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Best Ireland Poems

Below are the all-time best Ireland poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of ireland poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Plato and Socrates
Dramatic prose for the pompous asses
I throw my Platos at you
If you come any closer
I will Socrates you right in the nose
Demands, demands!!!! The clowns...

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Categories: appreciation, beauty, humorous, ireland,

Premium Member The Glory of Green
The Glory of Green

Green hues denote the healing of our earth,
That special season of springtime’s rebirth.

Green grasses growing o’er the hillside's face,
Embracing greening trees in...

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Categories: daffodils, green, ireland, spring,

Premium Member The Hanging
The jury was unanimous
Twelve cried out justice
It was just before the changing hour
The hanging planned for quarter past midnight or so
The moon was full, the...

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Categories: betrayal, depression, evil, ireland,

An Irish Leprechaun
There was once an elf who learnt how to brew
a full-bodied beer and cook Irish stew.
He mixed them both together
with whisky for good measure.
When BANG...

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Categories: drink, food, fun, ireland,

Taste of Guinness, Scent of Heather: A Monotetra
Sunlit days I spent on the moor
Sweet Summer heather scents allure
Bathing in waves on Dublin's shore
Aye, Irish lore       Aye,...

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© Lin Lane  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: ireland,

Premium Member An Erin Adventure
It was an autumn day, fresh and crisp,
with a slight breeze blowing that made 
our cheeks rosy.  My Aunt Trix and I were
on the...

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Categories: adventure, autumn, ireland, travel,

Premium Member The Pub II
Inside pub steins stout magic spoke
‘neath genie wisps of bangle smoke
Brown cone cigars, deep chubby pipes
Aromatic spills to breach the night.
Music calls to muted songs...

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Categories: dedication, drink, friendship, ireland,

Premium Member Seat of kings
A stone round standing fortress crowns forever beauty
The name translated to english Grianan means sunny spot or sun temple
The land bows down inspirational the view...

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Categories: beautiful, green, inspirational, ireland,

I Am So Tired
I am tired of counting the red dwarf stars in the Milky Way.
I am tired of counting the 7 years of grain in Pharaoh's silos.

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© Beryl Dov  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: ireland, bereavement, dark, death, depression,

Erins Green Isle 1798
   They live in fear in Ireland.
   Their sin is ' wearing of the green.'
   St. Patricks shamrock is...

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Categories: ireland,

Premium Member Dear Bobby McGee
In a horrible dull monotone

Bobby spoke, and his girlfriend would moan,

“No kisses from me,

dear Bobby McGee

till you first kiss the old Blarney Stone.”

Written March 15,...

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Categories: ireland,

A Winter's Rime
(In a churchyard in Northern Ireland)

Through the broken and barren trees
Winter exhales its coldest breeze
From the wintry breath of northern seas
That can chill the warmest...

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Categories: bereavement, death, grave, ireland,

Premium Member Corrupt Bishops
The Pillars of humanity
felled by little boys tears
Irish clover
not so lucky for boys in white
a new generation of holy men
the cycle of sodomy
sickens the soul

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Categories: ireland, abuse, anger, angst, betrayal,

Premium Member drink guinness
St Patrick’s day is great
to drink Guinness and relate
how great the Irish are
at falling out of bar
in a highly drunken state

penned 14 March 2017

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Categories: ireland,

Premium Member An Irish Robbery
The Irish bank was ripe and ready
For a hood whose hand was steady
And had a gun, not 'fraid to use it
Bent on living life or...

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Categories: ireland, people,

Premium Member DON'T GET ME IRISH UP
Don’t Get Me Irish Up

Me glasses were sitting a-top-a me head
the jam I was spreading was next to the bread
my knees were together but me...

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Categories: humor, ireland, music,

Premium Member Where I Live

In a tropical place the climate
becomes a way of being
Fruits and flowers on shirts and dresses,
Breakfasts of bananas.
Pineapple flavoured passions
of afternoon,
Pathways to the moon
on evening...

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Categories: environment, ireland, life,

Premium Member Finn Mcgee and Me part3
MacJock looked uptight

When we said "That's not right,

We're not paying one pence you see" 

Den Finn swung and missed

With his powerful fist

And it landed on...

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Categories: drink, humorous, ireland,

Now that's a Shame
Tis a gladness found in sadness
mostly pleasure
wince of pain
From an odor round the barroom
none the boys could e'er explain
Like a billowed line of washin'
after gentle...

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© Rex McCoy  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: addiction, change, emotions, ireland,

Silver Jubilee
Celtic courtship ended
nineteen eighty-two.
Marriage nuptials blended
"us" from me and you.

Seaside lovers heading 
to the Irish Sea
showcase Christmas wedding, 
silver jubilee.  

Touring without hassle -

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Categories: ireland, marriage, travel, wedding,

Premium Member Goddess of the Teddybear
Eriu Queen of our green land 
enveloped within your Emerald eyes 
Shining one lantern within a flaming torch 

Spirit burning with fire escapes through the...

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Categories: heart, history, ireland, mystery,

Premium Member The Green
Emerald seems the primo choice 
With kelly right behind.
Hunter, mint or jade might also
Be the shades you'll find.

Army, jungle and chartreuse 
Would certainly suffice.
Forest, olive,...

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Categories: color, ireland,

Celtic Nightfall
On the crest of the sky
Where blue Irish mountains lye
Lightning strikes and greenery starts to die
Through thick, misty clouds like those from dry ice
The full...

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Categories: animal, ireland,

Premium Member Ireland - a divided island part three
  kaisers, kings and emperors fight for territory
  dispensable bodies left in the ground on foreign soil, unreturned
  militarisation of memory and...

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© Ian Love  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: community, history, ireland, time,

Premium Member Tribute To Native Culture

'Tis the Irish homeland
Racing in me blood lad
On it, I'll take me stand
Of me heritage, I am glad

The bonny lass I call...

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Categories: beautiful, ireland, love, romantic