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Still A Soldier

I lay here today a soldier
I know some don't understand
I will try to explain
So maybe you can

I served my country
For many a year
I retired long ago
The soldier still here

I put on my uniform
I wore it to foreign lands
The soldier I was
Is still in the man

I have been a husband, father, and friend
To some of you here
But I've been a soldier all along
Even after so many a year

My final salute
I render today
I'm still a soldier
I'm just on my way

Copyright © Timothy Emmons | Year Posted 2014

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The Perfect Friend

The Perfect Friend ©

Today I found a friend 
Who knew everything I felt
She knew my weakness
And the problems I’ve been dealt.
She understood my wonders
And listened to my dreams, 
She listened to how I felt about life and love
And knew what it all means.
Not once did she interrupt me
Or tell me I was wrong
She understood what I was going through
And promised she'd stay long.
I reached out to this friend, 
To show her that I care
To pull her close and let her know
How much I need her there.
I went to hold her hand 
To pull her a bit nearer
And I realized this perfect friend I found
Was nothing but a mirror

Written by Shannen Wrass
Copyright © 1995 Shannen Wrass. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Shannen Wrass | Year Posted 2013

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Ready waiting anticipating love coming my way
Be ready all you want it is not coming today 

The foundation has to be in place starts with self 
Being in love with self others can see
Not vain not plain not bodybuilder pain

It’s under your bellybutton centre of self
A place of calm wisdom excitement rolled into one
Nothing bursting out of here the combination has no fear

Your attractive to so many your centre magnetic
Smiling face and eyes all shinny radiating out like a fisherman’s cast
Easy to catch what is going past your magnetic is pulling strong
You love yourself your body and mind soul entwined 
To truly love another soul you must be whole love self soul

Copyright © niall fulham | Year Posted 2017

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The Fable of the Fox and Goose

 There once was a fox, as wise as can be,
 He lived in the hollow of an old oak tree.
 Not so very far from an ol’ Farmer’s Farm;
 A farmer he knew would do him great harm.

 Also, on that farm lived a lively young goose,
 And he caused the fox’s dry mouth to juice.
 Without a care, the goose gandered about,
 Causing the fox great apprehension, no doubt.

 One day they met at the edge of the farm:
 The goose knew, for sure, the fox meant him harm.
 Mr. Fox, I know you can eat me, he said,
 But, I know a better way you can be fed.

 The farmer has many an egg you can eat,
 and they are more juicy than feathery meat.
 I’ll tell you just how to gain your supply;
 as quick as a wink, or the blink of an eye.

 The farmer is rich and he doesn’t have need
 for all of his wealth, and all of his greed.
 We poor of the earth, he cares not about:
 We should take eggs from the lecherous lout.

 Sure, he feeds us, and quite well in fact,
 But he profits from the sweat of our back.
 We animals are brothers, and should take heed
 About each others wants and each others need.

 You can sneak around by the ol’ mill gate,
 while I distract the hound, down by the lake.
 His threat to you I shall circumvent,
 and you can then eat to your hearts content.

 The sly ol’ fox, he surmised this odd tale:
 Hen’s eggs were delicious, he knew quite well.
 Oh, this we will do, he quickly agreed:
 Eggs, he knew, were quite delicious indeed.

 So, the goose set off, the hound to distract,
 And also the fox, to the mill gate out back.
 But, the goose had another plan in his mind;
 A problem solution of a far different kind.

 He enlisted the hound in his subversive trick,
 To solve the fox dilemma finally and quick.
 He sent the hound round to the ol’ mill gate,
 Leaving himself to just piddle and wait.

 Then suddenly upon him with claw and tooth
 Pounced the fox, ‘fore he could honk or hoot.
 In this moral lesson we all can deduce,
 Why no-one says: “he’s as sly as a goose”.

The SLY fox knew: “If the goose would betray 
 the farmer that feeds him, he will betray me too.”

Copyright © Lionel Ledbetter | Year Posted 2013

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Snow White




Zambonice-ing  Your X-winter Whiting-rinks, Visible & Unusual Tough Snow-flurry, Racing Quietly Precipitation, Overflows, Nightfall, Mocking Like-little Keys Jiggling, Inside Hailstorm, Getting Frigid, Every-second, Drifting Clouds, Building ANGER!

for: ABC contest

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2012

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ABC World's Famous Scientists In History

A  is for Anton van Leeuwenhoek- in his simple  microscope made him well-known,
B is for Benjamin Franklin who invented  the electricity  from the flow of electrons.

C is for Curie, Marie -a woman   known by her theory of radioactivity,
D is for Dalton ,John -a meteorologist who developed an atomic theory.

E is for Einstein, Albert in his theory of relativity  and mass-energy equivalence,
F is for Franz Boaz  who studied human cultures  through methods of science.

G is for Galieleo Galilei who worked also on telescope as astronomer and physicist,
H is for Heingrich Hertz who worked on the theory of lights and waves  as scientist.

I is for Isaac Newton who discovered the law of motion and gravitation,
J is for John Logie Baird who invented one of our favorites, the television.

K is for Karlheinz Brandenburg  who discovered MP3 tech for  our music that pleases,
L is for Louie Pasteur worked on microbiology for causes and prevention of diseases.

M is for Michael Faraday who had successfully   invented an electric motor,
N is for Neils Bohr who passed the milestone of the discovery of atomic structure.

O is for Orville Wright , a scientist who successfully invented an airplane,
P is for Paul Ehrlich who discovered chemotherapy for a cancer patient.

Q is for Quantum Cosmology by a scientist named Hawking, Stephen,
R is for Rudolf Virchow, a scientist who worked on the cell doctrine.

S is for Sigmund Freud who founded the Psychology of Unconsciousness,
T is for Thomas Edison whose invention on an electric bulb was a real success.

U is for Universal Law of Gravitation  and Motion founded by Isaac Newton, 
V is for Verbiest, Ferdinand-known on first car as his successful  invention.

W is for William Thomson, an inventor of  Temperature Scale for everyone,
X is for X-ray invented by a scientist named Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen.

Y is forYoung Philosopher like Aristotle, a student of Plato at age of eighteen,
Z is for Zoologist  who studied marine invertebrates like Charles Darwin.

Knowing some  of the world’s famous scientists and their inventions,
Make us smart children with all the agility of mind to take part  in  creations.

Feb. 10, 2013

This chain of couplets was also composed for a wall post in our science rm/lab for the kids to easily memorize or familiarize with some of  the world’s famous scientists and philosophers in history.  I also wish to thank my dearest friend, Andrea who encouraged me to write an ABC poem like this. Huh! It made me sweat a bit! ;))

Fourth Place
Contest: Z is for Zaria: An ABC Couplet
Judged: 4/16/2013
Sponsor; Poet Cyndi Macmillan

Copyright © Galeo DS | Year Posted 2013

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The Children Eating Grass

Often wondering is it a steak upon Our Plates that is important...
Perhaps a Hot-dog instead and more Money for a healing deportment.
To feed a Child that is suffering or very ill and extremely sick.
We ask often comfortably what often makes the wealthy tick?
As We read on The Internet that there are Children out there just wanting Bread.
The Children eating grass is in an Article that was just as this is read...
My Heart torn open,wrenched,concerned and burning with anguish inside.
My Own Home stemless, poor, and uncomfortably We reside...
Wishing We could just reach threw a T.V. Set to give a helping hand...
Just to pass Our Dinner to a child in a taunted hemmed Land. 
My passion so large, words so strong, and My Pocket very small.
Never standing in the right position in Life to answer as Children call.
There are Children in Our World that are just eating grass.
Under seemly so by My feelings of disrepair as I pass My Own grasp...
This stench of Many Self willed that preform as Our stanza has not surpassed.  
To reach for You now is more then an unbearable weep to comprehend.
A World filling up with Starvation and Our Children in it left to descend.
To reach for You now is an unbearable decision not yet made.
The Children Eating Grass just wore Me thin and They paid.
Sometime wishing I could just rob and empty an entire vault.
That Decision would cost Me greatly so I resort to prayer that will never fault. 
To Be trusted with just This Message where I sit and grieve.
When Encounters of Love yet to occur and never to beckon Evil that is deceived.

By Charlene L.Wilcox      09-29-2014

Copyright © Charlene Wilcox | Year Posted 2014

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An ABC Love Song

Leaves have fallen around us throughout these many years Mist has clouded our eyes with vapors of vast confusion... No one told us then, how storms might come, how skies would gather tears Or how the sun would often hide, and seem to disappear Perhaps those years, might have done such harm, to have shattered our illusions Instead, we lean into each other's arms, and will stay until conclusion...
________________________ For Alfred's Contest: ABC of Love

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2013

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A DAMSEL ENCHANTS FELICITY Aurora breaks, Cinderella damsel enchants felicity, gliding halcyon-- implanting jazzy kisses, languorous murmurs. . . Nectared opulent press quakes reactions. Succulent tissues urge virginal wanting: xerothermic, yearning zenith! _____________________________________________________________________ *** xerothermic -- adapted to or flourishing to environment that is hot and dry halcyon -- care -free CONTEST NAME: 10 OR LESS LINES Contest Sponsor: Rob ~~2nd place~~ Olive Eloisa Guillermo 2:28 pm, September 23, 2015

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2015

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My insolent heart

My insolent heart
is audacious.
It dives into your words
Feels your presence,
Makes love to you
My insolent heart 
Knows the truth
you are unreachable.
it ventures around old memories, 
recalls ,
recollects and 
My insolent heart
Takes me away from sanity
Gives me a false hope.
Makes me irrational
Causes irreparable 
My insolent heart 
Knows no boundaries 
It immigrates to a forbidden land where 
love breaks the barrier.
I wonder why my heart is insolent. .
Your blue eyes 
Your  blue eyes


Copyright © Red Fiery | Year Posted 2013

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. Wish
I'd like to come to you
But, our streets are red
And I do not have
But my white dress

Copyright © Faleeha Hassan | Year Posted 2012

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You Are You

You are beautiful,
You are smart,
It's time to grow up,
And follow your heart,

You are different,
And unique,
Look in the mirror,
And tell yourself,

You will be you,
Maybe not a model,
Or even a beauty queen,
But your heart of gold,

That you have inside,
Makes you all of that,
And more to me,

I don't love you,
For what you look like,
Or even what you have,
It's your personnality,

And sence of humor,
That makes me glad,
Don't ever let someone,
Put you down,

Be that special person,
I know you can be,
For there will be someone someday,
To realize what they let go,

Because of how they,
Reacted to you so,
Be who you are,
Not what others want you to be,

I love you,
Cause you are you,
You have opinions,
And choices you make,

You will figure things out,
For yourself,
Just don't ever,
Lose your faith,

Remember that person,
Thats wrapped in your heart,
Give them your love,
For everything will be fine,

Just move forward,
One day at a time,
Your not super man,
Nor super woman,

You will be fine,
I hope this helps your morning,
To make you see I love you for you,
Someday will be a dream come true...

Copyright © Tera Brown | Year Posted 2016

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Zanthoxylum shrubs with clustered yellow flowers,
Yolks of eggs and yellow jackets make her want to scream.
Xanthophobia ensnares her. It is sickening
Wakening to an aureate dawn’s bright rays.
Vehemently she shakes!
Ubiquitous are sunny days; she much prefers the clouds.
They keep her safe from light and her anxiety at bay.
Secluded in her rose pink room, she stays inside,
Rarely venturing outside except at eventide.
Quick is she to greet fast-falling snow.
Pedestrians abandon streets. Then she likes to go
Out to see the colored world buried in tranquility,

Nauseated she becomes just seeing people eat
Macaroni’s yellowish cheese, all things buttery,
Lemon cakes, bananas, mustard. It is a feat
Keeping herself calm. Sometimes she panics.
Jaundiced skin can do her in.
In many cases, she turns to Xanex. 
Hideous to her is this disease,
Growing, never slowing. Even therapy
Fails to help. Whatever can she do?
Emotionally frazzled, living with unease when
Dandelions, daisies or ducks come into view.
Corn, baby chicks, and girls that she has seen
Bleached a brilliant bombshell blonde so bold!
All of it - florescent dreams - are nightmares laced in gold.

For the First Ever ZYX Contest sponsored by John Lawless

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2015

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This Heart Beats For You Alone

Although I'm little distant, I love you on this day
Because I love you more than I did yesterday 
Come lay with me on today
Don't hesitate let's have fun and play
Each moment with you is spring time in
Follow your heart, and let it have it's say
Give me all of you, that is the only way
Handle my heart with care,I'll never stray 
I want to be with you forever and always
Join me on this lovely and romantic sleigh 
Keep our romance fun, let's roll in the hay
Let's be together until we're old and gray
My heart and soul is yours, and will forever 
New beginnings are always at bay
On this day I want to be your wife don't delay
Please say yes, we'll get married in Hawaii I'll 
wear a lai
Quit thinking about all we have on our tray
Rest assured I'm ready to throw all negativity 
Sorry I brought all this up on your birthday 
Trust in God he is the potter we're the clay
Understand we can't do this halfway 
Venturing out of our  comfort zone will cause us to 
be giddy and gay
With you I will take you hand down life's
X-ray your heart so it could be on display
You are my whole world, I'm happy as a bluejay
Zestfulness is what you give me, is what 
I'm trying to convey

Alexis Y
Inspired by Mike and Lin's ABC rhyme poem

Copyright © Alexis Y. | Year Posted 2016

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Love List

     By Dane Smith-Johnsen

Love approaches and does not scare.
Love bears and does not let go.
Love cares and does not shrink.
Love declares and does not shun.
Love establishes and does not tear down.
Love forgives and does not remind.
Love gives and does not expect.            
Love has and does not gloat.
Love hears and does not tell.
Love hopes and does not give up.
Love instills and does not corrupt.
Love joins and does not run over.
Love keeps and does not stray.
Love lives and does not stress.
Love manages and does not control. 
Love persuades but does not discourage.
Love proclaims and does not hide.
Love questions and does not badger.
Love rejoices and does not displease.
Love sees and does not condemn.
Love talks and does not defame.
Love understands and does not misconstrue.
Love values and does not insult.
Love wants and does not ignore.
Love XOXOXOX and does not reject.
Love yearns, and does not insist.
Love zaps, and does not destroy.


Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2009

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Through the screams of pain,
I heard a cry,
A cry that indicated a birth of a new life.
Sitting in the hospital corridor,
I could hear the cry of happiness from tiny lungs,
I could experience the same happiness,
The family was going through.
Yes a girl child!
I thought to myself,
She might be lucky,
She has a modern family who cared for her
Thank god! she did not go through the pain of being killed.
This world has learnt to accept a girl child!
I am happy.............

Copyright © AHALYA NAIR | Year Posted 2016

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The Weeping Willow Tree

The weeping willow is outside you see
Even though it is beautiful it wasn't meant to be,

Our willow is huge and hangs to the ground
When the wind blows you hear it all around,

It's beauty is timeless and very much alive
But, on a sad note it is not wanting to survive,

It will be sad to see an empty space
Till the new tree we plant that will take its place,

The weeping willow will definitely be gone
I am sure late at night you will hear its song,

Weeping and crying for all of us to hear
Because after all the roots are left that will shed its tears.

Written By: Unique Poetry 2010

Copyright © Michelle Born | Year Posted 2015

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My Handicap Beach

My Handicap Beach

As I lay here and look out the window from our hotel at the absolutely amazing view..
It makes me wonder how something so simple creates such beauty and always seems so new..
I feel sadness for those who pass by every day and don’t think another thought about..
The beauty that surrounds them from the beach and the water with the waves washing in and out..
The lighthouse that stands unintentionally stoic and tall and lights the way for those out at sea..
And the sand that finally runs across my toes which has been a dream for so long for me…
This was only possible with the help of a loving person who got me where I needed to go…
And to whom I really hope does realize how much they have helped me in many ways to grow..
And there are always a few people that have to make a spectacle of a girl in a wheelchair..
As they walk by me and say things in a whisper as if they think I can’t hear along with a stare here and there..
If they only knew that It was one of the best days of my life and that I am feeling so relaxed and at ease..
I will take all of their comments and let them go over my head along with the beautiful breeze..
Because this morning I may have been the disabled girl on the beach which was a wonderful thing to me..
And until you learn to see the view from down in a wheelchair every day I don’t care what you think you see...
Because today my view was from the warm sand on a beach towel that was laid down just for me and was the best..
Day I have had in so long because I was no longer that poor gilt in the wheelchair and felt almost like all of the rest..
Of beach goers and comers to the new jersey shore in Atlantic City and right on the pier that is very well known..
For gambling and partying but for me it was just to feel the sand on my toes and feel like I was not handicapped if even for a few moments alone..
Coming home with my stuff in disarray the way it always is along with a few souvenirs because they are from my very first trip away from home..
I loved it so much and want to thank those who took me long on a short but awesome vacation to start me going more which I really hope..
Because it’s nice sometimes to go to places that make you feel different than the usual girl in the wheelchair always needing help from what I call in my head my proverbial rope..
Buffy Sammons

Copyright © Buffy Sammons | Year Posted 2015

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Crystallized tears

Crystallized tears
When time, marched by the flame of a candle
The fear, from the swords and peak of the temple
When the virgin liberty was in a dungeon
Tyranny was and is still for souls to be sunken
New belief,  a hope, lifts inquests and conflicts
Empires, built on bones, and by others eclipses
The game of kings, the war, ascendancy and gain
With their seers, they conquest more and again
The crystallized tears, marked the face of the earth
From timeless injustice and the avarice's mirth
Thence, the cannon, from the crust was born
And the flesh of man, continues to be torn
The war and coins are the trade of their life
Thence, greed and death for the elite, shall thrive
The fabrics of history, was sown by them and then
The keys of the globe, were in chains and so was the pen 
The hope, was an orphan and lived with ghosts
The rise of freedom, was seen far and from every coast
Thence, tyranny turned the fear,  from sword  to fear by law
So the the elite can keep their  liberty by code and claw
The ocean in quest, to the harbor, was by his waves
To wash the marks on land printed by the feet of the slaves
Freedom, he said, is the breath of the soul, to be blessed
Since dawn, it tantalized earth and man to have rest
Those souls, as yet, fighting the chains and webs
Until eternity, by the elite, they will remain oppressed

Dr.Mohammed F A Alrazak

Copyright © Dr.Mohammed Alrazak | Year Posted 2016

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On Golden Shores - For Connie

Against the backdrop of a golden sun
Before the azure sky our love begun
Caressing gently your lips on mine
Desire is shining in your pools divine
Encapsulated by morning’s golden light
Forever our love shall be shining bright
Gone is sorrow on dream’s golden shore
Heaven on earth love flows from our cores
Into the waters rushing so clear
Just stay with me and i know love is here
Kissing your temple the water that shines
Love fills our hearts as heaven divines
May you find your love on golden shores
Now within dreams love does open its doors

(Pools Of Love Series.)

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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i will not fail

You want the truth
There are people out there 
That just want to take away your youth
There is nothing we gain
But the fact
We carry around a lot of pain
I beg god please
As I grab the rope
Looking for relief
There is no hope
They say they know the road is long
But you'll turn out to be so strong
I will not fail
I know there will be grief
As my face turns pale
I had no where to go
And no one to call
So I kicked the chair 
And let my body fall

Copyright © tia himes | Year Posted 2017

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Rap God

Steps up to the mic and loses his cool
acts like a fool, way too cool for school
flunked out twice 
wasn't raised to be nice 
but you better believe he can pay the full price 
with his back to the wall, he falls back on his own
just when everything blows
he's spitting lyrics so hard when it hits you 
you know he does have some issues but that isn't the issue
its part of a plan 
to be bigger than Stan, or a man who abandoned him when he was born
fatherless can't be stressed when he's reeling in all of the cash he can get
won't look back not the way 
gone for now but to stay 
won't leave us not today
he isn't going away
media says he is getting depressed but they only see lyrics
they don't see his feelings
don't you run now 
you can only see how 
a little support raised this kid to be a rap god who took an 
a whole army and won
so don't say he's done because he's winning not won
and his song has been yet to be sung. 

Copyright © Nancy Beckman | Year Posted 2018

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i can remember the day
first met with you
i saw the blue deep eyes
that was the day
fall in love with you....

i can feel you around me
when you are not there
you are my oxygen
i can breathe lively here
in love everything is fair......

my heart beats for you
my sleep dreams for you
my sound sing for you
just wanna to say
i love you....

Copyright © shanta sumaiya | Year Posted 2017

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A Mother

Of all the special joys in life, the big ones and the small, 
A mother’s love and tenderness Is the greatest of them all.
The heart of a home is a mother whose love is warm and true
When times seem too hard to bear and I feel like giving up
I vision your beautiful face, Beauty and Grace,
through her expressions of faith.
Your arms were always open when I needed a hug. 
Your heart understood when I needed a friend. 
Your gentle eyes were stern when I needed a lesson. 
Your strength and love has guided me and gave me wings to fly.

The twinkle of your eyes and things of such Comfort and tears,
she helps calm my fears. Love and Life, she’s always my guide.
A tidal wave of emotions, have sent my soul out to sea. 
Crashing currents submersing, what once was you and me. ...

You'd be proud of my wit, My confidence and my charm
People say I'm just like you And I know all about your charms
the eyes are in my heart, the eyes that saw my soul
But gone are the beautiful eyes, The eyes that watched me grow
a mother who always cares, prays and stays.
A mother who’s always there. When things get rough,
When life gets tough, There’ll never be another,
she's forever my Mother. My Mother, my friend so dear
Through out my life you’re always near.

Copyright © Reena Choudhary | Year Posted 2017

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If I could
 go back a moment,
in spite the torment,
not forgetting the judgment,
 that was insultment.
if I could,
teleport a distance,
stop the circumstance,
without disturbance,
thou now has no importance.

if I could,
have stayed silent,
gain no talent,
but with that target,
id lather post a ballet.

if I could,
please the crowd,
gain a crown,
stand out proud
I wouldn't please God.

if I could
have stayed silent,
make people unite,
putting differences apart,
spreading peace and trust,
it's all am praying for atlast..

Copyright © Eldah Calvin | Year Posted 2017