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you are, i am

open your doors
close all the windows
sleeping's such a bore
suffocate it with pillows

psh, i'm not hellbent
shut your mouth
it's called character development
WOOPS. broke routine again
and the poem's gone south.

made myself out to be the bad guy
so they wouldn't feel as sad when i die
so many
so many damn times you told me
all those uplifting words regarding my significance
did i ever stop to listen?
now look at all this tension

i am the patient
you're the asylum
this heart rate is hesitant
unless you revive them

i'm the addiction and
you are the needle 
i'm the mutilation 
you're the scars that will heal

i am the stash 
and you're the supplier
i am the match and
you are the fire

you are the truth
and i am the dare
you are the daydream
i'm the nightmare

i am the cigarette
you are the lighter
i am the pirouette
you're the choreographer 

we all are so sad
we've both lost our thrill
that's just too bad but
we both know the drill

made myself out to be the bad guy

so i wouldn't feel as sad when i die

Copyright © Agony Aiane | Year Posted 2016

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White Sunday

       The final leaf falls ~ and I’m bare ~ it’s me that you’re reading here

What I am I’ll always be~even if I decorate my tree~with colorful crystal balls
  I brave a winter’s pain ~ a summer’s swell ~ I can spring anew and I do fall 

I cry like a baby~and laugh through it all~cause I am who I am ~ standing tall 
 Seasons come ~ and seasons go ~ my branches reaching out to touch you ~ 

welcoming what life unfolds ~ my roots firmly planted ~ by a river that flows 

        ~ in a conscious garden ~ the soil of heaven ~ feeds my earthly soul ~

Copyright © Arturo Michael | Year Posted 2018

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The whisper of dawn calls my name gliding like a softly-bathed air: tangy and afloat with a spice of mint in christened pools lithely buoyant. A path of upturned twigs rip free to sail along bobs of peppered dew; dewy in a way new sunrise adorns pastel fingers where wings of ray become intricate as it is daring ; calling forth, 'Daughter of Light'..."Light's Daughter" till the fragrance of earth winds huffs upon morn's sweet delicacy , bearing my mythical seal upon gracious earth. 1.16.2017 POTD What's In A Name Contest Sponsor: Silent One

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2017

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I Am Why

                           I Am Why….

Why’s that nightingale sings all through the night, I am why.
How come rain makes a rainbow by kissing light? I am why.
I am why how the season changes on Earth, I confess.
A thousand mysteries for your vanished sight, I am why.
I am love that hurts and transcend beyond high, I confess.
With love every second is life, without a fight, I am why.
Lovers, they know my name with each breath of life, I confess.
I confess that the oneness is shining bright, I am why.
I am in you and you are in within me, I confess.
We are cause and effect that deals without plight, I am why.
I am here and I am there and everywhere, I confess.
You are dreaming to reach my neighboring height, I am why.
Go and ask “Haloo” since he knows who I am, I confess.
He might reach out to me, I know he just might, I am why.

5/20/18 Haloo

Note: The rhyming in Ghazal ends with AA bA cA dA eA etc. It comes in two different forms with and without refrain. (Poetrysoup has a great explanation for this form of poetry). 

Copyright © Pashang Salehi | Year Posted 2018

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PAS MUET I am a puppy here The smallest The skinniest The silentest (is that even a word) Stotteraar Bègue I wheel my wheels among them The alpha dogs The loud ones I am silent Bègue My eyes are open wide I watch them Follow their every move My mouth clammed shut Bègue My hands write nervously On my notepad With my pencil My words arranged in neat sentences Bègue He understands though He smiles with fun, no pity there We go way back He is my psychiatrist. Bègue In silence I contemplate But silent I am not My words are multi coloured I like them Niet stom Not mute Pas muet. Pas muet. *** December 30, 2016

Copyright © Darren White | Year Posted 2016

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she always knew
her shadow of grey  
would never inspire 
of amber gold and olive

her residence had been a tapestry
of silent tolerance 
questioned by fear 
of who she really was 

she shuffled
from place to place
and back
committing only if she new
a way out

so often
no one really knew of her worth

it would get erased
each time she closed a door

as she often did

for most
she arrived
as a magnificent spark
burning incredible moments 
of forever imprints

just as quickly 
a candle quivering  
unsettled afterthoughts 
to those who tried 
to latch to her light


she had never lived 
what others considered


it was an illusion that she
never understood
one to sorrowful to 
settle her sensitive stem

it would smother her oxygen 
and sift her energy 

when her heart finally
had enough of the farcical

she would lock her walls
fold her life
and paint her windows black

she would sit in hush
for any like one
to come
to water

no one ever did

when the wound became absolute
she ran away from herself

aloof to the weight of moments
anchored to her heart

no longer questioning or reasoning
but content to
not be
there was no more

she sat in silent playgrounds
listening to children laughing
she enjoyed the indulgence
of a soft encounter with hope

she watched as the 
last crimpled leaf 
fell from its tree
dangling in a winters breath

she found pleasure knowing 
that life existed and when over
could walk gently away with no
hesitation or need to stay 

she was the swimmer
who contently dove
every evening
into an ocean of sand

her breath was a privilege 
rewarded moment by moment

a mirror reflecting her smile
could no longer see

the mirror had found faith
to console all of her 
unseen tangled wounds

watching a flowing river
with daffodils and garbage
the journey became her solace
all else was smoke

It was then 
she would remember

emptiness floats into butter colored warmth 
because it needs to heal

sadness was the addiction of re-living anything
that ever made our hearts soar

perfection lives in gratitude 
of complete imperfection

is the essence
of hope at birth

Copyright © Gabrielle Jordan | Year Posted 2018

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I am the blackboard
before chalk pictures and words
after the dust falls

Copyright © P.M. Richter | Year Posted 2018

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The other me - a tribute to drag queens

The other me you'd be quite surprised
She wears high heels, makes up her eyes
she parades around, singing lively songs
telling bawdy jokes where she belongs

Upon the stage, she's not alone
for in that bar, the stage, her home.
Dressed head to foot in sequinned gowns
the punters watch her earn her crown.
The greatest sight they've ever seen,
to them she is, the peoples 'queen'.

Every night there in that bar, 
They come to watch her, she's the star.
She gives the punters what they want
Singing lively songs, to which they chant.

Then when it's time to close the doors,
she exits with rapturous applause.
They clap and shout and scream her name,
She revels in that loving fame.

When the show is o'er and done,
she's back to where she first begun.
She removes her wig, takes off her makeup,
and now it's time for him to wake up.

Oh there he is, where has he been?
pretending to be the people's queen.
It's back to some normality,
is she a he?, or he a she?

You see, the answer is quite clear,
She's a he and he's a *****.
Earning cash from having toiled
in late night bars,
burning midnight oil.

Copyright © carl onwochei | Year Posted 2015

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I Am Who I Am

I Am Who I Am

Date: Wed, Dec 23 2015 at 8:11 PM

I don't wear no disguise
My True Self I can't hide
Without God I don't want to Rise
I like to look at the Storms Rage an Waves an its tides
I not Surprised of the Storm preys on my Demise
God is real and He's not far to find
I fight to win the ultimate prize
But this not a race between you and I
I can prove I'm not like these other guys
Light in me bright as the Sunrise
So I got to let my Sun Shine
But the Moon comes an tries to make the Sun Die
Life is a roller coaster but it's a fun ride
Just to ride it one time
I like to let my wings Skydive
An fly like an Eagle through the Cloud Smiles
If you want to fly with me be ready for the Clouds Vows
The Storm in this Life
No need to be afraid when the Thunder Sounds
Got to be Strong when Weak & Strife
Won't pay you to fly with me through the Nights
Cause I'm destined for great Heights
An we all destined in destiny's Sight
To meet her you will have to fight & Sacrifice
To choose live Right
 Use your God Given Gifts to Strike
Your Art from the Sparks
That you Draw
Life is like a See Saw
Still Unique from the feats of my Flaws
Come to my room you'll see all the Writings on the Wall
If God not clapping for me there's no need for a Applause
I take a Bow when I get Heavens Standing Ovation
I Mediate on Mountains right now I'm on the Appalachians
Just for Higher Meditation
At a Height of Elevation
Just to listen to my Higher Self for Revelations
The Evil & Good Thoughts that's Incinerating
I can feel negative energy when it's Waving
I Listen to the music in my heart an Listen to what it's saying
We can be Godly and Satanic
Show Love & Hate in the Same Formations
Off and On Manipulations
I'm chasing God & Greatness
I'll be damned if the devil take it
They say you got to fake it to make it
Nah I'm to be Patient & Dedication
With Concentration until the Conformation Confiscated
I'm too Thorough to Let Fakeness be my Acceleration
I'm Second Guessed but I don't agree with those Calculations
Or those Estimations
See here's the real Equation
I had to do Division & Multiplication
In my Circumference in my Radius
Trying to put my mark in the Pavement
From starting from the basement
To the Maintenance
To get to the highest level of the skyscrapers
I Thank God for all the Favors
An for Jesus being my Savior my Lifesaver
I see myself as the White Ranger
Fighting with my Light Saber
Against Dark Vador
Through his Dark Capers
I see the Dark Vapors
Alot of times I wish I had a Eraser
To Erase alot of unwanted choices
That made me Poison
Through my Voyage
I could of Avoided it
An Destroyed It
Instead I made an Appointment Visit
Still with my Ointment Anointment on me Written
But I'm to live with it
If you could feel what I feel it would be intensive
It's not over until God Say it is Finished
You can't see me Scars but my flaws in a Blemish
Respect for Who I Am with Suspicions from the Critics
I am still Well Winded
I don't need to fit in
I'm not a Chameleon
Cause I'm not Bending
An I'm not Blending
We is not Mixing
But I am a Chemist
When it comes to Inventing Inventions
An going through Dimensions
I write Riddles with Symbolism
You can Understand if you Encrypting Hieroglyphics
I'm a Spiritualist
I'm not Religious
But I Know God living
That's because we got a Kinship
You can learn if you study His Manuscripts
The Blueprints of why we Exist
I have Spiritual Gifts 
& Psychic Wit
I'm on a Psych Trip
Using the Vastness of The Mind Ticks
So I get to using Wisdom & Enlightenment
To Writing
To Release the Little Giant
To Release the Lion
To Breath out the Sirens
Inside My Mind Spiraling
Striking the Strings of The Violins
An Play the Music Inside That Spins

Copyright © uriel wisdom | Year Posted 2015

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Red Light

have you ever felt like 
the flashing red light on the roof,
lonely as ever
visible at night, useless by day?

in sync with its partner next door
for a quick kiss over a few flashes only 
then arguing again and again 
night in, night out.

have you ever felt like 
the flashing red light on the roof,
not signaling a warning to keep away
but sending a call for compassion?

using the dark pauses in between 
to yell the same name 
over and over and over
into the emptiness of each night.

have you ever felt like
the flashing red light on the roof,
being your silent cry
only heard by your eternal love?

Copyright © A.O. Taner | Year Posted 2016

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Septembers Last Breath

Twenty four dead roses Heat waves and reposes No one knows what never was Autumn breezes sing in melancholy hues Flowers dance around paupers grave Buried now yet never saved From life's despair or a loving hand Sadness is the graves last grand stand Loneliness lost in cobbled stone alleys No one sees the empty tear Anxiety knifes the lonely mans fear Autumn winds chant yet no one hears Four and score and long ago Childhood memories in rivers flow Now dry and scorched on withered page Dead poets lost in the mind of a sage

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2017

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Birdpeople, they fly. birdpeople they glide. you wont see them. they live in the trees, watching you breath and breed. Those nasty human beings. doesn't this world belong to everything?

dictated by Jason Scogin. 

Copyright © Phillip Arnold | Year Posted 2015

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Caput et Versus

Caput et Versus

Many a saga have been written....................

*Link in notes to see complete poem

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2016

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Who Am I

I am the someone in no one
I am the beginning and the end
I am the alpha and omega
I am your true best friend

I am not here nor there
I am that I am
I am the son of my father
I am the lion I am the lamb

I am the you in the me
I am the all in all things
I am the one that shows you love
I am the king of all kings

I am forever forgiving
I am the one that gives you sight
I am at the right hand of my father
I am the way I am the light.


Copyright © Winged Warrior | Year Posted 2016

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There's a Jerusalem
Waiting there......for everyone
Justice speaks...One word

The hammer rules in the darkness there
Death a Roman spear
There's a cross in Jerusalem.....
Oh but wait......
There's a baby in Bethlehem!


There's a house.....falling fast
Foundation tears....Stones are cast
Future word

Chaos the turmoil there
Wounded pride....Rips the atmosphere
There's a house......falling fast
Oh but wait......
There's a carpenter in Nazareth



Copyright © Chuck Melugin | Year Posted 2017

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You are a memory of a well learned lesson

Sitting here all alone 
Getting lost in my head 
Wandering off in the fields of your game  
Soaked by the pouring rain of your lies 
Burned by the pain spreading like a wild fire
Silent tears aflow speeding down to lakes 
I am left stranded on the brink of drowning 

Lost in my dark world 
Dwelling on the past 
Letting anger boiling in my heart 
My mind is on fire spitting harsh words
I am miles away from forgiving 

Time speeds away and tomorrow becomes today
Still you are rewinded in my head 
And time and again sitting in my own pool of tears 
Never realized how much precious time had slipped away stealing a piece of me into damnation 
I am hurt 
I am broken 
I am sad
And I am worn out 
So today I am going to care for me
I am forgiving you to fade out of my mind

From this day on you are a memory of a well learned lesson 
Today I am walking with my head up
and smile like I just received a box of Macadamia chocolate 
I am free and I'm gonna love me more
Peace out... 


Akkina R Downing 

Copyright © Akkina Downing | Year Posted 2017

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"Can you sit still, for a change?
and stop the annoying clicking?"
I'm trying hard! It doesn't work!
I click, and keep on ticcing

"Sit in the back, don't want to see
your twisted face much longer
Pick up your notepad and your pen
Before I show my anger"

I spent my years in school alone
A quiet, silent dreamer
Because of what I couldn't control
I grew defensive armour

And only now I understand
That deep inside my heart hurts
That I am allowed to be just me
With my freaky quirky outbursts

This is just me, a little guy
Who writes and loves his wordplay
Who opens up his heart for you
So smile and please, please stay.

Copyright © Darren White | Year Posted 2016

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Message To My Jewish Brother

Satan is destroying your graveyards
And defacing your Synagogues
Now you remember that
You are black too

Copyright © edward johnson | Year Posted 2017

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Who I am

I am who I am
Not because I want to be, but because I have to be
I have no name, no identity
I am a blank face in a blank world
There is no color, only blacks and whites

When I open my eyes
There is nothing that surrounds me
The world is empty and silent 
I roam all alone with no one by my side
Emotions do not exist
I cannot cry, nor can I smile
Because of this, I am who I am 

As my life carries on
The days grow shorter and the nights grow longer
I sit under the stars and I stare at the moon 
The voices mock me and the faces smirk
I run, run as fast as I can 

No matter how fast my legs seem to go 
They appear to be sinking 
With every attempt to escape
I only sink more and more 
I am unable to break free from my prison 
I am unable to see what’s right in front of me 
This is who I am 

The things that I do and the things that I say 
They are what define me
They are what make me “me”
I am molded into a sculpture that I have not made myself
I am the vision of what someone else has created

I try and try to sew myself back together
But my needle is worn and my fabric is torn
Every stitch seems to become unmended 
Nothing will stay in place
Because of this, I am scattered across the floor
I can’t pick myself up
Allowing others to walk right on over me 

I am who I am
Not because I want to be, but because I have to be
I have no name, no identity
I am a blank face in a blank world
There is no color, only blacks and whites

Copyright © Tatianna Leachet | Year Posted 2017

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Self Aware of Love

And she thought words were beautiful even in the early morning….                                         
The heart she bare on her sleeve was as transparent as her apologetic warnings. Daydreaming consistently,she was flawed but not boring. .                                                           Her every breath inhaled the scent of constant passion;                                                      
Pressing a pen onto paper was her weapon against reaction.                                                     
The complexity of her ways. ..left even the wisest to contemplating for days.                         This is not just a phase. .To be cursed with the constant of empathetic waves.                      Being so humbled, it hurts.                                                                                                                 Life was no game;Her love just put you first.                                                                                     
It’s just how she was created. .Never because she self -hated. .                                                 She never deserved to be ill-fated. .                                                                                            
She says that she’ll Fake it. Fake it until she makes it.                                                                               I believe her because she’s strong.Where she is, is where she belongs.                                    
This is how some are left confused--                                                                                                 
Tilt there heads because there amused.                                                                                 Amused…to see someone not fighting to prove.                                                                       
Feeling no need to ramble bad vocabulary.Is in comparison quite the contrary.                       
She enjoys observing the surroundings while listening.                                                                She want to get what she’s been giving.                                                                                         What Im trying to convey..Even if your in your battle everday.                                          
Never let others change your ways.                                                                                               
Never let circumstances cause dismay.

Copyright © Sara Lucas | Year Posted 2017

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What is this feeling
This feeling deep down in my soul
Eating away at me
Threatening to tear away my flesh
And unmask me as someone completely different
Than who I pretend to be

When you’re constantly worried
About being exposed
As someone who you think no one will like
You can’t focus on who you really are

Life is no fun
When you are not letting your true self out
If you constantly hold yourself back
Hiding from the world
Pretending to be tough
Pretending to be a person
Who is not bothered by their words

So let your hair down
Be the person you want to be
Who cares if they don’t like you
You are worthy of their love
If they can’t see that
They’re blind 

Let yourself cry
Let yourself feel the feelings that you always denied
Let yourself be who you want to be
Don’t be the person you think they will like
Be the person you will like

Copyright © Alexandra Hill | Year Posted 2018

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I always saw myself, a rarity
My inner peace comes with clarity
I'm so extreme, it often seems
The world is so unfair to me

Then I was called an Aquarius 
Turns out, there are many of us
About as rare as a rocking chair
Or a pecan in a can of nuts

But how in the world could it be
Are there really others, just like me
Deliriously mysterious
Tempting the line of both extremes

I've accepted that I'm strange
Agreed that I won't change
But I was taught, it was my fault
It was I who was deranged

Now I just observe
I need not speak a word
No longer blind, I see my kind
I admit, it seems absurd 

As if I walk around
Without speaking sound
But even still, others will
Know I am a clown

They'll know I'm awfully odd
By the transparency of my facade
I cannot hide, won't tell a lie
They'd know I was a fraud

Just look at my date of birth
It will tell you what I'm worth
No need to wait, inevitable fate
Now you know henceforth

Copyright © Anna Hopper | Year Posted 2017

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Darkness Lies

The curtains close , darkness takes the place 
of light he reevaluates his life takes a good look
 at the man inside and he asks "who am i" and so
 his thoughts run rampant with question that only
 lead him deeper into the answer he has always feared
 but he keeps on un afraid of what is ahead until he is
 face to face to his true reflection and he sees that he
 isn't the monster he always thought he would find under
 the masks all he sees is a scared little kid who has
 spent his life in the dark so long that the light frightens
 him deeper into the fascade of lies.

Copyright © Danie Garza | Year Posted 2016

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Today, I reversed my clock
turned it backwards
like counter clockwise
changed the numbers on the face

To wind back the days
to undo the ways
To come back upon a place
that is forever in my memory

Was then I had a thought
into the other realms

Of a new kind of world
to take back the helms

One where we get good for the good
and bad gets bad for the hold
Turning us back
to never get old

Its a new way of thinking
a new kind of time
a new kind of longevity
a new kind of rhyme

a new kind of discovery
a new kind of feeling
a new kind of reality
a new kind of healing

When we change how we think
and our thoughts in that line
Its a secret I know
of this wave of the sine

The planet turns counter clock wise
The solar system turns counter clock wise
The galaxy turns in proximity of that

The highest of leaders
all knew of this chat

And this is how they got us all turned wrong
we've been misled 
for time does not exist
its only behind
And its in the written mysteries
That only we can find
if we only learned to think with our 'own' mind.

Copyright © Liam Alepta | Year Posted 2017

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More Than a Conqueror

The Hop Devil you've already been defeated
You've been thrown out of heaven
So now you're casting lots trying to defeat me
But what you don't understand is it's not part of God's plan
I am a man and I take my stand
And I must insist I shall resist
Those fiery darts headed for my mind and my heart 
I'm going to be more than a conqueror
More than a conqueror I'm more than a conqueror yes I am
More than a conqueror
I am excising my authority over the enemy or
I am more than a conqueror
More than a conqueror I am more than a conqueror 
Yes I am more than a conqueror
I am exercising my authority over the enemy
 I am an overcomer by the blood of the Lamb
I am more than a conqueror yes I am
I can't be defeated but this is not part of God's plan
Satan get thee behind me but I am taking a stand
More than a conqueror I'm more than a conqueror 
Yes I am more than a conqueror
Satan I rebuke in you and in myself I resist my thoughts
But my Lord my God has helped me be this conqueror
More than a conqueror
More than a conqueror
I've got my trust in Jesus and my God has supplied my armor
I will go to war into the battlefield soothe it up and holy gear
I am ready for the battle and I shall not have been more than a conqueror
I am more than a conqueror yes I am
I am exercising my authority over the enemy
Bring it all Lucifer I am free the fiery darts will no longer persuade me
I have authority over you I rebuke you I'm suited up in righteousness
Time to end of this faithfulness the victory is the Lord and he has overcome
I am more than a conqueror yes I am
Written by James Edward Lee Sr 2017©
April 30 2007

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr. | Year Posted 2017