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free cee ATLAS SCRUBBED rated XXX

                        ATLAS SCRUBBED         

            Let’s all sit down and discuss this rationally
Since it is of import internationally
And hysteria will get us nowhere
So let’s get a few facts clear
First of all, from the first of us to the very last, we are quite frankly, 
F*cking up
Wait………… before you fly off the candle
Allow me to defend and amend my statement
What I really meant to say was we are all f*cking up this atmosphere expediently
And exponentially
This is an emergency of preeminent planetary proportions
We are inventing diabolical devices that scar the flesh on the pride of Atlas
And hold our grandchildren hostage to a hoard of hedonistic heathens 
Who mar the face of even Mars
As if f*cking up the earth forever isn’t near enough
Perhaps I’m not making myself clear enough
We don’t hold our environment dear enough
And flocks of flagrant fools don’t hear enough
As the magma is moaning
And the crust is turning to dust
Because countless millions of mindless men decline to design what they must know
For absolute sure………..
that there is an absolute cure
But men don't listen and will come to rue what must eventually come to pass
Because their all f*cking this f*cking planet straight up the f*cking ***
     © 2012…PHREEPOETREE..~free cee!~

Copyright © jeffry cohan | Year Posted 2013

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Bright sun Vs blue moon

Explore the Messiah 
In yourself
He should be
 the love
 In your heart
That bright sun
 evil should be
That black dot
 in your heart
 Panel of the dark
That blue moon 

Copyright © Sallam Yassin | Year Posted 2013

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chill stop the kill pill
stop the hate
nows time for fate
for heavensake
there's no defeat
with the hate beat

Copyright © kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr | Year Posted 2013

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New Year 366 Page 65a

Smiles Of Joy

A man once said see My Roof Garden
Where coexistence begs no pardon
In Consciousness you will be aware
Of Collaboration of all plants there
They all will travel the same Road Of Life 
Bring smiles of joy and never strife


A single flower in a wilderness growing
A single bee pollenating seeds a sowing
A single breeze blows through the air
Single seeds scattered everywhere
Where once was wilderness a single garden now
Gods work is done without a single plough
Single things turned into many
It did not cost a single penny

So The F.A.

So the F.A. Think once then they think twice
Now the new England manager is Sam Allardyce
Is this the right choice will come the call
 For domestically he ain't won a trophy at all
He only knows how to avoid relegation 
So is this too big a job yes in my estimation
We'll only find out in the qualifiers ahead
Then at the world cup we will be left for dead


Where are you headed he enquired?
When will you again be desired?
Why would you go so far away?
How can you leave here today?
Who is it that you are going to meet?
What are you looking for love oh so sweet?
Which way can I change your mind?
Questions but answers he just cannot find


The terrorists come out to play
So we stay indoors today
We let them win if we stay home
We should go out and we should roam
For freedom ours forever more
They'll never kill it they can be sure

Copyright © Owen Yeates | Year Posted 2016

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The Prophet

The Imam of the way of life, calls of prayer,
Traverses from the tower, to reach all ears,
Men in worldly activities, momentary – engrossed,
Set themselves free, to a transitory stop.

In reverence, all and one, orient them to the land,
Where the last prophet of God, discoursed on parched sand,
Adam, Ibrahim, Moses, Jesus all converge in a path,
For the vision of Gabriel, and revelations, no mirth;

Complete surrender visions life, to one illiterate of script,
With the magical touch of an angel, put messengers fear to sleep,
The creator of humankind, bestowed in him thoughts,
The creation of Adam, from a blood clot;

The disgrace shall disappear, by the Allah’s will,
Immerse yourself in good, for kith and kin your feel,
Serve your guests generously, and help the destitute,
For it is the same angel of Moses, who protects the secret truth;

“May peace be upon them”, the world echoes in faith, good,
To transgress humanity, into “Universal Brotherhood”;

Copyright © Pradipta Roy Choudhury | Year Posted 2017

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ground hog brother

ground hog brother 31.08.18

going to keep this neat
don't want no trouble
please copy paste and tweet
not available is seeing double.
ben is being slaughtered
won't find it in the bottle
best not to no or he will be altered
live tv did see ryan and the throttle.
not going to gun jump
going to remain impartial
i understand editing can rump
its what can lead to a farcical.
will watch this unfold
detail and log
saying it again will be bold
after all it was day of ground hog.

Copyright © gate low | Year Posted 2018