaming death to the infidels — 
a scarlet smeared mirror reflecting
black cloth covered savagery
Crimson prayers are the daubed untempered mortar
which cements the foundation of this shakily rising kingdom
Whet the glittering scimitar swung grisly:
	Beheadings are the blade’s
	propaganda recruitment shock TV
Desert crisis ... dreaded carrion claws of ISIS,
oasis mirage bathe the sociopaths in bloody bliss  
Mutilated bodies floating upon the desert sea,
a raised dark flag boasts of a fleeting victory
Prideful utterances of unspeakable barbarity
	Contemned caliphate mercurial rising ...
	now descending quickly below the horizon 
Crumbling desert kingdom,
butchery sow the seeds of your ruin
The sand castle rise to power was ever so brief,
a pirated religion kingdom soon to end suddenly
Taking hostage your own faith,
now the proselyte guards are  
fleeing from the palace carnage
	Crumbling desert kingdom,
	butchery sow the seeds of your ruin
Innocent blood spilled in the sand
will be your caliphate’s undoing
	Crumbling desert kingdom,
	blood reap the harvest of your ruin
Let your prophets of terror and rage
shout a false sanctum call to prayer
Intoning not this one truth: God will surely repay!  

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

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Seventeen Without a word, he became a star in the sky Without a goodbye, he became a memory in our mind Seventeen years, he lived his life Seventeen years, he cared for us all Days and nights, the sun will shine, and the moon will glow Weeks and months, birds will sing, then trees will grow At quiet moments, we will find him in the sky Looking for his smile, listening to his voice Seasons after seasons Years after years

Copyright © Yasu Ogikubo | Year Posted 2017

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From The Womb To The Tomb

Cholera, malaria,dysentery 'nd paranoia
When born they are already doomed
The still living, from birth , are bored
Streets of blood., the living dead parade

Scorched, slashed, ripped.....
Victor crowley on bloody spree
A creepy scene on display
Horror movies became reality show

Here you don4t need to be poet
The words write themselves in red
Deaths crowned with blood
Www.dayly nightmares@doth, cometh
See what's going on in my .............?

Hell on wheel, deseases, rising death toll
Cast aside from The globe, are we living
A bled towards a black hole drifting, driving
Timeless,spaceless, an unearthly black void

Is there any Romance, any heart left
Is there any human being not bereft
How many teens to drugs are addicted?
Are they of delinquency convicted?
PLZ? read the red news, and do accuse
Those who, their political rank, abuse,
And, hell !,they refuse to see the clues !!!

Forlorn aside, on the margin, lives a man
With a flimsy feeling, a vulnerable pen
Passing through the streets like a ghost
Unseen to the wide-open eyes of the host

A paper ands pen,carrying the least he can
Dragging a heavy soul, laoded with big pain
For whom shall David chant heavenly songs
When shall a bird sing without bonds ?..

Copyright © Poetic Flame | Year Posted 2018

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Belated elegy and eulogy for sir Abdul Kalam

Professor Abdul Kalam the luminous brilliant star

I pay homage to you from here in Dar

Great brill scientist in the field of Aerospace

A noble man with an intellectual mien and grace

Aeronautics and more were his speciality wow!

He's referred to as India's best known nucleur Scientist.

An inventive mind has passed away now

Lets celebrate and commemorate a great catalyst

He did India proud and did a lot for her

All Indians who know him will concur

Elected as her great President as well

Sad now to bid him adieus and farewell

Yay, the Indian soil has now a brilliant hero in her bosom indeed

I adoringly salute this great man of my race and my creed.

When a scientist dies it is a great loss for us all
May God raise more like him after his inevitable fall

But he can now repose in heaven's lap
On earth though he has left a mighty gap. 

God I believe, loves those who utilise His gift of brains
Meditation releases us from earthly fetters and chains

Science and learning works your mind ; the brain needs exercise too
So I thank God for scientists , for scientific minds
That help to illuminate and enlighten  this world, for me and you.

Copyright © S.zaynab Kamoonpuri | Year Posted 2018

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Lights Out

One hundred years on and still the shout
“Everyone put your lights out”
Just for an hour from 10 to 11
And remember all those souls in heaven

One hundred years and still the cry
The perennial unanswered question “why?”
Is there a need in this hour of deed
For any to ignore or not to heed?

One hundred years, millions dead
In battles, wars and streets of dread
Trenches then, now car bombs blast
Tearing at families left aghast

One hundred years – again LIGHTS OUT
Not one city but the country throughout
Is this too much to ask ourselves
For those who died through bayonet and shells?

Lights out and let us honour our dead
Light a single candle in room or shed
Remember those terse words upon us yet
“Lest we Forget – lest we forget!”

August 4th 2014

Copyright © Thomas Mansfield | Year Posted 2014