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May May Be

May May Be
By Franklin Price

May may be the nicest month
Of all the dozen best
You may ask why would I say this
Let us put it to the test

The days of winter gone
Freakish April in the past
Flowers are still blooming
We have not seen the last

The days have balmy temperatures
The nights are sleeping cool
Hot Summer days are not yet here
The kids are still in school

I remember dancing 'round the pole
When I was in grade three
Over under round about
Was a lot of fun for me

May has many holidays
In abundance they abound
Can celebrate or commemorate
With silence or with sound

May Day's the first with dancing pole
Cinco de Mayo, Teacher's Day
Victory in Europe
Take your mother out and pay

Don't forget our soldiers
For our freedom lives they give
Memorial Day is at the end
Celebrate the lives you live

For May and all the other months
Last words I say to you
Respect yourself and others
In everything you say and do

Copyright © Franklin Price | Year Posted 2015

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Cinco De Mayo And The Conquest Of Puebla

Cinco De Mayo, the fifth day of May, to all Mexican and Mexican-Americans, is a very special day,

It celebrates the Mexican's Armies, unlikely victory over France, The Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, was Napoleon's grab for Mexican lands,

At the time of this battle, France's Army was considered the World's best, led by Napoleon, it was hell-bent, on achieving World conquest,

An 8,000 strong French Army, marched to Puebla to cause misery, but it was the 4,000 Pueblans, who came out with the victory,

Mexican's celebrate this great triumph, with fiesta and cheers, the French Army had not been defeated, previously, for at least 50 years,

By defeating a much better equipped Army, they were outnumbered by man, steel and horse, They ensured there would never be an attack on a country of the Americas, by any other European military force.

Although there comrades had died, they were hungry and their lips muy seco,
The soldiers cried " Ole! ", as the mariachi sang " Viva Mexico!"

Feliz Cinco De Mayo! Viva Mexico!

Copyright © Donald Reith | Year Posted 2012

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Cinco De Mayo

Every May 5th, all of the Mexicans and the Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo. This Mexican holiday has been an annual holiday since the Mexican soldiers had fought the British soldiers for independence and the Alamo was built in San Antonio, Texas, in the 1880s. It's the time of the year for when everybody gets to hit the pinatas for goodies (candy, e.g.), to eat a lot of Mexican food (burritos and nachos, e.g.), and enjoy a lot of traditional dances from, Mexico, especially when doing the Mexican Hat Dance. It seems that this Mexican holiday doesn't take place in just Mexico, but the United States of America, as well. Everybody knows that Cinco de Mayo comes once a year, especially when these people are talking about how Mexico had gotten its independence. I mean, how cool is that? Why, this holiday is the reason why I love Hispanics, especially attractive Hispanic girls. And if every day was Cinco de Mayo for life, that would be very awesome.

Copyright © Brashard Bursey | Year Posted 2011

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Racial slurs fly in Michigan like footballs. 
I'm not supposed to point the finger at white women,
but white women who enjoy NASCAR, and mass 
quantities of alcohol. can be pretty racists and homophobic, 
This white woman said, "What did God say when he made 
the first black man? "Damn, I burnt one." 

Some people can lighten the mood right before a race-riot
breaks out by telling racists jokes. On the roof 
of a very tall building are four men; one is asian, 
one is mexican, one is black, and the last one is white. 

The asian walks to the ledge and says, 
"This is for all my people" and jumps off the roof.
Next, the mexican walks to the ledge and also says, 
"This is for all my people" and then he jumps off the roof.
Next is the black guy's turn. The black guy walks 
to the ledge and says, "This is for all my people" 
and then throws the white guy off the roof. 

See that's funny. We get really funny things 
because of our differences. We do have to learn 
to laugh, but more importantly appreciate ourselves..
Without color the world would be pretty grey.
This seems pretty obvious, but doesn't stop people
from killing each other. The world wouldn't 
even be grey without color because grey is a color. 

They say the blind can't lead the blind,
which brings me to my next joke.
How do you blindfold a Chinese person? 
Put floss over their eyes. 

I shouldn't have to spell out the obvious, or fight
for tolerance. It's getting late and my eyes 
are turning red from all the jokes. Racism is
really bad comedy. it's like listening to a really bad laugh
that slowly drives a man insane. Don't even get me
started on sexism, which is just a form of stupidity. 

I just don't like stupid people. I don't like when stupid
looks me in the eyes because it's ugly.Racists and sexists 
must have brain cancer or some devastating mental illness,
which causes them to get mad when Mexicans don't mow
the grass or confused when black people don't like fried chicken.

Copyright © Lyon Brave | Year Posted 2016

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forgotten memory

The forgotten memory
Years ago I received a video from a place I had left I put it in a drawer
 where it languished for years, yesterday I played it an eerie a part of
a history I had forgotten, yet it didn`t stir my emotion seeing me when 
I was young and all the other people in the street it appeared abstract 
most of the people moving about talking, dancing, and laughing were 
with a few exceptions, long time dead.
Later what I had forgotten floated up as broken pieces of a puzzle that 
made no sense . A beautiful girl why did he behave so bad towards her,
screaming a glass with high stem broke in my hand I called her a whore 
my jalousie was a crescendo of uncurbed rage, I try to remember more
but only see blood on a table cloth mine?
The embryo not born had upset the galaxy and the blessed amnesia 
Descended, the first act was over my first love had gone, streets are grey 
after rain. I threw the video into the fire I don`t want to shed tears for
 the hopelessly lost.

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2016

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holidays with a change in the weather

     Holidays with a change in the weather

      It starts with a chill in the air.  January the first day of the first month. A new thought of expectations, a new way, a plan to get in gear, a perfect way to start a new year.

      February the month we confess and show our love with a quote, some flowers, some chocolate , or even a love note. This month is for couples to show their love with snuggles. It's Valentine's Day the most affectionate month to let the other know we care. The only month with a leap year. 

     March the month where it is all about four cloves, leprechauns, pots of gold, and green beer. St Patrick's Day the greenest holiday of the year, it's the arrival of a new season saying bye to the snow and watching the start of new things to grow.

     April's first day of tricks and jokes on different folks.  Easter Sunday, children hunting eggs of color under rocks and tall grass hiding under cover.  Knowing April's showers help grow May flowers.

     Its the month we celebrate the first day of May, then onto the 5th Cinco de Mayo a Mexican holiday. Then we celebrate Mothers and Memorial Day, thank God for their wisdom and the men and women for our freedom.

     The red, white, and blue the flag with 
stars, stripes celebrated in the month of June. The month we pay tribute to our Fathers along with the first day of summer. It's time for the end of school and the start of playing in the pool.

       I pledge allegiance to the flag, when the Rockets set glare and bombs bursting in the air.  The 4th day of July a time for barbecues and bottle rockets to fly.  Thanks to our forefathers the time our Independence was signed. 

      August when it's the hottest month and it has National Watermelon and S'mores day. A month with out holidays. Summer is winding down and the start to school is coming around.  

     September's Labor Day, the working men and women's holiday, we give thanks to all you do. Then the most terrifying day when our men and women's lives were taken away, 911 the remembrance of our loved one's in a horrible way.  As summer sneaks away  autumn is on its way we celebrate grandparents and Native American day.

     October, Columbus found out the world wasn't flat but actually round. The leaves fall from the trees and cover the ground.  Halloween, tricker treat smell my feet witches and goblins on every street going neighbor to neighbor  collecting and filling their bags with sweet treats.  

     All Saints day a Christian holiday. The first day of November  Then on our way to election day. Then we stopped on the 11th to observe our veterans the men and women who gave us life, liberty, and the ultimate sacrifice. We set around the table eating turkey, Thanksgiving a day we are joined friends and family being together. Thanking God for the years blessing and endeavors. 

     December's with the shortest day and winter is here to stay with children sledding and snowman making and counting down to the 25 day Christmas is on its way. The day is here the children hope to hear Santa and his reindeer. It's now the last day its here and everybody cheers on a new year

Copyright © Rowdy Yates | Year Posted 2015

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Happy French Defeated Day

He raised his glass, then sipped his beer.
Gringos all then raised a cheer!
"To Mexico!" Hear them cry, "Oh!"
"Today is good old Cinco de Mayo!"

"To freedom for old Mexico!"
Their 4th of July so we've been told.
"The day they earned their independence."
"The day they won for their descendents!"

"Señor, I think your book has cracks.
I think you need to check your facts.
Our independence is in the Fall.
About us, you seem to have built a wall."

"Buenos dias, señor" he would say.
"And happy Battle of Puebla Day."
   Oh my, who could ever tell?
"Happy Cinco de Mayo to you as well!"

Copyright © David Brooks | Year Posted 2016

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Cinco de mayo, 
Fourth of July-o, 
The whole enchilada will do.
Pie in the sky-o, 	
Cleveland Ohio,
Ciudad Mexico, too.

Copyright © William Robinson | Year Posted 2005

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From top to top
     of hills we skip,
And back again we came,
Hand in hand and
     Toe to tip,
Now we feel the same.

These thoughts to you
     My friend I send,
We always met befor the end.

Copyright © Wm Paul | Year Posted 2012

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Tasting Petals

I'm tasting the petals and hymn.
It's hard to know where to begin.
Except when my brain falls out and my hate comes in.
I'm tasting the petals and hymn.

I'm tasting the petals and hymn.
I just don't know where to begin.
This time it's my hate that's out and my brain that's in.
I'm tasting the petals and hymn.

I'm tasting the petals and hymn.

I'm tasting the petals and hymn.

Copyright © Michael Davis | Year Posted 2017

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May 5

Feliz Cinco de Mayo,
Hope everything’s okay-o!
Worry not about the wall;
Trumpty Dumbty’s soon to fall.

Copyright © Anthony Beck | Year Posted 2017

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RECIPE: Poulet Roti - French Style - Ballade Le Chant Royal - Concluding Stanza

RECIPE: “Poulet Roti” French Style - La Ballade “Le Chant Royal” -Concluding Stanza

(Note: As you can see, I have taken certain liberties with the fixed form, but have always kept close to the spirit of the ballade’s form: rhyme, metre, stanza, envoi, and, now, concluding stanza addressed to an important royal personality. Exceptions are the introductory RECIPE - I and the extension of the FIVE eleven-line stanza to TEN.)


Now you have all seen how the French roast chicken
Not quite different, say, from British cuisine:
Lion-Heart Richard* lies with Jeanne d’Arc in Rouen
Not so different from other Royal spleen.
It matters little if powers visible
Go through motions where kings move invisible
Call it DEMOCRACY, call it what you like
Old shibboleths raise Gorgon heads still to strike
As Greek pauper Prince raised on German Jew brew:
“Seventy years as Pope you reigned recondite,
Never you’ll know the pain you caused all for a few!”

	Sol de France franchi
	Terre d’asile

The “heart” of King Richard the Lion Heart is buried in the Rouen Cathedral - a stone’s throw from where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake - bombarded by the Allied Forces pilot who later let drop the first atomic bomb over Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. (Ref. Cf article by Flint Whitlock on-line.)

(c) T. Wignesan - Paris, 2017

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2017

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A Cyclops was chatting briefly to a triceratops on the A9. Travelling to a cooked conference. The deepening road arched in anticipation of wheels. Wow. The heightened awareness of ninety million snails parachuting from above can no longer be ignored by the pin people. Oh dear. The significantly growing masses can no longer be exposed to such truth. It is wiser to punch a door than a circular blade of grass. Every erosion eradicates evenly evil events. And a curly tail from a single ear of corn is paramount to a journey into an abyss of time. Travelling with curtain poles is fabulous. It highlights and further demonstrates the current need for versions to be visions and visitations visible. Vestibular vertabrims vanquish. And an eye of dawn laughing. Circumference of an atom is neither a headline of a series or a statutory static void. And still a turning. And still a stripey square. Spin then. No lines could ever taunt an area of over three hundred and fifty-five thousand square feet. Ha to that. Jeopardy is dancing with leopards today. Worldwide. Creating lots of financial gain. No ha to that. If doctors can spin then why don't they make a blanket then? And coughing in dough is not clever for it is wiser to cough near a drop of eighty-four million feet. Question not the remarkable ten toed wisdom of the arriving jellyfish.  Canter. Gallop. And enter. How rather radical then. And so the conversation ceased as the journey began for the Cyclops and triceratops misted through the many lanes and roads cheered on only by their inner missions. Saluted by those whose antics upon humanity were rancid. And drawing attention only from the large piles of heifer excrement sizzling in the countryside akin to freshly cooked steak pies with gravy. Beanpole bake. Bream booms. Brook book. And one turtle eye staring. Xxxxx insectivorous institutions. Xxxx germination z

Copyright © Taoi Chanan | Year Posted 2016

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Buoyant joyful spirits
but a garb, tormented
binary mind, prey to
betraying, grave  mood swings.
Brazeness doth  give way
brusquely to despondence;
blues to sadly,  hold sway.
Date Aug 16 2016
Name of contest 

Copyright © Sushma A. Singh | Year Posted 2016

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Pointed Fingers

Fingers are wrongly pointed in accusation
Assuming poems are written for intimidation
Voices raised in needless defense cry aloud
As they huddle and mutter among the crowd

Consider how your allegations must sound
As you toss foolish words and slurs all around
Don't defame those whose troubles you don't know
You've no reason to sow weeds where poets grow

Copyright © Lin Lane | Year Posted 2017

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night and five rabbits

the Night and Rabbits 
 After an obligatory hour on my training bike 
I walk outside there was a xanthous haze  on the sky
that slowly faded as the sun went down
It was an evening dark blue silk of the harem a night 
for love, the moon  was a crescent luminosity and
I bathed and inhaled the beauty of it.
Saw them in half- light five rabbits by the verge of 
the road they were enchanted by the sky and when
they saw me retreated into the thicket and burrows
they had taken a big chance so they could see what
I had seen we had a secret and that made me glad

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2016

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Hope no found, 
Life too short, 
Caterpillar on a hedge sword, 
Walking in a sensational trait.
Love abode, care abounds,
I could have leaved a million years without love.
This papa longed for but never seen.
The wives bend at the back of his hope.
This my brothers wear yet in futility of life.
Won't this be my endless cross to bear? 

That a century gone love yet unfound.
Lady in a blue lace I adored till astghik came my way.
Love I sing to her, deaf ears she turns.
Friendship she desires, with no hope I'm dancing to her tune.
Yet all to avail.

For how long will I celebrate lunacy within me? 
No joy will be mine if love is returned in pity.
Her full heart i want for a blissful home.
Oh! What will be my life if she desires me not? 
Lest I become a miserable *** waiting for
triumphant entry.

Copyright © olorunleke olorode | Year Posted 2017

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I tie myself to you
But the ropes begin to burn our skin…
I hold you above the water,
But my grip begins to slip…
I try to save you from you’re a demons,
Though I’m a demon myself. 
My meaningful words,
That I so often come across 
Of I love you
Begin an avalanche 
Of distress and misery.

Copyright © Lukas andrew | Year Posted 2018

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indoor and outdoor plants

The rain that fell on the night was of the type pot plants like,
 it has stopped the air is mild, and the flowers smiles except the lemon tree
that is born grumpy and bears bitter fruit, which incidentally is good 
with fried fish and it refreshes otherwise lame dishes, say fish cakes with
boiled potatoes, a meal crying out for something bitter to hide 
the Norwegian boredom food like seeing Oslo`s municipal building 
ten times a day. My wife has watered the indoor plants that were green
with envy not being allowed to go outside. 
For lunch we are having soup, it has too much pepper in it and again
I have to ask the lemon tree for help as roses are pretty but useless.

Copyright © jan hansen | Year Posted 2017

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IF ever I had a country : XXIII-XXIV


IF ever I had a country
And if ever I were but the Home Secretary
I wouldn't sit on my baked beans doing my level-best to avoid responsibility
While waiting to pat myself on the back on Bastille Day down the Champs Elysée
I'd keep both public and pubic forces from running rampage on every refugee
But set about tidying the House with bleach to rid oath-taking secret skullduggery
That is, if ever I were but the Home Secretary
And even if I never ever had no country


IF ever I had a country
And if ever I were but the Interior Secretary
I'd neither arrogate nor take for granted Hobbes's Leviathan-authorised cruelty
I'd seek and demolish local townships' self-appointed chief mafiosi
Who undermine hotel-maids with virile World Bank authority
Who add to the You-Too Hall of Fame Hollywood-producer community
That is, if ever I were but the Interior Sec in Gay Paree
And even if I never ever had no country

© T. Wignesan - Paris, July 10, 2018

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2018

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the Pacific

The Pacific 

The ship was going down a water mountain
only to be met with another mountain and
going up and up, this dizzying dance no rest
only holding on for life hoping the Typhon 
would blow itself out.
Towards morning the see was simmering 
down leaving us to try working, but the talk 
in the mess hall was subdued.

Copyright © jan hansen | Year Posted 2018