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Best Science Poems

Below are the all-time best Science poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of science poems written by PoetrySoup members


Can  love then,  be based
on an index of elements
from which one joyfully tumbles,
or drifts into equations, as we wander
toward a rush of serendipity...

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Categories: love, science,

Premium Member Alien Feet
ALIEN                        ...

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© SKAT A   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: science, absence, adventure, body, character,

Premium Member The Ruby Spires

There, among the Ruby Spires,
   Stood I, a-gazing toward the mist,
      Red winds cut skin, heaven-kissed,

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Categories: adventure, beauty, science fiction,

Newton's Law
I was inattentive in Science class one day
When the teacher at random looked my way
I didn't look up, I wouldn't dare
There's no escaping that intense...

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Categories: science, children, funny, humor, humorous,

Who Am I
I am the ring around Saturn
spinning words as particles of ice and dust
with the power to transcend

I am the original chosen to be right here...

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© humble b  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: science, black african american, faith,

Premium Member The truth about women
Bestowed with femininity,
     wisdom, elegance, and grace,
 exemplifying dignity, 
     daughter of the human race.

X chromosome integrity

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Categories: daughter, mother, people, science,

Big Bang
Your theory makes quite the impression
But I have this nagging obsession
A huge mass of matter
Explodes in a scatter
This is a layman's 'dumb' question

From whence came...

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Categories: funny, science,

Premium Member Thats a sin
A whole new twist to the same old story
Evil scientist in their laboratories
Creating monsters that live in the night
I often reflect on mankind's plight
As mankind...

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Categories: science, confusion, faith, life, people,

Premium Member Visitor - A collaboration with July Morning
POTW 28 January 2018

A beautiful extra-terrestrial female researcher is sent down to a remote island to observe earth and beam her findings back to her...

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Categories: adventure, romance, science fiction,

Premium Member Aching Sky
I knelt amidst the mountain's rise, beneath the weeping opal skies,
          There to measure Io's swoon...

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Categories: science, adventure, beauty, fantasy, imagination,



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Categories: fear, mental illness, science,


Hydrogen to Helium
A fusion formed by gravity
A carbon-based delirium
Molecularly infinite energy

An ancient discipline known as alchemy
We’re consciousness - the explosion - amorous 
We dream...

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Categories: heaven, moon, science, science

Terra Firma
Earth playing in space.
Rolling over and over.
Sunrise, sunset, spin!...

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Categories: nature, science, time

Star Trek and Captain Kirk's Final Frontier
Kirk: ‘Lt. Uhura, come to my quarters at 1800 hours’
Uhura: ‘Yes captain, might I ask what’s up?’
Kirk: ‘Nothing now but something WILL be at 1800...

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Categories: parody, science fiction,

the last word of hunter
As I seize from greener pasture
Forgive me for taking away nature
lives have always been in vain
stopping them from breathing with pain
I toil never to hold...

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© Amin Tres  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: imagination, places, science, science

Half-Lit Moon
Haze up in the heavens encircles this orb.
Half-dark, half-light, shines from above.
Twinkles of light appear to absorb.
Fractions of darkness within lighted glove,

Speaking to lovers held...

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Categories: science, history, life, love, mystery,

Premium Member Stunning Revelations from Ancient Maps
Professor Hapgood’s studies on ancient maps were fixed
Einstein said his theories should be added to history’s mix
Perhaps it proved too big a leap for other...

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Categories: history, science, urbanlost, lost,

When The Sun Sets
When the sun sets, The stars shine with no regrets. Darkness fills the air, The moon gives light with every care. The darkness is easier...

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Categories: science, adventure, art, fantasy, happiness,

Premium Member Visitor Finale - A collaboration with July Morning
The Story so far…
Makani (The Rising Wind), a beautiful extra-terrestrial researcher is sent to a remote island to observe earth. She finds Sam, a shipwrecked...

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Categories: adventure, romance, science fiction,

I am he as you are me
When the night wind changes course
sending breezes from the north,
when farmer's fields lie brown and fallow
and empty ropes swing from the gallows,
when children's faces are...

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Categories: adventure, fantasy, imagination, science,

Premium Member Einstein's Heirs
Two black holes spiraled,
their dance
sent ripples 
through the universe –
racing at speed of light
warp spacetime.

A billion years later,
on a small planet, 
laser beams zoom between...

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Categories: nature, science,

Premium Member Hey, singularity
A conversation with the theoretical infinitely dense singularity containing all space and time, which may or may not have existed before the Big Bang.

Hey, singularity,

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Categories: science, fun, funny, humor, humorous,

Premium Member SCI-FI

Once long ago there was a clear blue sky
Where roamed free bird and butterfly
That’s when came the idea to super citify
And to pollution creators deify

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Categories: science, city, humanity, loss, nature,

Why I believe in Evolution
You, skinny dipping,
is making each fish desire
to become a man.

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Categories: science, animal, beauty, desire, fish,

Premium Member Quantum Reality
If you look for me you will not see
Because I exist in probabilities.
To truly understand what is me
You must think of other realities.

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Categories: imagery, mystery, science,