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The End of Love

We lie together, you there, me here. I reach for you and you, melting into your pillow, pull away turning slowly, your message is clear, there is nothing, just emotional disarray. Under the darkening sky I whisper to you, the words but an echo in the fading light. I listen to the clock tick, our lives askew. The dysphonic sound echos our plight. The more I love you, the less you care. My passion swelters, my anger flares, but with melting indifference, you just lie there as the hole in my heart continually tears. Your love a landscape of stark indifference as time melts slow into the night. Me, I'm lost, somewhere out in the distance, and you, just out of frame, hide in plain sight, time melts slow into the fading light.
05/07/16 Based on Salvador Dali's "The Persistence of Memory"

Copyright © James Inman | Year Posted 2016

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Cold Hard Steel

Cold Hard Steel
My mouth wide open, gasping for breath, splashing, gurgling
Hopelessly going nowhere, treading, losing the fight
I can’t hear the clanking or yelling anymore, today is the day I have succumbed to his cruelness, numb, no thoughts, no feelings just sinking, floating, slowly being dragged down below 
His lack of love and affection has surrounded me like a cold hard steel chain bound around me.  
The black oval links is evidence that evil is not part of the circle of life
I’m drowning. He’s not listening.  Why won’t he help me? Doesn’t he care?
How did I let it go this far? 
A light from above, an angel reaches out a hand, follow me
Bursting through the crashing waves I rise above the depth of darkness
To find that God will always love me
All my tears have faded. Joyful smiles every day.
He is still part of my life but the chain has been broken, I have been set free because God will always 
love me. 
Even on the days when he doesn’t show me love and kindness 
I know I am not alone in this big old house. I kneel and take it to the throne. 	
And tell God about my day. 

Inspirational song Chain Breaker by Zac Williams 
Original poem 7/22/17

Copyright © Nancy Mitchell | Year Posted 2017

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two souls of dissension

Now he said
My frustration is well fed
But her attention didn't hear
How his desires bled

Then she continue to wait
For the one of her fate
And his words are late
As they slept in silenced state

Whenever herself, she asks
Who is the one of her dreams
Out there in the vast, he bask
Hidden away in the sun's beams

Copyright © white sage | Year Posted 2015

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A passionless passion

I have forgotten you
Said she, trying to be true
Hiding away her wounds
In her wrecked mood

And there he stood
With that look
Being crude
Not caring of her droop

He lives his way
She lives in dismay
Because she loves
And he won't say the word

Copyright © white sage | Year Posted 2015

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Propagate it

Eternal God, Mother Mary, Father Christ
How lovingly you respond to Eternal God

People say they pay reverence, Eternal God 
Father Christ, Mother Mary
It is written

Written what? 
“Peace in Christ”
Where is “Father” Christ?

Don't have any clue
Talking about
Hypocrite, harsh word
People harsh to Father Christ

Fact that He is the Highest Priest
Why copy?
Copy “For the righteous”
He is Eternal God, “Father” Christ, Mother Mary

People boast, brag 
Reverence to Father Christ
Believe in Him
Yet, no “Father” Christ

He’s hurting
Help me propagate
We’ll run over Church
Nothing is written

About reverence
No one knows
Except us
He wants us to propagate it


Let’s do it Father Piers! Let’s go?

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2013

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Treat Her Right

I didn’t stay
because you didn’t listen
Warring night and day
for a little attention

Forget promises whispered
at the alter
What about us?
When did we falter?

It only counts when two 
equals one
But when one plus one equals two
It’s time I left you

A. Green

(Some writings will be very simple,
and really stupid.
I am going from back to front and
attempting to write in every form)

Copyright © Amy Green | Year Posted 2014

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The Infamous Scottish Muse

The time has come your passing has happened 
Your desire to live was never dampened 
The great Scottish debate for you to stay or go
I screamed yes, but the haggis of your heart said no 

The split of our nation represents the split in my heart
But now the time has come and we must part
Much like our dreams of reaching the sixth form debate final

“Page 32” you crowbarred into conversation
infuriating Ash to the point of self-immolation
your self important boasts of superior knowledge 
turned my my weakened soul into watery porridge 

You were not a stereotype, despite what many said
Unlike most Scots, you ate more than simply fried bread
Your challenge with crackers so lascivious  that I lost my thread
And since then I yearned for a way to do more than simple observe your bed

But your aggression was endearing, cutting and clear
Tearing opponents to shreds, speaking to all that will hear
But I was behind a glass wall, simply shedding a tear
As a limp invitation to a party was the closest I could near

I sit here now and remember our lark
Our time together, characterized by a battle with a shark
The verbal brutality was shocking that situation was stark
But your retorts were quick witted, but often loaded with snark

This took so long to write as my heart still bares scars
An open mouth like yours could give hour long seminars
Yet you still saved me from being bundled into one of Bennet’s cars
Yet I must hope that we meet again, underneath heaven’s stars 

Copyright © Tom Hyam | Year Posted 2013

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Carbon copy

Am I the one you dream of, 
Am I the one you prayed silently for with closed eyes at your bed side,
Am I the one you magnificently created of her figment,  
Deeply rooted and knotted in that dark part of your past.
Do you think you can create, recreate those vivid but vague images of her carbon 
copy through me?

Am I the one you want to smile like her,
Caress, embrace and erase your deviant discrepancy.
Have you visualized the slaving, the hard work she put in?
It seems I am the one you want to prolong the epidemic of your rage

Am I the one you really care for 
Or am I just a coaster to absorb that water from your glass
Am I the one you pictured walking towards you on that  cool Sunday evening
In that small chapel on the side of that Hill.

Am I the one you will share and tell stories about,
The one who will inspire you to become greater than you.
Will I be the one you run to when all hell breaks lose?
Am I the one you place above all other.

Will I be the one to conceive and bear seed just to please you?
Seeds that resemblances you and in essences are you
Will I ever be that one? 
The one you have morphed within the cavity of your brain.

Copyright © shaniel rowe | Year Posted 2014

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Scene---A Dying German Agent/A Soldier`s thoughts/reflections just before death 

On this periphery of life
Let blue jeans of my ice blonde Brenda wear me to marry with death
Fire will be her gown, ashes shall be my girdle, shattered is everything beneath
Smokes so discerned sprawling
Some will say it was a poetic corpse after so deadly the strife

Wrapped in unknown funerary fetes
My blood will be poured in cask of mimicks
A yawn concealing me in semicolon as I saw I was dying, 
sickened of the sicks
All the ravens of sorcery lurking the corner in full stops
As if I knew nothing following the wisdom of Socrates

Boots and kilt emphasizing my lost treasure
At last the casket to embrace me from the provocateur
No persuasive argument will be my candy,
a keepsake solidarity in barter 
A marked plot spewed by shrewd men
An aftermath velvet and a last squint of Prussia far and near

Death so dear only to see if the lady in red silk I loved has red roses
My dear Soviet plezhvadya
for the wide-brimmed black hat, red bloody eyes hers, a gunshot
,yellow mouthful venom of words oozing out in raucous abuses
Hatred carped in end and unend Olesya, good as gold my Olesya

Now the bastion they called bastards buccaneered before her epithet
Kaliningrad`s cloud full of black so black an obnoxious smoke
Davai! Davai! they shouted and again nemesis eavesdropped
Eagles died I know not if a death of glory as I felt I saw an 1871 gauntlet
That’s my last shot of life before I became death`s forgotten lucky bloke

Vocabulary --1-Plezhvadya(Russian/Czech)- A Soviet dish
                   2.Davai!(Russian)--Let`s do it, Come on!
                   3.Obnoxious-extremely unpleasant 
                   4.Gauntlet-An armored glove of the tectonic Knights
                   6.Barter-Exchange,Trade,Swap without use of money

Copyright © Reynold del Rey | Year Posted 2015

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I Wanna Write a Poem

But it scares me.

I read what I've written
What  you've written

Damn, that's GOOD.

I wanna write a poem
but the muse has deserted me
or maybe I deserted her
or maybe she's a he

Who the f-word knows?

But I wanna write a poem.
One about love and charity
One about caring as much for you as I do for me
One about seeing things other people can't see.

I just wanna write a poem.

Copyright © Nancy Jones | Year Posted 2013

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Another Lousy Lover

I truly am disappointed
By such a lack of desire
When I think I should inspire
That swollen stuff of dreams
With a waving Wand anointed
By eager, willing hands
Spill free his demands
Then stuffed back in his jeans! 

Copyright © Just That Archaic Poet | Year Posted 2013

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      hatred and love

She took me in, inside her heart, out of the raging storm of solitude
Dragged me. Pierced my tissues with the horn of a unicorn….

I levitated at daybreak and floated to the middle of the night
I felt the wind and the fire and the ice and the weird heart throb…

Sweet when she made me laugh and bitter when she was hurt
It literally tasted that way in my tongue- the touch of a perfect love…

She hates me....
Insults me

She makes me
Hate myself so..

And now I am a show for the town to watch, lone walker, paces undefined
And mostly taken down by my untied laces; the ground- so hard- embraces me…

That hydrogen that carried me through my gleaming days and lit my nights
Has ran out, syphoned from me by the love of another man, or money?, no difference.

That’s what, I didn’t have
Or provide, long before our love had hit its core, she lied...

That’s what I hate
Like I hate her

That’s what I hate
Like I do myself now.

And i never thought id hate that much
I guess i never knew love that much...

Copyright © lucas ongawo | Year Posted 2013

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Goodbye To You

Although I've tried to understand your reasons for what you do,
sometimes I just turn my switch off, and ignore the nonsense.
Repeating the same ignorant remarks which obviously tweek my heart and soul,
you've really been asking my permission to leave and not come back,
because I was just a dalliance to you - "Hot Love In the Summertime"...
You take beautiful people, animals and creations and twist them around
to suit your 'manly' thoughts and desires, turning a beautiful flower
into a withered-up twiglet with no hope or life left.
Those are YOUR choices - not mine!  I see beauty, and am mesmerized
by God's glorious developments within the universe.
You see only the flaming asteroids which threaten to destroy
this wonderful world we live in.
You hope for chaos and destruction, and you have a destructive personality.
You respect nothing, and prove it with your words and actions.
If only you could realize or even care what destruction you have caused,
and try to repair the damage by helping the beauty to blossom and bloom,
spreading yet again...
But!  You obviously could care less about true happiness, peace and faith,
for your faith lies only in the knowledge that (finally) one day
you'll succeed in stifling out your own sordid life,
ne'er taking notice of all the wreckage you leave behind - intentionally.
What could have happened in your life
to make you hurt yourself knowingly...hopingly...
...Continuing to commit suicide on a daily basis?
What evil has befallen your soul to make you hate so much?
Or, is it mere child's play to you to make ev'ryone and ev'rything around you
wish they'd ne'er known a person as cold and nasty as you are?
My thoughts will wander to you from time to time in the future,
but they will immediately be dismissed - pushed away - like you did me.
My love is a special gift, but you don't see beauty, so you cannot know real love.
Therefore, I will spend the rest of my days striving to erase the hatred,
and bring love into the world, whether you like it or not.
God's love is the most beautiful thing there will e'er be,
and it shines like a beacon in my soul, but your lighthouse crumbled long ago,
and you don't even want to rebuild.
So, goodbye to your darkness, hello peaceful world.

Copyright © Cynthia Palmer-Ham | Year Posted 2014

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What we once knew

Our outstretched palm, once offering clarity,
The semblance of assured balm
Now only seethes to erode my calm.
Your breath that was the sounds of peace,
As nurturing as the mother’s womb, inspiring of a budding bloom,
Now stands alone, the solid echo of a hollowed tomb.
Eyes that shone the breadth of life,
With endless wonder to make me gasp,
Now quiver me with endless rasp.
For now in time we come again,
Old and grey and weathered men, the shiver of a moment stopped
To ink the life that we forgot.

Copyright © Lauren Knight | Year Posted 2014

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Wooden Rocking Horse UK

A rocking horse is a child's toy, usually shaped like a horse and mounted on rockers similar to a rocking chair. Predecessors of the rocking horse may be seen in the rocking cradle, the tilting seats used during the Middle Ages for jousting practice as well as the wheeled hobby horse. The toy in its current form did not appear before the 17th century, though some conflicting sources note medieval manuscripts including references to carved rocking horses, presumably of the toy kind.

Copyright © februari02 ceria | Year Posted 2016

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Some Girl

Sure that she was a real pearl,
Many calls, always no answer, 
Would have sung in the streets for her!
Would have jumped off a bridge for her.

Guess not really in love,
Or just not into me sick of, 
Erasing  my effusive calls,
Or yet again too much schmalz.

well that's the very sad end
Of my going off the deep end
For some girl I soon forgot,
Wish could say was distraught!

Copyright © Thomas Martin | Year Posted 2015

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Lost Love

Since morning I’m calling you, no answer!
Who’s the hell that has kept you busy, indifferent?
How could you forget to wish me damn lover?
The roses are drying up waiting for you, nonchalant!
Please pick up the phone, you damn betrayer,
At least you could act of remembering this day, pretender!

Putting on your once gifted gown
I’m watching the clock again and again
You ought to come by this time
I’m bored, feeling fully dejected!
I can still remember, you used to meet me
After office, just at seven without fail
Those days have gone, now we’re married
The love rose dries up without your care
I’m the only part that remained the similar.

Gardening whole day, I make roses bloom
You go to office, I remained home alone
I send you daily lunch box, packed with roses
The thorns daily reddens me, none to care, or notice
At night when you try to make pokerfaced love
I feel pain on my aching, blooded finger.

Have you ever noticed my black circled eyes?
When you are done, you snuffle soundly
My haunted love keeps me awaken
In the morning you’re always at a rush
The whole day passes by waiting….

The dusk moon rises always but you, only at fortnight
While returning home, you stop by at friends’ bar
Ignoring someone is waiting at home, with dinner
At midnight you return home concluding all energy
Bare, emotionless and adopting a robotic panache.

Copyright © Tasmina Hayat Khan | Year Posted 2015

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Dust From the Past

Dust from the past, layered in youths callow
Desperate to be forgiven, for sins committed
Wrongs done in ignorance should be omitted

Dust from the past, covers the shallow
Fear of failure, insecure self worth
Heat needs to rise from this emotional hearth

Dust from the past, it casts a shadow
Anxious to wash it away, make it clean
Start over, be clearly seen

To late...

Copyright © Jason Conley | Year Posted 2014

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Your gaze

You don't know what I can be    Your simply clueless       Such an array of possibilities          You just don't know when you gaze at me         You look right through, transparency      So many thoughts I can conceive   But you don't want me to believe       No you can't know what I can be        Your eyes wide shut when you gaze at me

Copyright © Catherine Trout | Year Posted 2014

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not socially inclined

Not socially inclined 

We drove to Cascais for two days holiday at 
a posh hotel and I promptly fell ill a sort of fever
I do not travel well.

My wife and her extended family had a swell 
time, while I shivered under three blankets and
claimed the air condition was sat to freezing.

On the third day I arose, had solid breakfast
no had seen anyone recover so quickly, it is
I said because I’m a Norwegian   
After breakfast and packed suitcases time for
goodbyes, lots of kissing and hugs 
and they all hoped I would be better next year.

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2014

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Oceans of hate

You want to led me down..
But I want to raise you up..
You want to mortify me in an astounding crowd..
But I want to respect you even in my lonely time..
You want to cross oceans of hate..
But I want to walk miles of love..
You want to thrash me out of your heart..
But I want to crawl in your soul..
You want people to blame me out..
But I want to grasp your innocence..
You want to draw my sketch as a betrayer..
But I want to color your entity as a loyal player..
You want me to weep out..
But I want you to laugh loud..
You want to break my trust..
But I want to hold your faith..
You always wished to know the difference..
You always asked for discrepancy between us..
This is the difference which lies between us..

Copyright © El Sid | Year Posted 2017