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Best Vaasokht Poems

Below are the all-time best Vaasokht poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of vaasokht poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member The End of Love
We lie together, you there, 
me here.
I reach for you and you, melting into your pillow,
pull away
turning slowly, your message 
is clear,
there is nothing, just...

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Categories: lonely, love hurts,
Form: Vaasokht

Cold Hard Steel
Cold Hard Steel
My mouth wide open, gasping for breath, splashing, gurgling
Hopelessly going nowhere, treading, losing the fight
I can’t hear the clanking or yelling anymore, today...

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Categories: angel, christian, encouraging, faith,
Form: Vaasokht
Another Lousy Lover
I truly am disappointed
By such a lack of desire
When I think I should inspire
That swollen stuff of dreams
With a waving Wand anointed
By eager, willing hands

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Categories: desire, dream, sexy,
Form: Vaasokht
Two Souls of Dissension
Now he said
My frustration is well fed
But her attention didn't hear
How his desires bled

Then she continue to wait
For the one of her fate
And his words...

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© White Sage  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: absence, allusion,
Form: Vaasokht
A Passionless Passion
I have forgotten you
Said she, trying to be true
Hiding away her wounds
In her wrecked mood

And there he stood
With that look
Being crude
Not caring of her droop


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© White Sage  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: blue,
Form: Vaasokht

Premium Member Propagate It
Eternal God, Mother Mary, Father Christ
How lovingly you respond to Eternal God

People say they pay reverence, Eternal God 
Father Christ, Mother Mary
It is written


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Categories: christian, faith,
Form: Vaasokht
Treat Her Right
I didn’t stay
because you didn’t listen
Warring night and day
for a little attention

Forget promises whispered
at the alter
What about us?
When did we falter?

It only counts when two...

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© Amy Green  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: angst,
Form: Vaasokht
The Infamous Scottish Muse
The time has come your passing has happened 
Your desire to live was never dampened 
The great Scottish debate for you to stay or go

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© Tom Hyam  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: culture, eulogy, grief, holocaust,
Form: Vaasokht
Black,Red and Gold

Scene---A Dying German Agent/A Soldier`s thoughts/reflections just before death 

On this periphery of life
Let blue jeans of my...

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Categories: death, farewell, fire, patriotic,
Form: Vaasokht
Carbon Copy
Am I the one you dream of, 
Am I the one you prayed silently for with closed eyes at your bed side,
Am I the one...

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Categories: analogy, conflict, desire, how
Form: Vaasokht
Premium Member I Wanna Write a Poem
But it scares me.

I read what I've written
What  you've written

Damn, that's GOOD.

I wanna write a poem
but the muse has deserted me
or maybe I deserted...

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Categories: crazy, writing,
Form: Vaasokht
Goodbye To You
Although I've tried to understand your reasons for what you do,
sometimes I just turn my switch off, and ignore the nonsense.
Repeating the same ignorant remarks...

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Categories: abuse, addiction, boyfriend, break
Form: Vaasokht
Hatred and Love
hatred and love

She took me in, inside her heart, out of the raging storm of solitude
Dragged me. Pierced my tissues with the horn of a...

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Categories: anger,
Form: Vaasokht
What We Once Knew
Our outstretched palm, once offering clarity,
The semblance of assured balm
Now only seethes to erode my calm.
Your breath that was the sounds of peace,
As nurturing as...

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Categories: anger, anxiety, break up,
Form: Vaasokht
Wooden Rocking Horse Uk
A rocking horse is a child's toy, usually shaped like a horse and mounted on rockers similar to a rocking chair. Predecessors of the rocking horse may be seen in the rocking cradle, the tilting seats used during the Middle Ages for jousting practice as well as the wheeled hobby horse. The toy in its current form did not appear before the 17th century, though some conflicting sources note medieval manuscripts including references to carved rocking horses, presumably of the toy kind....

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Categories: writing,
Form: Vaasokht
Lost Love
Since morning I’m calling you, no answer!
Who’s the hell that has kept you busy, indifferent?
How could you forget to wish me damn lover?
The roses are...

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Categories: anniversary, betrayal, change, depression,
Form: Vaasokht
Some Girl
Sure that she was a real pearl,
Many calls, always no answer, 
Would have sung in the streets for her!
Would have jumped off a bridge for...

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Categories: angst, girlfriend, love hurts,
Form: Vaasokht
Dust From the Past
Dust from the past, layered in youths callow
Desperate to be forgiven, for sins committed
Wrongs done in ignorance should be omitted

Dust from the past, covers the...

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Categories: break up, change,
Form: Vaasokht
Not Socially Inclined
Not socially inclined 

We drove to Cascais for two days holiday at 
a posh hotel and I promptly fell ill a sort of fever
I do...

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Categories: humor, humorous,
Form: Vaasokht
Your Gaze
You don't know what I can be    Your simply clueless       Such an array of possibilities ...

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Categories: emotions, growth, how i
Form: Vaasokht
Premium Member Blank Pages of a Doormat
"What is life but a succession of preludes to unwritten words . . . "


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Categories: angst, writing,
Form: Vaasokht
Premium Member Autumn Fuse
*Image of Second Autumn by Medium. 

Autumn Fuse

Twas an Autumn pink,
when my heart did sink,
she had alleged, loving has edged,
Twas an Autumn blue,
when I'd heard...

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© Hilo Poet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: autumn, extended metaphor, imagery,
Form: Vaasokht
More Than This
An ache deeper than pain
Damn the one who tempted me

   You're irresistible 

Dissolve in the acid bath, and
Appear to me...

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Categories: betrayal, death, desire, horror,
Form: Vaasokht
Premium Member Dear Joan Letter
*Image of Letter of Do's & Don'ts by WB.


"What is life but a succession of preludes to unwritten words . . . "

Quote by_Constance La...

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© Hilo Poet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: angst, anxiety, betrayal, goodbye,
Form: Vaasokht
Oceans of Hate
You want to led me down..
But I want to raise you up..
You want to mortify me in an astounding crowd..
But I want to respect you...

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© El Sid  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: betrayal, deep, depression, grief,
Form: Vaasokht