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The 1960's

In the 1960's the winds of change were blowing
As a generation came into its own
A feeling of revolution was growing
The seeds had already been sown

It was a time of hope and tears
Of the good the bad and the ugly
Of spaghetti westerns so aptly named  
Make love not  war  protests proclaimed
But the  war raged on just the same 

The Barbie doll was introduced
 And  Beatlemania was set loose
Platform shoes were riding high
Mini skirts showed off thighs
Neil Armstrong walked on the moon
"This Magic Moment" was a hit tune
Everyone was doing the twist
To rhythms they couldn't resist

John Kennedy  was the new president, 
And planned to change the status quo
But on a fateful day in 1963
An assassin's bullet found its mark
And left a nation in the dark 
Dr King and Robert Kennedy met the same fate
They were both killed in 1968

By the end of the decade we were left with a sad song
 "Has anybody here seen our good friends Martin, Robert, and John
They stood for freedom and justice
But we just looked around ....and they were  gone"  

Copyright © Joseph May | Year Posted 2015

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Upward Journey Of Lessons

Upward Journey Of Lessons

As I sit here , and to myself I smile
Thinking of those that I have met
For the most part, were docile
There were a few i wished I'd forget

Times of great talk and great fun
People met, poetry discussed some
Those few in my heart number one
The others left me feeling numb

Can't help feel I still don't belong
Its my problem , always been me
Gut feelings have never been wrong
A caged animal I need to be set free

The kindness to me you've shown
My soul holds a certain wanderlust
Tried to deny it but I've always known
Seeing i can care and again trust

Thank you for showing me a wonderful time
Upwards journey of lessons I must climb!

Copyright © Brenda Chiri | Year Posted 2018

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Hockey War

Imagine life without a war,
And just a hockey game to score,
When countries start to point the blame,
They take it out in a hockey game.

If someone threatens our coastline,
We face-off on the centre-line,
A slap-shot and a body-check,
By the hockey team from old Quebec.

We'd never need a military,
A hockey team is much more scary,
Instead of running all amuck,
The one who wins, controls the puck.

The winner of this hockey war,
Would best be known as "Hockey Corps",
We'd celebrate a "Hockey Hour",
With Canada, the World Power.

Copyright © David Pekrul | Year Posted 2017

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Fear of God

    Fear of God
The Crackling ice
Put the fear of God in you
When you see a
A crack under your feet
Run the length of the ice.

Copyright © Steven Siegel | Year Posted 2015

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In Canada we do not cower
On ice we have a lot of power
When we're young we know our fates
No booties for us we wear ice skates

We dream of scoring goals galore
We pass the puck we shoot it more
We do not like our politics
In bed we hug our hockey sticks

Our country built around a game
Become a pro and get some fame
My seond home the ice arena
I skate and play so very keena

It's Hockey so Canadian
Some players are Arcadian
The game now ends lets shout it out
Winners cheer and losers pout

Hockey is a national institution in Canada.

Copyright © Rick Zablocki | Year Posted 2013

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Hockey Games

Everybody loves it when the team scores a goal. This is what all hockey fans extol. The lights start flashing and the siren sounds. Cheering is heard from the seats that abounds. Many fans go to hockey games each night. However, I go to see the players fight. After some hooking, slashing, or a mean cross-check, the victim wants to break the other player’s neck. They drop their gloves and throw a left hook. Before you know it, there is a big donnybrook. Each of the three twenty-minute periods is nice. It is all like World War Three on ice.

Copyright © Robert Pettit | Year Posted 2012

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An Icy Battlefield

It starts with an unforgettable roaring sound,
Like nothing I'd heard before.
There's people and protection all around,
while my feet slide on the cold hard floor.

Armed with only one simple twig, 
And two knives strapped to my feet.
I move forward like a ravenous rig,
Never slowing or missing a beat.

The wind plays music through my ears,
My heartbeat begins to race.
Losing mind of all my fears,
As my enemy becomes face to face.

There's only once chance for this to work,
So I focus in and take a shot.
As I can hear the enemy allies lurk,
I know I've given it all I got.

Suddenly the sound of a siren,
As I hear and become cocky.
There's no sound of hit iron,
Which is the best when scoring in hockey.

Copyright © Matthew Frazier | Year Posted 2014

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Stanley Cup

blood on the ice
going for the Cup
who’s going to get it?

Copyright © Robert Heemstra | Year Posted 2013

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SATURDAY NIGHT HOCKEY Saturday night I sit alone on the couch It's Edmonton at Toronto who face off game one Bernier for Leafs and Dubnyk for Oilers Dubnyk's a big lad: 6-6, a big shirt Bernier at 6-0, won't take too much dirt But nay, I'll not share any spoilers. 'Tis a well-played game and the puck's flying fast, A strong game for sure but not too much fists The score is 4-4 and second period has passed Now the Oilers score again and the fans they do hiss So the Leafs pull Bernier and TO fans all yell "SCORE!" But the Oilers come back and we're in O/T for some more. With 2:51 left on the clock the Leafs make a run And with a classic 3-on-one the game they have won! c ELR 2013

Copyright © Miss Wattle | Year Posted 2013

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THE GOALIE There's a young hockey player whose mask is all holey When the puck slaps at his face he's glad he's the goalie But he ducks and he weaves And he falls to his knees The young player then yells, "I've got it - holy moley!" © ELR 2013

Copyright © Miss Wattle | Year Posted 2013

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NHL Lockout

From Boston all the way to Vancouver, the hockey season may already be over. Right now, there is quite a bit of doubt. The team owners have locked the players out. For hockey fans, this isn’t very nice. They won’t see their favorite players on ice. It will take a lot of negotiating and luck to get the referees to drop the puck. The two bargaining sides are still miles apart. Because of that, the season won’t start. The team management and players should get it together. On the horizon, I see lots of stormy weather.

Copyright © Robert Pettit | Year Posted 2012

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Bad Ice

What a disappointment, and not very nice, when a hockey game is cancelled for bad ice. For some reason, the refrigeration unit goes on the blink. Because of it, there is rough and inconsistent ice on the rink. There will be no slap shots, checking, and scoring of a goal. It’s just like getting a Christmas stocking full of coal. There will be no lights and sirens, and not even one fight. The teams will have to give it a go on another night.

Copyright © Robert Pettit | Year Posted 2014

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On Frozen Pond

Caleb Smith's “Echoes of the Heart” has inspired me to recall those halcyon days long ago on the frozen ponds of my youth.

It was hockey from early morn to the darkening shades of late afternoon with only a short break for a quickly devoured Campbell's Vegetable Soup for lunch. My closest friend was Ken. You very rarely saw one of us without the other, we were inseparable. Our hockey sticks were battered and thin and only bore a slight resemblance to hockey sticks we got each year for Christmas. The pond was a wide frozen body of water beside a well traveled highway to the distant land called the United States. But in our minds it was The Montreal Forum filled with screaming fans cheering on our every move. We would take turns being the great Maurice “The Rocket” Richard while the other would be all-star goalie Jacques Plante! It could have been minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit but we never felt the cold and icy winds... we were superstars.

On a few occasions I have revisited that hallowed ground where we spent hour upon hour, oblivious to time, our faces frozen as well as our ears and our toes! The cheering of the imaginary crowds was all the inspiration we needed to fire a blistering shot through the imaginary pads each other was wearing. At the end of the day, we literally had to crawl home on our hands and knees, our ankles no longer being able to support our tired legs. 

Those sweet memories have stayed with me for a lifetime. I'm sure with my last breath of life, the vision of Ken and me will flash before my eyes. Ah yes, hockey, it was what young Canadian boys lived for back then!

© Jack Ellison 2013

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2013

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Hockey Song

Hockey song                      
Verse 1
Awake, get on t’ ice, go and enjoy
Stick with your team. We are in, the game is on
Play, have some fun. Put the puck in their net. 
Focus, be sharp, fans are watching; don’t forget!!  

We are friends, we are friends, we are team, we are team
Game is on, we’re together, we will win, we will win
We enjoy when we’re playing
We are yelling when puck’s lost
We are crying, singing Anthem
We are happy when we won. (We get crazy when we won)

Verse 2
Game versus fight.  Shots by hockey sticks.
Playing every night, we are having fate
 Free flowing-glide. Referee keeps puck on twixt
Pros are on the ice almost flying between gates (while skate)

Girls admire the winners; you shell do all your best
Do you hear them screaming, they expect you to be first
They enjoy watching you scoring 
They’re yelling when puck’s lost 
They’re excited. when you’re fighting
They’re happy when you won. 

Copyright © Tatiana McCollum, 2013

Copyright © Tatiana McCollum | Year Posted 2013

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HOCKEY NIGHT IN BOSTON Well, Saturday night is here once again I aimed to write you a puck-by-puck account It's Toronto Maple Leafs versus Boston Bruins But it's only first period and I've already lost count! Both at 6-2 and around 200 pounds It's Reimer and Tuuka in their respective nets Alert they'll both be for that little black disc The game's stats will thus be anyone's guess. The game's too exciting, I can't possibly write I'm yelling and shouting, the couch can't take any more I'm jumping up and down like the fans in the stands I really must go before the announcer yells "SCORE!" © ELR 2013

Copyright © Miss Wattle | Year Posted 2013

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When snow starts falling in Canada 
We know winter games shall begin.
Do we just sit around fireplaces?
No, that would be a sin.
Snowball fights daily in our schoolyards,
Till the bell calls them in.

Rosie red cheeks on children,
Mittens with scarf’s and hats,
Snowmen in every front yard,
Put away are the bats.
Indoors a haven for cats.

Ski’s out and waxed,
Skates sharp as knives,
Skating rinks are full
Of children, husband, wives. 

Tobogganing so exiting,
Curling extremely fun,
Hockey, number one.

Cold feet,
Hot chocolate.


Andrea Dietrich’s Contest 
I do not Know

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans | Year Posted 2014

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The Hockey Glory Between Storm and Fire - A Lightning and Canadiens Hockey Rivalry

Tampa Bay Lightning v. Montréal Canadiens
This is the real duel of the fates
The battle between two worthy opponents
The clash against two powerhouses

The Lightning are hungry for one reason
To have revenge the sweep from last year's postseason
The Canadiens are hungry for one reason
To avenge the sweep from this year's regular season

From their leaders to their final defenders
With their playing styles to their shining moments
One side stands Stamkos, Johnson, and Bishop
While on the other side stands Subban, Pacioretty, and Price

From firing the tesla coils of bolts
To burning the fire from its torch
From the bay of the blue and white
To the sea of blue, white, and red

From Thunderbug against Youppi!
"Let's Go Bolts!" against "Go Habs Go!"
The intensity will reach into new heights
It will leave a fan at the very edge of their seats

Hearts will collide between this rivalry
Their pride and honor will be at high stakes
This is the true glory of hockey...
The glory between the storm and the fire

Copyright © Nileisha Giselle Deliz Diana | Year Posted 2015

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Hyperbole is a sports cast
Announcers have egos so vast
My ears must have rest
From this lambasting pest
Collection of morons amassed

Author's note: Is it getting worse, or is it just me?

Copyright © Duke Beaufort | Year Posted 2013

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The Legend of G-Man, Garrett Gamble's Historic Hockey Night

On a historic, emotional night of March 28th, 2015
It was the most important hockey night to be remembered

While the current players played 82 games for the season
This member played only 1 game for one true reason
To cheer for the team he loves for all his entire life
And so his passion gave the Toronto Maple Leafs a great new hope

Entered through the player's locker room to find his true colors
A sweater of the blue and white awaited for Garrett Gamble
Enriched with his honorable name and its number
He will be known for the team as the "G-Man" of #42

Having an everlasting smile and determination on his face
The voice of the Air Canada Centre called out his name
And as Wendel Clark skated by his side, this is true heroism

All he ever wanted on his life was to drop the puck on center ice
Making this wish a reality was the chance of his lifetime
Being an honorary "Puck Dropper" was the role destined to play
And so he signified the start of this game

The "Battle of Ontario" was fought for long, hard minutes
And it all seemed all hope was lost as the Maple Leafs fell behind
Garrett's undying determination was to be seen with his wish
He knew the Maple Leafs will fight back along with him to win

One final period and the Maple Leafs won't dare to lose
For they fought along with the spirit of the "G-Man"
Dared on a risky play with time against them
Bozak sounded the goal horn, keeping Garrett's hopes alive

A tied game was taken into the Overtime Period
And Garrett "G-Man" Gamble was the 5th man to play on the ice
His true preseverance for the game and the sport led upon this
Brewer tapping the game-winner, sent the crowd on loud cheers

The Toronto Maple Leafs saluted to the crowd as the winners
"Bozie " and the "G-Man" emerged on the ice together as victors

Eric Brewer earned the 3rd Star of the Game for delivering the victory
Tyler Bozak was awarded the 2nd Star of the Game with his "Hat-Trick"
But it was Garrett "G-Man" Gamble who deserved the 1st Star of the Game
For his undying will and spirit to rally a team who gone on a rough journey

He enjoyed this game will a full beacon of happiness in his heart
"It was a great day!", these were the emotional words of the "G-Man"

This was a story of a loyal fan who became a player with true honors
The honorable player who played along with his beloved team with heart
And with his heart... became an inspiring legend for life... forever

People of the Leafs Nation... this was "The Legend of "G-Man"

Copyright © Nileisha Giselle Deliz Diana | Year Posted 2015

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No Love in Montreal, A Hockey Rivalry

Saturday, February the 14th of the year 2015
It's no Valentine's Day in the Great White North
It's the big Hockey Night in Canada
And to these fans, it's a night of epic rivalry

Saturday nights with the blue and white
Trying to play with all their might
Saturday nights with le bleu, blanc, et rouge
Trying to play all the way through

When the moment the puck drops,
A person's normal heartbeat stops
When the instant the puck hits the ice,
A rival's heartbeat is anything but nice

Toronto Maple Leafs - the long shot team
Will bring their honor to battle for this rivalry
Montréal Canadiens - the big shot team
Will bring their torch to burn on this rivalry

Two teams will battle for a victory right
Only one team will have victory upon being loyal
As for this Valentine's Day hockey night
There will be no love in Montreal

Copyright © Nileisha Giselle Deliz Diana | Year Posted 2015

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Mister Ice Man

You see there's a nice man.
He's Mister Ice Man.
And Mister Ice Man.
Skates on a hockey team.

Mister Ice man.
Hockey stick in hand.
And Mister Ice Man.
Do the best you can.

Just slap that hockey puck.
Show your golden luck.
Your hockey team.
They're always on the scene.
Your hockey team.
They're skating in between.

Mister Ice Man.
You're a nice man.
Mister Ice Man.
You do the best you can.

Mister Ice man.
Hockey stick in hand.
Mister Ice Man.
You do the best you can.

So just take a second chance.
Try a second glance.
Slap that hockey puck.
All across the floor.

You see, Mister Ice man.
You're a nice man.
You see, Mister Ice man.
You do the best you can.

Mister Ice man.
Such a nice man.
Just do the best you can..

Hockey-Sports-Song Poem By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 1987,2009..
ALL rights reserved.. 

Copyright © Kim Robin Edwards | Year Posted 2015

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Stanley's Cup

There’s a poor hockey player named Rupp
And though ill equipped, never gave up
But while in the big game
His groin was the puck’s aim
He said, “No sweat, I’m wearing Stanley’s cup.”

Copyright © David Fisher | Year Posted 2015

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UNITY STATED! We are cool. We sweat. We shoot. We hit. This is our game we play. Yes, we are the American way. We are fame. We are the success. We compete. We project. This is the game we play. Basketball NBA! We thrive. We catch. We are strategized. We depict. This is our game day. We are the American way. We compete. We project. We are fame. We are the success. Football NFL! A sure thing we have. We are the thrill. We are enjoyed. We are the players. We are the sport. This is the game we play. Yes, we are an American way. We are skilled with our toys. We compete. We score. We are hyperactivity. We are the National Hockey League! We are the team. We are the competitors. We are the wow. We the game all love. This is our pastime and sport. Yes, we are the universal recreation. We are competitive. We are the babes. We are ready to win the game. We compete to excel. Baseball Major League! A sure thing we have! Unity Stated - team sports - get involve! ______________________________________| Penned June 16, 2015!

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2015

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What do I know about hockey
I'm watching the guys flying on ice
With sticks in hands and a tiny black thingy 
which I called it "chip" they're skiing and fighting over it
Oh but this sport looks painful
They're hitting and slamming into each other 
And the crowd gets so wild about it
Back and fort they skate and hit 
And I am flinching and worrying they might be hurt
It seems like the crowd get so riled up 
Especially when two guys had a free fight
Now they go take timeout in the glass box
Just then one red jersey guy shoot the black thingy into the net
And the lively crowd went up singing 
Scooore scooore 
At long last I can cheer clapping hands 
Not knowing I wasn't supposed to cheer for that scoring team  
Booo... Lets go Rangers they chanted
Oh this sport looks real exciting but I am very sure the players will be black and blue the next day
Lol... What do I know about hockey... Smile :)

    Akkina R Downing

Copyright © Akkina Downing | Year Posted 2017

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Advice on Ice

Advice on Ice Some advice is costly Lawyers know this to well Some advice is useless Ask old Uncle Dell Some advice is entertaining Just go ask Dr Phil The best advice though Is best kept on Ice Just ask the coach of the NHL Don Cherry

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2015