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Best Romance Poems

Below are the all-time best Romance poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of romance poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member If My Love For You Was Greater
if my love for you was any greater
the trees would  line up in poetic forms
...awe you in sonnets written... allow winds to cool your face...

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Categories: love, romance, romantic, planet,

Premium Member A Tulip Grows Under An Evergreen - Inspired By The Poets At PoetrySoup

Parrot Tulip
in vibrant intensities 
with unique undertones
of green acquirable only in a 
few forests. A ruby red swirls within 
its petals beckons awareness of those...

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Categories: romance, beautiful, beauty, earth, light,

Midnight Secret
*Secreto de Medianoche*   
~On this very Night~
   I found myself in a

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Categories: romance, beauty, fantasy, night, passion,

In The Stars
       Written in The Stars 

Two hearts bleached by the sun

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Categories: fantasy, love, muse, romance,

Premium Member Under the Stars
    poetic passions,
         lavender skies

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Categories: autumn, poetry, romance, stars,

Premium Member My Heart Will Go On
POTD 30th August 2018 

The gently swaying branches of the old oak should elicit calmness
And yet a sense of foreboding permeates the midnight air
Wild imaginings?...

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Categories: grief, heartbreak, lost, romance,

Premium Member Unwritten ink
There you were - dancing,
unaware of the intense rain.
Despite grey clouds grimacing,
your radiant glamour enticed emotions.

Emeralds and sapphires shimmered
through those luminous eyes.
First glimpse of your...

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Categories: love, romance,

Premium Member If this was my last poem
Come to me my beloved,
save me from life's brutalities,
so this heart can soften -
sparkle like a million fireflies.

For you hold the light
to illuminate my soul.

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Categories: romance, romantic love, spiritual,

O N L Y   E V E R    W I T H   Y O U

Only ever with you,...

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Categories: romance, inspiration, life, love, relationship,

Premium Member The day I became a poet
I remember the day I became a poet.

In the magnificence of the submerging sun,
I glanced upon her admiring its majesty.
Amidst hues of clementine and lilac,

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Categories: love, romance,

My dress is made of fine peach coloured lace
Hair is in ringlets, which frames my pretty face
The lights in the room cast a romantic glow

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Categories: dance, romance,

Premium Member Immortal poetic lyrics
Pondering prophetic legacies of timeless lovers,
my heart yearned for a province lavished with perennial passion.
Searching for an enchanted perfect petal,
I wandered within the flower garden...

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Categories: analogy, love, romance,

Premium Member Honeymoon Serenade
Just as the moon
rises each night
and even as snow
is caressed by its light,
then glowing, I'll rise,
becoming your dawn,
your curved sleeping form 
to smile upon.

With eyes...

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Categories: romance,

Premium Member On One Knee

if you wanted to dance with me
i mean really wanted to dance with me
then i would
i would dance with you

if you needed me to walk...

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Categories: romance, celebration, for her, i

Premium Member Falling Like Leaves

Oh, how sweet Autumn air collars my heart
          The vapor of leaves, chill summer reprieves

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Categories: autumn, romance,

Premium Member Music of the Night

With the tremulous dark vista so far and yet so near
Abandoning my defences ~ I stand in awe ~ not in fear

 Virtuoso Maestro unleash...

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Categories: desire, music, night, romance,

The Trail of a Raindrop

Sudden rain brought me
under your umbrella
for the first time.
For the first time
you were so close to me
with your fragrance.
The umbrella was
not big enough
to cover both...

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Categories: romance,

Premium Member Hot And Cold Comes The Night


must know
I cried yesterday 
and I think I broke the world
so I braided some words into twine
planted some sweet...

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Categories: romance, depression, heart, introspection, love,

Premium Member Starbright
As I gaze into indigo skies,
Stars are brighter tonight,
Twinkling in the darkness 
Of a new moon.
Orion's belt enchants 
My impassioned heart
As my thoughts of you...

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Categories: happiness, love, romance,

Premium Member The True Knight
POTD 9th April 2018

Synopsis -
A story of selflessness without jealousy or rancor that is often evident through the ages in all walks of life, even...

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Categories: love, romance, sensual,

Premium Member Silence of the stars
Mandolin melodies harmonised horizons,
yet the only strings being strummed
were those of my heart.

In the midst of enchanting melodies,
where nothing else mattered, but her,
we wandered barefoot,...

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Categories: love, romance,

Premium Member Infatuated love Limerence

Lost in your elegance,
if only time could stand still
to capture this memory eternally.

Reflection of the moon shimmers
upon tranquil waters
in congregation with the stars,
as we sail...

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Categories: desire, love, romance,

Premium Member Poetic Personification
Honey vapour scents travelled among seduced tepid zephyrs.
This was not a dream for I was within the realms of reality,
as fate's footsteps led my heart...

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Categories: love, romance,

Premium Member My Immortal
Fair maiden alas why thy face doest thou hide?
Wilt thou a shadow cast across the sun and sea
From mine eyes or them daring to perceive...

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Categories: beauty, death, grief, romance,

Premium Member All In All, True Magnificent Treasures Given

      	  All In All, True Magnificent Treasures Given

Luscious the fruits, beautiful under moonlit beams
firmly planted roots, outstandingly hot,...

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Categories: romance, art, beautiful, creation, love,