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Violin Notes Fall From Heaven No More

Her trembling twilight is dimming with streaking purple tears bruised by youthful years of bleeding pain hurting but never hugged -- locked in the arms of atmosphere’s apathy that smeared with fiendish fingers a contusing plum palette across any hope in her godforsaken horizon ~ this sorrowful songbird who sings with the shattered purity of violin strains falling from Heaven finds her bemoaning musical notes adrift - lost on breezy deaf days as she is once again thrown down from the self-serving skyscape by the hateful hands of the wildcat winds. In the deep inkwell of lullaby-less lonely nights where never a tender nursery rhyme has ever set her free are memories scribed of storm-battered days and weighing heavily on Libra’s scales are the injustices of dreams she will never live nor flights of fancy she will never take as her scorching sire of solar flares on withering warpaths sleeps soundly on a bloated bed over-stuffed with betrayal and broken promises while merciless maternal moonbeams do not wander the coal-colored haze with lanterns lit beaming to find her frail fractured form lost in the eclipsed puckered pleats of the blood-red mistress’s skirts. Tonight, the stricken sparrow folds her fledgling wings never to fly again… will the skies miss her? Susan Ashley March 4, 2018 ------------------------------ ~Third Place~ Contest: Favorite Free Verse (not for contest) Sponsor: Laura Loo ------------------------------ ~ Poem of The Day ~ March 5, 2018

Copyright © Susan Ashley | Year Posted 2018

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No Give And Take

A child forced at a very young age It was her hell, none knowing not a clue The horrors of abuse , pain, and the rage Kept to herself,no friends, not even a few Yes a child who knew of a grown way Happiness in her life just didn't belong A child unlike others, never got to play Didn't even realize that it was wrong From a child straight past her teen years Not even thought to think "Why me?" And if she cried she would wipe her own tears Didn't really realize that she could disagree Always for others is how she did live Never taking, all she did was just give

Copyright © Brenda Chiri | Year Posted 2018

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Cry For Wind

Fly so fast, cry for wind
Carry me between your wings
Me, me, tiny, olive skinned
Blood of beggars, blood of kings

Lost forever, never found
Roar your cry across the land
Where the road once walked and wound
Stranded in mountains of sand

Clamp your claws around my waist
‘till my harness groans and falls
You will hold my torso raised
You, impenetrable wall

No giant strong enough to win
Or to grab us from the sky
No demon vile, no sinner's skin
No Cyclops to burn us with his eye

Fly my Harpy, take our dreams 
Kill the bad, the hurt, the sad
Cherish fragile shining beams 
Screech seductively and glad

Fly so fast, cry for wind
Carry me, my love, your wings
Me, me, tiny, olive skinned
You and me are blood of kings


March 23, 2017 
Copyright © Darren White

Copyright © Darren White | Year Posted 2017

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Curious George and Winnie The Pooh

I remember Christopher Robin
When helping Pooh find honey
Was my biggest problem
I remember the blustery days
We trusted each other in every way

I remember When we helped Eeyore
Find his way home from the Sea shore
Everything was good
In the Hundred Acre Woods

I remember Curious George
I had to chase him a hundred miles
As soon as my mother kissed me good night
We went around the world
But we made it home
Two minutes before sunlight
And everything was alright

And Sammy the Seal would let me get on his back
And ride for a million miles
We exchanged halcyon smiles

And I remember the monster
Who brought fear to the hundred acre woods
Scarier than the Heffalump
Scarier than the thing with the Black eyes
He was pure evil in disguise
He told lies

Filled with evil and guile
Christopher Robin called him a Pedofofile
It tried to seduce me
Ten minutes after my mother introduced me

I remember that ice cold June
When Mama said “We’re getting married soon"
And Disney left the room
I remember when
Larry Flint
And Hugh Hefner moved in
And H.A. Ray moved away
And Dr. Seuss and Syd Hoff
Took the Summer off

I remember seeing the door knob turn
The Pedofofile kneeled on one knee
Said he had a story he wanted to read to me
And he brought pornos to my bed
Mother Goose turned her head
Christopher Robin Fled
Curious George hid under the bed
And the hundred acre woods were
filled with dread

I remember us all gathering around
The meeting in Hundred acre woods
Christopher Robin said if I
Opened up the pornofo graphic
I could be banned for good

I asked him what’s a Pornofographic magazine
He didn't know exactly what to say
But saidt they were ten times worse
Than any blustery day

But i was curious like Curious George
I was curious like Curious George
I opened the Pornofographic magazine

I remember the woman
I saw more of her insides than a doctor
I remember the dog on top of her
But I can’t tell you what they did
And i cried out for Winnie the Pooh
I just wanted to be a kid

I remember the last time
I saw Christopher Robin
Tears rolled down his chin
he asked me why I had to
Let the pedofofile in
And it was a blustery day times ten

And I waved goodbye to Piglet
And Roo to Tigger
And the heffalump too
But Mostly I remember standing closely
To Danny the Dinosaur
He told me he would always love me
But I couldn’t slide down his back anymore

I remember 1974

2011 Dr. Seuss Poet M.e. Michael Ellis..

Copyright © Poet M.e. | Year Posted 2016

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They always tell you, you are strong, Time and again. While you know they are dead wrong, Through your pain. You never had a decent choice, Had to disappear. No free will, no life, no voice, Just hurt and fear. You never knew the tiger in you, He slept too long. Until he roared you had no clue You became so strong. *** With searing rage you flee the cage, You free your mind, And let despair turn into rage, And then you find There is a world outside that hell For you to roam. Turn into stories you can tell, You can go home. They used to tell you, you are strong, Time and again. And now you know they were not wrong... You beat your pain. *** January 28, 2017 © Darren White

Copyright © Darren White | Year Posted 2017

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You're worthy of love

You're worthy of love

I see the scars, you're hiding deep within
they're not visible, upon your skin
you don't even know, how you could begin
to feel worthy of love...

You've been floating away, in time and space
your pain is written, all over your face
your dignity left you, without a trace
and you don't feel worthy of love

Bridge 1
I've seen so many people, just like you
they never seem to make a fuss
the only colors you know, are black and blue
and now it's hard for you to trust

The only friends you had, have long since died
you couldn't save them all, even if you tried
now you bottle up all, your feelings inside
you don't feel worthy of love

Bridge 2
I know to you living, is not worthwhile
but I can prove that you're wrong
I know it hurts to even try to smile
cause you forgot where you belong

Some may say, that you're a little high strung
you've shed too many tears, for someone so young
don't you know that you're life has just begun
and that you're worthy of love...

oh yes you're worthy of love
you are so worthy of love

You've forgotten that, you too have worth
you're the only you, on this planet earth
just ask the loving ones, who caused your birth
they'll're worthy of love
indeed you're worthy of love

welcome home my dear!
you are so worthy of love!

April 21,2017
John Derek Hamilton

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2017

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I move my hurtful head and stare forlorn
Over my non-existing boundary,
Where past is seen and future laughs decayed.
Here language is an unwelcome guest,
In stillness awkward, clean environment.
My eyes stay empty, yet insist and glare
Through looks of expectation all around:
“Where are the others, how long did I sleep...
Why can’t I speak, why can’t I move my legs..
Why is my vision dim, hearing askew?
Why can’t I turn my head? Where are my arms?”

A man sits here, I recognize his form:
He sat here yesterday, a week ago;
Last month he spoke, a resonated dream,
His hand on mine, his eyes a kindly blue.
He speaks in words I cannot figure out!
Expressions intimate, yet challenging
For memory and body, still it feels
I’ll understand if only I will try.
He speaks and smiles, his mellifluous voice
Reaches inside where tears are made of salt;
And I reach out for him, he takes my hand.

Today they let him in, my Little One.
He cried impatience loud, I heard his hurt.
He leaped and jumped, so they could not forestall
Him holding me so close in his embrace;
They cannot understand his tenderness
Needs close bodily touch and so does mine…
We used to spend our days in bitter cold
Amidst six more, all trying to survive.
The winters feasting on us in that land,
Bare and barren, forests deep and vile.
Our hearts beating as one kept us alive,
His heart I need in order to survive:
I revel in the glow of his warm shape;
I close my eyes, a fetus in his love

They moved me to a country far away.
The mountains here are high, the glaciers white.
The people speak a language I don’t know,
But languages are easy to be learned.
They’re friendly and not curious which is good,
Because I have no answers, what to say
If someone asks what I am doing here,
Or why I wheel a chair instead of walk,
Or how I come to twitch so strange and tic?
I don’t speak one word they can understand!
Their world is one of beauty, yet I long
For people that I know, companionship.
If I must be alone till end of times,
I’d rather not be here, or anywhere…

If there is something good in this strange world,
Don’t take it away, allow some of it,
Give an example, how do I fit in?
Allow the means to find my value here,
Teach me why waking up was worth a dime,
Why every second here is not in vain.
I will have life, my family, they say,
Is waiting for me, but I can’t believe
They want me back, they once gave me away...
I rather stay with people that are nice...
Make every moment count while I have time.

I have my hands, some paper and a pen.
Today I start to set right what was done
To us, to give us back our pride, so cruel
Taken, so brutally, by evil men
Who thought us nothing but commodities.
Their crimes be judged, these torturers of youth,
Who lust and kill, who do not feel regret,
See other people as their rightful herd….
Their days in court will end in prison time,
More than their days spent on this cruel world.
My hands will talk, my language powerful.
I’ll write and turn my words to prisons strong,
To keep their vile intentions far away.
Our gilded cage will open wide and free.
This is the first day of my life. This is...
Day ME!


Bio, written in Iambic Pentameter Blank Verse
March 24, 2017
Copyright © Darren White

Copyright © Darren White | Year Posted 2017

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Veil of Evil - Jimmy Savile

       Oh, if only ...

If only monsters ...
LOOKED like monsters.
If they lurked ONLY in the dark,
Glowing red eyes and chiseled teeth ...
Claws and horns and forked tails,

               What simple fare for our fears and fury!
               How basic the lessons to give our wee ones!
               Yet WE teach them that monsters are ugly ...
               Scary, awful things that inhabit the darkness.
               But the REAL monsters live in our skin -

Hide behind our smiles and our bright azure eyes,
Dance in the shoes of darlings ...
And sing the songs of saints and seraphs,
Working their evil behind mock benevolence.
JIMMY SAVILE - one of the most deplorable of such beasts,

       Expertly twisting his abominations under the guise of philanthropy,
       Using the softest targets to work the most deplorable of atrocities ...
       Kindness, generosity, donations and gifting ...
       Distorted and gnarled by him with hideous intent,
       The brightest of smiles to mask the darkest of hearts,

Wielding his popularity as a double-edged sword ...
Hewing down innocence like so much wheat,
Cutting out the chaste hearts of children with a honed blade of trust ...
Infirmed, disabled, sweet little souls used as his refuse heap,
The pure vessels into which he poured his vile aims,

               Ending lives before they'd barely begun ...
               His rusty saw of depravity knowing no quarter or bounds,
               A swath of lewd violation behind him as wide as Abaddon itself,
               And with far less mercy than Hell would afford.
               No age or shape or gender offered safety,

For his impeity was of a singular bent -
The satisfaction of his perverted and violent needs.
No, there was no cage could hold this smiling monstrosity,
No dark void deep enough to hide such a demon,
No ugly mask to let on, no chiseled teeth or glowing eyes to frighten,

       Not even death could wield apt and fitting justice,
       For much of this horror remained cloaked
       Until after the final veil allowed him a sorry escape.
       There is a special place of torment reserved for such devils, however,
       And we can find meager comfort in that ...

But pray, how do we keep our children safe?
How do we assure that purity remains unblemished?
That the stain of such evil remains in the darkness where it belongs?
How do we teach our little ones to trust ...
When Satan looks like US ...

               And smiles ... like an angel?

* FIRST PLACE in the "Operation Yewtree" Poetry Contest, Catie Lindsey, Sponsor. *

Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2018

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Daddy's Dime

I was three the first time i remember 
seeing mamas bedroom walls 
springtime colors on her quilt 
Though it really could of been December 

I don't remember much at all 
I have to thank god for that 
except for his soft footsteps down the hall 
not Gods cause he was still asleep 
I didn't know enough to be afraid,  YET 

He came in the room, that's when I still loved him 
then I was on the bed, daddy loves you 
daddy saying shh shh, don't talk 
we're hiding from mama, I giggled 

and then the pain, stop it shaunda, be quiet 
be a quiet girl and I'll give you a dime 
I didn't like it one bit or the sounds either 
I turned my head and saw mamas messy shoes in her closet 

I loved mamas shoes and I always put them in a row 
in her closet nice and neat 
she always gave me a nickel and said very good Shaunda 
that's  when I still loved her 
and she still loved me 

I watched the shoes through the pain thinking 
when daddies done I'm gonna straighten those shoes 
all in a row so mama will give me a nickel 
and why do dimes hurt so bad 

All this running through my head laying on her bed 
while the sounds and the pain intermingle 
in my body and mind while wondering 
why Karrie gets to go to school 
and why oh why can't I be five too 

Ahh. The joy of childhood memories uncensored

Copyright © shaunda lindsay | Year Posted 2016

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From a mouthful of this morning’s eggs,
I pull bits of char from yesterday’s breakfast.
‘I had no chance to scrub the pan’, I plea with myself-
But I still smash it over my skull
like a cartoon.

Every morning I wake up 
feeling last night’s feelings,
thinking last night’s thoughts,
about what’s happening 10 years ago, 
and what happened tomorrow.

If you add up every 
I fight through- 
just to say:

‘i love you’

It would stretch for longer than I’ve known you,
which is longer than I’ve been alive.

There was no ‘today’ in my broken egg. 
No difference between coming or going,
to an automaton in purgatory 
who saw life through the pinhole eyes 
of a cardboard mask won at a birthday party 
I never asked for.
The sky looked like the ceiling of a small, dark closet.
and flowers looked like plastic bargain bin decor 
coated in lead paint, the kind left on roadside graves.
I used to count those as a child,
on the way to destinations 
I still dread my arrival to.

If I were brave enough to show you my awe and my terror
of loving the one who revealed 
the world as something real, all this time-

I would sink face down in dirty bathwater 
choking on wet, laughing sobs
until my fingerprints wrinkled away
and tear at my clammy skin 
until my soft nails bent backward
and paint red bruises all over my trembling body
that would spell out a primitive language 
neither of us had the chance to learn. 

This is my best guess:

‘i am just a bad thing that happened
a book of false memories and blind feelings. 
You are a very fast reader,
You’ll soon reach the end of me.’

I remember drawing a map in crayon 
of every ditch I saw myself lying in
strange, unnatural positions.
Like I'd been struck by a car,
and someone shoved my body away
so I wouldn’t mess up the next one.

Copyright © Meadow Kurova | Year Posted 2017

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Hurt Can't Be Kept

You’ve come from cold
Hushed words not told
Don’t say those things
The shame it brings

Don’t be so bold
Just let it mold
Deep in your soul
You dig a hole

Hide all your fear
No tears my dear
Wear your good cheer
No one will hear

You cry at night
When out of sight
You’re hard as steel
Your heart can’t feel

In light of day
No one can say
That you are weak
Your tears won’t leak

That day you find
One who is kind
Who feels your cry
In your mere sigh

A word of love
Soft as a dove
Safe in his arms
Steeled from all harms

Out pours the pain
Hard as spring rain
Tears must be wept 
Hurt can’t be kept

January 31, 2018

Written for: 128 Word Contest
Sponsor:  Silent One

[Checked in]

Copyright © Judith S | Year Posted 2018

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Lost Childhood -Part 4-

This pain inside eats me away,
Little by little every day..
  When shall it ever end.
I try so hard to fit in well,
To move on, and not to dwell,
  Will my mind ever mend.

He groomed me so I wouldn't scream.
A normal life was just a dream,
  I slowly disappeared.
And when he sold me at age nine,
I went, without a single whine:
  'Twas only him I feared.

I met you and that saved my life.
You kept me from the final knife,
  My precious Little One.
And now I save you in a trial,
Against all these men so vile,
  Because of what they've done.

My Little One, once come thy day
We meet again, shan't go away
  As long as we will live
I'll stay alive until we can
I'll stay alive my little man
  For you I will survive.


Februari 6, 2017
© Darren White

Copyright © Darren White | Year Posted 2017

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Shame covers me with a black robe,
it makes me feel dirty and unworthy.
So my eyes are cast downward,
observe the blush of my cheeks.
I fear our secret will be revealed!
If so will I lose God's favor?
To whom will I make my confession?
"Shame on me." Somehow it feels worse..
He makes me feel responsible for his sin.
Mom please don't make me go to Mass!

For World Vision Poetry Contest. 

A new form, I hope I got it right. 

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2017

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The Red Balloon

The little girl
set free the red balloon
it flew over a certain death
free from the pain
of auction
the little girl

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2018

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Soul Cry

“Soul Cry” Yeezy you da best Not ice cold soulless You gotta big heart Wanna be next U.S. Pres' You now swingin' with da rest with your delusional pal That Humpty Dumpty gonna have a big fall One messy cracked bad Orange egg That Joker card's a Trump You surfing on the swell? You still under that man's thumb? Still jiggy with him, doin' the bump? Walking the fine line on his wall, big bears hug? That's not dope boy "That sounds like a choice" “People do anything To be included in Everything” You have everything You can change anything Darkness in the boy done turned good you're now a man Open the Cage You now have a voice walking with a different gang but it's kinda the same thang in your shiny new hood "If I had everything, I could change anything" Release those babies from the Can Stop their crying Stop their pain They just lost "EVERYTHING" Singing an Opera with Men in uniforms and batons banging away Kanye you da best Not ice cold soulless “You’ll never concur with anyone else You don’t think the same as anyone else” You can change Everything You have Everything Scry See the signs Take the key Unlock those kids They’re just babies Give them wings to fly Back to warm milk and the safe bosoms of their families Safe by Mumma’s and Pappa’s side "You don’t think the same as anyone else" "See you’ll never concur with anyone else" That disgrace, you say he’s your friend? That's a lie man That monster is the Living End Scry It's a crying game Soul Cry (Lovejoy-Burton/June 2018) Matthew 19:14
1. Detained Children 2. ACLU Report: 23/5/18 "Detained Immigrant Children Subjected To Widespread Abuse By Officials" 3. Human Rights Watch, 28/2/18 "In the Freezer: Abusive Conditions for Women and Children in US Immigration Holding Cells" 4a. Forced Administration Drugs, Children/Lawsuit 4b. 5. "Real Clear Politics" article Kanye West: When I Said Slavery Was "A Choice," I Meant "We Can Make Our Own Reality" kanye_west_on_trump_sometimes_you_need_some_crazy__ to_change_something.html 6. U.S. quits 'biased' UN Human Rights Council / BBC News (Canada, U.S.) 7. "APESH**T", The Carters Artwork/Patrick Gonzales.

Copyright © Leanne Lovejoy-Burton | Year Posted 2018

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They say you’re far too big, but I don’t fear.
They say your teeth are huge and  sharp and mean,
You’ll eat me like a snack,
I won’t be coming back,
This is the last time I’ll be seen.
But I feel safe, my dragon, while you’re here.

I live in this unkind and awful place
Where no one sees, they overlook me, I am small
They just push me away
I never feel okay
I always hide against a wall
But I feel safe, my dragon, in your embrace

So carry me to your green dragon land
And we can travel everywhere and far and wide
And I will carry you
When you are feeling blue
Together we will thrive and fight
For I feel safe, my dragon, take my hand

And let me climb your back to high above
And let us fly and fly and not return to here
Bring me to fairy land
On your back I’ll stand
Because there’s nothing that I fear
For I feel safe, my dragon, in your love.


Written for my friend Sara Ella
N/A in: A poem that you enjoyed - contest
Sponsor Louis Raynes

Copyright © Darren White | Year Posted 2016

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Haunting Memories

             Haunting Memories
                         The Safety Zone

    It feels like I have wind chimes in my feet
        The tingling feeling is that intense
            Pins and needles keep pestering me
                But obedience is my best defense

                    Every single step is a painful memory
                        Of the childhood I never got to see
                            Walking on glass eggshells metaphorically
                                Watching my feet continually bleed

                                Too young to understand what was happening
                            So obediently I tried to be brave
                        Every night I had to cry myself to sleep
                    I hadn't even lived yet but wished for my grave

                Punishment handed out like it was an offering
            Like my pain was some sort of sadistic prize
        Hiding away in the backyard that covered me
    Holding my breath and closing my eyes


Copyright © Brian Davey | Year Posted 2016

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Where echoes hide

Negativity echoes in the distressed and disillusioned mind
Crashing like Tsunami waves beating you in time

I am no good...                                I am no good...

I am no good...                                I am no good...

Words echo in my mind!                   Words echo in my mind!

Negativity echoes in the distressed and disillusioned mind
Crashing like Tsunami waves beating you in time

I am no good...                                I am no good...

I am no good...                                I am no good...

No inner peace can I find.                 No inner peace can I find.

Empty recesses in the mind, amplify recorded tunes of abuse
Allowing discordant reverberations in a mind obtuse.

What's wrong with you?                    What's wrong with you?

What's wrong with you?                    What's wrong with you?

I ask myself                                     I ask myself

I ask myself                                     I ask myself

Empty recesses in the mind, amplify recorded tunes of abuse
Allowing discordant reverberations in a mind obtuse.

Words echo in my mind                    Words echo in my mind

Words echo in my mind                    Words echo in my mind

Negativity echoes in the distressed and disillusioned mind
Crashing like Tsunami waves beating you in time
Empty recesses in the mind, amplify recorded tunes of abuse
Allowing discordant reverberations in a mind obtuse.

Change the channel! Do it now! Before you die inside!
Don't allow negativity to grow in the hollows of your mind
That's the place where malevolent echoes hide.

December 09,2015

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2015

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The Wild Child

My past was violent.
My world was quaint.
They made me a demon,
instead of a saint.
My past was full of cruelty.
They called it love.
I only felt the darkness,
as they preached from above.
They said I was a sinner,
that I should change my ways.
Whilst I cried with fury,
I hoped, an end to my days.
They shackled my wrists,
and tried to warp my mind.
Telling me, in Gods love,
freedom I would find.
With pride and arrogance,
they did this to a child.
They tried to birth a sheep.
Born rather, an animal that is wild.

-Angel Fatale-

Copyright © Ryan Tyler | Year Posted 2015

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Battle Of Evermore

When I was just a wee young thing 
I was taught life's lesson well    
Ere instead of childhood revelry 
mine would be a children's hell    
As a child I'd learned in life 
you choose to live or choose to die    
That for some are chosen happiness 
And for the rest to reason why    
I could weep and moan at life so cruel 
or lament in deep despair    
Would it help me if I wring my hands 
while pulling out my hair?    
Would it put me in a better place  
if I took it lying down?    
Nay, I think I would be just as dead 
if in self pity I did drown    
So I did, I think, the only thing my childish mind could do    
With the power of imagination  and a fantasy or two    
I did don a suit of honor,
I did guard o'er children's door    
And like any worthwhile soldier  
I would battle evermore    
While most children softly slumber
dreaming dreams that hold no fright    
As the children's chosen warrior
who had taken up their plight    
I did lay awake and listen 
in the darkness through the door      
For the sneaking sound his bare feet made 
down hall on linoleum floor    
As I pray to a god who was not there 
to help my battle plans go right    
Twas I alone in the dark with my Ball and Jax 
who would be waging war this night    
With my hands I stifled giggles 
my mind envisioning in the black    
Of the pain, glorious pain, to befall his feet 
as he stumbled on my Jax    
I laughed as I lay there pondering 
if the makers of this children's game    
had ever dreamed that their tiny Ball and Jax 
would one night save four girls from shame    
HUSH! I hear him coming!  
I have caught him unaware    
As his feet crossed o'er the battle lines 
I swear his scream could curl your hair    
I laughed till I cried, as he hopped while he tried    
to get away from my midnight attack    
Under the unscrewed hall light, he stood cursing the child      
who had left out her Jax in the night    
The beating was worth all the joy and the mirth    
that his dance down the hall gave that night    
After winning round one, I vowed I would fight on    
Evermore as a soldier, FIGHT ON.    
I'd decided as a very young child of abuse, that I would never go down without a fight.    
I spent my entire childhood and teenage years in a silent battle with my father.    
A battle never spoken of, but a battle none the less.

Copyright © shaunda lindsay | Year Posted 2016

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Victim or Predator

He had watched her for two years
patiently waiting for her to grow up.
He knew all her movements, what
made her laugh, all of her moods.

Soon now it would be time, their time
together. She would be fifteen tomorrow.
He talked to her in his mind and heard her
answering him, telling him soon, very soon.

He had everything ready, matching clothes
to those she wore, the same shoes, even
her old doll that she had long forgotten.
Her room decorated exactly the same.

He knew she would be happy in there.
That she would soon adapt, how could
she not? They were meant to be together.
The voices had told him she was his, born
to be with him. He could not wait much longer.

The next day he waited for her in the park
as he walked his dog that looked like hers.
He saw her bouncing along towards him
and with a cry of delight she stroked the dog.

He told her it was time and saw the start of panic in her eyes. 
Stuttering she asked what he meant? It is time for you to come to me, he answered, for our life together to begin. She turned to run but he was too fast. Grabbing her he quickly subdued her. Thumb on a pressure point he forced her into his van and shackled her to the floor, and gagged her.

As he drove off he could hear her kicking and fighting to get loose and 
he thought it was not meant to be like this, why was she so afraid, he had 
told her often enough about his plans. How they would be together always.
He knew she loved him it showed in her eyes that lit up when she was happy. Many times she had smiled at him as she passed, encouraging him to build it up in his mind that she was his.

He carried her into the remote house locking the door and bolting it. 
He took her into her room and laid her on the bed. As she struggled he handcuffed her arms and legs to the bed posts so she was spread eagle 
and forced himself on her in spite of her screams and tears.

Each day when ever he visited, she would try to move away, to avoid his touch and his kisses. Why was she like this? Had she been brainwashed against him? By now she should remember him and their earlier life together.
Then like a light being lit, he realised he had been fooled, it was not her. He had ended up with yet another imposter. Why did he keep being fooled by these lookalikes? He knew there was only one thing left to do now. 
Sadly he entered her room, she smiled in welcome far too late. She
now disgusted him with her girlish wiles.

Taking the pillow he held it over her face
until her shudders stopped, and she  lay
still and silent on the bed. When it was 
dark he would carry her out and feed her
remains to the pigs who would devour every scrap.

They had done it many times before as 
each imposter tried to fool him into
believing that they were her. The wife who 
had died in childbirth twenty two years ago.

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2016

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I have claws, long and sharp. They grow, I growl, stay away! A caged animal, walking up and down and up and down. Don't come near, I'll tear you open. Oh, isn't that a brave dream? Isn't that a dream of fierce independence? Isn't that a dream of surviving? A dream of conquering? Of escaping? But the day we ran, I had no claws I didn't roar. I was a mouse, silent, quick Tiptoeing close to walls Escaping through the cracks Bringing with me my brothers As quick and silent as I was And then I learned that real power Is not in anger, hate, claws and teeth But in survival and in love.

Copyright © Darren White | Year Posted 2016

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Look inside
hide not in fairy tales
the universe is protons and neutrons
there is no one God in the sky
seeking divinity, with boiled blood
fantasies and fables become undone
humans are a speck of dust
whatever illusions create your exotic desires
the creator will not look at your garden
he will see into your heart
that black holes do indeed

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2018

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A Stepmothers love

Hug him,
Comfort him,
Nurture him,
Her guise a sweet yet cunning ruse.

Break him,
Twist him,
Ruin him,
She was my fathers own to choose.

Hold him,
Calm him,
Kiss him,
A joyless game to play.

Drown him,
Choke him,
Smother him,
I almost died that day.

Breath taking,
Promise making,
Two minds two worlds apart,

Soul faking,
Heart raking,
I saw this from the start..

Copyright © Rohan Moran | Year Posted 2016

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Come and find me in my solitude

Come and find me in my solitude
     Look for me behind closed doors
     Find me in the deepest closets
     Trembling like the cold has found me
          Under beds.
Come and find me in my solitude
     In the dark tendrils of my mind
     Help me to find me outside my prison
     The frightful demons of my nights
          And days.
Come and find me in my solitude
     Look for me and don't let go
     Hold my hand and warm me
     Force me to daylight, face myself
          Heal me.
Come and find me in my solitude
     Sit next to me and hold me
     Be here with me and don't judge me
     Be my friend, just love me, just be
          Just be.

December 5, 2016

10th place in contest:  COME AND FIND ME IN MY SOLITUDE
Sponsor: Mystic Rose

Copyright © Darren White | Year Posted 2016