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Best Cowboy Poems

Below are the all-time best Cowboy poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of cowboy poems written by PoetrySoup members

Hard Times
When hard times come they sit a spell,
Like kin folk come to stay
A-packin' troubles, pets an' kids
That always get ‘n your way.
It's drought an' flood,...

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© Jim Fish  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: cowboy-western, family, funny, life,

The ranch on which I hang my hat, though short on most the frills,
Is thirteen sections, give or take, of rugged trails an’ hills.
We call...

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© Jim Fish  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adventure, cowboy-western, education, imagination,

Will Shepard
The day Will Shepard shot my dog
His barn burned to the soil;
The flames licked at the Autumn sky,
The smoke as black as oil.
I dropped the...

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© Tony Bush  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: animals, cowboy-western, death, loss,

Premium Member A Well-appointed Cowpoke
A well-appointed cowpoke, of whom there are still a few,
Wanted to be properly clad for his first job interview.
So, to impress his potential and somewhat...

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Categories: cowboy-western

We’ve shared the trail, kicked up some dust,
An’ stood a storm or two.
We’ve rode the plains, the wide frontier,
The easy trails were few.
You’ve listened like...

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© Jim Fish  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: animals, cowboy-western, death, friendship,

Premium Member A Lonely Christmas
I walked up to the bunkhouse, beneath a cloudless sky,
searching to find the Christmas star, still shining there on high.
The bunkhouse was warm but lonesome...

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Categories: christmas, star,

Mackenzie Trail
When doves on evenings, calm and still, call out a hollow tone,
They rouse a medley, old as time, so few have ever known.
The whispered lines...

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© Jim Fish  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adventure, cowboy-western, historyold, horse,

Premium Member Angels and Outlaws
Come and sit here by the fire
Watch the flickering firelight
Let me touch your lips with mine
Will you keep me warm tonight

I've been here reminiscing
Just feeling...

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Categories: cowboy-western, life, love, me,

Frail Paper Etched With Words
Whether poets, showmen or philosophers,
Or mere cowboys who follow herds—
They all want to leave behind a lasting mark—
More than frail paper etched with words.

But the...

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© Glen Enloe  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: art, cowboy-western, on writing

Intelligent Design
You think you’re alone out on the range
Sittin’ silent under starry sky,
Just a marvelin’ at the universe
And wonderin’ ‘bout that ol’ question: why?

You shake your...

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© Glen Enloe  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: animals, cowboy-western, death, faith,

This Cowboy's Done
I'll ride with you awhile, my friend
Until the wind turns cold.
I'm not as young as I once was -
Just feelin' kinda old.

I used to ride...

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The Last Ride
One tough ol’ cowboy; a strong, upright man,
He rode many years for the Lazy "H" brand.
One ev’nin, quite late, as he rode out from town

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© Dean Wood  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: tribute,

Premium Member All Hat and No Cattle
They hung around the beer joint with the finest Western wear
with thumbs tucked in their belt loops and such a studly air.
But those boots weren't...

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© Roy Jerden  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: humorous, old, time,

The Place that Shaped Me
  I left my
  heart   in 
 a magical 
  place. A
  place that
  holds years
 of wonder...

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Categories: cowboy-western, family, growing up,

Premium Member The Cowboy Life I Love
I squint my eyes from the glaring sun
As I drive cattle across the open range.
I am the youngest hand, so I ride drag
Covered by the...

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Categories: animal, cowboy-western, horse, life,

The Cowboy's Life
As the pastel moon rises across the midnight blue

a lone wolf’s dark silhouette appears into view

his boast is known from Cowboy to prairie dog

fore this...

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Categories: animal, autumn, good morning,

Premium Member Mustang
Wind drinkers flow with strength and grace.
                Thunder pounds from...

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Categories: cowboy-western,

Premium Member Stagecoach
I took my periodic stroll through the local antique store today.
There were the usual horse collars, clocks and various sundries on display.
Havin' no need fer...

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Categories: cowboy-western, old, horse, old,

Beg Your Pardon
Here’s a short story of a cowboy I knew
Whose name was Beg Your Pardon.
He wasn’t a gun slinger in the usual way,
Though his hands were...

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Categories: cowboy-western, humorous,

Premium Member Cowboys in the Badlands
Rather lost, they stare over the divide,
how best to circumnavigate this obstacle?
They can see a path gently sloping down
but it is far off to the...

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Categories: horse, life,

Epitaph to a Happy Mosquito
T'was a warm summer's day, when I took to the trail,
to cruise that old black spruce, way down in the swale.

A gallon of bug dope...

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Categories: cowboy-western, funny, nature, me,

God Knows I'm a Country Girl
God knows I'm a country girl,
and wouldn't trade it for nothin' in this world.
Long brown hair and big brown eyes,
I'll take you on an exciting...

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Categories: cowboy-western, song-lyricbeautiful, beautiful,

Premium Member A Cowboy Is
heartbeat of the American dream
early settlers escaped tyranny
rode West, used squatters’ rights
claimed land and turned to ranching
nights ‘neath stars and grub by campfires
from nearby hills...

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Categories: cowboy-westernfreedom,

Groundswell Girl - Named by JB
Enter a storybook tale
Where I can be 
The heroine you hail
Lucid dreams of soft reflection
A touch heated with lust and desired protection
A breathe a gasp...

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Categories: cowboy, adventure, art, beautiful, boyfriend,

One of Texas's Best
“Back in my day” his stories all would start
I’d  lean in close to listen though I knew ‘em all by heart
He was a living...

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Categories: cowboy-western, history, nostalgia, people,