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Best Ode Poems

Below are the all-time best Ode poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of ode poems written by PoetrySoup members

Ode to Mum

Brown paper memories she puts in my hands
Twine roughly tied in a bow slightly askew
Part and parcel of a humble life once led?
My defiant eyes...

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Categories: inspirational love, love, mum,
Form: Ode

Ode To The Hydrangea

Misunderstood little Mophead,
They call her ‘Changing Rose’,
Her colour comes from the soil
And the acidity in which she grows.

Chorus:	Water in her name,
		Water in...

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Categories: flower,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Ode to beauty-w

I stand on the snow covered mountain
Colorful vase of flowers
Slopes  with flower beds laden
I saw the snow lotus flowers
I asked, “Why are you all...

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Categories: flower, inspirational, snow,
Form: Ode
Ode to Mother Ganga
No mere river, thou art nation’s heartbeat,
That you came from heaven may be a myth,
Not, that for people’s good ye fell beneath,
For centuries ye buoy,...

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Categories: mother, river,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Ode to the Hummingbird

An ode to the courageous hummingbird
The tiniest bird, but bravest of all
He flits about without saying a word,
When most unexpected he comes to call
Fluttering gossamer...

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Categories: bird, nature,
Form: Ode

Premium Member Enough Already, Ode to a Turkey
Oh how I love thee with your white and dark meat
Thou art the very best
But because of you, I can’t see my feet
My navel is...

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Categories: funny, holidaylove, me,
Form: Ode
Ode to Winter
Light splashes in the eyes and vibrate
My heart to a rich ecstatic state
Joy is the only bird in the leaden sky
Calling the winds to choir...

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Categories: faith, happiness, hope, nature
Form: Ode
Premium Member Ode for John
How could you leave your loving bride?
Cut down in youth, still in your prime
Your rare blood disease appeared suddenly
Just four years of bliss till you...

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Categories: death, faith, husband
Form: Ode
The one known as Destroyer
Ohh the days have been many here
but that day her name was seen
struck a fear deep inside.
Could she really be that mean?

Time passed as her...

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Categories: friendship,
Form: Ode
You Know
Yes, my dear, you know,
You are my source of joy, rejuvenation, hope
I need your emotion spread onto my life,
I need your heart to sing among...

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Categories: emotions, friendship, happiness, joy,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Poetry Pillar
When Light needed a body to behold, and color to kiss,
as Darkness dreamnt to die in the dawn of depth,
when Soul lustered to lust for...

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Categories: beauty, creation, desire, love,
Form: Ode
Premium Member TO A LIGHTHOUSE

Sentinel of water’s beauty and breadth,
grand messenger of danger
so statuesque around an ocean's expanse--
O beaming guardian of light
Moon and waves crest upon dark of eve,

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Categories: devotion, light,
Form: Ode
Great Barrier Reef
Pacific beauty, garland of shimmering pastels  
Textures and colors astound, deep in your ocean heart 
Your court is larger than any kingdom on Earth...

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Categories: adventure, beauty, ocean,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Lady Of My Life
Her heartbeat echoes like a love moan in my mind,
summoning centuries of refined romanticism soulfully enshrined,
the contralto of her voice a fillatio upon the cock...

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Categories: beauty, desire, devotion, dream,
Form: Ode
My Confession
It is hard to really tell you
The beauty of this man
For many simply find it
Too hard to understand
They laugh, they smile, and tease
As I describe...

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Categories: dedication, love, me,
Form: Ode
Premium Member - Black Love -


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Categories: love, morning, , black
Form: Ode
With Angels Wings
"With Angels Wings"

The whispering winds, a song they sing

A song of sorrow and of a heart so big 

Your love reaches as far as the...

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Categories: anxiety, beauty, cancer, death,
Form: Ode
I am Me, Set me Free
I am given to you by Creator Himself
My Limbs long to grow straight and tall
Bathed in sunlight from above, paying homage
Fulfilling my God given task

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Categories: cancer, creation, environment, health,
Form: Ode
Black Diamond
On the border of the obscure wastelands,
In the depths of shadows and torments,
Far beyond the land of Never Was, Never Will
Is a place where I...

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Categories: art, beauty, dark, dedication,
Form: Ode
A Rose by any other name ---
Through the hushed whisper of the breeze
Flowing through the majestic circling pine trees
I sense that I have stepped
Into a sacred hallowed space



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Categories: beauty, humanity, love, peace,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Mother's Bookmark's
My thoughts they roil like waters dark 
in the abyss of blackest night, 
with memories of mother’s bookmark,
of Longfellow read by lamp light.
She called, in...

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Categories: absence, loss, love, mother
Form: Ode
Premium Member The Maple Leaf
I see you there in forest deep
When the world is still asleep
You ...the defiant one
With your hardened backside 
Turned to me

And I ... hearing through...

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Categories: autumn,
Form: Ode
Pleasures of Moving on Moon
Pleasures of Moving on Moon

You have always charmed us by your beauty, O Moon,
Sometimes fascinating Heer and Ranjha*, and sometimes,
Mesmerizing Romeo and Juliet.

Sometimes you have...

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Categories: life, love, mystery, beauty,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Optimistic Orange
It is the fragrant peel of Florida's fruit that comes in convenient slices.
The savory citrus that packs a punch - to my tongue it simply...

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Categories: appreciation, beauty, image, introspection,
Form: Ode
Premium Member To All Our Poets True
When I sit still and calmly read the works of Poets True
It is nice to know I'm not alone because of all of you
There are...

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Categories: inspirational, poems, poetry, poets,
Form: Ode